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March 27, 1951
Filed April 30, 1949
Patented Mar. 27, 1951
Valius Valentinas Kmieliauskas, Montreal,
Quebec, `Canada.
Application April 30, 1949, Serial No. 90,749
1 Claim. (Cl. 811-412)
This invention relates to a telescoping drum.
It is an object of the present invention to pro
vide a drum of the telescoping type wherein
the parts of the drum can be expanded when the
drum is to be used or collapsed at times when
the drum is to be transported thereby to over
come the complaint of drummers as to the bulki
ness of drums and so that they can be conven
iently transported or stored.
Other objects of the present invention are to
provide a telescoping drum which is of simple
construction, inexpensive to manufacture, easy
to adjust, compact, sturdy, convenient to use and
efûcient in operation.
drum part I3. The diaphragm 26 is attached to
the rim portion 2l by a snap ring 28. A handle 3I
is connected to the drum part I3 and by this
handle the drum can be carried. The shell of
the drum can be made of plywood or sheet metal,
the sheet metal being >preferred because of the
lightness and durability of the same. These
drum parts can be made of aluminum, and not
only would they be strong and durable, but they
would also be extremely light and very portable.
In Fig. 5, there is shown a fragment of the
lower drum wall part II which is broken away
at the flange to allow the portion 22 on the inter
mediate part to slide downwardly without inter
ference from the flange.
ing of the invention, reference may be had to
'While various changes may be made in the
the following detailed description taken in con
detail construction, it shall be understood that
nection with the accompanying drawing, in
such changes shall be within the spirit and scope
of the present invention as defined by the ap
Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the drum with 20 pended claim.
the parts thereof extended.
Having thus set forth and disclosed the nature
Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional view taken on
of my invention, what is claimed is:
line 2-2 of Fig. 1.
A telescoping drum comprising drum parts
Fig. 3 is a vertical sectional view of the drum
adapted to telescope into one another, flange
parts when they have been collapsed.
25 portions on the drum parts adapted to cooperate
Fig. 4 is an enlarged vertical sectional view
with one another to prevent the outward move
taken on line 4_4 of Fig. 1 and through the
ment of the drum parts after they have been ex
spring press latch.
tended to the desired positions, flange portions on
Fig. 5 is a fragment showing the construction
an inner part extending radially outwardly and
of each of the drum parts about the portion 30 downwardly and upwardly, the flange portion on
where the latch engages to prevent the collapsing
an outer part extending radially inwardly and
of the drum parts.
upwardly to engage with the flange of the other
Referring now to the ñgures; I0, II, I2 and I3
part in a hook-like fashion, latch elements dis
represent respectively the drum wall parts, col
posed about the drum parts and adapted to en
lapsible into one another. The part I I has a bot 35 gage with the inwardly extending flange portion
torn inwardly extending flange I4 to which there
of the outer part to hold the same elevated with
is connected a rim I5. In this rim I5 there is
in the ilange portion of the inner part, drum
fixed a drum diaphragm I6 by a snap ring I'I.
diaphragms disposed at the outer ends of the
The upper end of the part II has a flange I8
parts on the ends, means for securing these drum
which is shaped to depend downwardly and out 40 diaphragms to the parts, said latch elements be
wardly of the top of the drum part to receive an
ing pivoted to the respective parts, an inwardly
inwardly bent hook-like flange I9 of the part I2
struck projection on the part adjacent the latch,
thereabove. These flanges, when coupled to
a spring disposed between the latch element and
gether, will prevent the outward movement of
the projection, the flange portion of an inner
the drum parts. In order to keep these drum 45 part being cut away whereby to permit the pas
parts from moving inwardly upon one another,
sage of a struck projection of another part as the
there is provided a spring latch 2I adapted to be
parts telescope upon each other.
pressed inwardly through an opening and against
the action of a spring 22 in order to clear the in
wardly bent ilange I9. The outward movement 50
of the latch is prevented by an upwardly bent
projection 23, Fig. 4. The latch 2| is hinged, as
The following references are of record in the
indicated at 24, upon the drum part.
ñle of this patent:
The drum parts I2 and I3 are similarly con
nected together by flanges and the latches 2|.
There may be a plurality of these latches extend
ing about the drum.
Boulanger ________ __ May 7, 1901
For other objects and for a better understand
A drum diaphragm 26 is connected to the top
Clark ............ -_ June 24, 1930
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