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July 25, 1950
Filed Dec. 27, 1948
Q- 9/ \S
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_ a’
Patented July 25, 1950
_-Nori_nan B. ~Murphy, Tena?y, N. J., assignor to
Bendix Aviationg?orporation, Teterboro, N. J.,
' ‘a corporation of'_,Delaware >
V _9 Application December 27, 1948, Serial No. 67,493
4 claims, (01. 74-469) I
This invention generally relates 'to drivable
the following detailed description when the same
connections between a controlled and a control
ling member and more particularly to a drivable
is read in connection with the accompanying
drawing. It is to be expressly understood, how
ever, that the drawing is for the purpose of illus
connection which is readily releasable in the event
of an emergency arising out of failure of the con
tration only and is not intended as a de?nition of
the limits of the invention.
trolling member so that continued operation of
the controlled member may be effected manually.
In the drawing, wherein like reference char
' With the advent of numerous controls utilized
acters refer to like parts in both views,
in the automatic ?ight control, of modern air
Figure 1 is a side elevation view of the novel
craft such as motor driven craft surfaces, engine v10 releasable driving connection of the present in
speed controls, etc., it has become necessary to
vention shown as interconnecting v‘a driving
provide readily disconnectable or releasable driv
motor and a carburetor throttle valve; and,
ing connections between the controlling and the
Figure 2 is an enlarged view, partly in section,
controlled members whereby upon failure‘ of a
controlling member, manual operation of the con
trolled member may be readily assumed free of
the necessity of manually overcoming the load
provided by the controllingmember ‘which. may
While various connectable and releasable driv
of the novel releasable control of Figure 1.
‘Referring now to the drawing for a more de
tailed description of the present invention, the
novel releasable driving connection hereof,
generally designated with the reference char
acter ID, for interconnecting a'servo motor H‘ .
20 and‘a carburetor l2, or any other desired con
ing connections to this end have been heretofore
trolling and controlled member, is shown as
suggested, the present invention contemplates
generallyv consisting of a shaft or rod l3 and -a
the provision of a novel, simpleand inexpensive
hollow tube I4 sleeved on the rod for either axial
releasable drivingconnection which is particu
movement therewith or relative thereto.
' ,
larly suitable for use, though not necessarily 25
.- One end of rod I3 is suitably fastened within
limited thereto, between a carburetor throttle
a hollow connecting rod l5 which is connected by
valve and a throttle servo motor which is ener
way of a pin IS with one end of a driving’ arm I‘!
gized in response to radio waves, for example, for
whose- other end is split for embracing a shaft I8
controlling craft speed of descent or ascent along
of motor I l. A bolt I9 may be provided as shown
a radio beam to or away ‘from a, desired destina 30 for rigidly fastening driving arm I‘! ‘tomotor
tion at which a radio transmitter is located.
shaft I8, it being understood that the latter is
An object of the present invention, therefore,
driven by the motor through a speed reduction
is to provide a novel releasable driving connection
gearing (not shown) so that movement of the
between a controlled and a controlling member. .v
Another object of the inventionis .to provide 35 driving arm I‘! is con?ned to a given limited arc.
Hollow tube M, on the other hand,‘ which‘ may
a novel releasable driving connectionjbetween a
?xed for movement with rod‘ l3 or which
controlled and a controlling member which'may
may be moved axially relative to the rod in av
be readily overpowered manually to permit
manual operation of the controlled member re
gardless of the position of the controlling mem
her and also regardless of whether the con
manner to fully appear‘hereinafter, has one end‘
thereof, provided with a hollow insert 2|] (Figure
40 2)v which slidably mounts rod l3 therein and
has the other end‘thereof ‘fastened by way ofa
pin-2i to the enlarged end of a rod 22 whose]
opposite end, in turn, is suitably fastened within
a .hollow connecting rod 23, the latter being
scribed which, subsequent indisengaging opera:-v 45 pivotally
connected by Way of a pin 24 to one
tion, may be easily re-engaged during ?ight to:
re-establish the driving connection,
endof a carburetor
mounted at
baran25. intermediate
The latterbar
A still further object of the invention is, to
thereof by way of a shaft 26 on the carburetor
provide‘ a novel. releasable driving connection,
housing, the bar connecting with a throttle valve
which may be adjustedfor response to any de-.
