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Patented July 31, 1,951
oFFi-c s
Edward J. " Gray, New;
Gray executrix of ‘said'Edward'iJtGfay;"'deceased *4
No :Drawingz; Application- MZ¥§143§1947531§ ,
Serial- No. 748,117. .
_As.~condu' ‘to v a clear‘. understandingof ‘the
‘ invention, it is noted, that regardless .howv resist-1. ,
ant theblade surface be tocorrosion, the .more
loses. acetate;;:.cellu1ose: acetobutyrates, cellulose
nitratekmethyljcelliilose acetate“ and‘ “Neoprene?
The 1.plastics:,mentioned "are :plasticized' with“
suitable esters.v . Esters iof; "phosphoric acid“ such‘
orglessgporous.untreatedqinterior of. the blade, 5 as tricresyl phosphateorioiphthalic acid‘such
as- I‘
structure becomesexposed to .moisture through
the :minute splits that break across the thin cut
ting edge as soon as the blade is put to use. The
dibutyl .phthalateor. of ‘sebacic;acidisuch as die‘
butyl sebacatel are ;usefu1,'for"the purpose."
blade accordinglyg'rusts.:rapidlmduezto the entry
andJodgingof moisture at the, splits across the 10 be ,.-.used.; Speci?cally;,with".methacrylates "60‘ ‘to
cuttingedg'e, ‘and minute‘ sections of ‘the cutting
edge may even break away from the "blade with"
serious impairment-in: there?i'cacy. .ofrthe blade.
The honing and stroppinggof: blades between;
shaves,:though it helps torestore thee-jagged”
90 Lpartsiotplasticizer ‘are-used ;‘ with :polystyrenes ‘{
50 to‘ 90 parts;vwith;cellulose'gesters '40’ to~90f
parts,...and ...with"’; synthetic elastomers ; .50" to" 90
.7 parts; ,
The. s?lvlel'ltgfdl'gthé.'p1?§StiGlZBd plastics above '7
split sedge zofwla used razor‘bladesto a common 154 set forth may be acetone or any other k'etone-sol-e"
plane doeslnot overcome thedi?'iculties incurred
vent'suchlassmethyl, ethyl ketone or methyl iso
atnthe rusted. regions of the cutting edge,1and:~is; ' butylketonein quantity sufficient to make air'ee
not available even for the limited advantages of
‘ ?owing liquidsolutiom: Ordinarily‘- '10 ‘to ~20'p'arts"
that expedient ‘in the case-of'th‘e vmagazine type
razorsrinow on the market, The rustedmareassv20 by>weight....oi,lthe ,plasti‘cizedvplasti'c is "dissolved-1‘
in. 100 parts; of
solvent. 1
adjacent the cutting edge v,» also constitute ag-lodg
vIn...plaice .of._th'e._synthetic plastics-above ‘men-*
ingeplace for organic substances which maygde
tioned,. suitable;waxes.,.may be" used‘ such ‘as par
velopbacteria,,with danger-to the user when the - , a?in, carnaubaspermacetti'; ozokerite, ceresin-or "
skin becomes scraped, scratched ‘or cut.
25""montan wax. suitablyumodi?ed orrplasticized with~
It is among the objects of the invention greatly
an.“ amorphous...waxr;suchi as ,bee’s "wax- -or' with to 'retard and minimize“corrosionvof razor blades
generally and thereby to obtain a smootherishav- 1-.
in'fgaction2 without irritation to th'eskin‘, to"v pro
long, the ~-useful ' life'»- of ‘the blade and: to-reduce ‘
mineral oilv or-polyb‘asic‘ yacidfsuch- as' stearin or I
withpoluhs?dric.alcoholsgsuch-as"glycerin:- The >
. waxnthuslmodi?éd "is..1carrie'd 'in‘faivehicle‘; pref- I
erably.,ja r..solvent.;isuch~..;as alcohol" or" aliphatic
the danger of infection in its use, all without the; 3
need for removing the blade from the razor.
In another type of composition for the pur
The invention involves the use of a composi
pose, terpenes or derivatives thereof are used.
tion comprising a plastic substance in a suitable
These are of the monocyclic type such as men
volatile vehicle, preferably a solution, which 35 thol, or of the bicyclic type such as camphor in
composition is readily applied to the cutting edge
a suitable solvent such as alcohol. The term
or edges of the blade, whether in or out of the
“camphor” is intended to de?ne not only the
razor, the composition being hydrophobic and of
low surface tension so as readily to enter and
product obtained by the steam distillation of the
wood twigs and leaves of the camphor tree
completely to ?ll to the exclusion of water there
(Laurus camphom) but the similar product syn
from the minutest capillary splits or cracks that 40 thesized commercially from oil of turpentine,
break across the cutting edge upon shaving. The
and known as “synthetic camphor.”
volatile solvent promptly evaporates, thereby to
While in each of the embodiments a solution is
leave upon the cutting edge and lodged within
preferred, a suspension is suitable in many cases.
the said minute splits or cracks, an apparently 45
In one preferred embodiment, synthetic cam
dry ?nely grained ?lm protecting the blade from
phor is dissolved in a suitable solvent such as
water, thereby e?ectively to prevent corrosion
alcohol, preferably in isopropyl alcohol.
and to prevent the above recited consequences of
practical use a composition comprising about
such corrosion.
