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Dec- 4, 1951
Filed March 8, 1949
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’6 .
- .
Patented Dec. 4, 1951
12,577,011vPAT EINT OF
Gustav‘A. hallcnscheid, Loswdngeles, Cali?, as‘
signor, to__jHall;Ma_ck Company, Los- Angeles,
Calif” a corporation of California
Application- March 8, 1949; SerialI'No. 80,253 . '
SClaims. (c1. sit-2412)‘
The‘ presentinventionrelates to bathroom.?x-'
tures,and more particularly to albathroom-article
holder, wherein an 1 article ‘supporting-(portion
The;inventionis'illustrated by way of ekainple.
in ;the accompanying jdrawingin which;
Figure 1,_ is a View in perspective showingah
thereof is removable for cleaning.
article holding fixture embodying the present in-.
The‘ art pertainingto bathroom ?xtures is a Ct vention mountedon a wall._
crowded one, and themakers of'this type of
‘Fig. 2~is a sectional View takenin the
equipment haveinade numerous changes andiim
pi‘ovements in'their'products during recentfyears.
This development has‘ been stimulated by the‘
tremendous increase in ‘residence building; Fix-v.
tures cot chrome »- and plastic combinations _ have
been very popular, since their-brightness‘ and
ease'of cleaning “adds greatlyto the appearance
of fabathroom. One ?xture vwhich has rnotgbeen
satisfactorily designed in sucha combinationis'
the line. 2.—-,~.2 offFig. l and shows the relationship,
0f,.the holderand the demountable member.“ s
Fig; 3 isan,enlargediragmentary view in ver;
’ ticaljsectiontaken,inthe plane of th_e_line,3T_-_3>
of Fig, Zand shows the connection between the:
insert and the housing.
Fig, 4i; is a fragmentary view
cal section showing a modi?ed form. of thein
a soap dish or tumbler holder: ,Inthe-cas‘e‘off
Fig, 5 is a ‘fragmentary view in central
sucha ?xture it-isdesi'rableethat it ?t'into a
relatively shallow recess in the wall-‘in’ which: it‘is
present invention.
section showing another modi?cation of the.
to be installed. Previous attempts to design such
In‘ the illustrated embodimentofthe
a'v?xture have‘ resulted eitherin an arrangement 20 a housinglillis‘madeof sheet or'cast-metal, such
where a metal s‘helff projected froml'a. recessed
as brass, steel; or die casting metal, and com
wall plate, which added torthe~oost1of¥manufac=
prises: a rectangularframe portion I‘ I‘ and-‘assemb
ture and made it-more di?‘icultto. cleaii, or=where
cylindricalrecessed portion I2, The entire e37»
a forwardly. projecting plastic ‘insert was. used.‘
posedface ‘of the housing preferably is providedv
in which case. the inserteither became r-jammed
in place by an ‘accretion of ‘soap deposit or 'fell‘
out when the soap.or‘otherarticleibecame stuck:
to the insert or:was'placed't0o' closetoitsrproe:
with; an attractivei?nish such as-chrome or other.
tarnish-resistant. plating, or enamel.
ingvisvadapted tobe mounted with the portion J2‘.
jecting forward edge.
insertedin a hole or recess; provided‘in a-wall._»l6,
as shown in Fig. 2. The framev portion ll
‘An object of the present invention issto/make.
an improved combination article holding bath
room ?xture.
contact with the face of the‘wall so as toconff
ceal'the- edges of the wall opening. Thehousing“
may be secured‘in position as shownin_>,li'_ig 2»
Another‘object is to-makean improvediarticle-y.
[13. is mounted
[311: on
holding. bathroom ?xture-with‘ demountable arti==
cle support portions.
Another objectis to make awbathroomi?xture
- sides of thewallyopeni-ng. H'Ijhe-header‘is spaced
with a: recessed housing and easily- detachable
suf?cient to permitthe rear‘ of‘ the. housing I to be‘.
interlocking article ‘support portions.
‘ In order toattain these» objectsvthere'ispro
inwardly; from the; jaee__~. of the wall a distance
secured; to theheader, by screws, Iii, with-the‘:
frame‘ l [in position against-the face of‘thewal'l.
vided in accordance'with one featureof'the in? 40? In the'case of masonry walls.» a seatsoiplaster
vention a- metal' recessed housing adapted‘ for
or other: suitable adhesive may be»v mountedin
mountingiover a hole'ina wall; the housing havi-r
ing axpair of inwardlyrprojecting- studs ran‘da re;
movable plastic article vsupportadapted to‘be'in'»
theqwall openingand thehousing l?lpressjedqinto;
position-inthe material so as to be seated-therein;
Whenwintended for setting in suchmaterial the;
serted in the housing recesslandrtoiproje'ct for-
rearface of‘ thesemicylindrical portion 7| 2 :of the 1
wardly therefrom.
