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Dec. 4, 1951
Filed May 3, 1948
Dec. 4-, 1951
Filed May 3, 1948
Patented Dec. 4, 1951
.siisr?lharles. @Ee‘Wright; and Lionel .A,’ Leicester,
.3. ,apmieanonMayis; ind-serial rim-24,775
seems-s (o1. 1s2—,91-)
?oss holder in whichthe handle portionis'zshortuv
This-invention relates to dental'equipment and
morc‘~l'particu1arly ‘to an improved‘holder for
en‘ed and = internally threaded‘ to receive ' the con
ventional. dental e?osssreceptacle;
~‘ Wé'ehave found ‘that’ a serious-disadvantage in
conventional-holders for-dental?css resides in o
the fact that'the ability‘to reach all ‘of the cavities
between *the- teeth has -been'~"extremely~~lim-i
ited? due to theoshaneeof thei'holdei'iv Further
- A=primary objectvtherefore‘of ourl‘linvention is
y'Fig." 3' is acbottoml» view of‘ the structure of
guiding the dental ~?oss ;" '
~ Fig. 6 is'a- detail‘of" onevsidefof tn ‘prongs
- ,Figij9‘is a sectional-‘view?as~jseeniat'i8
Fig. 1;.
Fig. 10 shows the conventional‘identalj‘?oss
container which our jholderis designedto utilize;
?oss receptacle.:- Amaxial slitvenables. theé?oss
to be ‘guided ‘from the receptaclelto its» proper
hasa hollow handle-portion» ] Shaving-arectangue
recess y' l6~ of - slightlyi'larger
than the standard dental floss receptacle [Th-(Fig.
10).l1-' Recess “l6ihas- convex= lateral-sides“; I’8
securely ‘retain it in' recess 1 6 1 (Fig. ‘9)..
'fFig; 8‘is'an enlarged‘ section along the"l'{ine"B-[—.-'8j
"fiFigrl showing the'rlockingi‘plungeri‘in the "re-‘_
The; r'?'oss > holder terminates
past which the-container ‘Ill-‘may be :forced to
'Fig.~ '7~‘is an-enlarged-'-sectionialong the'i'line
‘IL-1 of ‘Fig. lshow'ing thelockingéplunger in
?oss receptacle as»- ‘the handle for: the "device.
ings,» one" embodiment- ‘of the dental ‘?oss-‘holder
Fig.5v is aeperspecti'veshowingllthégirooves"for _ _
’ v"(Referring now: moreparticularly: to the draw
Fig. 4 is an end view of‘the structure of Fig.1;
positionin theholderrg-rooves'.
commodate the “external threads ‘on the'i'dental
structure'of Fig. 1; _
whichr-iss recessed and internally] threaded-to ac
v2 is a- side‘ elevation ‘partly sectioned ‘of the I
modi?edwform"contemplates the useiof the vdental
constructed" in accordance- with the : invention‘; ’
sides adaptedirtorsecurely clamp the conventional
plasticwtubular- container‘ for-rfdental-v?oss.‘ =A
" Fig-1v ‘is a plan showing a dental i?oss holder
free 5position;’
?oss 1 and retains‘ ‘the 4105s in: -a~.~_‘=taut-.fcondition
across the‘l-forkftips. In the preferred dorm,‘ the
handle is recessed and:providedi'i'withreconvex
l‘Further objects ' will’ be ‘apparent iromqthe '
dle," ‘eliminate the rl-necessity for-wth‘readingi' the
of dentali?osslholder in which the-handle of
thdholder‘co'mpris'es the conventional *dental
?oss receptacle aspurchased on the market.»
?oss-“through any<eyes. TA friction'docking device
the; handle :securelyoclamps botha'lengt-hs of
of A
further object is7 to' provide
a modi?ed
together . with grooves‘ in the‘; forkiand: the-than;
threaded'on th'e'prongs thereof-‘withia minimum
teeth with the length-of’dentah?ossslstretched
stalled vin‘thehandle of the-holder and the'?oss '
across thetips ‘of. thehfol'kf?-i Notches ‘at theitiios,
afway vvthat‘ the contziinehima'y 'be’equiclily in;
handle that the>user may; conveniently :reach‘all
‘ “
?oss ‘containers ‘available on the-marketiW'such
vision roffa1-bifurcated.:.prong stormed integrally
holder’adapted to utilize the conventional dental
Fig. 1';
with :a handle‘ and set at i such @an- angleito. the
" A further - object is - to-- provide‘ a-fde’ntali l?oss
speci?cation'and‘drawings in which:
1 =The \ invention comprises- essentially thevprm
further object is -to"provide=~a' dental'iioss
holder having a simple;~-i_nexpenslive but-positive
Fig.:1lt is- a fragmentary section as seen ‘at H.
16. is anivenla'rged longitudinal’sectionai
detail throughthe grooveiin theioutermostrprong
to 'providea dental ?oss holder- which supports
the dental floss‘ at an‘ang'le enabling maximum
lockingdevice for the ~denta1~=?oss.
