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July 4, 1950
Filed Aug. 18, 1945
AZZarne .s'
Patented July 4, 1950
Raymondi EilVOn“ Ruden, Glaremont,':=Minn1.->,1 ass:
signor' ofv'?fty‘ pjer: eenta'to :NorbertcAf-qvon
RudemIMinneapQIis; Minn; ,
Application August"18, 1945, Serial
1 Claim:
(Cl. 143-68)»
This invention‘relates‘to'a saw structure;1 and.
While ‘the invention ‘might have > various'rlapplica
tions; it particularly'is'ldesigneditof compriseha‘
saw‘driven froni‘a rotating ‘mea‘ns carried-‘Jona
stationary support: such'as a tractorffra‘me; It
isthe common‘practi'cetohave atisa'vr-driven from
ablekabouti‘said’pivot memben'andxa'dapted toiex-r
tend'i-‘generailyandirection substantia1=1y,-para-bi
leiF-tot saidishafti a isecondzsshaft journaled in said
frame;- an extensibi‘es.andacontractable driving:
' means :between zsaidashaft's; zthei samevrpreferabiy
having -‘universa12'ijointsxconnected :toisa'id shafts}
a rotating shaft mounted“ on an ‘au-tomobilelor
abeveled gearrisecuredi to said second; shaftpa
tractor. It is desirableidto have a’ structure-by
means‘ of ‘which they saw’ can be- moved ‘freely
second I 'bevei'edli'gearl'meshingz with; ' said.‘ beveled.
gear; a crank~lsecirredztossaidrsecond'b'eveiedI'gear;
to different positions and‘ can-be'~<‘operatéd‘iin 10 a?pitman- rsecur'edntofsaidzcrank;.a cross-head ‘Se:
either a- horizontalpr-‘vertical ~directioni~
It is an object’ of 5 this invention therefore to
provide- a comparatively simple‘v and“ efficient
structure comprising'Ja sawlwh'ichicanib’ei’moved
to operate either‘ inavh'orizontal plane or-inv-alv'er'e
tical plane.
cnredi itof said ipitman iaIIdi imiovingr t on 'a g-uidewirr
said-1' frame;: a‘. reciprocatingzsaw, secured‘ to. 'rsaid‘
CFDSSi-‘Head, an'dil meansifconnectedi» to; saidrzframe
adapted'to ‘be ‘connected: to?a‘tree .or other» object
15 tofib'eaisa'wedi 1
Theseiand' otheri oldjectsiandiadvantagesi of -.the
It is another object 'ofithe-invention’ to provide
in combination with an ‘automotive vehicle or
invention lwillllrbeii-fuliiy"settforth'zin the ‘foil-owing
désoriptionmade‘ in '1 connection witlrrther: accom
tractor having-adriving means,-a=stationary»sup=
asters5 refer‘
to '- similar. parts throughout
like :reference
.the asevh
port secured to ‘said tractor, a'pivot‘ member see 20
eral fviews‘an'd in which: ’
cured‘ to said support,’ a, frame sW-ingabie about
said pivot member; a shaft‘ jour'naled‘in' said
frame; a driving ' connectionb'etween- said 'means
and‘shaft, a‘saw'carried‘b'y'said frame, and‘a
Fig»: liis‘ aplan viewiof f‘thfei device shfowingila'
portion ofia- tractor and showing-1 aniob'j‘ectito
be sawed; the latter being'dn horizontal v"section;
Fig; 2° is‘: a‘v view-1
driving connection ‘between-said shaftan‘d' saw
‘side *eievationvasf-seen' from
whereby said frame and' saw can - be=~moved to
the/bottom- of'1Fig;~1"§‘
various positions and-‘said- saw‘ operated’ieitl‘i‘er in
a horizontal or vertical plane.
of‘ Fig‘: 2"; as indicated b'y-i'tiieiarrows; and"
ass a vertioalisection-taken on1'1i’ne"> 3'-'-3
Fig‘; 4-1 is " a -v'ertica-1‘-sectien' taken‘ on‘. line? 454-4
It is a further object of the invention to pro‘
2, as-indicated byth‘e' arrows-5
vide in combination‘with" a stationary" support
having av rotating driving means“ carried there-‘
by, a frame "secured to said supportan'dirot'atable
tor" I Ii‘is shoWn'comprisi-ng a vframe I Ba; Wheels
relatively: thereto about’ axes‘ extending at - right
iii-Z5," transmissionl- casing Ilic,‘
Referringto ‘theidrawingsf a ‘ portion-"0f "a trace
a rotatable
driving“ means‘ on shaft? I ?dfjournaledf in a suit
anglesto each other, a shaft joi'irnalediin'vsaid
stationary support‘iis pro
frame, a drivin'gconnection between=said‘=means 35 ablef'b'earing'i?e;
and shaft, a reciprocating" saw‘ carriedT-byi'sa'id
vided and While‘ t1iis'<cou1d’take various-i forms,
iii the‘ embodii'nent'lof' theiinvention' illustrated
frame, and a driving-connection between said
it‘ is~‘- shown as Jar bar-PI ‘l ‘" securedtto'ith'e {tractor
shaft‘ and ‘saw' whereby’ said framean'd‘ saw can
frame by spaced ‘bolts ' 2C, Aip‘ivotinrerrrb‘erii 3; is
be swung about'ai Horizontal‘ axis'and about? a
provided and "illustrated Jas=~a -~1'iead'ed Istud~ or 'boi‘t
vertical axis.