10 to 20 per cent by volume of the camphor in
According to the invention, any of a wide 50 90 to 80 per cent of the alcohol is suitable. In
variety of plastic compositions that are soluble
one commercial embodiment, 16 per cent by vol
in volatile solvents will serve for the purpose.
ume of synthetic camphor is dissolved in 84 per
Among suitable plastics are methacrylates,
cent of isopropyl alcohol.
polystyrenes, vinyl polymers and copolymers,
By reason of the volatility of the carrier in all
cellulose esters and ethers, and synthetic elas
tomers. Typical plastics in this group are: cellu
66 of the compositions set forth, the composition
should be kept in a tightly sealed bottle, the clo
sure of which desirably bears a suitable applica
tor such as a brush by which the composition is
could be made without departing from the scope
of the claims, it is intended that all matter
contained in the above description shall be in
applied to the cutting edge or edges of the blade,
preferably immediately before each shaving op
eration. The composition is preferably applied
to the blade edge while in place in the razor,
claim as new and desire to secure by Letters
terpreted as illustrative and not in a limiting
Having thus described my invention what I
and is therefore {as ,useful with'magazine type
Patent of the United States is:
razors as with the ordinary type‘. In’ use the
- 1. A razor conditioning composition compris
solvent speedily evaporates with consequent 10 ing camphor in proportion of about one-sixth
cooling effect, and leaves a deposit of the solute by volume dissolved in isopropyl alcohol about
upon the cutting edge which in the case of
} ?ve-sixths by volume.
camphor would be immediately visible 'to' the
2. The method of conditioning a razor blade
naked eye. The camphor also ,has a cooling and
which consists in applying to the cutting edge
healing effect in the shaving'operation', and the
thereof before each use of the blades a liquid -
solvent is of character commonly used in after ‘ composition comprising camphor in a volatile
shaving lotions and so also contributes'ito shav
" carrier of isopropyl alcohol, whereby upon
ing comfort. By reason of the low surface ten
'prompt evaporation of the carrier the camphor
sion of the composition as applied to the blade,
,remains lodged in the minute splits or cracks
it not only enters the minute splits and cracks 20 formed across the cutting edge after shaving
across the cutting edges and thepcres thus ex
and protects the blade from corrosion.
posed, to the exclusion of water as above pointed
3. The‘ method of claim 2 in which the iso,-___
out, but it remains in place therein, and only the
propyl alcohol carrier of the liquid composition
deposit of camphor or,_,other plastic on the,
used is about one-sixth by volume thereof and,‘
smooth surface area of the blade could be wiped 25 the camphor dissolved therein being about ?ve
off, since that which has entered the pores at
sixths by volume of such composition.
the splits of the blade stays there andperforms
its protective function. The ?lm manifestly has
a detergent action in ‘such wiping operation.
Thus the blade is protected from corrosion 'at its 30
references are of record in they
otherwise unprotected splits ‘or cracks, due for
?le of this patent:
instance to the condensation of moisture thereon,
while kept in a cabinet or toilet kit.‘
Manifestly the composition could be applied
to the blade by the manufacturer, thereby to 35 1,400,395
Weinberg _______ __ Dec. 13, 192.1"
afford protection to new blades prior totheir
' 2,348,715
Steele __________ __ May 16, 1944
With the use of the present invention it has
been found that the useful life of a blade is mul
tiplied from two to three times; that is, those 40
who can use a blade for only three shaves in ordi- ‘
nary practice would, by the simple application
before each shave of the conditioning composi
tion in manner above set forth, are enabled to
use the same blade for from six to ten times and 45
each of the greatly, increased number of shaves
would be quicker andsmoother than in the ab
sence of such conditioning treatment.
Muscat _________ __ June 26, 1945”
Holt ____________ __ June 25, 1946v
Great Britain _________ __ of 1903"
Great Britain ________ __ of‘ 1905"
Great Britain ________ __ of 1926‘
Pharmacopoeia of U. S. A., 9th ed. (1916),‘
page 406.
Grant et al.: “Isopropyl Alcohol,” reprinted.
As many changes could be made in the above
method and composition, and many apparently 50 from The American Journal of Pharmacy, June "
1922, page 5.
widely diiferent embodiments of the invention
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