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May 21, 1946.
Filed Jan. 27, 1944
Patented May 21, 1946
, ,
I .. .1
' f'Stacy B. Haseltine,1"-La Grange, llllyl'ass‘ignoii to‘ I
v - Application January 27, 1944, Serial‘Noi,5l9,892 '
3 Claims.
(Cl._267--9)1: 1 Y
. .This invention relates to improvements in
, _
)Qne'pbject-of. theiinventionlv
l0f—l!l,y The transverse upper end walls of. the
friction shock absorbers, especially. adaptednfor
snubbing or dampening the" action ‘of. railway
car truck springs.
openings .l,2_-I_2 wprovide- horizontalfstop shoul
ders'f B743 for a purpose hereinafter pointed
out._,';Atjtl'1_e vu'p'per"‘end, the casing is ‘provided
to provide a 6 with ‘inwardly extendinglguide slots 'l4-;l4 at
frictionefshock absorber. forsnubbinglthe action
diametrically opposite'_:_sides,,thereof,_ said [slots
of ,trucl; springs of railway cars, comprising 5%
being :o'pen‘at theirfunpen ends. ,‘7 As, shown in
friét'iori easing, _. a eooperating, inherently; resilif-
Figure’. lggthei longitudinal .axes- of thetslots; ‘I new“
9111i?’ iexpari'dible‘ friQtiQn member having sliding
lie-ima'central vertical plane, which .isparallel
rrietionarengagement withinthe casing; and‘? 10 to’ith'e; planesiofthe frictionsurfacesill-=10. f.‘
spring resistance elementfoppqsmg vrelative slid;
frh'e; upper ‘follower. ‘1B; islin the form of disc '
ins movement of the-I casing and frictionlimemr
hayihlga laterallyprojecting, annular ?ange l5
ber, wherein ' the frictional reslstance. Produced
of lesser thickness ‘than'the central main body of
is a substantially: constant during all phases, of
saidfdigdjg '
operation of the device. -' _» ' .
Amqre specl?c oblect, of the lnventlqn 71.5159
provide ,a friction Shock absorber, as glittery}?
11} the rzrecgdmg peregralihhwherelrlé the? ‘,
1 ll ,
' f
15 [Depending from’. the central portion of ‘the
disclilreffollowérB isa transversely disposedeye
member iaiwhic'h is vertically aligned withthc
slotsd'de-ldo‘ffthe' casing Afand is adapted to
13191.1 92.181115 ,wrmyldeq rw-ltl} _(?.pp9§edr 10951.12“? - J travel. in said‘ slots. as the" follower. B is’ moved
dlnsllv extendma'mterwr'frlqtwn surfacgsi and 20 axiallytowardthe casing. ' '
’ '
the."expandible?iction member is'in‘th'e' f°rm
‘e lfrictio ‘member drain‘ the form or a
of a U'shaPéd ‘spring :Pme?having' the. arm‘?
's'éctlbr? ljbmprisings'spalgedtepirallel, .gside larms
U ha' ed resilient steel la 0 rectan' ular cross
thereqf _m ‘sliding 'fri-c-tionalj itmgagtmentiliwiih
I"‘l_"—l'1lll‘the formjofwsllbvstagntially ?at platesece
tfhe fnctlon,.surfaces of'ime geslngi 1
fother qblttts of the mvfmtlon wllnporepleaxly 25 tions» and ‘a curved. section‘ l8‘ connecting said
agjpeaé’ 1am‘? the d¢$°ri1°t1°n and ‘#tm‘s hemml ar?is“ at their 'ubpér‘e?as “The section- I8’ is
. ->
In the .drawmg, formmg Va part of thhsi Specl?'
s11 htl ‘thicker. than the arms 'l.'|—l1an
3 en
' gagedythroughwthe 'open'ing'of Ttheeye‘gnémbér
cation,‘Figure 1 is a' transverse. vertical sec-
16' The‘ 'sectib-n- “is sumsoftédgn time 'cr'm‘s
tional view of the improved frlction shock ab- 30 member of the eye '6’ and the upper side of the
Sorber' Figure 2 is a horizontal sectional View’
curved section l8 abuts the underneath surface
substan t'lauy to th e l‘ne
of the follower B,whereby said friction
F'i ure 1.
Fi ure- 3 is a top
lan view of Fig-
Hr‘: 1_ Figurge 4 is an elevatgonal View of the
C 1s ?xedto the follower B for movement m um
son therewith.
d shock ab orb
of th6 Improve
er 3‘)#
The arms I 1-H of the member C extend into
1 0 mg fr 0m 1eft toriht'nFiure
the casing A and have sliding frictionalv engage-v
broadly a friction casing A; an upper follower
ment with the friction surfaces l0—l0 of the
B; a U-shaped friction member C carried by the
fonower B and Slidable Within the casing; and 40
The lower ends of the arms are turned laterally
a spring D opposing relative movement of the
casing and friction member_
The casing A is in the fgrm of a'cylinder‘ having two opposed, interior, ?at friction surfaces
l0—l0 extending lengthwise thereof. The fric- 45
tion surfaces l0—l0 are at the upper end of the
outwardly, thereby providing stop 1118's ‘9-491
which engage underneath the shoulders |3—|3
of the casing to limit outward movement of the
friction member C and the associated follower
B and hold the mechanism assembled.