The present invention contemplates-the pro-Mv
housing. preferably is provided with roughened,
areas'or-with‘projections of ausual-sort toex;
vision of an article support having‘ a substantially
tend in‘to the-material and increase the ‘adhesion’
rectangular frame section formed with. a semi-'
of the material with the housing.
‘ p
cylindrical vertical recess, the end walls of which 60 Apair of ‘studs 15 = is mounted-oneon- .eachrside
are‘ horizontal, the said recess vbeing provided to
of the“semicylindricalportion l2 of the housing“
accommodate :an article to be supported-{and re
to project‘ inwardly therefrom, as be'strshown in:
ceiving an article supporting member detachabl-y
An» article - supporting insert H is: molded:
secured- in position and :interlo‘cking 1 in a imampreferably of a cleartrans'parent substance such;
ner‘ prevent til-tingof the-article support;
65 as.'an acrylicrresin; The insert; member. hasjaa
any complicated attaching means or any means
which might become coated or corroded. For
this reason the article support may be easily lifted
upwardly in the recess so that the studs I5 will
not be in engagement with the slotted recesses I9,
rear marginal wall I8 molded integrally with the
thus allowing the support to be easily removed
body of the insert and adapted to conform closely
and cleaned, and replaced when desired.
to the curved wall of the recess. The forward end
By reference to Fig. 4 of the drawings it will
portions of the wall I8 are of a thickness some
be seen that a protrusion 22 is formed on the rear
what greater than the length of the studs I5,
and are each provided with vertical grooved chan 10 semi-cylindrical wall I6 of the housing I2. This
is in a plane to be occupied by the upper edge or
nels I9, as shown in Fig. 3, adapted to receive the
face of the article supporting insert I1. This
studs I5 when the insert I1 is inserted into the
construction embodies an alternate form of the
recess above the level of the studs I5 and then
invention 50 that the upper edge of the insert I‘!
moved slidably downward over them. The for
may be placed beneath the protrusion and will
ward portion 20 of the insert IT is of a length to
cooperate with the studs I5 and their slots I9 to
extend forwardly beyond the face of the rectangu
the insert in position in the same manner as
lar frame portion II of the housing. The entire
would be accomplished by the shoulder 2I.
upper surface of the insert I‘! may be molded to
Referring more particularly to Fig. 5 of the
form a continuous planiform surface, as illus
trated, so that the device can be used for holding 20 drawings it will be seen that the insert I1 is
formed as previously described with a shoulder
soap or a tumbler interchangeably; or if desired,
2| which rests against the front face of the frame
may be given any of the usual special conforma
II. In this particular device the use of slots I9
tions where the holder is to be used only for hold
the studs I5 is eliminated and in place thereof
ing a tumbler, or soap, as the case may be.
The portion 20 of the base which projects for 25 a hook 23 is secured to the back wall of the hous
ing and projects forwardly to overhang the arm
wardly from the rectangular frame portion II is
ate wall I8 of the insert I1. In this device a
thicker than the portion within the recess I2 of
2I and the hook 23 cooperate to secure
the housing and has a downward step or offset
theinsert I'I detachably and make it possible for
portion 2| (see Fig. 2), to engage and form an
interlock with frame I I below the recess I2. This 30 the insert to be easily tilted and lifted from the
housing and moved to a position of disengage
interlock, together with the engagement of the
ment with the hook 23.
studs I5 with the sides of their respective receiv
It will thus be seen that the invention here
ing channels I9, resists downward stresses on the
disclosed is simple in construction and will insure
forwardly projecting portion 20 of the support
area of the insert. This resistance to such 35 that the mounting member may be easily de
tached and removed.
stresses increases in proportion to increase in the
While I have shown the preferred form of my
as now known to me, it will be under
In the use of the present structure the housing
stood that various changes may be made in com
I is suitably mounted within a hole or recess in a
bination, construction and arrangement of parts
building wall by the screws l4, and is disposed so
by those skilled in the art, without departing from
that the semi-circular recess I2 will be vertically
the spirit of the invention as claimed.
