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Patented Nov. 14, 1,950
Louis L. Albert, Irvington, N. J.
Application May 10, 1946, Serial No. 668,746
1 Claim.
(Cl. 119—19)
Figure 6 is a sectional view along the center‘
This invention relates to a collapsible poultry
line of the device in collapsed condition, and
‘Figure ‘7 is a fragmentary plan view of the de
The main object of this invention is to provide
vice with the top removed, in collapsible condi
a simple but highly efficient collapsible poultry
tion showing the troughs arranged for storage
. crate which may be quickly assembled and col
lapsed, and the walls of which may be securely
Referring to the drawings more in detail the
locked and rigidly held together when the crate
crate comprises a body l0,_ including a bottom‘
is assembled.
metallic frame I2, an upper metallic frame I4 and
Another object of the invention is to provide a
device having hinged sides'and end walls ca 10 sides [6, these being made of sheet metal cut and
stamped in the shape shown. _
pable of being collapsed in compact form and
The bottom frame I2 is provided with a ledge
provided with means for readily swinging the
l8 on the inner side thereof and at right angles
sides and ends into proper position for rigidly
thereto to receive the removable floor 20 directly
locking the same as a unit.
above the ledge 18. The frame is provided with
The crate is so constructed that it will not slide
ventilating apertures 22 and secured to the sides
when stacked upon another whether in collapsed
immediately above the apertures ‘22 is the wire
or assembled condition.
mesh floor 24, on which the poultry stand when
The crate is all metal and wire fabric, so that
the crate is in assembled condition.
it will be durable, will not be damaged by rough
handling and will outlast the wooden type of 20 The sides It‘, comprise the corner posts 26
which are hinged to the bottom frame imme
crate in use at the present time, is light, sani
diately above the mesh ?oor 24 by hinges 21B.
tary, humane and can be economically manu
Longitudinal members 30 are connected to the
posts at the lower and upper ends thereof, leav
This crate is provided with feed troughs which
ing an open space which is closed by means of
are fastened in position at all times.
the wire mesh 32 as shown. The posts are re
This crate has a wire mesh partition above the
floor on which the poultry stands, it acts as a
cushion and ventilator for the poultry since it
tained in upright position by the bolts and, wing
nuts 34 connecting the abutting ends of the sides
as shown in Figure 4.
permits fresh air to circulate beneath the poul
The upper frame I4 is removable having the
try. This is an important need for live poultry 30
?ange 36 which ?ts over the sides when the sides
at all times.
are in raised position and the frame is provided
The crate can be washed and disinfected to
with transverse parallel relatively spaced mem
prevent disease and abolish dirt and ?lth.
bers 38 to support the removable frame 40. Both
This crate is provided with means to drain any
water therefrom thereby maintaining the ‘con 35 frames are provided with wire mesh 42. The Wire
mesh in the removable frame 40 has a semi-cir
tents of the crate fairly dry at all times.
cular opening 44 provided therein, for the re
This crate in its collapsed form requires only
moval thereof and the opening is bound with the
a small storage space thereby permitting room
binding 46.
on a truck to carry other articles when the
One of the sides is also provided with a frame
crates are being shipped or returned.
dB to mount a door 5!] therein by means of hinges
With the above and other objects ‘and advan
tages in view the invention consists of the novel
details and features of construction hereinafter
more fully described, claimed and illustrated in
the accompanying drawings in which:
Figure 1 is a top plan view of an embodiment
of the invention with parts broken away'and
parts in section.
Figure 2 is an end view thereof.
Figure 3 is an end view of the device in col- -
lapsed condition.
Figure 4 is a sectional view on the line 4—4 of
Figure 1.
Figure 5 is a sectional view on the line -5—5 of
Figure 1.
52, and the upper section is provided with a hook
54, which engages a keeper 56 on the bottom
frame to lock the two in ?xed relation to each
other when the crate is in collapsed condition.
Conventional handles, not shown, are also pro
vided to transport the crate when desired.
Mounted on the corner posts inwardly thereof
are the removable brackets 66 which are shaped
to support at each end the semicircular troughs
62 and openings 64 in the corner posts, and per
mit the removal of the troughs for re?lling or
cleaning when the crate is in use by means of the
handles 66, thereon.
When the crate is to be collapsed the upper’
frame is removed, the troughs are removed and
the brackets therefor having their ends remov
frame and supporting the upper frame on the
upper end thereof, side portions hinged to said
ably mounted in loops 68, in spaced relation to
bottom frame in vertical position and engaging
each other are detached from the loops 68 on
said corner posts to completely enclose said crate,
the corner posts. The bolts 34 are removed and Cr and the upper frame being provided with a de
the sides are swung inwardly as shown in Figures
4 and 5. The troughs are positioned as shown in
Figure 7 and the upper frame is replaced and
locked in position as shown in Figure 3.
Thus a device has been provided that is com
pletely collapsible and it is believed that the con
pending peripheral ?ange engaging the outer
surfaces of said sides and corner posts, parallel
relatively spaced members mounted in said upper
frame, a removable frame supported by said mem
bers and said upper frame and said removable
frame provided with sections of wire mesh, said
removable frame provided with a hand hold for
the removal thereof and a door in one of said
sides for access to said crate and feeding troughs
struction whereby this is accomplished will be
apparent to those skilled in the art.
It is also to be understood that changes may
be made in the details of construction, arrange 15 carried by said sides.
ment and combination of parts without depart
ing from the spirit of the invention and the scope
of the appended claim.
Having thus described the invention what is
The following references are of record in the
claimed as new and desired to be secured by 20 ?le of this patent:
Letters Patent is:
A collapsible poultry crate for use in shipping
poultry in alive condition, which comprises a
bottom frame, having an inwardly extending
Cooley __- _______ __l May 24, 1881
Brainard ________ __ Jan. 24, 1911
Stokes __________ __ Feb. 21, 1911
Norring __________ __ Jan. 16, 1917
Meszaros ________ __ Feb. 1, 1921
parallel to the said first floor, the frame inter
- Pickering ________ __ Nov. 21, 1922
mediate of said ?oors being provided with ven 80
tilating apertures, an upper frame, corner posts
hinged at one end to the inner surface of said
bottom frame in vertical relation to said bottom
Brenneman ______ __ Feb. 27, 1923
Gorsuch __________ __ July 7, 1931
Brewster ________ __ Apr. 15, 1941
ledge on an inner surface thereof adjacent the
bottom edge of said frame, a removablen?oor
positioned on said ledge, a wire mesh ?oor secured
to the inner surface of the frame above and
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