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Dec. 12, 1950
Filed Feb. 24, 1947
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Dec. 12, 1950
Filed Feb. 24, 1947
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Dec. 12, 1950
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ec. 12, 1950
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Dec. 12, 1950
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Filed Feb. 24, 1947
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isatented Dec. 12, 1950'
BLANK r-nnnmcnnn tooA'rING neonANISM Fon- PUNCH rnnssns
EdwardaArBrandt, Chicago, 111., assignor to West;
ernElectric Company, Incorporated,.New York...
N. Yqa corporation of NewYork
Application February 24, 1947,8eria‘l No.1730;3’71
'7: Claims. (01. v164—8’7)
This invention relates to blank feeding and.
locating mechanisms for punch. presses and more
particularly to" a step by step feeding. mecha
nism which is cam actuated by the reciprocation
of the punch press ram;
Anobje‘ct of the-present. invention is to pro
vide an improved'blank feeding and positioning
mechanism for punch. presses.
In one? embodiment of the-inventionfor feed
Fig. 5' is a. plan: sectional viewv taken on the
line 5—5. of Fig. L. with- the ram in-raised- posit»
tion showingv the feed wheel in» an- intermediate
Fig; 6 is. a fragmentary sectional view- taken.
on the line 6—-5' ofFigab. showing, the parts. oi».
the punch and‘ die in. their. open or separatedv
Fig. 71 is.~ a. detail; sectional view. through one
ing and locating: cup-shaped articles; to: be per 10 of the actuating cams.» and a portion- oi. the
feed» wheel takenon the; line 1-‘? of Fig. 6;.
forated, to a. perforating, punch press, there is
Fig. 8 is» a fragmentary sectional view- showing
provided‘: a magazine including a guideway for
the relation between another. cam actuator and‘
therieed Wheel; takenron;the:1ine.8.-8. of Fig. (i;
io'rating; punch and die of; the punch press and 15 Fig. 9- is a fragmentary vertical longitudinal.
sectional view throughv a portionof. the appara
a portion of: the guideway is slotted to receive
tus and the guide: chute associated. therewith
avv portion of: a feed wheel- having radiating ?n~
' and showing a portion of thepunch and die in
gears and part locating pockets formed: in the
receiving the articles: and‘ guiding; them in a pl‘w'
determined path into: alignment with’ the per
periphery thereof and which wheel is; indexed
an; intermediate separate position ;.
step by step to position the parts‘in axial’ align 20 Fig. 10 is a. fragmentary horizontal sectional
view indicated. by the. line. 10-10 of Fig. 6 look-.
ment with the‘ punch and die; The step by
ing up. and. showing a portion of the. punch
step] rotation‘ or indexing of the feed wheel is
holder and. associated parts mounted_ thereon;
accomplished by a pair of- cam actuating mem
bers reciprocablev with the. ram, one of which
actuating: members. engages the feed wheel- to 25 Fig. L1. is- a fragmentary sectional view
through the mechanism Showing; the punch:v and
advance therwheelone-halfa step as.- the- ram is
die in. closed position- with. a piece part. there
raised and. the: other‘ of which cam members
between and taken generally alongv theline III-41
acts to advance the: feed‘ wheel the. secondhalf
stepidur-ing the- ?rst partof thedownwardmove
of Fig. 10.»
ment» of‘ the; ram.
The. punch. and die; mechanism. illustrated
herein isadapted. to-perforate. thebottom ll of
A portion of: one’ side. wall 30
of therchute isyieldably'mounted to rock. about
a. pivot and may be-forced outwardly by an im
properly positioned.- part' or blank. forced there
against by a ?nger of the‘ feed wheel and aids
a cup-shaped. article. [3. forming. a pair. of ir
regularly shaped perforationsv Ell-A4 therein&
as indicated in. Figs. 21 and. 3.. rl‘he punch press
in freeing the piecepart- from jamming. engage 85 mechanism for effecting this perforating opera»
tion comprisestthe. stationary die 16 (Figs. 1,5,
ment with the. ?nger and in restoring the part
9 and 11) ?xedtoa-die holder. ti mountedona
to the chute without injury to the part.
