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March 13, 1951
3 Sheets-Sheet 1
Fi1.:d April 12, 1946
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March 13, 1951
Filed April 12, 1946
3 Sheets-Sheet 2
March 13, 1951
Filed April 12, 1946
3 Sheets-Sheet 3
h/q/Ler M ffennedj’
Patented Mar. 13, 1951
Walter W. Kennedy, Rockford, Ill., assignor to
Barber-Colman Company, Rockford, 111., a cor
. poration of Illinois
Application April 12, 1946, Serial N0. 661,788
6 Claims. (Cl. 98-40)
This invention relates to outlets for distribut
nularly spaced straps 22. The outside diameter
of the ring 2| is only slightly larger than the
ing air into compartments or rooms from over
head supply ducts.
internal diameter of the shell so that the ring
One object is to provide a novel overhead dis
intercepts the outer portion of the advancing air
body and diverts the same laterally and outwardly
between the surfaces I4 and 20 de?ning the out
tribution outlet particularly adapted for intro
ducing substantial volumes of air into low-ceiling
rooms such as railway cars, while distributing the
let ll. These surfaces are shaped so that the
peripheral stream is directed downwardly at a
air over a wide area without subjecting the room
occupants to objectionable drafts.
Another object is to provide a novel air dis
tribution unit adapted to be mounted adjacent
a room ceiling and having a peripheral outlet for
small angle,
The internal diameter of the ring 2| which is
substantially less than that of the shell I 3 de?nes
a central opening 25 having means disposed there
directing air laterally along a ceiling and a cen
tral outlet for directing a plurality of separated
in for intercepting the downwardly moving air
body and dividing it into a plurality of separate
air streams downwardly along and outwardly 15 streams 2% which diverge relative to each other
from the outlet axis.
both radially and downwardly. Herein, the in
A further object is to impart a swirling action
tercepting means comprises a plurality of grilles
to the discharged air so as to e?ect a looping to
gether of the air streams from the central and
21, preferably six, and of equal size, in the form of sectors, each of which is composed of a mul
peripheral outlets and thereby provide for quick 20 tiplicity of closely spaced parallel ?at ?ns 28 lying
dissipation of the energy of the moving air body.
on chords of the circular central opening 25.
The invention also resides in the novel con
Each ?n is inclined at an angle of approximately
struction of the central air outlet and the swirl
45 degrees relative to the outlet axis with its up
producing means.
per surface inclined downwardly and outwardly
0ther objects and advantages of the invention
relative to the axis of the opening 25. The ?ns of
will become apparent from the following detailed , each sector are connected by crossbar-s 29 and
description taken in connection with the accom
the resulting grille core is enclosed by a frame 30
panying drawings, in which
which is suitably secured to an upstanding ?ange
Figure 1 is a diagrammatic view showing the
3| at the inner edge of the ring 2|. Preferably,
improved air distribution unit mounted in the 30 the sectors stop short of the axis of the open
ceiling of a streetcar.
ing 25, and these ends are covered by a plate 32
Fig. 2 is a bottom view of the improved unit.
of small diameter, this plate being welded or oth
Fig. 3 is a diametrical sectional view.
erwise suitably secured to the grille sectors. ,
Fig. 4 is a view similar to Fig. 3, showing a mod
With the intercepting devices or grilles ar
i?ed form of the swirl producing means.
35 ranged as above described, it will be apparent that
Fig. 5 is a sectional view taken along the line
the body of air forced through the opening 25
5-5 of Fig. 4.
is divided by the individual grille sectors into the
The improved distribution unit shown in the
separate streams 2B of corresponding cross-sec
drawings for purposes of illustration is intended
tional area, each stream being diverted by the
to be mounted in the ceiling of a room or com 40 inclined grille ?ns outwardly and along the planes
partment l? so as to provide a peripheral outlet
of the ?ns. Although the latter are disposed at
ll immediately below the ceiling l2. The outer
approximately 45 degrees to the horizontal, the
wall M of this outlet is de?ned by a tubular shell
angle of discharge of the streams 26 will vary
l3 projecting upwardly through a. hole in the
from 30 to 60 degrees, according to the velocity
ceiling and telescoping with a duct I5 to which 45 of the air forced through the sectors. By thus
the air to be distributed is delivered under pres
separating the air body into a comparatively large
sure. Herein, the shell is secured by screws I‘!
number of streams, that is, six in the present in
to a frame I8 disposed above the ceiling.
stance, rapid mixing with the room air is e?ected,
' The lower end of the shell ?ares outwardly to
and‘ a quick reduction in velocity is achieved with
form the wall I4 and terminates in an upwardly 60 a resultant minimizing of drafts on the room oc
turned ?ange l9 projecting through the ceiling.
cupants, and this even at very short distances
The inner wall 20 of .the peripheral outlet II is
de?ned in this instance by a generally ?at de
from the ceiling, asin the case of the streetcar
arrangement illustrated in Fig. 1. This reduction
?ector ring 2| which is disposed substantially hor
in velocity‘is due to the large area of the exposed
izontally and supported from the shell l3 by an 55 peripheral surfaces of the separated air streams
‘ 3
axis to direct the air streams de?ned by said grille
sectors along and outwardly from said axis, and
a plurality of angularly spaced fan blades posi
and the increase of this area as the streams
progress downwardly.