The spring D comprises a Single heavy coil sur
casing, as shown in Figure 1,, and are preferably
parallel to each other. At the base thereof, the
casing A is provided with a laterally projecting,
annular ?ange H, which forms the lower fol- 50
rounding the casing A and having its top and
bottom ends bearing respectively on the flange
l5 of the follower B and the ?ange ll of the
casing A. The spring D is preferably under ini'
lower member of the device.
The side wall of the casing A is provided with
tial compression.
The U-shaped spring plate friction member C,
relatively large, substantially rectangular openthrough its spring action, has a tendency to ex
ings l2—l2 at diametrically opposite sides of ‘ pand, thus holding the arms thereof in tight fric
the same, inwardly of the friction surfaces 55 tionalv contact with the friction surfaces of the
2,400, 504
that come within the scope of the claims ap
casing and maintaining the stop lugs |9—l9 in
cooperative relation with the shoulders l3-l3.
pended hereto.
I claim:
1. In a friction shock absorber, the combina
Inasmuch as the U-shaped friction member C
is in the form of a resilient spring plate, the arms
thereof may be ?exed toward each other so that
the lugs l9—l9 will clear the friction surfaces of
the casing to permit telescoping of the arms with
in the casing in assembling the parts of the mech
q a.
~ 1
tion with a cylindrical friction casing having in
terior, longitudinally extending, opposed, flat fric
tion surfaces at one end thereof and an integral
follower member at the other end thereof; of a
follower, movable axially, toward the end of the
casing having the friction surfaces; a U-shaped
My iniprovea “shock absorber preferably rel
places one of the spring units of a truck spring
cluster, being interposed between the top and bot~ 1i -'
tom spring follower plates of said cluster. “Howe ,
ever, as will be evident to those skilled in this art,v ‘
several of these improved shock- absorbers, may be.
used in a single spring cluster, replacing two or more units of the same.
In order to accom
modate the usual centering projections employed,
on a well-known form of spring follower plate,
the follower B and the base portion of the casing
A are provided with openings 20~—-20.
The operation of the improved shock absorber
is as follows: Uponlthespring cluster of the truck
of a railway ‘car being compressed between the
spring follower plates, of said cluster, the follower
friction spring member movable in unison with
said follower, said member having a pair of resil
,ient, flat, straight, platelike arms telescoped with
in the casing in sliding engagement with the fric
tion surfaces thereof rand a coil spring surround
ingsaid casing and bearing at its opposite ends on
said follower member and follower.
2. In a friction shock absorber, the combina
' tion with a lower friction casing having opposed,
interior friction surfaces at the upper end there
of; of a base ?ange on said casing; an upper fol
lower,‘ said upper followerland casing being mov
able toward and away from each other in verti
cal direction; a depending eye on said upper fol
lower integral therewith; diametrically opposite
thereby snubbing the action of the truck springs.
guide slots in said casing cooperating with said
eye to slidingly guide the same; a U -shaped spring
plate member engaged through said eye and hav
ing depending platelike friction arms slidably en
gaged with the interior friction surfaces of the
casing ; and a coil spring surrounding said casing
and having its top and bottom ends bearing ‘re
spectively on said upper follower and base ?ange
Upon recoil of the truck springs, the‘spring D is
of the casing.
free to expand and return all of the parts'tc' nor
3. In a friction shock absorber, the combination
with a friction casing having longitudinally ex
tending, interior friction surfaces; of a resilient
U-shaped friction member having the arms
B and the casing A will be moved toward each
other against the resistance of the spring D, the
U-shaped member C being moved in unison with
the follower
During this action, the arms
l‘|-,|'I of'the resilient U-shaped friction member
are forced to slide inwardly of ‘the friction casing
A along, the friction" surfaces“ lll-‘V-lll thereof,
mal positionjoutward movement'of the _U -shaped
member and follower B‘ being limited'by thestop
lugs‘ |9—'_l 9 of the'member'B coming into engage- I
ment with theshoulders 13-43 of the‘ casing.
As will be evident, 'the'frictional resistance pro
vided by my improved shock absorber'remains
substantially constant ‘during both compression
and expansion of the‘m'echanismthus providing
the desired snubbing‘action in both‘ compression
and recoil of the truck'spring's. '
' 'v
I have ,vherein shown and described what I now
'considerfthe preferred manner‘of carrying ‘out
my invention, but thesa'meis merely illustrative
and I contemplate all changes and modi?cations
' "
thereofin sliding'frictional engagement with the
friction surfaces of the casing, said casing; and
member being movable towardand ,away from
each other in, lengthwise direction, said arms
having outturnedhooked ends; shoulders on said
casing engageable‘ by said hooked ends to limit
longitudinal separation of said casing and mem
ber; and spring means yieldingly opposingrela
tive movement of said casing and member toward
each ‘other.
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