(not shown) to be controlled by motor H. The
sired load required for overpoweringftheuopera-l
opposite end of bar 25- pivotallyv supports a
tion of a controlled member by a controlling’
hollow ‘connecting rod 21 which has a rod or
cable 23 suitably connected thereto, the rod or
trolling member may have failed or not. i t ,
A further object is to provide a novel releas
able ' driving connection of the character . de-_
The above and further objects and novel fear‘.
tures of‘ the invention will more fully appear from
cable 128 extending to the pilot’s compartment
55 and provided with a handle or- lever (not shown?) ,
by virtue of which the throttle may be operated
elements to thereby re-establish the positive
manually by the pilot.
driving connection between the motor and the
throttle valve.
There has thus been provided a novel, simple
and reliable releasable driving connection for
In accordance with the present invention,
novel coupling and un-coupling means are pro
vided for positively connecting hollow tube I4
with rod 13 to thereby establish a drivable con
nection between the carburetor throttle valve’
and the driving motor. For this purpose, the
free end of rod I 3, within tube 14, has suitably
fastened thereto an enlarged member 29 whoser
outer wall is in sliding engagement with vthe"
inner wall of tube l4 and which is provided'witlr.
an endless groove 30 in its outer wall.
An outer wall of tube 14, on theotherhand;
Although but a single embodiment of the pres
.:ent invention has been illustrated and described
supports a spacer element 3| thereon-whichhas >
' which event a corresponding additional number
anchored thereto at opposite points thereof by '
way of suitable screws 32 and: 33,.like) ends :of
of "openings would be provided in the wall of tube
use between a driving and driven element which
canbe;v quickly overpowered and re-established
as desired:
‘l »‘
~ -
.indetail, it is. to be expressly understood that
the inventionqis not limited thereto. While but
one pair of spring carried detents has been shown,
for-example; additional pairs may be utilized in
14. . The rod l3 vand tube 14 may be cylindrical
or of any other desired form in which event the
member 29 and insert 211 would assume a corre
a pair of elongated spring elements 34 and 35,
respectively. The opposite end of each-‘spring;
sponding form. Various other changes may be
element has a button or detent 36 and 31 suit
ably, attached thereto which. in response > to
madeiin the design; andiarrangement of-the-parts
without departing.=\from thespirit and scope-of
spring», pressurar are. normally: urged through
suitableopenings, formed in the wall of tube
the invention as the same will now be'und-erstood
bythoseskilledintheart; -
14,; g to» be ‘ received f within and :cooperate“ with
groovetBOof enlarged'mem'herrm; With detents
L A releasable;- driving connection adapted'for
36 and 31 registering; with: groove 38;‘ such
registry-being maintained bythe inward pres
sure provided by the spring. elements, a positive
drivablyconnectingi-a controlled member to a
controlling ~member comprising-‘an axially mov
able rod adapted-for connection-1 to‘one of‘said
members-landv having registering? ‘means thereon
in the-form ofian‘ endless’ peripheral groove, a
hollow: ‘tube sleeved v‘about-said- rod mounted 'for
drivingconnect-ioiris defined between tube = [4
androd .13; so that for any movement of driving
armrll, carburetor: bar. il?awill: be moved ia-cor
responding .- amount.
axial movement ‘relative tosaid» rod and» adapted
Av split slide collar. 38“ is ‘sleeved about spring
for connection to‘ theother of said members, a
elements -‘34-and :35" and .is provided =with~a screw
39'vbyw virtue-of whiclrrthe collar‘ may be: posi 35 wall of-lsaiditube being-1 provided with atleast/one
openingadapted for‘valignmen-t with-‘said regis
tioned ‘at any desiredcpoint relativetothe spring
teringw means, means comprising at least‘ one
elements toithereby regulate; the spring pressure
yi'eldablyxurged detent supported by said tube and
associated with said opening for registry with
applied onvthedetents-so thatwthe load-necese
sary-to berapplied to’ manual ‘cable 28130021111
thedetentsout of registry withitheir'cooperate
ing groove 30 and thereby‘ overpower the driv
ing connection‘ between-rod l'3vsand. tube I'4'ican2
be’ readily? adjusted.
It will now: be‘apparent fronruthe foregoing
that'with :the various parts positionedlas shown
in the drawing wherein detents; 3'61 audit-1.’ :are
. '
said?egistering means to-kde?'ne a drivable con
nection’rbetween said members, and- meansadapt
ed; for; manual. 1 operation» associated with said
tube‘.¢.for. cammingsa-id‘detent means- out of said
registering: means» to‘ thereby overpower said driw
able connection.
