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' Dec. 25, 1951
Filed April 4, 1949
Dec. 25, ‘1951
Filed April 4, 1949
7 .?l k l
l1'Iai|.Al-Wu'IJh Q‘
‘ Patented Dec. 25,‘ 1951
Karl M. Larsen, Minneapolis, Minn.
Application April 4, 1949, Serial No. 85,320
2 Claims.
(01. 280-42) ‘
‘This invention relates to collapsible golf has
with said wheels when in projected operative po
sition to support the carrier unit when the wheels
It is an object of my invention to provide a
are projected outwardly when said unit is in sta
novel and improved collapsible golf bag carrier
tionary position.
in which the wheels as well as the gripping ‘
These and other objects and advantages of my
handle may be collapsed into retracted position
invention will more fully appear from the fol
to form a compact unit for easy transportation
lowing description made in connection with the
thereof to and from the golf course.
accompanying drawings wherein like reference
It is another object of my invention to provide
characters refer to similar parts throughout the
a golf bag carrier having an upstanding member 10 several views and in which:
with a pair of wheels respectively mounted on the
Fig. 1 is a front elevational view of my im
outer portions of two pairs of toggle arms, the
proved golf bag carrier with the wheels shown
inner ends of said toggle arms being mounted on
in retracted position by dotted lines and having a
said upstanding member with provision for shift
golf bag mounted thereon;
ing movement longitudinally thereof to permit 15 Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional view taken sub
positioning said wheels in outwardly extending
stantially along the line 2-2 of Fig. 1 showing
diametrically opposed operative position as well
most of the structure shown in Fig. 1 in side ele
as permitting the retraction of said wheels
inwardly and upwardly into substantial engage
ment with the upstanding member to lie substan
Fig. 3 is a fragmentary vertical sectional view
tially ?ush therewith.
taken substantially along the line 3—-3 of Fig. 2;
It is a further object to provide a golf bag car
Fig. 4 is a central vertical sectional view taken
disposed through said upstanding member, said
toggle arms being respectively interconnected at
substantially along the line 4-4 of Fig. l; and
Fig. 5 is a fragmentary sectional view taken
substantially along the line 5-—5 of Fig. 4.
As ‘shown in the accompanying drawings, I
provide a novel and extremely simple golf bag
their outer ends by a pair of links pivoted thereto
and each having a wheel mounted thereon, said
carrier having an upstanding main frame mem
ber such as the tubular element 8 having a handle
rier having an elongated upstanding member with
two pairs of toggle arms operable in a single plane
wheels being disposed in substantially parallel
relation throughout the operation of said toggle
arms to retract or project said wheels.
9 normally disposed“ in forwardly extending rela
More speci?cally, it is an object to provide a
golf bag carrier having an elongated upstanding
member adapted to have a golf bag attached
tion thereto and pivotally connected to a suitable
elbow ‘member H) which is ?xed to the upper
extremity of upstanding tubular member B. Any
suitable meansfor retaining ‘the handle member
9 in outstanding position may be provided, such
thereto and provided with a retractable wheel w 31 as the shiftable sleeve ll slidably mounted there
mechanism including two pairs of substantially
on ‘and having a spring [2 for urging the sleeve
coplanar toggle arms with the inner ends of the
into locking position. Said sleeve H surrounds
upper arms being shiftably mounted on said mem
a portion of the handle member 5 as well as an
ber and the outer ends of each pair of arms be—
outstanding portion of the elbow in to lock said
ing pivotally interconnected by a link having a 40 handle in forwardly extending position.
wheel journaled thereon to maintain said wheels
A rearwardly - extending. foot member I3 is
in substantially parallel planes during retraction
and projection thereof, said toggle mechanism
having two pairs of opposed arm-engaging
vmounted ‘at the bottom extremity of the upstande
ing member 8 to stabilize the structure while in
stationary position,v as will be brought out here
cradles adapted to receive the respective inner 45 after. Suitable attachment means are provided
portions of said arms when in fully outwardly
such as the lower attachmnet means comprising
projected position to permit said arms to be se
a bag bottom receiving cradle I4 ?xed to the sta
curely locked in said position, certain of said
bilizing foot l3 and having a pair of spaced up
cradles being ?xed to said upstanding member
standing arms ‘thereon with a strap I5 for sur
to positively lock said toggle Wheel-supporting 50 rounding the lower portion of the bag and an
mechanism against rotation. when in operative
upper attachment means comprising a curved
bracket I6 ?xed to the upper portion of the up
It is still another object to provide a collapsible
standing member 8 and having an attachment
goli' bag carrier having a rearwardly extending
strap I‘! connected thereto for securing the upper
stabilizing foot member adapted to cooperate
portion of the‘ beg to said upstanding member 8.
