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June 17, 1952
Filed Dec. 5, 1945
J1me 17, 1952
Filed Dec.- 5. 1945
Maaboi' zze
Patented June 17, 1952
2,600,558 ’
NONROTARY isoia'isin
Pam Nl‘al‘iborgne, Niort, France
Applicationheceniber 5, 1945, ‘seria'int. 2532,83?
In France October 31, 1944
Section 1‘, Public Law 690,'Ai1'gu'st 8, v‘1946
Pateiit'eipires October 31, 1964
4 ‘claims. (01. "242-s4.'4)
The present invention relates to ?shing reels.
More speci?cally, this invention relates to
?shing reels of the type having a non rotary
drum: that is, a drum which does not rotate
in the bearings II and I2 which are solid with
the reel housing (not shown).
Keyed on the ‘spindle I0 is a worm gear l-3
meshes with a toothedwheel 14 secured
as the bait is cast.
5 which
to thespindle 5. vAstop l-5 limits the displace
In most ?shing reels of this type, the line,
ments towards the left (see Fig. 1) vof the spin
after it has been cast, must be vrewou'nd on the
dle l0 and of the parts secured on this spindle.
drum by some sort of line vpick-up device. Such
The operation is as follows:
a pick-up usually constitutes an arm rotatable
To adjust the reel so that the :parts thereof
around the drum and under the control of a 10 are in position for vcasting, the ?sherman. by
crank v‘or handle ‘actuated by the ?sherman.
means of his crank, rotates the wheels *4 and
vSuch ?shing reels have the disadvantage that,
[4 in the direction shown ‘by the “arrow 4 in
when the line is running out in a. cast, it may
Fig. 1. This causes the worm gear It to move
possibly form a loop around the projecting pick‘
towards the vleft in Fig. 1 against the bearing
up arm, and becoine ‘entangled therewith or
l i, and the ring‘ 6 in turn moves toa position -re
mote from the drum ‘1. The-line -2 is thengfree
An important object resides in the provision
to unwind from the'drum ‘and the 'ring'?phav
of a ?shing reel of the character ‘described in
ing no projection thereon, does not constitute
even broken.
_ v
which the rotatable '?yei, carrying the line Dick- ,
up ring, and the drum are axially slideable 'rel
atively to one another to ‘either a're'mote. line
casting position or an adjacent, line-rewinding
Other objects and advantages- will become
apparent, or be further pointed out
scription to follow.
the de
As an example, ‘and for purposes or illustra
ftion only, a preferred embodiment Tof‘ the in‘
an obstruction or “source of danger ‘to the vun
winding line.
When it is desired "to rewind the line vonth'e
drum, the crank is rotated in the direction in
dicated by arrow II in Fig. “1. The worm "gear
[-3 is thus displaced by the toothed wheel ‘M
to a position against bearing 12. The ‘ring *6,
in turn, moves into va position encircling ‘drum.
I. When the worm gear '13 is in ‘abutting {po
sition with bearing ‘[2, further relation of ~wheel
I4 causes corresponding ‘rotation of gear t3,
30 and hence of the pick-up Iri-ng 6,.in1the *direc
Fig. '1 shows ‘a diagrammatic forth ‘of the fish'
tion indicated by the arrow For "Fig. "1. rEhe
ing reel, the several parts being vin position for
line -2, which bears against the rotating v‘ring, is
then picked up by the notch 1 -_and is wound
Fig. 2 is a view similar to Fig. '1, ‘in which the
upon the drum. Meanwhile, the connecting [rod
parts are in the position for rewindihg the-line,
3, pivoted on the rotating ‘wheel *4, is ‘caused
Fig. 3 is an axial longitudinal section of a pre
by the latter to impart a'reci-procating mot-ion
'ferred form of construction ‘ofthe reel, _v ’
to the drum which 'enablesthedine-to ibeievenly
Fig. 4 'is a plan ‘view of the reel ‘of Fig.v 3,
distributed thereon.‘
Fig. 5 is a partial cross section through the
Obviously, from the above, the reel
axis of the crank, and
. W
40 simple in construction vwhilst giving a maximum
Fig. 6 is a section along the lined-5'6 of Fig.
of protection to the-line.
Referring to the drawings, ‘wherein‘thefsame
It will be clear ‘that, insteadfof "having “the
vention is shown ‘in the annexed ‘drawings,
reference characters denote corresponding ‘parts
throughout, Figs. 1 and‘2 showfth'at the reel“ is
v‘comprised mainly ‘of 'a-drum I, ‘carrying a 41116
12, and. connected by means 1'01’ a rod _13 with a
wheel 4 keyed on the‘spi'ndlet ‘of the 'usual
pick-up displaced longitudinally between vthe
casting and rewinding operation, ‘the "drum
45 might be subjected toy-such displacement. And,
in ‘ order to distribute the jline =evenly~ inrewind
ing, the pick-up, rather than the ‘drum, might
hand crank. This crank-is not shown/but may
be imparted a reciprocatingmotion. 0r either
be of any ‘type ‘suitable to be ‘operated by the
one of these parts~might;~be “held stationary
50 whilst the other-performsall longitudinal- move
A ring 6, having ‘a notch "l therein, is se
cured on a support 8 of any suitable shape,
which itself is mounted “through themedium
brake '9 of any preferred construction, tupon a I
preferred constructional formmorj-thegreel
of the present;inventiomis- shown :in1~F!igs._;~3 ~lto
6. In this embodiment,‘ it-eis v‘the --line_;pick-up
spindle in. This spindle is slidably journalled 65 member which undergoes the reciprocating ax
ial movement during the rewinding operation,
whilst both the pick-up and the drum are dis
placed axially to mutually remote positions
prior to casting.
