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Sept. 4, 1951
Filed Jan. 1'7, 1949
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
L. Petty
_ O
Sept. 4, 1951
B. |_. PETTY
Filed Jan. 17, 1949
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Bernard L.‘ Pe?y
g “: 2/,
(5%?‘ “1/
Patented Sept. 4, 1951
Bernard L. Petty, Fairlington, Va.
Application January 17,1949, Serial No. 71,291
3 Claims.
(01. 312-77)
This invention relates to dispensers for ciga
conformation with its opening ii’ in a position to
rettes of a character whereby cigarettes may be
be in line with an aperture [8 in hopper l4, when
dispensed from a hopper, one at a time, the dis
in its lower dispensing position it may be any
penser being preferably in the nature of a stand
other shape and if desired the opening may be
or table cabinet in contradistinction to pocket
increased in size even to the extent of substan
tially the entire front end Wall IQ of the hopper
The principal ‘object of the invention is to pro
I4 so that said end wall I!) may take the place of
vide dispensers which are simple in construction,
a portion, at least, of the wall of easing H‘; a
inexpensive to manufacture and not likely to get
large opening l2 in casing H provides for, the
out of order even though operated a great num 10 complete dispensing of a cigarette l3 from the
ber of times and over a long period of time.
hopper and easing at all times without any possii
Another object is to provide dispenser mecha
bility of the cigarette being caught in the two
nism which may be‘compactly and attractively
openings l2 and I8 even if the hopper is returned
suddenly to its upper position in the casing.
housed to harmonize with other smokers’ equip
As shown hopper I4 is of rectangular trans
ment, such as humidors, so as to serve a com 15
panion piece for such equipment.
verse construction and easing I I provided with
A further object is to provide in such a dis
vertical guideways 20 into which the corners “2|
penser, means whereby the cigarette is shot, so
of the hopper are adapted to slide. The upper
to speak, from the housing without damagaing
end of hopper M has a yoke 22 across its top con
the cigarette, the unit affording amusement to 20 nected with operating plunger ‘ll, thejends of
those operating and observing its operation.
which yoke 22 are positioned in sockets‘ 22°
Other objects and advantages will appear in “ iormed in the upper side walls of the hopper so
the following detailed description of a highly
that it is removable when itis desired to ?ll the
satisfactory embodiment of my invention, taken
hopper with cigarettes. The lower end ‘hopper
in connection with the accompanying drawings 25 14 has inwardly diverging side walls 23whlch
forming a part of this speci?cation, and‘ in which ‘ with the end walls of the hopper terminateina
rectangular depending collar 24 which sliding'ly
Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the dispenser, the
engages the outer surface selector pedestal 25the
index ?nger of a hand shown, being on a plunger
base 26 of which is secured to base, ill of the
of operating mechanism depressed to the end of 30 cabinet structure by means of screws 21 or the
operating ‘stroke, and a cigarette shown in the
air, propelled free of the dispenser casing. ‘
A bar 28 extends laterally of the mid portion
Fig. 2 is a perspective view of mechanism
mounted on a suitable base, with the casing and
of collar 24 of the hopper and cooperative verti
cal slots 29 in the spaced apart side walls of the
operating plunger shown in Fig. 1, removed.
35 selector pedestal with compression springs 30 un
Fig. 3 is a view partly in elevation‘and partly in
der the ends of the bar which are secured in place
central vertical section through the dispenser,
to base Ill by screws 3|. These springs 30 yield
showing the relative position of parts at the start
ably hold the hopper I 4 in its elevated‘ position,
of an operating stroke.
this elevated position being determined by the
Figs. 4 and 5 are horizontal and vertical sec 40 upper ends of slots 29 and the selector pedestal
tional views on the line 4-4 and 5—5 of Fig. ‘3,
has a longitudinal rounded trough 32, which when
the hopper is in its elevated position provides a
‘Fig. 6 is a fragmentary view similar to Fig. 5,
receptacle at the bottom thereof of a size to en
but showing the relative position of parts at an
gage or select one cigarette from the hopper
intermediate position of the operating stroke.