It has been found that an advantageous loop
ing together of the central streams 26 with the
peripheral air stream 9 may be effected by im
tioned in said shell and operable to impart a
swirling action to the body of air ?owing there
parting a swirling effect to the moving air body
before its discharge through the‘ grilles 2?;- In.
2; A unit'for distributing air having‘, in com
bination, a shell ?ared at one end and having an
the form shown in Figs. 1 and 3, this is accom
plished by a rotary fan having a series of angul
air inlet at the other end, a de?ector ring adjacent
larly spaced blades 35 projecting radially from, 10 and beyond the ?ared end of said shell and coact
i’ng“ therewith to form a peripheral outlet between
the shaft 36 of a motor 31, the fan being'di'spo'sed"
the ring‘ and‘ the shell for discharging part of
within the air supply duct iii a‘ short distance
above the central opening 25; The blades‘a'reli-ni
the air‘ delivered- through said shell outwardly,
the-inner p'eripheryof said ring de?ning a central
clined relative _to their plane of rotation and, in
the form shown in Fig. 1, are used to perform the 15 outlet alined. axiallywith said shell, at least three
additional function of delivering“ aif'un'der' pres;
grille sectors arranged in the outermost axial
plane?- of said central outlet and each comprising
sure to both outlets of the unit. This air isr-draiwn
inwardly through side openings 38 in a housing
a series of closely spaced chordal ?ns adapted to
39 thatencloses the motor and’ the upper end of
directthe air streams de?ned by said grille sectors
theduct leading to‘the distribution'unit: By' mi: 20 aiori'g‘a‘iid outwardly from, said axi's',‘an'd ,aipiu
rality' of‘ angul'ai‘iy s'pa‘c'e'd‘ fan bladesp‘ositi'oned
pairtingla' swirling motion to the air before its ‘dis
chargeifroni"theoutlet, it‘ has been found that the
in said shell and operable to impart a' swirling"
action‘ to" the‘ vbody‘ (if , air' ?owing‘ therethrough.
central" streams‘ 28‘ tend to loop outwardly and
unite with‘ theoperipheral stream e‘ starting almost~
imiriediately’adjacent‘ the point of discharge ‘from.
the outlet and'continuing progressivelyuntil the‘
3.1 Annit for’ distributing air having, in com
propelling- energy has‘ been substantially“ dissi
pated. This action is illustrated by the ‘arrows in
Fig." 1f Dissipatioirof the'energy is accelerated
as'pointed‘out'iabove‘by virtue'of the large su‘rl‘
bination, a ‘shell ?ar‘ed'a't one end and having
an air" inlet‘ at the‘ other end, a de?ector ring‘
adj'a'ceii't‘ a’iidbeydnd'fthe‘flarediend of said shell
and meeting therewith to ‘format peripher'al'out
l'et'b‘et'tveenvthe ring and‘ the shell for‘ discharging
part of the‘ aindelivered through said'shell out‘
wardly', thev inner periphery of said‘ ring‘ defining
face‘areas"oi‘the‘individual streams'i?. As a re-'
suit, the‘ ‘incoming'a‘ir is dispersed so rapidlyand
a‘ central’ outlet alined axially‘ with said shell,
and‘at' least‘ three grille‘ sectni-siarrangéd in said",
di'stitlb'utedbver" such a‘ substantial portion’ of the
ro'o'm‘th‘at‘ drafts; which would be‘ obj ectionable to
c'e‘n'trafoutlet and" each comprising-a series of
the roomi'oc‘cupants', are" avoided at very short 35 closely ‘spaced, chordal ?ns inclined‘rela'tive to
distances, ‘orr'th'e'oi'der of a few: feet from the‘
the‘outlet axis tofdi'r'ect‘ the’ air streams defined
by said grille 'se‘c‘t'or‘s'alon‘g andoutwardlynom
point of"dfsclrarge*into the room. The‘ combined
outlet is thus well'suited' for use in streetcarsand'
the like-‘where; as"illustrated in Fig. 1, it is desir
g a" A unit for vdistribut'ing'air having, in com
able to deliver" a" majority of the inco'm‘ing‘air to 40
the’seat- occupants’ while avoiding obj ection'able'
draftsb'n‘these'occupants as well' as on persons‘
bina'tio'm a‘ shell ?ared at one ‘end and having
aiiair‘pin'letat the other end, a deflector ring
adjacent’and'beyond the ?ared'end' of'said shell
standirigiidthe aisle" between the‘ rows of seats.