bo1ster18 of. the punch'pressa The die i?dsproi
The invention Willbe more fully‘ understood
videdv witha . pair of: int-egular-lyv shaped‘ apertures
from the following, description. when considered
29 and cooperates.’ with.~ a. pair oi: irregularly
in’ connection with. the: accompanying; drawing
shaped punches: 22L secured. by: a retaining plate
illustrating the preferred embodiment of they in
22 to the punch. holder 23. The‘: punch holder
ventionin which:
23, slidableon. a pair. of: aligning; pins‘ Eli-21? see
curedrintheidieholder. Iii, has-an.v upwardly exa
punch, die and‘. feed wheel: and; showing. the 45 tencling shank 25,.by,~mea~ns of-‘which the punch
holder is‘ removably: securedi to; the ram 21-: of
punch and die in closed- position;
the punch press. The; press andithe: punch; and
Fig. 2 is‘ a plant view‘oi: the cup-shaped? article
die construction: herein described and:v illustrated
or piece part to be processed in: the? apparatus
Fig. 1: is a vertical»: lateral sectionalv view of
the apparatus taken: centrally- through the
are of conventional: design and are disposeda at
Fig. 3' is a: sectionalview of the.» piece part 50 an‘ angle of approximately; 45° to’ the; horizontal
planev to facilitate the‘ie'edin'g' of the: articles 13
taken on the line 3—3‘of Fig. 2;
to the press.
Fig. 4 is aiplan sectional view of: the appara
tus taken'on' theiline 4-4" of Fig. 1. showing, in
The mechanism for feeding. the“. parts. to; the
dotted lines, a star feed' wheel holding a piece
press: includes a. gui'dieway 31b for. guiding the
parts L3 in afstraight paths across: the" face of
part in: alignment. with: the punch‘. andi die;.
the die IS. The guideway 36 comprises a bot
tom wall or plate 32 secured to the die holder
l1, side walls 33 and 34, and a top wall or plate
35 and the plate 32 is formed to ?t around a
portion of the die l6 and has an article sup
porting surface 31 flush with the top surface
of the die l6. At its forward end, the guideway
is provided with a feed tray 39 for receiving a
plurality of piece parts and the tray 39 has an
gularly disposed sides 46 for directing the piece
parts into the rectangular aperture of the chute
members 59, 66 and the lateral supporting arm
65, respectively.
The actuators 59 and 66 are provided, respec
tively, with inclined camming surfaces 18 and 19
and cylindrical shank portions 86 and 8| and
are arranged relative to the apertures 63 of the
feed wheel so that as they are reciprocated with
the ram, they alternately engage the feed wheel
and advance it a half-step at a time, the shank
portions entering the apertures 63 in the wheel
serve to lock it against movement during the
interval of dwell. With the ram in its raised
position, as shown in Fig. 6, the actuator 59 is in
its raised position, ?tting within an aperture 63
Urged downwardly by gravity, the parts l3,
of the feed wheel and holding it in this position
which are placed on the sloping tray, are di
against movement after having advanced it one
rected by the side walls 46 into the guideway 36
half step in a clockwise direction, as viewed in
and, as they are guided in a straight path across
Fig. 5. Several of the piece parts l3 will assume
the die IS, the parts are successively engaged
the relationship relative to the feed wheel, as il
by portions of an intermittently actuated feed 20 lustrated in Fig. 5, in which intermediate position
wheel 42 to locate each part in a predetermined
of the wheel none of the piece parts is aligned
position relative to the punch and die prior to the
with the die. On the downward movement of
perforating stroke of the punch. A portion of
the ram, as the actuator 59 leaves one of the
the star wheel or the feed wheel extends into
recesses 63 in the feed wheel 42, the end of the
cooperative relation with the interior of the
cam surface 19 of the actuator 66 engages a cam
guideway 36 through a slot 43 (Figs. 1, 4 and 5)
edge 62 in its path and rotates the feed wheel
through one-half step to complete the indexing of
in the lower portion of the wall 34 and the feed
wheel 42 is provided with oppositely directed hub
the feed wheel and thus align the piece part 12
portions 45 and 46 journalled in bearings formed
with the axis of the punch and die, as indicated
in plates 49 and 56. The plate 56 is rigidly mount 30 in Fig. 4. This ?nal indexing of the feed wheel
30. The tray 39 and the guideway 36 form a
magazine for handling a substantial number of
piece parts at one time.
ed on the die holder I1 and the plate 49 is se
cured in spaced relation thereon by a spacer mem
42 to properly position the part in alignment with
the die is accomplished during the ?rst portion
ber 52 and machine screws 53. Extending radial
of the downward movement of the ram so that
the part has come to rest and is properly posi
tioned before the punch has been lowered to the
level of the part, and the feed wheel is main
form a plurality of pockets 5‘! for receiving the 7
tained in this position by the shank portion 8|
of the actuator 66 engaging in an aperture 63.
piece parts [3 therein.
