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Jan. 29, 1952
c, Q, DlcKs
Fileid Jan. 17, 1946
<9, ‘ 7?
472‘ 5w 3} g
f5 4/71' A
Patented Jan. 29, 1952
maniacs or'Dicks, Detroit, Mia...
iiippllcaltionlanuary'17, 194's, ‘Serial‘No. 6411796
41 Claim. T‘ (c1. 101-'-1i2s;2)
" This invention "relates "to improvements ‘in
Fig. ‘3 is the same as Fig. "2 with the stencil
cut-out applied to the painted ‘portion of the
masking devices, “and more "particularly ‘to an
‘improved ‘stencil‘for‘u‘s'e 'i'nlapplying “lettering “and
surface and an over-a1l‘coat of ‘paint indicated.
Heretofore it has been a major problem to
‘ Fig. 5 is a plan ‘view of two stencils, illustrating
the 'means for "alignment and ‘ spacing thereof.
“numeral indicia to “painted "s'iir-fa'ces.
Fig. ‘ll is a plan ‘view ‘of the stencilecl surface.
apply indicia to ‘a v‘painted surface where the
background paint pigment (and oils have a tend
Fig. 6 ‘is an enlarged sectional view of the
ency to bleed into the usually lighter color paint
stencil, taken on line 56-46 ‘of‘Fig. 1.
utilized in ‘producing the indicia. ‘For ‘example,
The stencil sheet 3 Eis formed'of ipaperl‘oriother
if white lettering is applied to ‘Ia-red paintback 10 suitable material and "comprises ‘a body portion
ground, there is ‘a tendency‘for thered color of
the background coat "to bleed into the lettering,
'4 having a figure or other “cut-‘out idesign pro
vided therein, indicated'by cu‘trline‘slt. The cut
out design is removably ‘attached ‘to 1the ‘body
portion 4 by “meansii'o‘f bridges Ior tear portions,
or the like 6, to provide'anindicia ‘forming por
tion 7,‘ and the incised ‘edges of ‘the said portion
1 being contiguous ‘to the correspondingly in~
portions ‘of the body portion '4. The center
portions 3 of numerals, ‘such as 4 and 8, or the
thereby causing a loss of sharp and clear de?ni
tion ‘thereof.
“ Further, there/“hasbeen the v‘c‘nnhipresent prob
lem of quickly,[email protected] aligning
‘and spacing individual letters“ ‘‘numerals from
one another when a plurality of -‘such'i‘ndi‘cia is
to be applied to-a surface. Itii'sln‘e’cessary in many
‘instances to space ‘letters *i-inifor'mly and "accu
rately ‘in ‘order to conform to. governmental idle
rectives, as, for example, when applying required
like, are similarly ré‘m'ovablyiattached and con
tiguous to the indiciaifo'rming iportio'nlas lby tear
indicia to airplanes and motor vehicles.
One of the principal objects of this invention is
to provide a stencil which may be utilized to
apply indicia to a surface prior to or subsequent
to the application of a background coat of paint
thereto whereby the indicia will be sharply and
clearly de?ned with respect to the background.
Other objects of this invention are to provide 1
a stencil having an indicia forming portion there~
of which may be removed from the body of the
stencil for use independently of the said body
portion and whereby the said body portion may
portions 6. The back of the stencil sheet is pro
vided with a permanently tacky adhesive 9, tov
which is affixed a creped paper backing It as
described in my United States Letters Patent No.
2,427,447, dated September 16, 1947 for “Stencil
and Process of Making Same,” wherein the said
crepe paper is formed with pronounced rugosities,
the longitudinal axes of which lie in a substan
tially common direction and common to the
direction of removal of the stencil sheet from
the backing. The term “indicia-forming portion”
includes the elements 1 and/or 8.
