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Aug. 7, 1951
Filed July 30, 1947
‘4l J
Patented Aug. 7, 1951
Willy Grob, Zurich, Switzerland
' " Application‘July 30, 1947, ‘Serial No. 764,647
In Switzerland May 8, 1946
’ ' Section 1, Public Law 690, August s, 1946 '
Patent expires May 8, 1966
6 Claims. (01. 2425426)
My invention has. for its object to provide a
warp beam the weight of which is considerably
reduced in comparison to known Warp beams
and which is not weakened by slots or grooves for
locating the ends of the warp threads.
The warp beam according to the present in
5 serve for accommodating ties 6, i. e. steel bands,
which are secured by studs 1 to the two terminal
jacket staves 2. The elongated slots 5 in the
extension staves 3 permit of correspondingly
displacing the latter relative to staves 2 to ad
just the jacket in the axial direction of the beam
Within the practical limits set by the warp
vention is of tubular form and comprises a cylin
drical shell provided with a jacket, in which a
The jacket formed in the manner described,
longitudinal groove is formed for the purpose of
accommodating a beam bar. The latter, as 10 which may be rolled up, is so dimensioned, with
respect to the circumference of the cylindrical
known, serves for locating the ends of the warp
jacket of tube I, that after mounting the jacket,
a longitudinal groove 8 is formed in Fig. 1 on top
In such relatively simple and cheap arrange
of tube l between the two terminal staves 2 of
ment and provision of a longitudinal beam groove
the jacket, the two terminal staves being se
serving to locate the ends of the warp threads,
cured to tube l, by means such as stud l. A
the statically favourable cross-section of the
plurality of spaced studs 9 are screwed into one
beam remains intact so as to permit of using as
of the two terminal staves 2, and project into
beam a comparatively thin-walled cylindrical
the said groove 8.
tube, e. g. of steel or aluminum, with a view of
When the warp beam described is used, e. g.,
saving Weight, which latter point is of particular
for silk or rayon warp-threads, studs 9 project
importance for handling and transporting.
ing into groove 8 serve as abutments for a beam
The jacket, formed, e. g. of Wooden staves,
bar I0 which is to be inserted into groove 8 (Fig.
suitably is made adjustable in the axial direction
5). Bundles of warp-threads H in such case
of the warp beam so as to permit of mounting
the two end ?anges (commonly used when wind 25 are ?xed to the said bar H] by hold-back knots [2.
When the warp beam is used for warp-threads
ing long threads upon the warp beam, and which
of cotton or arti?cial wool, the said studs 9 are
are adjusted according to the width of warp)
removed from the respective terminal stave 2 to
immediately upon the beam, in abutment with
permit of springing the beam bar Ill’ (which
the ends of the jacket. Such arrangement per
mits of substantially reducing the wear (which 30 serves for clamping the ends of the warp
threads) into groove 8 (Fig. 6).
results when using wooden beams from the re
Warp-threads of any material thus may be
peated axial displacement of the ?anges, and
located on the warp beam by changing the beam
which ?nally renders the wooden beam un?t for
further use) so as to correspondingly decrease
the cumbersome repairs and readjustments, re 35
In the preferred embodiment described, solid
staves 2 and 3 are used for building up the jacket;
sulting from such Wear, for securing the true
running of the end ?anges.
the said staves, however, also may be of different
An embodiment of the invention comprising a
jacket formed of staves and adjustable in the
I claim:
axial direction of the beam is shown, by way 40
1. A warp beam comprising a hollow support
of example, in the annexed drawing, in which:
member having a cylindrical jacket surface, a
Fig. 1 shows an end elevation of the warp
covering on said surface composed of longitu
beam, partly in section, _
dinal bars, said covering being provided on its
Fig. 2 the developed jacket,
outer surface with a longitudinally extending
Fig. 3 a view of a jacket-stave, and
45 groove, the length of said groove corresponding
Fig. 4 an extension stave of the jacket.
to the length of the winding, a retaining .bar
Figs. 5 and 6 illustrate details of the ends of
for insertion in said groove, said groove and bar
the jacket.
serving together for fastening the beginnings of
The tube l of the beam suitably is made of
the warp threads.
metal, and is enclosed on the outside by the jacket 50
2. A warp beam according to claim 1, and in
preferably comprising parallel wood staves 2 and
which the jacket is comprised by axially adjust
extension staves 3 arranged between the latter
able extension bars arranged between other ad
at the end portions thereof. staves 2 are pro
jacent longitudinal bars which are connected to
vided with spaced cross slots 4, and the exten
3. Warp beam according to claim 2 and in
sion staves 3 with an elongated slot 5. Slots 4, 56
jacent longitudinal bars, which are connected
together, said groove being provided between two
of said longitudinally extending bars which are
which an axially adjustable extension bar is pro
vided between each of the ends of said other
longitudinal bars.
spaced apart laterally, said two longitudinally
4. A warp beam according to claim 1, and in
extending bars being fastened to said hollow
support member.
which the jacket is comprised by axially adjust
able extension ‘bars arranged between’ other ad
said longitudinal bars being united by common
connecting members.
5. A warp beam according to claim 1, and ‘In 10 “The following references are of record in the
jacent longitudinal bars,t'the extension barszan‘d
which the jacket is comprised by axially adjust
.li?le 70f this patent:
able extension bars arranged between other ad
jacent longitudinal bars the extenSion‘bars and
said longitudinal bars being unite'd'i'byrcomanon
connecting members, said extension barsl'having
‘ Number
longitudinal slots through which thezconnectin'g
members pass.
6. A warp beam according to claim .1,
which the jacket is comprised by axially adjust
able extension ‘bars arranged between other ad
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