45 which will roll therein, as- shown‘in Fig. 5. As
Fig. 7 is a view similar to Fig. 5, but showing
shown in Fig. 7 the lower limit of movement of
the relative position of parts at the end of the op
28 is determined, by the lower ends of slots
erating stroke.
29, being substantially when the‘opening l8 of
Fig. 8 is a perspective view of an actuating unit
the hopper end I9 is in alignment with opening
forming a part of the dispensing mechanism.
50 12 of easing ll so that the cigarette l3 maybe
In generalthe cigarette dispenser comprises a
shot or dispensed therefrom.
‘ i
cabinet structure of artistic design including a
Hopper, I4 is somewhat longer than the ciga
base It! and in the design shown an upright cylin
rette l3 and has a partition 33v adjacent its back
drical casing ll having an opening 12 therein
through which a cigarette l3 may be projected 55 end wall 34 providing a forward cigarette receiv
ing receptacle or hopper 35 and rear small com
from a vertically movable hopper [4 within the
casing. The casing is shown with a top cover l5 . partment 36 to accommodate a cigarette dispens
ing spring 3'! and cooperating parts. The spaced
having a central aperture 16 therethrough
apart side walls of the selector pedestal are pro->
through which a plunger ll connected with the
hopper 14 for operating the same in cigarette 60 vided with slots 38 for the reception of partition
dispensing operations.
33 when the hopper i4 is depressed and the par
tition 33 and pedestal trough 32 have slots 39
‘While the casing II is illustrated of cylindrical
and 40 respectively through which the dispensing
spring 31 may operate.
vated position and into which trough a cigarette
will roll, spring supporting the hopper in said
cigarettewadis'w ‘sing spring 3'!‘ c'omprisesa
‘upperfiiosition but yieldablev to'the depressing of
‘the hopper" downwardly over the pedestal until
straight spring‘vwi‘re mounted in a cylindricalhub
4| as best shown in the perspective view Fig. 8.
Also mounted in hub 41 is a slotted lever 42 which
as shown is preferably formed of a wire orzrod
loop which is su?iciently rigid to actuate the hub
to operate spring 31 on a cigarette ‘ejecting ‘op
the opening in the end thereof is in line with the
trough, said trough in the top of the pedestal
having a longitudinal slot in the end thereof re
mote’ from“ the opening in the end of the hopper,
"aspring projecting upwardly in the remote end
eration. As shown in several of. the views, hub 10. of saidslotlin thetrough of the pedestal, means
M is mounted on a pivot 43 ?xed ‘between the
for‘ stressing said'spring to move forwardly in said
slots'when the hopper is depressed, and means for
releasing the spring in "its stressed condition as
spaced apart side walls of the selector‘pedestal
25 with the slot of lever'f42 in engagement with
leer-~28‘ and'ihe dispensing spring 31, extsndingupr
the gopening in’ the hopper comes ‘into alignment
‘the trough 3210f v the 15 with; the trough in the pedestal sozthat the cigae
lot ~49;
IIIQWI} in Figsu5, 6 and '7, the rear end
ecibriredssbal '25 ‘has a forwardin
g channel l-eiitension" 441‘ and a reaifextene
' 'th a rorwardly extending vstop'ylit on'its
rette in the‘ trough will 'be-ejected-through the
opening in the end of the‘hopperby the" sudden
release of thetspring.
2. In a cigarette dispenser including a verti
callyrmovable hopper for receivingja supplyrof
d. TThe-sidei portions of ‘extension 4!!
