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Jan. 15, 1952
2,582,655 `
Filed Feb. 8. 1949
72 15
Patented Jan. 15, l'1952
Il` Claims.A
(o1.l 991-186»
'Imis inventionA relatesz tonpackaging:A of ice`
Th'ese. andl athen::oliients;are;v attained by the;
cream popsz andinas: forf its primary? clarinetl the
inventioma morewparticulamdescription ofiiwhic‘ir
of . means. .by lwhich aocompletelpy
eacl‘r, pop
at a minimum. oiî'expense for' manufacturing.
An ice: cream pop; as# presently: known; in`-v this'
\ will hereinañteriappearßand be set» forthí specifLV
cally in the claims appended heretoe i»
_ Y
Intthe; accompanying drawings;n Whereirnan
art,l consists ofY añlling otviceV cream, ices; orrlike
illustrative: embodiment'. of the inventiomis dise
L isa face: ViewYV of, the‘y sheet ortblarxk‘;
frozen: material; contained; inL an outen covering
fnomwhich. the; body' of l the containerv isffzormect;l
2115:»l al1-:face llvievwfof: onezlof theilpartitionss;
as is
usually"v provided
witha stick oit handle 10 Fignä isi; a, sectionali View; imzperspeetiveitakem
on the» line 31-'3fof
[email protected] iratheadipeca
havingv one end frozen in: the pop anditsfother';
tion the arrowsaFigL. 4 is; aiperspeetivefviewoztì
end projecting» and` serving, as: the;1 handley part.,
the container- readtv fon
lï'igf'1L 5;» is; alpen-'rV
The pops aepresentlyt` sold»,-Y areoitencplaced, im
Paper bagszwithi thesti'cks‘- protruding.` The.: bags;
usuallyfzñt Y the.y pops .veryfY poorly;- and` are r often
spectí-me- View of therrpaekaged; popgí Eig; .6
15 perspectine;Viewy oi theicontainer atten iazhas
dislodgedi in handling;l thnsïexp'osing-k the: pops;
and closed,.,andsçFig«.. 7: actransiierse,
sectional viewthroughi the: opera containen'shown.
and at once: defeating'lthe: protective- purposes for
which. thel bags .are intended.. In» addition»,L thea
The; mappen for theo pepsi. andi
easyy removal and: replacement» of; the:Í bags Otten;v
permits. a'. purchaser’ toe remove: the: bag„ha‘1:idleaol',l 20. senvesifasaal mold: ion-:making thevpopsi, includes»
a..-'_body portion; t, whiclnmayf be ofîaany 'long-thi
evenx tasteL the popl. andaY then. resterait tc»> the
bag; and: return itlto: theß vendor for anothen of, ai
for vthe,
molding: handledi
diiîerentzñavon. >Inother"wondsfrit isiclear than it;
a, plurality-of; pops;y iszin
form of. arsheetaofi
not. only to
be completelyv
enclosed and.of.proi-ví 25, thick: paper; ror relatively' thin*g anœlight weight
tectedç. but' alsoiint such; a manner,- th'atz the: rel-e'
cardboard;y of.Y suiñcientîpxzisidi'ty: toI support the`
moval` of the samel from: thei: enclosing; Wrapper
will. atv` oncel deface` orf damagefthe: wrapper; to~ am
material which isl molded Withini it;and<„ 0L a; ilexi-g;
ibil-ity enabling: iis.'` to: bef readily: peeled oiïs. the
frozen productby the;constuner.,V lt isßdesirablee
but( non; absolutely: necessary', that." the* haben' bei
coated With»,V moisture-resistant material;` to-y pl.re_,-„J
extent suñìcient to indicate tothe: venden-the;
fact that.y the wrapper: has been, opened and: the
pop exposed. In addition~„ itfis», desirablethai-»the4
wrappers used may beereadily»` applied to thapops
vent absorption.k 01El the fat; ing the chocolate coa_t.,-._~§v
without requiring; expensive and complicated,
packaging machinery; it is desirable» thatv the-