Fig. 12;‘
quate‘and renders these-*devices~= useless. '5 ‘
Figs» 15 is .anienlarged
~of the~
more, the means forlocking the dental-?oss in
-' ' -
ing» the-manner ofdsecuring * and positioning the
the-holder- has in -'many' ~cases-"-p‘roved~inade‘f
accessibility to'a'll iteethi
r Fig. 13; isv a'side.='elevation~i'of» the. structure of
11_is_ anenlarged'section takenaldhg the‘
opening 1 119
1A smaller
the bottom vof-trece'ss il?wen'ables
the'container I‘! to‘be-readily' ejected'lwhen re-. '7
‘ Oneendof hwvndleil 5 hasianlextend'ed shank-20
which supports the prongs 2| and'l22-,<for.minga
bifurcated "or‘ forked >member- >~adapted =.=to~ i-posi
tion- allen‘gth'of déntal~1~?oss 23'." aTheaslonger
prong 22 extends axially of body -.l-5~:as:se'en in
plan and» has 1aslight-‘upward?curve .i'nethis
and curves slightly toward prong 22 also when
seen in plan of Fig. 1.
In side elevation (Fig. 2) prong 22 curves down
wardly beginning at a point near the base of.
prong 2|, whereas prong 2| likewise curves down
wardly but at a sharper angle.
To summarize, the fork is of U con?guration,
lar to prongs 2| and 22 except that prong 2|’ is
somewhat shorter, thus making the line 23' of the
?oss more nearly parallel to the center line of
the holder handle. Instead of the long shank
28, the locking device 32' is slightly in back of
prong 2|’, thus enabling the overall dimensions
of the holder to be substantially decreased.
the width of the U being substantially equal to
operation of locking device 32’ is identically the
its length; The base of the U is nearly semi-cir
same as ‘plunger 32 in Fig-'7 and the correspond
cular in shape and forms a smooth curved por 10 ing parts'are similarly numbered. Instead of
tion to which the shank 20 is attached tangential
the handle portion l5 of the construction of
ly and at an angle with respect to the plane of ‘r
the prongs.
Fig. 4 illustrates the end view of the prongs '
Figs. 1-11, the holder terminates in a boss 38
which has internal threads 39. In the form of
Fig. 12 the metallic cap on receptacle H is re
and shows the ?oss 23 stretched tautly across is moved, whereupon the receptacle may be thread‘
the tips 24 and 25 of the prongs so that the length
ed' into [boss 38 which in effect serves as a cap
of ?oss 23 is positioned in biased relation to the
axis of the handle.
for. the receptacle.
The dental ?oss is carried
Since prong 22 is substan—'
through an axial slit 40 in boss 38 and thence
tially longer than prong 2|, the length 23 of
threaded against the groove 34’ in plunger 32'
the ?oss is biased with respect to all planes pass 20 in exactly the same manner as in Figs. 1-l1.
ing through the axis of the handle.
The. com
In order to provide better access to the teeth,
the tip of prong 22' is constructed as shown
handle greatly facilitate the convenient use‘of
in Fig. 16 in which the groove 28’ terminates
the device and form an- important part of the
short of the extremity of the prong ‘as shown
25 in Fig. 16. This construction positions the ?oss
The tips 24 and 25 of prongs 2| and 22 are
at the outermost portion of prong 22' yet at
notched in order to retain the ?oss thereon and
the same time the relatively wide ‘?anges for
pound ,curves of the prongs in relation to the,
the prongs are grooved longitudinally as- shown
groove 28’ at the tip effectively prevents the ?oss
‘in Figs. 2 and 5 to retain the ?oss along‘ the
from being forced from the tip of the prong.
prongs. The groove 26 in prong 2| leads under 30 It is, of course, desirable that the dental ?oss
a lip 21-(Fig. 5) and joins with the groove 28
be positioned at the very tip ofv prongv22' to,
in prong22 at.29 in Fig. 5 from whence both
facilitate insertion of the ?oss between the teeth.
strands of the ?oss are carried under alarger
It will be apparent that the modi?ed form
lip 30 which forms one side of a deep recess 3|
of Fig. 12 is intended primarily to be carried on
(Fig. 7). The recess or' groove 3| extends from 35 the person or in a hand bag and is therefore
the juncture of grooves 26 and 28, under lip 30,
and terminates in a deep downwardly curved
portion 3|a as shown in Fig. 11.
designed to occupy thesmallest possible space.
