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Oct. 23, 1951
Filed NOV. 18, 1947
- I
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Patented Oct. 23, 1_951
Johan Emil Selander, Goteborg, Sweden
Application November 18, 1947, Serial No. 786,593
In Sweden December 6, 1946
2 Claims. (Cl. 1922-105)
2 .
The present invention relates to certain novel
improvements in couplings for autocar engines
and more speciñcally to couplings of friction
The principal object of the invention is to pro
vide acoupling which automatically is brought
into function at a certain revolution speed.
in a recess of the coupling half 4, enabling the
same also to expand radially. In order to equal
ize the centrifugal stresses and prevent `vibrations
the spring ring is partly cut up longitudinally _as
seen in Fig. V, so that the spring ring will in ring
shape have two diametrally positioned end -spaces _
of like volume. Between the hub of the couplinghalf 3 and the innermost spring ring free-lying
Weights IB are inserted, guided for instance'in
Another object of the invention is to provide a
coupling with a smooth and shock-free function
which in coaction with other couplings of 'same
type and with speed transmitting gears'will au
~ radial channels in the side vof said couplinghalf,`
tomatically and successively transmit different
spring ring by centrifugal force, and the coupling
speed revolutions to a driven axle.
Other objects will appear hereinafter.
The invention consists of a coupling with
lamels of a certain construction being able to ex
and arranged to press against the innermost
half 4 has an outer ring ñange taking up the
radial“ press.
" '
In the speed transmitting aggregate exempli
ñed in the drawing in Fig. II, three lamel cou
plings A, B, and C of the same type are arranged
to work in combination with two planetary gears
crease the friction.
D and E. This aggregate is adapted for three
The invention Will be best understood by ref
erence to the accompanying drawing, showing 20 different speed transmissions. As mentioned
above the coupling A consists of the coupling
the preferred form of construction and in which:
halves 3 and 4, the coupling half 3 being attached
- Fig. I is a cross sectional view along the sec
to the driving axle l. The coupling B consists
tion line I in Fig. II;
of the coupling halves 4ar and 5, and the coupling
Fig. II is a longitudinal section of a coupling
aggregate; '
25 C' of the coupling halves 6 and 1. The coupling
half 4a is formed out vof the backside portion
Fig. III is a cross sectional view along the sec
of the coupling half 4. This coupling half is con
tion line III in Fig. II;
nected to the sun Wheel I5 of the planetary gear
Fig. 1V is a side view of a spiral spring lamel;
D, the planet wheels l2 of which being freegoing
on axle pins which are ñxed to the coupling'
Fig. V a plan view of a spring ring lamel in a
han s.
stretched condition, in a greater scale.
Of the planetary gear D, consisting of the sunl
The coupling is of friction type and built up
Wheel l5, the planet wheels l2 and the outer ring
in accordance with the lamel principle with
Wheel I6, the latter is connected to the coupling
lamels of a special construction. Referring at
ñrst to the coupling A per se, shown in the left 35 half ï, which is prevented from back-turning by _
a free-wheel spring Il of known construction.y
portion of a speed transmission aggregate in
The coupling half 6 is connected to the outerFig. II, this coupling consists of the two coupling
ring wheel l1 of the other planetary gear E, the
halves 3 and 4 and constitutes a part of the said
planet wheels I8 of which revolve freely on axle
total aggregate which is adapted to transmit dif
ferent speed revolutions from a driving axle l 40 pins fixed to the coupling half l, whichl coupling
half is connected to the outgoing driven axle 2.
to an outgoing driven axle 2.
The sun Wheel I9 of the gear E is a freegoing
Said coupling A has a number of lamels 8 at
wheel prevented from back-turning by a
tached to the coupling half 3 and lying between
lamels 9 attached to the coupling half 4. Each
v_free-wheel spring 20. All the lamel couplings
lamel 8 consists in the exempliñed embodiment 45 A, B and C have free-lying weights designated l0
for the coupling A. The Weights for the cou
of a spiral spring, the construction of which is
pling A are heavier than the weights for the
shown in Fig. IV, and each lamel 9 consists of
coupling B, and the latter weights are heavier
a split spring ring, shown in stretched position
than the weights for the coupling C. Instead
in Fig. V. The spiral spring 8 has a shoulder
I3 near the one end, by which shoulder the 50 of different weights the couplings A, B, and C
can be provided with springs of diiîerent
spiral spring is held in a recess of the coupling
pand and thereby press against each other to in
half 3, so that the spiral spring is free to expand
radially, and the spring ring 9 has in the same
Arranged in such a Way in the speed trans
mitting aggregate the lamel couplings A, B and C
direction thereof, by which the spring ring is held 55 will automatically and successively be brought
way an extension I4 at its one end in the cross
into action at an increasing speed of the driv
axial end faces to a respective adjacent portion
of said driving clutch member and having its
other end freely disposed in order to permit free
expansion of said entire spring; said split ring
spring being secured to a respective adjacent
ing axle I. At a certain speed revolution 11.1 the
coupling A will couple the coupling halves 3 and
4 together, and the speed will be transmitted
from the driving axle I through the wheels 3, 4,
I5, I2, 6, I8 and 1 to the driven axle 2, which may
portion of the driven clutch member by one of
receive for instance the speed revolution Ni.
