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Jame @g, 3M6»
Filed Nov‘. 12, 1945
Patented June _4, 1x946
' 2,401,615
‘ Elbert Carroll Chittum,
Catonsville, Md., assignor
to Chittum'eKidd Company, Inc., Baltimore,
Md., a corporation of Maryland
AppIication‘NoVember 12, 1943, Serial No. 510,038
- 2 Claims.
This invention relates to display cards,~and
particularly to a combined display card and m'er
chandise carrier, suitable for the display and ef
fective merchandising of relatively small articles,
such as lipsticks and other cosmetics packaged in
small containers, although it will be understood
that its adaptability is not thus limited.
(01. 206-79)
Fig. 2‘ is a similar back view thereof;
Fig. 3 is a view similar to Fig. 1 but with the
article-attaching tab arranged in condition to
receive an article; ‘
Fig. 4 is a back View of the
Fig. 3;
parts as shown mj
, ;
Fig. 5 is a view similar to Fig. 3 but showing an
- As is well known, small articles of merchandise
article in position attached by the tab, and with
which are ordinarily displayed in quantity in
the corners of the card bent back to provide a
counter trays, do not thus present an attractive, 10 means for supporting the card in substantially
sales-appeal appearance and, moreoven'they are
erect position; and
. not easily picked out for individual inspection.
Fig. 6 is an edge view of the parts as shown in
Recognizing these and other faults attributable
Fig. 5.
to bulk display, manufacturers and distributors
It will be seen that in the form of the device‘
of such small articles have adopted the practice 15 shown,
the cardl is of rectangular form, al
of mounting the articles upon cards, either indi
though it maybe of other conventional or orna»
vidually or in groups or sets, so that prospective
men‘tal con?guration, and preferably has at least
purchasers may more readily handle and select
one straight edge 2 which may be considered as
the articles desired.
its bottom edge. The integral tab 3 which is to
One object of the present invention is to pro 20 form a sleeve for attaching an article 4 to the‘
vide a combined display card and merchandise
card, and with the bottom portion of the article
carrier which is of simple and cheap construc
at least approximately in line with the bottom
tion and capable of being made of relatively light,
edge or edges 2, extends below the main portion
thin sheet material, such as cardboard, the card
l of the card and is of a length sufficient to em
preferably including an integral portion by which
brace the article 4 when bent or folded forwardly
an article of merchandise may readily be attached
and upwardly to return its free end 5 to the card
to' it without the employment of staples or other
for connectionrthereto by ears 6, 6’. As illus
added fastening means. In a preferred form, the
trated, the ears 6, 6' project laterally from the
display card is a unitary, single-blank structure
tab 3, and a notch 1 is cut back at the inner edge '
having adequate surface area for advertising or 30 of the ear 6 to facilitate the insertion of the free
other printed matter upon the face or back, or
end 5 in an aperture or slit 8 that is formed in
both, and having a portion that is bent or folded
the card body I above the bottom edge 2. The
' to form a sleeve at the bottom of the card for the
slit 8 has a length greater than the width ‘of the
relatively rigid but, if desired, the removable and
tab 3 but less than the overall width of the tab
replaceable, attachment to it of an article of 35 and the ears 6, 6', so that when the tab 3 is
curled upwardly to sleeve form, as shown in Figs.
Another object is to provide a display card and
3 and 4, its free end 5 may be inserted through
merchandise carrier of such form, and having an
the slit 8 from face to back of the card and its
article of merchandise so located upon and at
ears will bear against the back of the card (Fig.
tached to it, that it may be made to stand ‘rela 40 4).
tively erect upon a counter or the like, without
The illustrated article 4 is a cylinder of cir
the addition to the card of any support, easel
structure or the like.
' cular cross-section but the particular shape of
the article that is attached to the display card
A further object is to provide a display card
with an integral portion for attaching the article 45 not an essential feature of the invention. The
tab 3 or a plurality of tabs may be bent or fold
of merchandise to the card, the attaching por
ed to form a sleeve or pocket for receiving ar
tion being of such form that, although the arti
ticles of other than circular cross-section, for
cle is relatively rigidly attached thereto, it is not
example a package of razor blades of rectangu
concealed but presents identifiable portions to
lar cross-section. Perforations may be provided
the view of prospective purchasers.