secured in support I'I iadja'centlthe'free'end‘theree
It-is also an ob’jectiof‘i'theinvention tovprovi'd‘e
in combination -= with "a stationary support‘ hav-'
off A'imemberr Mc'usurroundsfa-ndis rotatable-on
ing a driving meanslcarried‘fthereby; a1 frame
pivot? I 31,1 th'eisame havinglspaced'portions‘ I lib‘b'e
connected to saidsupportand'rotatabie about
tween‘ which? extends another headed stud or
pivot fmem‘berl 'I 571-‘ A portion 1! liss'ofnz framePmem
three axes atright'angles'lto veach‘otl'ier, aishaft
her I lifiextend‘s'ibetween‘ portions~ i Lib“ andr'is piv
journaled in saidrfr‘a'maa driving=connection be;
otedl‘on‘ member! I51’). 'It'5 will :thus‘ be seen; that
tween said -means~and?siiaft, aisaw" carried‘by
said frame, and a driving’ connection? between
framed 4'>Cali‘TSWi'HEIEbOUIEIJiVOE member I @which
is'sh'oW'n as ‘havingfiav vertical axis; and scan also
said shaft and saw.
It =‘ is ‘ more specifically‘ aniobj act of: the.i-1inven"— 50 swing-‘about pivotimemb'er'riiiesnown as having-a
horizontal gaxis.v Theiportionn i Ale.- swingable about
tion to provide in‘ combination with“ a tractor
having‘a rotating shaft; a stationariys supportzslee
pivot?! SZIisE-ofWcyIindricai formeandiran’oth'errcyline
cured to said" tractor,‘ a pivot' m'emberwsecur'ed
dricai ~portion I édtio? :the- framanof rreducedrdiami
etery. isr- surrounde'dthereby and‘: telescopically
to said- support extending? substantially; at? right
angles to th'efwaxisf‘of saidzshaft; a fram'emswinge 55 mounted thereirn ‘Tire: framexportioni I lidrcambe
rotated in portion I40 and held in a selected po
sition thereon of two positions at right angles
to each other by a headed pin I6 adapted to pass
through alined holes Me in portion Mo and
through either of pairs of holes “if formed in
portion Md, the pairs of holes I” having their
centers at right angles to each other. Frame I4
extends longitudinally, as shown in Figs. 1 and 2‘,
in the direction substantially parallel with the
portant in that it eliminates the otherwise diffi
cult procedure of bringing these parts into the
exact correct location by manipulation of the
tractor itself. It will, of course, be appreciated
that the saw, together with its cross head guide
members 32, pivots about the axis of stud 24
to permit the saw to progress through the tree
4!} or. other work. The frame I4 can also be
swung about the axis of pivot member I5 and
10 the saw 35 can thus be moved to reciprocate in a
axis of shaft IDd.
A short piece of reinforcing pipe Ida’, the same
diameter as 140, is mounted fast on Md and
vertical direction. When this is done the mem
ber 20 will move some distance into the member
i9, and members I9 and 20 will extend at an
angle to shafts Illd and I8. Shaft I3, however,
bearing I4g. Shaft I8 has connected to one end 15 will be effectively driven through the universal
joints ‘secured to said shafts. The saw 35 can
by a universal joint a member I9. Shaft Ind
rotates therewith. A hearing Hg is carried by
, member I47‘. A second shaft I8 is journaled in
has secured to its end by a universal joint a
' member 20. While members I9 and 20 might be
thus be reciprocated in a vertical direction. Ob
viously it could be operated in any intermediate
position. It may be desirable to change the
variously connected, in the embodiment of the
invention illustrated, member 20 is formed of 20 plane of the saw 35 relatively to support II'and
this can be done by rotating the frame portion
square or rectangular cross section and is slid
Md in the portion I40. As stated, these portions
able in an opening extending longitudinally of
can be held in different positions at right angles,
member' I9, which opening is of similar cross
to each other by the pin I6. Saw 35 could thus
section. .Shaft I8 has secured to its other end
a beveled pinion 22 which ‘meshes with a beveled 25 move in avertical plane instead of a horizontal
plane, as shown in Fig. 2, and still be reciprocated
gear '23 rotatable on a stud‘24 ?xed in the frame
in a horizontal direction.
portions I47’ and Md. As shown in Fig. 3, beveled
From the above descritpion it will be seen that
gear 23 comprises a sleeve portion 23a. having a
I have provided a comparatively simple, compact
peripheral ?ange which is rabbeted to receive the
tooth portion23b of said gear connected to por 30 and easily operable mechanism for operating a
saw or drag saw from a tractor. The device can
1 tion 23a by circumferentially spaced bolts 230.