2»; A releasable-i driving connection adapted-Tor
drivably connecting-ha controlled member to a
controlling? member comprising an axially- mov
able‘v rod: adapted for» connection-to‘ one of said
Ill-through the ‘novel coupling device hereof.
50 members and having‘ an" enlarged end/provided
with registeringmeans thereon, a hollow tube
If, in‘ the eventiof‘: a». power. failure in the
sle'evedai: on said rod and-slidably supportedby
circuit‘: controlling the. operation .1. of: servo motor
in registry: with groove Many motion imparted
to driving arm i't-by; servo motor“ l'l ism-trans
ferred. to carburetorbar~25iby‘rod l3 Land‘tube
H101" for some-other- reason; it' becomes neces'
sary or‘ desirable to‘ controlrthe throttle valve
thé- enlarged-end thereof "for axiai movement rel
ative-tor said‘ rodiand‘ adapted forconnection to
manually; the pilot need merely grasp the
throttle lever, associated with cable‘ 28‘; and;
theoliher of; said members, a wall of said tube
apply a manual force thereto suf?cient to earn
detents 36» and 3T out of registry with groove‘
30.‘ Operationof the cablerwills displace car;
buretor bar 25‘, su?iciently to imparttotube M‘
an‘axial motion relative to rod Hi to, force the.
detents out of their cooperating" groove“ When.
this-ioccurs,-_the driving’connection' to the motor
isoverpowered and the throttle‘ valve is placed
under. direct: manual" control'by' the pilot pro-1
being providediwitlr a'pair of oppositelyarranged
openings adaptedf'rfor-alignment with said regis
tering' means,ua‘=:spacer element on an outer wall
o?saidtube, means-comprising a pair of opposite
l-y arranged? yieldable; detent means ' anchored ‘to
saidzelement’an'd' associated‘with said openings
for registry-withsaid-registering means .to de?ne
a-idriyableconnection’between said members, and
meanstad‘apted for manual'io'peration associated
_ with‘saiditube for Withdrawing said‘ detent means
viding- the latter with complete ‘ freedom; of "con
iromsaid registering; means to‘ thereby overpower
trol regardless of the position ofjdriving'arm H;
Where,‘ after a period‘ of time, it‘ is‘ desired‘ to
re-enstate- throttle- control: by. the: motor, car
buretor bar 25 may be-movednslowly by the pilot
said drivable connection‘;
3. A releasable idrivingsconnection adapted for
drivablyconrrecting a controlled member to a
to move tube Illv slowly‘ relative to rod I13» until?
as position is. attained? in. which. the. openings
abldrod‘ adapted'for connection to One of said
men-renews havingan enlarged‘ end provided‘v
with registering means thereonya hollow tube
controlling‘ member comprising 7 an axially. mov
within-the ‘wall. ofithe tube register‘ with groove
30. At this point detents.<35: and? 351 will be‘:v
sleeved onrsaid?rodfand slid'ably. supported by the,
placed‘: intregistry. with the: groove" bythe'f spring ' we enlarged?‘ end there'oti'foraxialmovement relative
2,616,642 -
to said rod and adapted for connection to the
other of said members, a wall of said tube being
provided with a pair of oppositely arranged open
ings adapted for alignment with said registering
means, a spacer element on an outer wall of said
mounted for axial movement relative to said rod
and adapted for connection to said valve, yield
ably urged detent means supported by said tube
for registry with said registering means to es
tablish a driving connection between said motor
tube, a pair of detents associated with said open~
and valve, and means adapted for manual opera
ings, a pair of elongated Spring elements an
tion associated with said valve for overpowering
chored to said spacer element and urging said
said driving connection by withdrawing said de
detents into registry with said registering means
tent means from said registering means.
to de?ne a drivable connection between said 10
members, means adapted for manual operation
associated with said tube for withdrawing said
detents from said registering means to thereby
references are of record in the
overpower said drivable connection, and a slid
?le of this patent:
able collar associated with said springs for deter 15
mining the e?ective tension of the latter.
4. A releasable driving connection for use be
tween a servo motor and a throttle valve com~
prising an axially movable rod adapted for con
nection with said motor and having registering
means thereon in the form of an endless periph
eral groove, a hollow tube sleeved about said rod
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