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Oct- 2, 1951
Filed March 7, 1949
Patented Oct. 2, 1§51
Emanuele Centofanti, Youngstown, Ohio
Application March 7, 1949, serial No. 80,030
1 Claim. (Cl. 272-131‘)
‘This'invention relates to'toys and more ‘par
above the top I I by means of a washer I IA. “The
disc I3 is provided with a plurality'of radially
spaced animal ?gures I5, each of which is secured
to the merry-go-round disc I3 as by bolts I5.
ticularly to a ‘toy merryego~round vincorporating
visual ‘and ‘audible means for the ‘entertainment
of children.
The principal object of ‘the invention is the
The upper adjacent ends of the uprights I2 are
provision of a toy merry-go-round.
secured to a top piece I‘! which is provided with
A further object of the invention is the pro
a central opening through which a shaft I8 is
vision of a toy merry-go-round incorporating a
positioned. The upper end of the shaft I8 ex
music box.
tends outwardly through the opening in the top
A still further object of the invention is the 10 piece I? and provides means for the reception of
provision of a toy merry-go-round adapted for
a handle I9 so that the shaft can be rotated.
manual operation and incorporating means
The shaft It extends downwardly through the
whereby the music box portion thereof may be
cylindrical body member I4, the merry-go-round
operated independently of the merry-go-round.
disc I3 and through a central opening in the top
The toy merry-go-round shown and described 15 II, as best shown in Figures 2, 3 and 4 of the
herein comprises an attractive and durable toy
drawings. The shaft I8 has a collar 26 secured
particularly adapted as a plaything for small
thereto above the top II and on the same plane
children. The moving portions of the toy are en
as the merry-go-round disc I3. An opening 2I
closed in a protective wire cage to prevent the
is formed in one side of the collar 20 on the shaft
same from being accidentally or willfully dam 20 I8 so that one end of an adjustment screw 22
aged and the device includes a crank by which
may be engaged therein, as best shown in Fig
the merry-go-round may be revolved and a music
ure 2 of the drawings, whereby motion of the
box actuated either simultaneously with the op
shaft I8 is imparted to the merry-go'eround disc
eration of the merry-go-round or independently
I3 as the adjustment screw 22 is secured to the
25 merry-go-round disc by brackets 23 and 24.
With the foregoing and other objects in view
The bracket 24 is threaded as is the one end
which will appear as the description proceeds, the
of the screw 22 so that rotating movement im~
invention resides in the combination and ar
parted thereto will move it longitudinally into
rangement of parts and in the details of con
and out of engagement with the opening 2I in
struction hereinafter described and claimed, it
the side of the collar 20 on the shaft I8. Thus,
being understood that changes in the precise em
the merry-go-round disc I3 may be connected
bodiment of the invention herein disclosed can
with the shaft I8 at will so that rotating motion
be made within the scope of what is claimed with
imparted the shaft by the handle I9 may be im
out departing from the spirit of the invention.
parted to the merry-go-round disc I3 and the
The invention is illustrated in the accompany 35 , animals thereon. The lower end of the shaft
ing drawing, wherein:
I8 is enclosed in the circular base I0 and has a
Figure l is a side view of the merry-go-round.
bracket 25 secured thereto by means of a set
screw 26.
Figure 2 is a top plan view with parts broken
away and parts in cross'section of the merry-go
The bracket 25 carries a plurality of metal
reeds 27 and are so arranged that they will
Figure 3 is a horizontal section taken on line
3-3 of Figure 1.
revolve about the shaft I8 when the same is
rotated. A bell 28 and a striker ball 29 are
Figure 4 is a horizontal section taken on line
suspended from the top II and enclosed within
4-4 of Figure 3.
the circular base In and positioned for engage
By referring to the drawings and Figures 1 45 ment with the plurality of reeds 21 when the
and 2 in particular it will be seen that the music
same are revolved. Thus, revolving motion im
box comprises a circular base II] having a top II
parted the shaft I8 by the handle I9 will rotate
of larger diameter than the base I0 and carrying
the plurality of reeds 2'! which will alternately
a plurality of uprights I2 at spaced intervals
engage the bell 28 and the striker ball 29 and
which extend upwardly and inwardly and con 50 thereby create musical tones. At ‘such time as
verge at a central elevated point with respect to
the adjustment screw 22 is engaged with the
the top II and de?ne an area in which a merry
collar 29 the merry-go-round disc and the ?gures
go-round disc I3 and a cylindrical body member
thereon will also revolve.
I4 are located. The merry-go-round disc I3 and
A plurality of circular wire guards 30 are posi
cylindrical body member I4 are spaced slightly 55 tioned about and secured to the uprights I2 so
as to partially enclose the moving portions of
uprights, a crank on the uppermost end of said
the toy and each of the uprights I2 has a de
pending leg section 3|, the bottom of which is
provided with a rubber foot 32 and at least two
shaft; a collar having an opening therein se
cured to said shaft, a merry-go-round disc ro
tatably positioned on said top piece and an ad
justment screw threadably mounted on said
of the legs 3| are provided with offset brakes
merry-go-round disc for registry in the opening
33 by means of which the toy may be permanently
in said collar whereby rotatable motion imparted
mounted on a suitable supporting surface.
to the said shaft may be conveyed through the
In order that the toy may be picked up and
screw to said disc when said screw is engaged
carried, a wire handle 34 is secured to two of
the uprights I2 and arches upwardly and over 10 in said collar and music making means in said
base connected to said shaft for actuation thereby
the handle [9.
, It will thus be seen that an attractive and
when said shaft is rotated.
novel toy merry-go-round has been disclosed
which is durably formed of simple materials and
parts and which may be operated for the visual
and audible pleasure of small children;
Having thus described my invention, what I
The following references are of record in the
, ?le of this patent:
In a toy merry-go-round having a circular
base and a top piece and a plurality of spaced 20 Number
vertical uprights positioned about the edge of
the said top piece, the said uprights bent in
wardly at their 'upper ends toward a common
center and secured to one another; a vertical
shaft disposed centrally of the said base’ and 25
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