ingî> of the: popk on the moisture mathe-ice». creamd
The'wrapper7 I isffo1dedilongitudinal-lp on;- thei
è parallel lines; v"I_-fand-I fitug-thus) formfit in‘toïx` a *tra-y#
" or trough; of channel shape-¿having the opstand
expense of the; Wrapper; and itsA cost- oi applica
tion> shall beextremely moderate;y that thewrap
per and. its contents- shall remain sanitary- dur-I
ingy sidewalls ßßqandgâland-bottom-lô. , ,Theiwrapm
penV is; also. folded:l longitndi-nallyv on the; lei-nesv Áhier.;
and, 1 tc»- provide outwardly prelecting;> closmie;>
ing handling and; shipping andthatfthe ¿wrapper
can be»Y readily> peeled» off or removed; from the*v
pop'without causing annoyance
to the consumer,
leaving the» pop clean and. samtary'and ready for;
The present invention contemplates, thea-prof»
vision of awrapping or packaging construction
by means ofY which. the above-desired, resultsshall
be- attained. It contemplates the provision of, a_packagingk means by which aA new»v method. of
flaps 81 and Q5 at» thetop; oigthe sidewalls- 4 _andi-5,@
The: resiiltfof folding` lthe»_»wrapper.- as'> above,- dea
scribed isa.. receptacle ofwchannel; or troughshapa
as_sseen in Figs..4»and 7,»-Which is»4 openèatl-thei top»
and. forms: af
for thepops: and subsequently*
af portion ofthe ywrappeçcv thenefor.¿ . The: pant;
v the trayY referredto‘ as the-“top”r issubseduent-¿q
making;v and packaging the` popsI mayl be. per-f
formed n as aboyezV
pope deseribedc.
v. , .
formed, and finally it contemplatestthe, provision».
divided> intof af2p1-I11'al~ii-,p‘` ofi. compartmentsay law »by
of a wrapper or. packagewhichcannot be opened w means` of.~ spaced, vertical. partitions lill.; thiefÍ come;
and the pop exposed without. indication. of. the
factthat the package was opened. In, additionìzit
provides a. strong: protective and`v desirable. wrap->
pingI for the pops. in which..V the contained ‘goodsy
struction of; which; willgbe seen inlFigsl grandi?.
It will be therein` noted: that eachzofr-theipartì?;
of. »twoz-plxtor>
indicated respectively,
dou-ble wall thickness:y
at;l l2'y vandic » kan,
will be maintained ina. protectedeand appetizing u are.;cor_rmacted-E togetheralong the wp of the;
. partment by the fold I4. The side edges and
5.11125 lÍ `
prehend any other edible coating useful for the
lower edge of each of the plies of the partition are
provided with tabs or tongues I5 adapted to
enter slits I6 provided in the side walls and
purpose set forth.
The filled and closed receptacle, with the sticks
bottom respectively of the receptacle composed
2l in place, and appearing as indicated in Fig. 6,
of the channel-shaped Wrapper I, thus retain
ing the partition in position in the wrapper and
stiifening the same and maintaining it in the
is now carried on a suitable conveyor, or by hand,
to a freezing chamber where the contents of the
channel-,shape .sliQWn
receptacle are frozen to required hardness. The
complete product is then alengthy, completely
enclosed block made up @ofja vpliirality 'of pops.
itxtendmg along tn fold I4 at the »topîo'f each
partition 'is‘a' v'tea'ken’edY -line ortear line I‘IA upon 10 Each popr` is separatedfrom its y“companions by
wnicn tne two plies of the partition are sepa
rated or torn apart when it is desired to separate " l
a wrapper-enclosed pop from thelenglìhyivlîapper. , . .