be easily and quickly placed in ‘position, and as
I Portion 230. has a ?ange at its other end to which
above described, the saw can be operated in
is secured by circumferentially spaced counter
various planes and in a vertical or horizontal
sunk screws 26, a crank 27. Crank 2? comprises
a connecting arm 21a and a counter-weighted 35 direction._ , The saw blade can also be recipro
cated vertically or horizontally and the plane of
oppositely extending portion 212). A crank pin 28
1 is secured adjacent the outer end of arm 270. on
which is pivoted a pitman 29,‘ the other end of
which is pivoted on a pin 30 secured to a cross
head 3L Cross-head 3| has a pair of down
wardly extending lugs at each end thereof pro
‘ vided with bores through which pass the cross
head guide members 32. The cross~head guide
theblade disposed in planes at right angles to
each other so that a vertical out can be made
to cut up a fallen log or a horizontal out can be
40 made to cut a standing tree. As above described,
Md of the frame is rotated in portion IlIc, this
being readily permitted by the beveled gears 22
and 23.
The object to be sawed can thus be
readily sawed in the desired plane. The parts
surrounding the central portion of the gear sleeve 45 are compactly arranged and ef?ciently located
for the work to be done; .When the device is not
23a, said sleeve being journaled in,v said block.
' members 32 are secured atone end in'a block 33
. Sleeve 23a is also surrounded by a spacing collar
in use the saw and framecarrying the mechanism
34 engaging the same and block 33.‘ Members 32
are secured at their other ends to a frame portion
can be swung upward in position to be readily
transported with the tractor. The device has
50 been amply demonstrated in actual practice and
found to be very successful and ef?cient.
A unique feature of the arrangement described
saw moving through a guide member llli secured
is that the saw driving connections exert a torque
to frame portion I4h. Adjacent to its outer end,
A reciprocable saw or saw blade 35 is se
cured to cross-head 3| by spaced bolts 35, said
frame member Md is apertured to receive a nail
twist on the saw and the cross-head guide mem
or spike. 31 adapted to be driven into vthe tree or 55 bers 32 which tends to rotate the same in a
log 40 or other object tobe sawed. '
vIn operation, when an object such as the tree
counterclockwise direction, with respect to Fig.
40 is to be sawed, the device will be located ad
thereby automatically maintaining the toothed
‘ jacent the same, as shown in Figs. 1 and 2, and
edge of the saw in engagement with the work.
It will, of course, be understood that various
changes may be made in the form, details, ar
frame member IlId will be secured to the tree
by the spike 31. The tractor motor will now be
1 operated to rotate the shaft Illd.
This will,
1 through the driving connection comprising mem
bers I9 and 20, rotate shaft I8. Shaft I3,
1 through the gears 22 and_23, will rotate crank 21,
. and the cross-head -3 I’ will be reciprocated by
f pitman 29 so that saw 35 will be reciprocated and
the tree 40 will be sawed. The frame Ill and the
, saw can readily‘ move about theaxis vof pivot
1, about the axis of the stud 24 and ring gear 23,
rangement and proportions of the parts, without
departing from the scope of applicant’s invention,
which generally stated, consists in a device
capable of carrying out the“ objects above set
forth, in the parts and combinations of parts dis
closed and defined in the appended claim.
What is claimed is:
In a saw structure to be driven by 'a tractor,
member I 3 for the purpose of initially locating ‘70 the combination of a stationary support'secured
to said tractor, a rotating driving shaft carried
i the frame I4 and saw in proper operative'position ‘
thereby, a pivot member having a substantially
with respect to the tree or other work after the
horizontal axis carried by said support, a frame
tractor has been placed in the approximately
swingable about said pivot member and adapted
correct position. This ability to adjust the frame
to occupy a position extending longitudinally of
and saw about the axis of vpivot I3 is very im
said shaft, a bearing carried on said frame, a
second shaft journalled in said bearing and sub
stantially aligned with said ?rst-mentioned shaft
The following references are of record in the
me of this patent:
when said frame is in said longitudinally ex
tended position, an extensible and contractible
torque transmitting means having universal
joints at its ends connected to said shafts respec
tively, a reciprocating saw carried by said frame,
McMillan _____ __'___ Dec. '7,
Svendsgaard ______ __ Apr. 20,
Hennig __________ __ Oct. 14,
Lathers __________ _ .Sept. 22,
Adams __________ __ July 18,
head connected to said pitman and to said 15 11,824,555
reciprocating saw, a cross-head guide carried on
said frame, and a perforation adjacent the free
end of said frame adapted to receive a spike for
securing the same to a log or other member to
be sawed.
Wallace ________ __ Sept. 24,
Jacy ______________ __ Feb. 1,
Gessman ________ __ Mar. 6,
Fosberg __________ __ Apr. 8,
a, beveled pinion secured to said second shaft, a
stud secured to said frame with its axis at right 10
angles to the axis of the second shaft, a beveled
gear journalled on said stud meshed with said
beveled pinion, a crank secured to said beveled
gear, a pitman connected to said crank, a cross
Obernuefemann ____ June 22, 1926
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