In‘ the‘ unit‘des'cribe‘d' above, the air forced through
let between thering'an‘d the'sh‘e'll fol-discharging
and coactingltherewith to form a peripheral out
timer the grille ‘sectors 2'? will be deliveredtothe 45 parser the air delivered through said shell out
wardly, the inner periphery’of said ring. defining).
a central outlet alined axially with said shelLand
aisle area‘, but‘ directed longitudinally" thereofi
Tiferemaining. airj‘is divided 'into' two‘ pairs" of
streams 25‘ and directed laterally, as‘ shown" by
six‘ grille sectors? arranged in said, central outlet;
and each‘ comprising a ' multiplicity of" closely
the‘ ‘arrows.
The" desii~ableswirling act-ion above described 50 spaced substantially ?at ?ns extending along
may'al‘so' be obtained without the necessity of
chords of the sectors and inclined relativevto, the
rotating. the blades 35. In the‘ ' form shown ' in’
outlet axis to directthe'ai'r streams de?ned‘ by
said’gr‘ill'e seminars-rig and outwardly from said
ll‘ and 5, the blades, inclined and‘ positioned
irr'the same ‘way' as above described, are mounted
stationarily, for example, by providingslugs. ligl
on'theblade tips‘and inter?tting ‘these lugs with
eyes‘lil punched'out of the shell l3. In this mods
i?cation, the'swirling action is derived‘ from the
motion of the air body itself, the resultingdistrié
butionof the" air vinto the room being essentially 60
the‘same'as in the'form ?rst described.
I claim as my'invention:
1'; A'unit‘for distributing air having, in com
bination} alshell ?ared at one end‘and having an
air inlet at the other end, a de?ector ring adjacent 65
5.‘ A‘ unit‘ for distributing air ‘manila; iii-Zoom
binatiomwa shell ?ared at one, endaiid~ aving
an‘ai’r inlet at‘ the other end, a,ldeflector"ring3
adjacent and‘beyohd the ?ared‘ end of'sai'dshe?
and‘ coacting‘therewith to form a peripheral out}
let'betwee'h the‘ring- and the shell for discharging
part'_‘of_the air delivered through saidlshelhoutr
wardly',’ the inner periphery offsaid ring'de?ning
a, central‘ outlet alined axially withmsaid' shell,
an'd'a' plurality of grille sectors 'arran'g'ed'in sai'dl
cent'ral‘outlet and each comprisingaimultiplicity
of'clo'sely spaced substantially ?at-'ex‘tending}
andbeyon'dthe' flared end of said shell and coact
ing. therewith to'form a'peripheral outletbetween‘
the ring andfthe“ shell for discharging part of ‘the
air'delivere'dj through said shell outwardly, the
along chords ‘of the sectors and inclined'lrelative
to the‘ outletiaxis‘ to direct the air/streams defined
by‘said‘grille vsectors along and outwardly from
innefperiphery of" said ring‘ de?ning a central 70
said'a'xisli‘ _
oiitieit’alihed axially ‘with said'shell, a plurality of“
grille ~se‘c‘zt‘or’s" arranged in said ‘central outlet and“:
each:'comprising“amultiplicity‘ of‘ closely spaced_
e; A‘“unit' for distributing air havingf inborn-:
biniat af'shell'?'ared at o'n'een‘d and having; it‘
all‘ inlet'j'atz't _e"other endjlai’de'?‘ector ringia’dj ;
and‘ ‘béyb'tid'ythe?éi'ed
therewith to formel‘ld‘
a peripheral
0f; said shelloutlet
the sectors and inclined relative to the outlet 75
between the ring and the shell for discharging
part of the air delivered through said shell out-
wardly, the inner periphery of said ring de?ning
The following references are of record in the
?le of this patent;
a central outlet alined axially with said shell, and
a plurality of grille sectors arranged in said cen- 6
tral outlet and each comprising a multiplicity of
_ Name
?ns extending along chords of the sectors and
2151:1611 """""""" “oAgg‘lg’ 193?
to the
by’ said
aXis sectors
to directalong
the w 2:362:955,
$561311}; gig-3Z1
“ 0st‘ 14’
26’ 1944
and outwardly from Sald axls'
Dauphinee ________ __ Dec. 26’, 1944
Kurth ____________ __ July 2, 1946
Shaw ____________ __ Oct, 1, 1945
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