The feed wheel 42 is adapted to be rotated
In order to more accurately locate the part
step by step to engage and feed successive piece 40 with respect to the punch and die, there is pro
parts l3 to a predetermined position in align
vided a plurality of gage pins 85-85, mounted
for reciprocation with the ram and adapted to
ment with the punch and die in timed relation
engage the outer periphery of the cup-shaped
with the reciprocation of the ram 21 of the punch
press. In order to provide for a smoother work
article 13 on the downward movement of the
ram. The pins 85 extend downwardly from a
ing of the feed wheel 42 and to reduce the shock
stripper member 8‘! slidably mounted on a pair of
incident to the indexing thereof, the step by step
aligning pins 88 and 66 (Fig. 1). Also extend
indexing movement is accomplished in two parts
ing downwardly from the stripper plate 81 is a
or half steps, the ?rst part or half step occur
portion 89, which is adapted, upon downward
ring during the upward movement of the ram,
and the second part or half step occurring dur- . movement of the stripper, to pass through an
aperture 9| in the plate 35 of the guideway 36
ing the downward movement of the ram.
and engage the bottom wall l2 of a cup-shaped
A pair of cam actuators 59 and 66 (Fig. 6),
article [3 (Fig. l). The stripper plate 87 and
mounted for reciprocation with the punch hold
the projecting portion 89 are apertured to slid
er 23, cooperate with the cam surfaces 62-62
formed on the edges of a plurality of apertures
ingly receive the punches 2| and are secured to
the punch holder 23 by a plurality of headed
‘63 in the feed wheel 42 for advancing the feed
wheel through two half-step indexing movements
rods 93 secured to the stripper member and slid
ingly engaging in shouldered recesses 94 in the
,for each reciprocation of the ram. The cam
punch holder, which construction permits a limit
member 59 extends upwardly from and is car
ed movement of the stripper relative to the punch
ried by a laterally extending arm 65 formed on
holder. The stripper 87 is yieldingly urged down
the lower end of a rod 66 passing through a cen
wardly by a spring 9'! mounted in the shank 25
tral aperture in the feed wheel. The upper end
of the stripper plate, the spring reacting against
of the rod extends through an aperture 61 in
the plug 96 to urge a plunger 99 downwardly and
the punch holder 23 and threadedly engages a
transmit its force to the stripper plate 81 through
nut 68 thereon, which is clamped between a shoul
der 69, formed in the aperture 61, and a
a plurality of pusher pins I66 slidably mounted
threaded annular member 16 secured in the up
in recesses in the die holder 23 and the retain
ing member 22.
per end of the aperture. The nut 68, after the
cam member 59 has been adjusted to its proper
To facilitate the movement of piece parts l3
position axially of the rod 66, is locked in adjust 70 into and out of the pockets 51 of the feed wheel
ed position by a set screw 12 (Fig. 1). The cam
42, the end surfaces I62 of the arms 55 are
member 66 is secured to and extends downwardly
obliquely formed, as indicated in Figs. 4 and 5.
from the underneath side of the punch holder
Thus, the parts, as the feed wheel 42 rotates, are
23. Clearance holes ‘l3, ‘l4 and 15 are provided
guided freely into the pockets 51 of the feed
to accommodate the reciprocation of the cam 75 wheel prior to their being perforated and, after
ly from the axis of the feed wheel are a number
of ?ngers 55, the vertical surfaces of which merge
with the curved surfaces 56 of the feed wheel to
being perforated}- the‘ parts‘ are freely" released‘
cessivee articles‘: iir said; guideweyi to: locate-nine:
from? the pocket'si
articles? in; a} predetermined position relative to‘
the tool, cam- means" carried! by theiram toiparw
The wall‘ktliiof2 the guideway isprovidediwltlii
a‘ section I04’; pivoted at Hi5} for‘rookih'gimovee
ment about; its pivot and is‘ held inlnormalipcsiee
tion- by- a spring» I05? secured3 to-~ the walli 332103?"
tially' index-1 the star wheel-1 on=the upstroke, of
i tlie'rami anotherica‘mimean's onithe i"ani>foi“co‘m--v
pleti-ng‘i the: indexing of‘ the star- wheel: on‘;v the‘.