I. It will be noted that the wrapper I is formed
severance along each of the tear or separation
>lines I8, and separation of the parts of the
Arwrapliler _,along..,the,se lines will also result in
., separation of the two plies of partition II at
with a plurality of weakened or tear lines I8 ex
tending transversely across it, said line's ‘eXte'nd-"'-> '
ing through the side walls, bottomA and naps, and; ' that these tear lines -I8 are located in alignmentY „
which the tear line I8 is located. The resultant
‘wrapped’ or enclosed pop is seen in Fig. 5 wherein
it will be Qbëeryedthat the same is fully enclosed
by the end walls composed of one ply each of two
partitions-and by an encircling narrow strip sec
fore, when a section of the wrapper, containing a 20 tion 22 removed from the wrapper I. The pop
with the tear lines Il infLthe partitions. There-'
thus enclosed isV protected, maintained in sanitary
condition and cannot Vbe exposedwithout Vtearing.
at least< oneof the ñaps 8 _or~_x9„outwardly from
pop, 'is‘ ,tombe separated-from 4«the .rest Y ofr-the
wrapper, itis torn‘off or cut on one of> the .lines
I8 .and its vco-operating tear line` I1 in the ad
the slots I9 and 20fformed insaid flaps. _ Such
; 'lo -close thewrapper or >container the iiaps 8 25 tearing. or destruction of :the flaps constitutes a
“tell-tale” at once indicating to the Vendor that
and 9.01' the wrapper are adapted to be folded
the wrapper has been opened and he thus is obli-.
inwardly or toward oneanotner on thefold lines
gated to refuse to take back orvexchange arpop,
the wrapper of which has been .tampered with.
into overlapping relation, and> when this is done,
slotslll and 2ï) provided in the respective flaps
8 and 9 .will come-,into alignment. Sticks 2l may
the receptacle, through Athe aligned slots I9 and
When the outer flapis pulled free from the stick,
by destruction _of-the slot I9, theentire wrapper
may then be readily peeled> offsince the tongue-.
20, thus holding the naps in closed position. ~
and-slit connection between ; the.v wrapper vsection
In producing pops adapted to be contained or
packaged> in the above-described container, a
simplinedmethod of manufacture may be readily
permitreadyv separation Yof the encircling part
then». be inserted into the ice cream contents of
22 andtheplies of the vpartitions is such asV to
22 Vof. the wrapper from these partition elements.4
Thepeeling of the. wrapper> in thelniannerv de-,
followed. `„Assuming that vthe pops are to be com
scribed readilypulls vthe wrapper awayfromthe
posed of anice cream center covered bya choco-v
chocolate coating which wasV previously „adherent
lateA or lsimilar edible., outer coating; it is iirst
desirable that _the interiorof .the channel-shaped 40' to it, leaving the coating servingas an outer coat-._
receptacle or` partitioned paper .trough be “lined”`
ing for the ice'creamof thepop. Ithas been
with the chocolate coating.> ‘ rIhis can be done in
found that by following the procedure described,
a-number `of ways,. one `of which is to pourthe
the VYpop will readily become. freed. from thev
Wrapper and ready for eating.r It has been found
thatAY while theliquid or molten chocolate will.
readily .adhere .to the wrapper,:~the. chocolate in
itsA hardened condition. will readily become freed,
and adhering to >theiice cream, will form the outer
heated .liquid chocolate into the receptacle, fill
ing the compartments I0.„and allowing the choco
late to`~-also»coat*the exposed or upperl faces" of
the vvflaps-Band 9.» The chocolate is. then poured
out oiï theA receptacle and'it will be found that- a
layer V-of- the same hasremained adherent to the
inside ofrthe paper Wrapperor-receptacle:'FAS a 50
substitute for this procedure,'the'excess chocolatev
might be Withdrawn from «the» interior of `the
paper receptacle-by- suction orrotherl means, =leav-ing- the coating adherent tothe insidehwall sur
faces ofthe receptacle as above explained.