cigarettes’ and having an opening in anlupper
portion of an end thereof through which a ciga
b ich normally hangs verneniyeewinwaid
‘ retteumayr dispensed, a selector pedestal having a
‘. , ‘ upp'ort's to an extent to" be engagedby
longitudinal trough in its upper end providing
the bottom of the hopper whenthe hopper is in
an elevated position and into which trougha cig
th u per‘ end of ‘spring?jl when itiis' pressed
against the?web portion or channel; projection
aretteowill roll, said pedestal having spaced apart
walls and vertical slots therein, a- bar connected
with the bottom of the hopper extending later~
ally through the slots in the pedestal whereby
the vertical movement of the hopper over the ped-,
estal‘ is guided and limited, springs supporting
tlong'inlFl'grY 5 the
grits: in,‘
_v . shown
, ,
1510115 they‘takebsfoiéfthé
- the outer ends of- said bar beyond‘ the sides of the
hopper;to yieldingly hold the hopper in its upper
'ef'l'iiensi _ 2 operation; ‘a ‘single cigarette 35 positionpandr cigarette ejector means engaging
'wn‘in ‘the trough '32 of' thelselector
ing 31' is bowed in engagement‘. with rear
l' ‘4759f the'peiies'tal'undei' slightfsti'ess',
"11, with hopper 'l4‘,?a1‘e'jdeprQS$éd,
V hopperjis-depressed- to a position, aligning the
opening in its end with the trough in the top of
'suiinsiiorlwar'dlv into engagement
on spring" 3Ti'siricr'éa's'ed‘until the" hopper reaches
the position shown in Big. 7 when the spring 31
g by turning of hub M so thatit
‘ 1?? stress _ is ‘eieci ihelciga're?ie
uchj'toflthe amusement of. thejjope‘rg
portionoi’ an endthereof through which av ciga
rette may be dispensed, a‘ selector pedestal having
a longitudinal trough in its upper end providing
thev bottom of the‘ hopper when‘ the hopper‘ is in
1 an elevated position and into'whichtrough a cig
arette ,Will' roll, said pedestal having vertical slots
tually'shoot it therefrom as indicated
_ cigarettes" and having an opening in, an upper
om underiswinging abutment .41
the pedestal.
.,:,3..'I~n‘a ‘cigarette dispenser including a ,verti—
cally'lmovable hopper for receiving a supply of
gabutment eras shown in‘ rigoanu
19 further d pressionfoi the plunger‘ thejstress
said Their between said Walls of the pedestal and
operated thereby to dispense acigarette when the
11111014! ‘ism-1mg on itsnivot $5!
50 in its :side', a bar connected with ‘the bottom of the
without nanometre
hopperextending laterally through the slots in
the pedestal whereby the vertical movement of
thefh'opp‘er over. the pedestal is'gu'ided and limit—
ed,_ springs" supporting theo'uter'ends of said bar
beyond the sides of the hopper to yieldingly hold
theihopper in its upper position; 'and'cigarette
ferr‘ed embodiment of a cigaretteidispenser' in ac’-_
ejectonmeans connected with said bar within the
pedestaland ‘operated thereby to dispense a cig
arette when‘ the hopper is depressed to a position
aligning the opening'in its end with the trough
in the top of the pedestal including a spring ten
sioned by. the downward movement of the bar,
my‘invenuon enema be lim'it'edfto the execute;
tails as illustrated, it being'understoodithat'varil
and a swinging abutment holding the spring un
der stress until the opening in the trough is
aligned with the trough in the top of the pedestal.
ion; releasing the plunger ll
g t ‘the,’Ppsiii??ishown'inlFis, 5.,
tmen 41' swings rearw'ardly'upwardi
ng 1.
meet: ‘and, anqiher cigarette in; chamber 35
o he ‘hopperfrolls ‘into; placlej'in‘ trough 32 of‘the
d5." far-the‘ next disprie
"1described’a highly satisfactory pre-jv
ous'cnanges'rnayjoe' made within" theps'co'pefof
'‘ “g‘are'tte dispenser including a vertically
movable" ‘hopper for' receivin‘ga‘supply or 'cig'a-i
retteslandfhavi‘ng ‘anope'ningin tan-upper portion
ofaniend'thereof through which a: cigarette may?
be'rdispensed,‘ a’selec'tor pedestal having‘ a longi
tudinaliitrough' in its upper end providing the'bot
The following’ references are of’ record in the
?le's'ovfv _
tomsofzthe hopper When-theiho'pper' is in; an elei 75 1,125,933;
- Name
Max?eld _________ __ Feb. 22, 1898
Bartholomew “"9, Jan. 26,1915»
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