50 in a single tab 3, Or a pair of spaced tabs 3 may
In the accompanying drawing illustrating the
be employed, when the article is of generally
invention, in the several ?gures of which the
cylindrical form but has projecting parts that
parts are similarly designated:
would result in an unstable assembly within a
Fig. 1 is a face view of the card of the inven
cylindrical article-receiving sleeve. An essential
tion, showing the same in perspective;
requirement is that the article 4 be located at
the bottom of the card whether or not the at
taching means takes the form of one or more
tabs extending below the bottom edge 2 of the
It is obvious that the tab 3 may be bent around
to form the article-receiving sleeve, as shown in
Figs. 3 and 4, prior to insertion'of the article _4,
but, if desired, the tab maybe passed, around the
I claim:
1. In a combined display card and merchandise
carrier, an integral sheet of stiff, flexible and
strong cardboard comprising a plane display card
portion having at least one straight boundary, a
tab portion extending from said straight boun
dary and having parallel sides perpendicular
thereto, integral- ears projecting laterally from
the parallel sides adjacent the free end of the
adjacent to the edge 2 of the card, and the end 10 tab, a notch in at least one side of said tab ad
_jacent at least one of said ears, a slit in the
5 of the tab passed through the slit 8 of the card
to complete the assembly. Either mode of as- ‘ display card portion parallel to but spaced from '
said boundary, said slit being of greater length
sembling the card and article may be employed
, thanithe width of the tab between said notch
as may be desired or found more expedient by
and. the end, of the opposite ear but of less length
the operator.
than the width of the tab at said ears whereby
Having reference to Fig. 6, it will be noted
that the length of the tab 3 is so proportioned to
said tab may be bent to form, together with that
the girth of the displayed article 4 that when I party of the display card portion between said
assembled, as shown, the tab will frictionally en
boundary and said slit fa merchandise holding
gage the surface of the article throughout a ma 20 sleeve positioned in front of the plane of said dis
jor portion ‘of its girth, thus eliminating the‘ like
play card portion and said free end of‘the'tab
lihood of accidental or‘ inadvertent escape or dis
including saidvears inserted through saidslit and
placement of the article. In fact, it is prefer
securely fastened to said display card portion.
able that this ?t be so tight as partially to de
_, 2., In a combined display card and mechanw
form that portion of the card which is in di 28 dise carrier, a card having at least one substan
rect contact with the surface of the article, as
tially rectangular end portion de?ned‘- by three
article while the latter is held properly located
shown at 9.
When thus assembled, the‘ article and its dis
adjoining substantially straight edges ‘at sub
stantially right angles to each other, an‘ integral
play card andcarrier provide an attractive and 3,0, tab projecting from the intermediate or said three
easily handled package, and theface and back
straight edges,- said tab being of less width than:
ofv‘the card furnish areas appropriate to receive
advertising and display matter and instructions
or the like in printed form.
Moreover, the tab‘
may bear the trade-mark, or‘ trade name, of the
goods, and it may, furthermore, be ornamented
in‘v a manner similar-to that used upon the por-> I
thelength of Said intermediate edge and being
positioned at a substantial distance from each of‘
said other two of said three straight edges‘, ears
adjacent the free end. of said tab and a slit in .
said card adjacent to but spaced from said in~
termediate edge whereby said tab may be bent
tion of the article concealed by‘ it.
' '
continuously from said intermediate edge into
The tab 3 is preferably of less" width than the
the form of a sleeve positionedgin front of the
length of the article displayed, thus presenting 46;- card and above said intermediate‘ edge with the
to‘vie‘w portionsv of the article itself.
If it is desired to use the device for purposes
of'counter or shelf display, the corners of the
cardadjacent to the edge 2 may be bent rear
free‘ end of said tab secured to the’ card by coe
operation of said ears and said slit, and feet
formed by‘ bending backwardly the corners of
the card de?ned by the intersection of said in~--v
W'ardly, Substantially at righteanglesto" the card, ._ termediate edge with the- other two of said three
as 'shown'in Figs. 5 and 6', thus providing feet 45 straight edges along fold lines extending diag
l’?to' support the card in a substantially vertical
onally from said intermediate edge vto each. of
position (Fig. 6); It 'will be noted that in this use
of' the card the Weight of the article 43 at the
bottom, or supporting", edge of the card Will sup-v
plement the feet I'll in holding the card erect.
‘ Various‘ changes and modi?cations are c‘0nsid»-~
cred-to be within the principle of the invention
and the scope of the‘ following claims.
said other two edges, said feet serving to sup-i:
port said card upon a substantially horizontal‘.
- supporting surface in an inclined position.
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