downstroke of‘ the ram, means'ior locking; the star:v
wheel-against- movement during the- intervalslbetween. movements thereof,‘ a yieldable- wall. seoe
the'screws- I012 The‘p'ivoted‘s'ection [Mi ha'sianl
inclined’ end' surface‘ Ill-8}» which ?tsi against»? a:
similarly inclined surface on‘ the wall’ 3-3‘ to diiniti
its inward‘i movement: and align its inner‘ guide
face with
the the
of‘: the
wall apf
" t'ion'i inisai'di guideway adjacent said: star wheel:
movableifromlnormal position‘b‘y an improperly ‘
positioned ’ part urged against: the yieldablelr wall:
paratus; should'la' piece-part mibecomeimproperlv'
section by» the star wheel,-_and resilient» means
for; returning" said yieldable: Wallv section, to? its‘
positioned so as‘? to- become‘ wedged?‘ betw‘eenian‘E
arm 55 ~ of the ‘ reed ' wheel ' and“ the" wall; 3-3‘of it“
guideway, the‘ section- mil»; would? yield" to the
ititoiitsnormaliposition in the‘guid‘eway-t‘t'é' ~
4; m: a1 machine/having a" stationary tool- meme»
ber’anda reciprocable tool member‘ for processing:
parts,‘v a magazine mounted in al'?xe‘d relation
wit-nre'specti to said‘- stationar-y tool member-‘for
From the foregoing‘ description," itiw‘ill beseerr
that‘ a‘ simpli?ed'feedin'g andlpositionmgimechae
mined path: relative to the tool- members, an in;
pressure ofP'the-part'lagainst it\»and‘ia_idiin' freeing.
tli‘e‘part from‘ the-endlofi theairmil wand‘ restore
receiving and guiding the-parts in='a'_"predetere
nism has been provided inlwhich‘the‘pieceiparts
termittently' rotatable‘ star wheel associated with‘
are- guided in a predetermined path- acrossl'the
die and are successively engagedia'ndipositioned
the magazine for moving and positioning suc~
cessivelparts insaid magazine to‘locate thelparts'
in'alignment-‘with the punch and die-by a-stare
shaped feedtwheel indexed step 'bytstepibviaipair
‘ m1 predetermined- relation to said tool members;
of cam actuators \movablei with ‘the ‘ran‘i'vtoirotate
the-wheeloneehalfv'steplon the upward move
ment of the ram and one-half step on the down
ward movement of'the ram-and that the guide
way has a yieldabl'e sectionwhich serves to? re
lease an improperly positioned: part wedged’ be
tween the feed wheel and-the guide-way.
What is claimed is:
1. Ina press having a pair’ of relatively-‘mov
able tools-‘and tool- vholders therefor; the combina
tion of a guideway-supportedby‘one of"said'?tool
holdersjfor guiding a blank- in apredetermined
path relative to ‘thetools, a-feedwheel'rotatable
step by‘ step-supportedby- said'one tool’holder
and having ‘a plurality of ~radially'disposetf?rigers
a-pluralit'v of» recessesin saidr wheel, a plurality
of? cam?surfaces on said wheel‘, a‘ ?rst actuator‘
connected-for‘ reciprocation withesaidireciprocable
tool member and having a cam’ surface thereon
engageable with the cam- surfaces‘ of said wheel‘
to partially index said wheel on the‘ receding,
movement of said movable tool member‘ and‘ have
mg‘ a1 portion engageable in said recesses to pre
vent; rotation oi'» said‘ wheel during the‘ interval
~ or dwell; and» a? second actuator‘ connected for
reciprocation with‘, said» reciprocable tool‘ mem~
ber? and? having a cam surface engageable with
the} cam surfaces of said- wheel to complete the‘
indexing of said wheel" on the advancing move—
ment: of said movable tool member and having
a- portion engageable in- said recesses to- prevent
cooperating- with ~ said guide member fori'moving
rotation of said» wheel during‘ the interval‘ of
and positioning successive" blanks‘ longitudinally
of the guideway to locate the blanks in a prede
5. In a machine having a stationary tool mem
termined position with respect to said to0l,'a 45 ber and a reciprocable tool member for process
ing piece parts, the combination of a magazine
cam member carried by the other of said tool
mounted in a ?xed relation with respect to said
holders for actuating said feed wheel through
stationary tool member for receiving and guid
one-half step during the relative receding move
ing parts in a predetermined path relative to the
ment of said tool holders, and another cam mem
tool members, an intermittently rotatable star
ber carried by said other tool holder for actuating
wheel associated with the magazine and having
said feed wheel the other half step during the
a plurality of radial arms movable into the maga
relative advancing movement of the tool holders.