‘ Several other methods -of coating the interior
Wallsof the -paper receptacle' may be followed,Y
the result-of each method» -being to leaveA an [email protected]
coatingltherefor. z
»The-arrangement. of the. several parts Yof the
wrapperand the manner of co-operation between
thesame is such thatthe folding-.of the wrapper
body» I~,'fïthe insertion? of L`the partitions, the
chocolate-coating and iceï‘creamrvñlling ofl'thel
wrapper, thelfolding of the closureY naps thereof
andv --the insertion of- the-sticks; may- be readily
performed by 'automatic' machinery if desired,'or
these steps Amay beV readily'lcarri'ed out manually’
herent edible-'coating on the linterior'walls, such
or with thefaid >of simple jigs-and the resultant».
coating subsequentlybecoming the exterior coat 6.0 product will'be uniform‘rand of~g0od appearance.;
ing of the resultantV pop. ¿After the paper recep
tacle has been “lined”> with the chocolate- coating
The filling of the Wrapper and the 'after-'handling
of the goods does not require handling of the con
as above described,~the ice cream inA soft condi
tained-product so that while thewrapped prod
tion ispoured or deposited into the compartments
uct may Icost- slightlyvmore than the -knownbag
I0 of the receptacle» When this has¿_been-»done, 65». enclosed ï'commodities; mestlof the expensive ‘maw
the closure naps 8 and 9 are'folded'inwardly-or ,
toward one another and into overlapping position,>
therebylaligning the slots 'I9-and 20 Vsotläa't-'y'the
sticks 2 Iîmay beiris‘erted through the slots to pro->
ject intol the contents of the/receptacle,»leaving»
a portion yof each stick exposed on the `outside of
thegïfnow-#closed «recepta'ble ‘tof later Yserve as‘ a
handle'for each pop. AIn herein referring to the
coating on’th‘e inside of-»the container'as‘fchoco»
latew’tit> is understood 'that'
"` mj v
chinery used in producingï the latter will be dis-pensed with and the resultant product will be more
uniform, better lWrapped and'morel sanitary and
have -numerous other advantages.
i The finished product issuch that the pops can
b_e readily jdispensecl-A by [automatic fvending. maj-chm’é-ë 'or can 'be 'housed' in .a _Suitable container'
carrying shea-ringmeans by which each Wrapped,
p_op {asf'sold'fwi-ll be severed from «the lblockY or
'tti gang; andfthe'vendor'~and consumer of'thefp`r0d-.1~ `
uct willà'appreciate the handling and presentation
Having..zdescribed one. embodiment ofiïthexin
vention', itzi‘si obvious that. thez-sar'n'e is not to.: be
restrictedr thereto but. isv broad. enough toi coverV all
structures’coming withinthe scope of the annexed
with. a tear;- line: on. which one: ofjtheì> pliesi~ may
be separated from the other, the tear lineirinie'acli
partition. beingfdi’sposed in alignment with one
of the tear lines in the receptacle.
A. package for. ice _cream4 pops comprising,
a channel-shaped strip of. paper comprising. side
walls, a bottom,. flaps. extending: from the 4tops . of
the side walls and folded inwardly and into over
lapped relation, each of the flaps having an
aperture, the apertures being located in registry
when the flaps are folded into said overlapped
relation, a stick projecting through the registered
apertures and extending into the ice cream con
6. A packagev fö[email protected] iceïc'r'ea'ïmfï pops comprising,
atrayiof paper'provided-.Withfa plural-ittici spaced
overlapped? _. clçsure
flaps for the top o_f the tray;l sticks inserted
through said- overlapped"Y closure-"flaps between
the partitions and entering: the contentsoiìzthe
tray. and serving as means for.. maintaining` the
closure flapslin overlapped.relation;` and severance
lines across the tray, said lines extending through
the partitions between the double walls thereof.
7. A package for ice cream pops comprising a
strip of paper extending around the sides, top and
bottom of the pop, the ends of the strip overlap
ping on the under side of the pop, a stick extend
tained within the package and holding the flaps
ing through the overlapped parts of the strip and
in such overlapped relation, and spaced end walls
disposed within the strip and in engagement with 20 embedded in the pop and serving to maintain said
parts of the same.
parts of the strip in overlapped relation, and end
2. A package for ice cream pops comprising,
walls within the strip and attached to the strip
and contiguous to the faces of the pop.