The dental ?oss handle in either form, however.
is adapted for use by dentists or by individuals
~Shank 20 carries the locking device for both
for their own personal use. The thin compound
strands of the ?oss whichis constructed from 4-0 curved'fork is set at an angle enabling maximum
a plunger 32 retained in a transverse bore 33 in
accessibility and visibility in the mouth during
shank 20. Plunger 32 has an annular groove
use. Furthermore, the amount of ?oss required
34 which-in'one extreme position of: the plung
is much less than when the teeth arecleaned.
er registers‘with recess 3|. Enlarged heads 35
without a ?oss holder. The improved locking’
and 36 ‘on plunger 32 serve as limit stops and as 45 device is quickly operated and extremelysecure.
convenient operating knobs.
We claim:
When the plunger 32 is in the unlocked posi
l. A dental ?oss holder having a handle, an
tion of Fig. 7, the strands ‘of the dental ?oss
elongated axially extending shank on said han
register with groove 34 in the plunger and in this
dle, and a U-shaped fork formed by a pair of
position the ?oss maybe readily withdrawn from 50 curved prongs attached to said shank- opposite
containerll and positioned in the notches of
' the handle, the shank joining. the fork at a point
the prongs. When it is desired to lock the-?oss.
spaced from the mid-point of the U to form a
pressure is exerted on head 36 of plunger 32
long prong and a relatively shorter prong so
which action securely wedges the ?oss between
that a line joining the tips of the prongs is
groove 34-and the walls of bore 33 as shown in 55 biased with respect to the axis of the shank
Fig. 8. This locking action is extremely e?ec
and the handle, and in which the plane of the
tive and it is not necessary that continued pres
sure be exerted on the plunger, since the lock-'
ing action securely jams both lengths of ?oss
in bore 33.
U is biased with respect to the axis of the shank
and handle.
2. A dental ?oss holder in accordance with
Slight pressure on head 35 of the 60 claim 1, in which the shank isprovided with
plunger 32 immediately releases the locking ac
tion,‘ thus enabling a new length of ?oss to be
positioned across the tips of the; prongs. The
a transversely operable plunger, walls in the
shank de?ning a bore in which the plunger is
manually reciprocable, longitudinal walls in the
con?guration of groove 3| and especially the in-.
shank de?ning a grooved recess therein, walls
ner terminus 3|a is such that the length of ?oss 65 around the periphery of said plunger de?ning a
which leads from the container H is at all times
groove positioned in alignment with said groove
retained in annular groove 34 of plunger 32 in
inthe shank. when the plunger is moved to an
order to insure positive locking when the plung~
unclamped position in the bore, whereby the
er is depressed.
dental ?oss is wedged between the bore and the
A» cutting device 31 may be secured if d - 70 plunger when the plunger is pushed axially to
sired, ‘at any convenient position on the handle.
as shown in Fig. 2.
‘Referring now more particularly to Figs. 12-16,
a modi?ed form of holder comprises a pair of
a clamping position in the bore.
3. A dental ?oss holder having a recessed han
dle adapted to receive adental ?oss receptacle,
means in said recessed handle for retaining the
prongs 2|’ and 22'v which are substantially simij 75 dental ?oss receptacle, a ,U-shaped forky formed
integrally with said handle and being connected
thereto tangentially at the mid-point of said U,
and the plane of the fork being biased with respect
and» a groove extending longitudinally along the
outer edge of at least one of said prongs to
receive a length of dental ?oss.
6. A dental ?oss holder in accordance with
to the axis of the handle, grooves in the fork for
claim 1 having groovesextending longitudinally
guiding dental ?oss from the receptacle over the
along the outer faces of the prongs to receive a
tips of the fork, and a plunger in the handle walls
length of dental ?oss, at least one of said grooves
de?ning a bore in said handle, walls de?ning a
terminating short of the extremity of the prong
longitudinal groove in said handle, walls around
to guide the ?oss over said extremity.
the periphery of said ‘plunger in the bore, de?n
ing an annular groove therein, said grooves 10. 7. A dental ?oss holder in accordance with
adapted to be selectively aligned with each other
upon operation of the plunger, whereby dental
?oss may be wedged in the bore to retain the
?oss tightly in the fork and fork grooves when
the plunger is displaced in the bore.
4. In a dental ?oss holder of the type having
a handle, a supply of dental ?oss associated with
said handle and a U-shaped fork comprising a
pair of prongs» across which a length of dental
?oss is tautly positioned when cleaning teeth, 20
claim 1 in which the handle comprises a re
cessed internally threaded boss on the holder
and a dental ?oss receptacle threaded into said
The following references are of record in the
?le of this patent:
ciprocable in the handle, walls de?ning a bore
in the handle in which the plunger is manually
movable, walls around the periphery of said
21, 1916
plunger de?ning an annular groove therein, walls 25
the improvement that consists of a plunger re
in said handle de?ning a groove communicat
claim 1 having notches at the tips of the prongs,
ing with said bore, said grooves adapted to be
selectively aligned with each other upon opera
tion of the plunger in the bore, whereby dental
?oss may be wedged in the bore to retain the 30 1,468,942
?oss tightly in the fork when the plunger is
pushed to a clamping position in the bore.
5. A dental ?oss holder in accordance with
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