allel relation between the wheels in the extreme
retracted position, the wheels lie flat against the
side of the bag and the upstanding frame mem
A ?xed mounting member I8 is secured to the
lower portion of tubular member 8 and has a
pair of outstanding arm-receiving cradles l9 ?xed
thereto. A shiftable sleeve 20 is slidably mount
ber 8; and when the wheels are in downwardly
projected operative position, they are locked'in
ed on tubular member 8 above the ?xed mounting
outstanding position laterally of the upstanding
member l8 and has a pair of outstanding in
verted arm-receiving cradles 2|. A pair of lower
wheel sup-porting arms 22 and 23 are respectively
frame member 8. The inter-connector links 21
permit said wheels 29 to be maintained at right
anglesto the plane’ of saidstogglermechanism and
pins 24tthrough the inner portions .of the arms 10 substantially parallel to the upstanding frame
member 8. It should be noted’ that the axes of
and cradles. A pair of upper wheel supporting
arms 25 and 26 are pivotally connected at the ' “rotation of the wheels are coincident in opera
tive position and in extreme retracted position
inner ends with the inner portions of the respec
‘and also remain substantially coincident during
tive cradles 2| for shifting movement-"therewith.
retraction andprojection thereof.
A pair of interconnection links 21aare.respec
It will, of course, be understood that various
tively connected to the outer ends of the upper
changesmay'belmade in the form, details, ar
and lower arms at the respective sides #o'f‘the
rangement and proportions of the parts without
carrier, as by the four pivot pins 28. Thewheels
mountedtin‘the’cradles J9 asnby'the ?xed .pivot
departing from the scope of my invention.
29 are journaled on suitable shafts mounted on
interconnection ,links 21, and as best shown in 20
Fig.3, aipair’o'f i'stop bars‘3ll are'interposed be
tween the. outer ' marginal ; portions :‘of ‘the arms
to prevent ‘jackk'ni?ng' "of ‘the ‘wheels "during the
projection and.retraction thereof,
What I claim is:
l. A collapsible golf bag ‘carrier comprisingan
elongated upstanding member with a forwardly
extending handle mounted on the upper portion
thereof, two pairs of toggle arms lying in sub
From the ‘foregoin'g‘paragraph describing the 25 stantially the sameplane disposed substantially
through said upstanding member, a link element
pivotally interconnecting the outer ends of each
pair of said arms, a pair of‘wheels respectively
wheel ‘supporting mechanism, it‘will'ibe seen‘that
thepivoted arms’2'2 and'25,‘and 23 and ‘25 form
two v.pairs of toggle ‘arms'rwhich are'mounted on
journalled in outstanding relation on said links,
the upstanding tubular'member‘B to permit the
projection and retraotiorr'of thewheels 29. “The 30 a pair of ?xed pivots connected to the lower'por
tion of said upstanding members and disposed
two _.pairs of “toggle ‘:a'rms‘exten'd outwardly'on
opposite ‘sides of ‘:the ' upstanding "member '8 "and
lie 'in "a' single ' plane ‘substantially ' through said
at right angles to the plane of said togglemech
anism and connecting the inner'ends of the lower
arms with said upstanding member, a longi-'
tudinally shifta'ble element mounted on said up
standing member and'having the inner ends of
upstanding member 8 ‘throughout "theirentire
operation. Thedouble pivotaloconnections of ‘the
links .21 permit the wheels 29 to‘be ‘maintained
substantially ‘parallel to each‘ other and at right
angles to the plane through said toggle arms‘and
the upper arms pivotally connected-thereto for
in substantially‘parallel relation to the upstand
ing ' member v8. ‘ Thei'toggle "arms ‘ hold said links 4:0
21 in positively " ?xed "substantially parallel 're
lation to the upstanding member 8 when said
wheels are in‘ extreme outwardly and downwardly
projected position. 'A'sprin'g "clip 3| is -'fixed~at
one "end toith'e:shiftablecradles’2 I @and is adapted
to engage "thef?xe'd cradles f'l9; to ‘securely lock
shifting ‘movement therewith, said wheels lying
in spaced substantially parallel planes disposed
at right angles to the'plane of operation of said
toggle mechanism at least when in extreme pro~
jected and retracted positions, a pair of out
standing stabilizing‘ cradle elements ?xed-to'the
lower portion of said upstanding member ad
, jacent said ?xed pivot pins and extending lateral
ly outwardly ‘therefrom to receive the'lower tog
said wheels; in 'operative "position with ""theilo'wer
gle'arms whenin outwardly projected position
arms "22. and 23 positively engaged in ‘cradles ‘l9,
and positively-prevent rotational shifting move
and the upper‘arms ’ 25*and 26_ positively engaged
in cradles 2|.