a pair of spaced end walls, a substantially U
shaped strip extending around the edges of the
8. lThe method of making and packaging ice
Walls and connected to the same, said strip hav 25 cream pops consisting in filling a channel-shaped,
ing flaps adapted to be folded to lie in overlapped
partitioned paper strip with soft ice cream, closing
relation, and a stick penetrating said overlapped
the top of the strip by folding inwardly to over
flaps and entering into ice cream contained with
lapped position ñaps provided on the strip, in
in the package and serving to hold the over
serting sticks into the ice cream contents through
lapped flaps in their overlapped relation.
the overlapped parts of the flaps to maintain
` 3. A package for ice cream pops as provided
said parts of the strip in overlapped relation and '
for in claim 2, wherein the end walls of the pack
age are provided on their edges with tabs, the
Strip having apertures in its side walls into which
said tabs enter to thereby hold the ends in place
in the strip, and the flaps of the strip being aper
tured to permit of passage of the stick.
4. A package for ice cream pops consisting
of a relatively lengthy channel-shaped paper
receptacle having side walls'and a bottom, the
upper ends of the side walls being provided with
laterally extended flaps, said flaps being adapted
to be folded toward one another into overlapping
relation, each ilap being provided with an aper
ture, the apertures being located in registry when
the flaps are in their overlapped relation to per
mit of a stick to be thrust through said apertures
to reach ice cream contents of the receptacle,
the receptacle being provided in its side Walls, bot
tom and flaps with a plurality of spaced tear 50
allowing portions of said sticks to protrude, and
freezing the ice cream with the sticks in place and
while contained in the strip.
lines, partitions located within the receptacle,
each of said partitions being of double thickness
and provided with a tear line on which one of the
9. The method of making and packaging ice
cream pops comprising, coating the inside walls,
bottom and spaced partitions of a channel-shaped
partitioned paper strip with liquid chocolate and
removing the excess chocolate and allowing a
coating thereof to adhere to the walls and bottom
of the strip, depositing soft ice cream into the
strip and within the chocolate coating, closing
the strip by folding inwardly to overlapped rela
tion flaps on the strip, inserting sticks through
the overlapped parts of the flaps and into the ice
cream contents of the strip and leaving the in
serted sticks protruding from the overlapped
parts to thereby hold the flaps in closed posi
tion, and freezing the ice cream and chocolate
contents of the strip.
10. The method of making ice cream pops com
prising, coating the inside wall surfaces of a par
titioned paper tray with a liquid edible coating,
filling the coated tray with ice cream, closing the
thicknesses may be separated from its companion,
the said tear line being disposed in alignment 55 tray, inserting sticks through overlapped clos
with one of the tear lines provided in the body
ure flaps of the tray to enter into the contents of
of the receptacle.
the tray and hold said ñaps in overlapped rela
5. A package for ice cream pops consisting of
tion, and freezing the contents of the tray.
a relatively lengthy channel-shaped paper re
11. A package for ice cream pops comprising, an
ceptacle having side walls and a bottom, the 60 elongated strip of paper transversely Yfolded to
upper end of the side Walls being provided with
divide it into a top panel, two side panels and a
laterally extended flaps, said flaps being adapted
pair of overlapping flaps constituting a closure
to be folded inwardly and into overlapped rela
for one edge of the body of an ice cream pop, a
tionship, each flap being provided with an aper
ture, the apertures being disposed in registry 65 stick inserted in the pop and protruding there
from and projecting through and beyond the over
lapping flaps, said stick constituting a locking
to permit of a stick to be thrust through the
means Vfor said overlapping flaps and preventing
aligned apertures to reach the ice cream con
opening of the strip without causing tearing of
tained within the receptacle, the receptacle being
provided in its walls and bottom and ñaps with 70 at least one of said flaps, a pair of end walls
contiguous to opposite faces of the pop, said end
spaced tear lines, partitions located within the
receptacle, said partitions having edge tabs, the
walls fitting within the folded Strip at points
receptacle having apertures receiving the tabs to
inwardly of the longitudinal edges of said strip,
when the flaps are in their overlapped relation
thereby retain the partition in position, each of
the strip being provided with slits adjacent to said
the partitions being `of double-ply and provided 75 edges and the end walls having edge tongues en»
gaging said s'lîts to thereby attach >the end. walls
tothe strip. '
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