After the adhesive and liner have been posi
be utilized independently of the indicia forming ‘ tioned relative to the mask portion, the cut-out
portion; to provide a novel stencil having means
design is formed by a stamp, die, or other suit
formed integrally therewith to allow accurate,
able means which cuts through the body portion
facile, and uniform spacing and alignment of
and liner backing to sever the indicia forming
indicia formed by the stencil; and to provide a
portion '1 and associated liner from the body
stencil which may be quickly and easily applied 40 portion 5. and associated liner, except for tear
to a surface and conveniently packed and
portions 6.
shipped. Another object is to provide a stencil
The indicia forming portion 1 is easily separa
having a liner which is easily and quickly remov
ble from the body portion 4 in order that each of
able from the gummed surface of the stencil.
said portions may be used independently of the
Further objects and advantages of the novel 45 other. It is noted that the crepe liner may be
stencil will become apparent upon reference to
removed from either portion ‘I, or portion 4, or
the following description and the drawings which
form a part hereof.
Notches II are provided in each corner of the
Referring to the drawings, in which similar
stencil and are preferably right angle cut-outs,
characters of reference represent corresponding 50 as illustrated in the drawings, of uniform depth.
parts in the several views:
The notches mentioned are provided to facilitate
Fig. 1 is a plan view of the stencil.
alignment and spacing of the stencil body por
Fig. 2 is a plan view of the stencil and a surface,
tions. The spacing between cut-out designs
partially painted, to which the stencil is to be
formed in adjacently disposed body portions (Fig.
5) is determined by the depth of cut of the
notches. Hence, it it is desired to space adjoin
ing indicia closer together than the distances
between the marginal edges of the body portions
and out-out designs, notches are formed in the
corners of the stencils to a depth equal to one
manner to serve as a masking device over an al
ready painted surface. Thus body portion 4 (Fig.
3) may be positioned over a painted or unpainted
surface and paint applied thereover to produce
the represented indicia.
While the invention has been described in more
or less detail for purposes of example and illus
tration, it is understood that changes, variations
and modi?cations may be practiced within the
stencils is indicated in Fig. 5 and shows the in
terlocking of the stencil sheets which provides 10 scope of the appended claim.
half of the spacing desired between adjacent edges
of the cut-out designs.
The overlapping of marginal edges of adjacent
a better positioning and alignment of the adja
cent sheets than has heretofore been possible.
I claim:
A. stencil structure comprising an adhesive
. backed stencil sheet and liner positioned over the
It is noted that the indicia forming portion 1
adhesive and removably attached thereto forming
‘may be removed from ‘a stencil and used to blank
out a painted surface; For example, if indicia 15 a stencil body portion, an indicia forming por
tion de?ned by an outer discontinuous incisure,
in white is to be applied to a red background it is
an inner center portion within the indicia forming
not desirable to have the white indicia super
portion de?ned by an inner discontinuous in
posed over the red because the red pigment and
cisure, and minute bridges of stencil sheet and
oils will tend to bleed into the white indicia and
spoil the clarity of de?nition thereof. For pur 20 liner material located between the cuts compris
ing each of said discontinuous incisures connect
poses of illustration, it is assumed that it is de
ing the body portion of the stencil structure to
sired to produce red indicia in contrast to a blue
the indicia forming portions and connecting the
‘background and it is desired that there be no
indicia forming portion to said inner center por
bleeding of pigments and oils therebetween. An
area of the surface l3 large enough to accom 25 tion.
modate the desired indicia is painted red, as at
l4 in Fig. 2, then the indicia forming portion 1 is
appropriately positioned and aiiixed to the said
red painted surface, and the blue paint I5 is then
The following references are of record in the
applied to the overall surface, as in Fig. 3. When 30 ?le of this patent:
the paint is dry, portion 1 is removed and the
indicia is complete (Fig. 4). In this manner
there is no bleeding and interchange of pigments
and oils through the indicia coloring.
Wood ___________ __’_,July 7, 1874
The stencil sheet, with liner removed, may
be applied to the surface to be lettered and the
desired portion, either body or indicia forming
Dana ____________ __ June 11, 1878
Gould ___________ __ June 9, 1931
Behee ___________ __ May '7, 1940
portion, removed after positioning and align
Daniels _________ __ June 24, 1941
Wartha _____ __,___-_ Aug. 5, 1941
Leander ____..__-___-_ Aug. 28, 1945
Dicks __--_,__,______ Sept. 16. 1947
ment of the lettering on the said surface. It is
noted that the body portion, with indicia form (ii)
ing portion removed, can be used in the usual
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