'The operation of‘ my improved golf'bag carrier
is obviousfrom the’drawing's. Withvv the ‘carrier
ment thereof during operation of the carrier unit, ‘
50 a second pair of outstanding stabilizing cradle
elements ?xed to said longitudinally shiftable ele
ment in inverted relation with the ends ‘of the
upper toggle arms pivotally ‘connected to the’
respective inner portions of said inverted cradles,
folded upv into "retracted position as shown‘ in- the
dotted .lline position inFig. ‘1 and the ‘fullline
position-in'Fig- 4yan‘extremelycompactzeasy to - , means‘for rigidly‘ interconnecting said two pairs
of cradleselements when said wheels, are inex
carry, unit ‘.is "formed. " The whee1s"2~‘9 ‘lie in
treme outwardly- projected position to securely
‘adjacent ‘side'by ‘side ~"relation ‘to ' the *golf bag
lock said arms in operative position, andmeans
and vthe elongated ‘frame "member 8, and the
for attaching a golf’bag in substantiallyparaliel
handle 9 ‘folds downwardly to *overlie’the mem
.ber<8 thereby producingia' compact unit with‘ the 16O relation to said upstanding member.
golf bag attached theretopWhich is 'very little
larger than the golf bag itself. When'the carrier
isto be. put into operation'jthe‘sleeve'20 is shifted
downwardly 'to project the toggle arms and
‘ 2. A collapsible golf bag carrier comprisingan
elongated upstanding member with a forwardly
extending‘handle mounted on the upper portion
thereof, two pairs of toggle arms lying in sub
wheels -.outwardly into fully extended operative ‘ ' stantially the same plane ‘disposed substantially
through said upstanding member, a‘ link element
pivotally interconnecting the outer ends of each
It will be seen that ‘.I "have provided an ‘ex
pair of said arms, a pair of wheels respectively
tremely simple and-compactlycollapsible golf
journalled on said links, a pair of fixed pivots
bag carrier having a vtoggle wheel/supporting
connected to the lower portion of said upstanding
mechanism with the arms thereof lying in a '
member and disposed at right angles to the. plane
singleplane substantially through the upstand
of said toggle mechanism and connecting the
ing frame member ,8 and with the wheels ‘29
inner ends of the lower arms with said up
thereof=constantly..maintained inpa'rallel rela~ .
standing member, a longitudinally shiftable ele-'
tion-andtdisposed at. right anglesto ‘the plane of
ment mounted on said upstanding ‘member:- hav
said toggle mechanism. ‘By maintaining the par
ing the inner ends of the upper arms pivotally
connected thereto for shifting movement there
with, said wheels lying in spaced substantially
parallel planes disposed at right angles to the
plane of operation of said toggle mechanism at
least when in extreme projected and retracted
elements, and means for attaching a golf bag in
substantially parallel relation to said upstanding
positions, a pair of laterally extending stabilizing
cradle elements ?xed to the lower portion of said
upstanding member adjacent said ?xed pivot pins
and extending outwardly therefrom to receive
the lower toggle arms when said arms are in ex
The followingr references are of record in the
?le of this patent:
treme outwardly projected position to positively
prevent rotational shifting movement thereof
Sinnott ________ __ July' 19, 1938
Bird ____________ __ Jan. 7, 1941
relative to .said upstanding member during the
operation of said carrier unit, latch means for
positively locking said lower arms into said cradle 15
Carr et a1. ________ __ Jan. '7, 1947
Williamson ______ __ June 22, 1948
Fassett __________ __ Oct. 18, 1949
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