positioned. The studs will be positioned adja
Having thus described my invention, what I
cent the lower horizontal face of the recess and
claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:
will be at opposite sides thereof. The article sup
1. An article holding bathroom ?xture having
port may then he slipped into the recess so that 4.5
a housing adapted to be mounted on a building
its arcuate wall I8 will conform to the contour of
wall, said ?xture having a forwardly exposed
the recess, and its lower face will rest upon the
recess therein, a stud mounted on a side of the
horizontal lower wall of the frame. The slotted
recessed portion of said housing to project into
openings I9 of the article support I’! are then
placed in register with the studs I5 and the article 50 said recess, an article supporting insert member
having a rear face thereof adapted to enter and
support is moved downwardly until it rests upon
to conform with the portion of said
the bottom face of the semi-circular recess. At
?xture de?ning the rear wall of said recess, said
this time the overhanging portion 20 of the article
insert member being adapted to seat upon the
support U will be disposed so that its shoulder or
portion of the housing defining the lower end of
offset portion 2| will rest against the front face
said recess, said insert member having a verti
of the frame I I. By reference to Fig. 2 it will be
semi-circular rear face adapted to be inserted in,
and to conform to the curvature of, the semi
cylindrical portion I2 of the housing. The insert
I‘! has an upwardly extending circularly curved
evident that this plane of contact is considerably
below the points of engagement of the studs I5
cally disposed channel therein adapted to receive
said stud upon moving said insert member down
wardly into seated position upon the lower end
with the slots I9. Thus any weight which is dis
posed upon the overhanging portion 20 will tend 60 of said recess, said insert member having a for
ward portion adapted to project forwardly be
to cause the studs I5 to interlock with the slots
I9 and to prevent the article support from being
yond said housing when inserted therein, and
dislodged. In fact, the weight of a tumbler or
the like disposed on the upper horizontal face of
the article support I‘! will tend to cause the article
support to be held in position and any over-bal
said forward portion having a downwardly ex
have interlocking engagement with a forward
ancing weight imposed upon the overhanging por
lower edge of said recess.
tion 20 will act to hold the article support more
tending offset portion adapted to overlie and
marginal portion of said housing de?ning the
2. An article holding bathroom ?xture adapted
to ‘be mounted in a wall opening, said ?xture
It will be obvious that in the construction here 70 having a housing with a marginal frame por
tion and a central forwardly exposed recessed
disclosed the cooperation of the studs I5 and the
portion, a stud mounted on each side of the re~
offset shoulder portion ‘2I will act to hold the
article support in position regardless of whether
cessed portion of said housing to project into
the recessed portion, an article supporting in
or not any weight is imposed upon it. Due to
this construction it is not necessary to provide 76 sert member adapted to enter and substantially
to conform with the lower end of said recessed
portion, said insert having a vertically disposed
channel in each side thereof adapted to receive
said studs on moving said insert downwardly into
4. The structure of claim 3 wherein the oil’set
step portion is formed by a substantial thicken
ing of the forwardly extending portion of the
seated position on the lower end of said recess, 6
5. An article holding bathroom ?xture com
said insert member having a forward portion
prising a housing having a forwardly opening
adapted to project forwardly beyond said hous
ing when inserted therein, and said forward por
tion having a downwardly extending offset por
tion adapted to overlie and have interlocking
engagement with said frame portion below the
recessed portion of said housing.
semicylindrical recessed portion therein adapted
to be mounted with the cylinder axis vertical in
a conforming opening in a building wall, said
housing having an inwardly projecting member
on each side and spaced upwardly from the
lower end of said recessed portion, a molded,
easily cleaned decorative insert with ?at upper
surface adapted to be inserted into the recess to
conform with the lower end thereof, said insert
3. An article holding bathroom ?xture com
prising a metallic housing having a forwardly
recessed thin walled portion of semicylindrical
shape adapted to be mounted in an opening of
having substantially vertical upwardly extend
Conforming shape and size in a building wall
ing grooves therein adapted to receive the in
with the cylindrical axis vertical, a marginal
wardly projecting members on a downward
frame portion unitary with the recessed portion
of said insert from an elevated posi
adapted to lie against the building wall to cover 20 movement
tion in said recess, the forward portion of said
and conceal the edges of the wall opening in
insert when mounted in said recess being of a
which the recessed portion is mounted, a molded
length to project forwardly beyond said housing
plastic article supporting insert adapted to be
to extend the article supporting area thereof,
inserted in said recessed portion to lie adjacent
and a downwardly projecting element on the
the lower end thereof, said insert having a rear 25 under side of said forward portion adapted to
edge thereof curved to conform to the wall of the
overlie the lower front margin of said recessed
recessed portion, a rear marginal wall formed
portion below the level of said inwardly project
integrally with the insert and curved to conform
ing members, thereby to resist pivotal move
to the curvature of the wall of the recessed por
ment of the insert about said latter members
tion, said insert having a vertical groove in each
when downward stresses are applied to the pro
side thereof extending from the lower side of
jecting forward end of said insert.
said insert up into the wall portion thereof, a
pair of lugs mounted above the lower end of said
recessed portion to project inwardly into the re
cessed portion to enter said grooves, a forwardly 35
The following references are of record in the
extending portion formed integrally with said
file of this patent:
insert and having its upper surface co-extensive
with that of the remainder of the insert other
than said wall, and a downwardly offset step
portion formed integrally with said forwardly
Baker ___________ __ Sept. 4, 1917
extending portion and adapted to overlie and
Miller ____________ __ May 5, 1925
have interlocking engagement with the frame
Schallis _________ __ Feb. 23, 1943
portion of said housing below the level of said
Andrews ________ __ May 11, 1943
studs to resist downward pressure on the for
wardly extending portion of said insert.
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