its axial end faces and having its other end free
When the speed revolution of the driving axle I is
in order to permit free expansion of said entire
increased ‘ïto 'n2 fthe coupling B 'also will be 'active
split ring; fsaid split ring comprising a central
and couple the Y'coupling -halves 4a and `5 together, 10 portion -ofnxed width and a‘parr d'f reduced, sym
so that the speed will be transmitted through
metrically overlapping terminal portions.
the Wheels 3, 4, I5, 4a, 5, I6, I2, 6, I8 and 'I from
Í2. A friction clutch comprising a driving shaft;
the driving axle I to the driven axle 2»,- which `now
may receive the speed revolution N2. As maybe
understood the planet wheels I2 will not in lthis
case revolve on their axle pins, so that the driv
ing axle I, and the wheels 3, ‘4, -5 and 6 are actu-`
ally coupled rigidly together and have the same
revolution speed. When now the speed »revolu«
a 'driven shaft; at least one pair of cooperating
clutch members, one of said clutch members de
lï?in'in'g airadiaïl wall portion therein and being op
erativelyconnected to said driving shaft and the
other of said members being operatively con
nected to said driven shaft; an outer axial flange
provided on said driven clutch member; at least
tion of the driving axle will further increase tol 20 one pair of generally cylindrical, radially ex
na thecoupling C also will be active, coupling
pansible spring members arranged inward-ly bf
thecoupling Vhalves E and 'I together with the
said -flange Vso as to :becö'rne frictionally inter-1
result that a direct-rigid coupling between the
engaged upon radial expansion at ‘a =predeter=
drivingl axle I and -the driven axle >2 is producedf
mined speed of said driving shaft; one of said
easily understood the number Y'of the lamel
spring members vcomprising la fcoil :spring and 'the
couplings and planetary gears is Optional. -I-ty is
other of said ïspring -lrrembe'rs’. comprising a split
essential, however, that Vif two or more lamel
ring; said coil spring being >secured by >"one ’òf
couplings are coacting they are combined with
axial end faces to said radial wall fp'oi‘tion pf said
planetary gears. If the speed transmission yag
driving clutch member and having its other end
gregate shall `transmit only two different speed
freely Vdisposed in order to permit free v‘expan
revolutions it is enough to construct the ~aggre-`
sion of said entire spring.; “said split ring spring
gate with the couplings A `and B with the :plane
being secured to a respective adjacent ,portion 'of
tary gear D, in which »case the wheel 6 has to be
the driven clutch member by one of its axial end
attached vto the axle 2. VIf this aggregate is desig
faces and having its other end free in ‘order ‘to
nated X, and the aggregate described above »for
permit free expansion of said entire l`split ring;
three diiîerent transmission speeds is designated
said split ring comprising -a central portie-i1 vof
Y, one can »by diiîerent lcombinations of X, -X vor
ñxed width and a pair lof reduced, symmetrically
X, Y or Y, Y obtain every number of different
overlapping terminal portions.
speed revolutions.
While l have illustrated and described the 40
preferred form of construction for carrying lmy
invention into effect, this is capable of variation
and modification, Without departing from the
spirit of the invention.
VÍl-I'av'ing thus described my vinvention What Í
The following references Iare "of rebord in fthe
ñle of this patent:
m "N'I'‘S
claim as new and desire to protect by Letters
i. A friction clutch comprising a driving shaft;
a driven shalît'; at least one .pair of cooperating
clutch members, one of said clutch members -be 50
ing operatively connected to said driving shaft
and the other of said members -being operatively
connected to said driven shaft; an outer axial
ñange provided on said driven Iclutch member;
atleast one pair lof .generally cylindrical, radially
said Harige so as to become f-rictionally intera
mined speed of said driving shaft; one of said
spring members comprising a coil spr-ing and the
other of _said-»spring members comprising a spiit
ring-,j said coil spring being secured by one of-its
Date .îA
y 51932
Aug». 9, 1932
Couyear -__-___...-eg June
Cotal ________ __acc-_ «Íune »14, 1938
expansible spring members yarranged ,inwardly 'of
emgaged »upon radial expansion at a predeterà
Fleischer _.'_.___._«_._ Aug.. i5, i939
of 1934
Great 'Britain ____ __ Jan. 1'3, "1'92‘1‘
France __________ __ Nov. 1t, 1931
Australia ____ _-_____- Mar. r3, “193%
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