zine for moving and positioning successive parts
2. In a press having a tool for processing ar
therein to locate the parts in predetermined
ticles and a reciprocable ram for actuating said
tool, the combination of a guideway for guiding 55 relation to said tool members, a plurality of re
cesses in said Wheel, a plurality of cam surfaces
the articles in a predetermined path of travel
on said wheel, a ?rst actuator connected for
relative to said tool, an intermittently rotatable
star Wheel cooperating with said guideway for
moving and positioning successive articles there
reciprocation with said reciprocable tool member
and having a cam surface thereon engageable
in to locate the articles in a predetermined posi 60 with the cam surfaces of said wheel to partially
index said wheel on the receding movement of
tion relative to the tool, cam means carried by
said movable tool member and having a portion
the ram to partially index the star wheel on the
engageable in said recesses to prevent rotation
upstroke of the ram, another cam means on the
of said wheel during the interval of dwell, a
ram for completing the indexing of the star wheel
on the downstroke of the ram, and means for 65 second actuator connected for reciprocation with
said reciprocable tool member and having a
locking the star wheel against movement during
cam surface engageable with the cam surfaces
the intervals between movements thereof.
of said wheel to complete the indexing of said
3. In a press having a tool for processing ar
wheel on the advancing movement of said mov
ticles and a reciprocable ram for actuating said
able tool member and having a portion engage
tool, the combination of a guideway for guiding
able in said recesses to prevent rotation of said
the articles in a predetermined path of travel
wheel during the interval of dwell, said maga
relative to said tool, an intermittently rotatable
zine having a pivoted wall portion therein ad
star wheel positioned adjacent said guideway and
jacent said feed wheel movable from a normal
having a plurality of radiating arms movable into
said guideway for moving and positioning suc- 75 position by an improperly positioned part urged
2, 533,914”;
against the pivoted wall portion by’ the feed
axially disposed aperture, a plurality of sure
wheel, and means for yieldably retaining said
faces extending transversely between the oppo
pivoted portion in normal position.
6. In a press having a reciprocatory ram an
site faces of said wheel, cam edges on the upper
portion of said transverse surfaces, cam edges
on the lower portion of said transverse surfaces,
a processing tool comprising a stationary die
a rod movable with and extending downwardly
holder and a punch holder movable with said
from said ram through the axial aperture in said
ram, the combination of a. guideway mounted
wheel, a laterally projecting arm on the lower
on the stationary die holder for guiding articles
end of said rod, an upwardly extending cam
in a predetermined path relative to the tool, a
centrally apertured feed wheel mounted on said 10 member carried by said arm engageable with
the cam edges on the lower side of said wheel
stationary die holder for intermittent rotation
and having a plurality of radially disposed ?n
gers cooperating with said guide member for
engaging and positioning successive blanks
for partially indexing said wheel on the upstroke
of the ram, a surface on said cam member par
allel with the path of movement of said ram
and engageable with said transverse surface on
therein to locate the blanks in a predetermined
said wheel for locking said wheel against rota
position relative to the tool, a plurality of cam
tion, a cam member movable with and extend-'
surfaces on the upper face of said wheel, a plu
ing downwardly from said ram engageable with
rality of cam surfaces on the lower face of said
the upper cam edges of said wheel to complete
wheel, a rod mounted on said reciprocable punch
holder in coaxial alignment with and extend 20 the indexing movement of said wheel on the
downstroke of said ram, a surface on said down
ing through the aperture in said wheel, a later
wardly extending cam member parallel with the
ally projecting arm on the lower end of said
path of movement of said ram and engageable
rod, an upwardly extending cam member car
with said transverse surfaces on said wheel for
ried by said arm engageable with the cam sur
faces on the lower side of said wheel for par- or locking said wheel against rotation, and means
tially indexing said wheel on the upstroke of
for securing said rod and said downwardly ex
tending cam member to said ram.
said ram, and a downwardly extending cam
member mounted on said reciprocable tool holder
engageable with the camming surfaces on the '
upper side of said wheel to complete the index 30
ing movement of said wheel on the downstroke
The following references are of record ln'the
of the ram.
?le of this patent:
7. In a, press having a tool for processing
articles and a reciprocatory ram for actuating
said tool, a guideway for guiding the articles in
a predetermined path of travel relative to said
tool, an intermittently rotatable star wheel coop
erating with said guideway for engaging and
positioning successive articles therein to locate
the articles in a predetermined position relative
to the tool, means for mounting said guideway
and said intermittently rotatable wheel in ?xed
position on said press, said wheel having an
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