Fig. 3 shows that the pick-up 29 of the reel
constitutes a closed ring having a line-engaging
beak 2i thereon, and is af?xed to a suitably
shaped ?yer 22. This flyer in turn, is rigidly
mounted centrally on one end of a shaft 23.
The shaft 23 extends into casing 24 of the reel
and is rotatably and slidably journalled in
two bearings 25 and 26 rigidly secured in the
Plate 43 is also provided with a pin 41 projecting
from the surface thereof and this latter enters
into slot 48 of strap 28 and slideably engages
the latter. Since the strap is secured for axial
movement with shaft 23, the latter, together
with ?yer 22, will have imparted thereto a
reciprocating axial movement upon rotation of
spindle 4D.
The crown gear 42 has secured thereto a pawl
49 engageable with the teeth of ratchet wheel
4i so that, when the latter is rotated in a counter
clockwise direction (Figs. 5 and 6), gear 42 also
rotates and, through worm gear 21, drives shaft
23. By means of any suitable friction pad such
the shaft has keyed thereto a worm gear 21. 15 as 50, pivotally secured to casing 24, crown gear
42 may be prevented from rotating in the opposite
It is also provided with a slotted strap 28, the
purposes of which will be hereinafter described.
If desired, leaf springs such as 5| may be
At the end facing flyer 22, the casing 24
between plate 43 and gear 42 so as
widens out and has formed thereon a circular
?ange 29. Around this ?ange, a drum holder 20 to tend to hold these two members in frictional
30, having a projecting circumferential ring 3|,
The reel operates as follows:
is rotatably and slidably ?tted. A plate 32,
To bring the parts into position for casting,
formed on drum holder 30 at the edge thereof
the crank is rotated in clockwise (Figs. 5 and 6)
nearest the flyer, projects inwardly towards
shaft 23 and is rigidly secured to the drum l9 25 direction. As described, pin 44 engages hook 31
and draws the drum away from flyer 22, which
of the reel. This drum encircles, but is not se
latter is meanwhile being displaced in the oppo
cured to, shaft 23, since, in accordance with
site direction owing to the co-operation of pin
reels of this type, the drum does not rotate
41 with strap ‘28. The pins 44 and 41 are so
during the casting operation.
located on their respective plates that the drum
The plate 32 of the drum holder is retained, 30 and ?yer reach a maximum mutually distant
together with elements of a drum-braking mecha
position as the abutment 38 approaches abutting
nism hereinafter described, between the ?anges
position with spindle 49. As the latter two
of a double-?anged collar 33. This collar en
members come into contact, the moving parts
circles the shaft, or any suitable sleeve 34 se
of the reel are locked, for the shape of hook 31
cured to bearing 25, and is slidable thereon. To 35 prevents further rotation of the crank, whilst
one of the flanges of the collar is pivotally
pin 44, which has moved just past the position
secured an arm 35, a spring 36 being disposed
shown in dotted lines in Fig. 6, is prevented from
between this arm and collar 33 in order to main
inadvertently being released from the locked
tain the former in the inoperative position shown
position by the force of spring 45 tending to
in full outline in Fig. 6. The free end of the 40 drive the crank onward.
arm is shaped in the form of a hook 31, whilst
It will be understood that, for the casting posi
midway between the ends a suitable bend is
tion, the flyer and pick-up are in the position
formed in the rod or arm in order to provide an
indicated by dotted lines in Fig. 4. In bringing
abutment 38. Hook 31 and abutment 38 are
the parts of the reel to this position, crown gear
adapted to engage the cranking. mechanism of
42 and worm gear 21 do not rotate.
the reel as presently described.
In order to rewind the line, the reel has only
A hand-crank 39 of any suitable shape is pro
to be cranked in the opposite, or counterclock
vided, and drives into the reel by means of a
wise (Fig. 6) direction. Pin 44 is then rotated in
spindle 40 which enters casing 24 perpendicular
a direction to disengage hook 31, thus allowing
to shaft 23. Inside the casing, spindle 48 has, 50 the collar 33 and drum 1!] to be driven outwardly
in succession, a ratchet wheel 4i keyed thereto,
to a position where the former abuts against
a crown gear 42 rotatably mounted thereon and
stop 46 and the latter is encircled by pick-up
a circular plate 43 bolted to the end thereof.
ring 20.
Figures 5 and 6 show how rod 35 works with
Meanwhile, crown gear 42 is rotated as has
the cranking mechanism. A spring 36 holds the 55 been described and drives, in turn, the shaft 23
rod 35 in the position shown in full lines in
and pick up 29. The line-engaging beak 2! then
Figure 6. Projecting from wheel 4| is a pin
catches the line and, owing to the reciprocating
44 and, upon rotation of spindle 49 in a clock
axial motion as well as the rotation of the
wise direction, this pin engages hook 31 and dis
pick-up and flyer, distributes the line evenly
places the rod, together with collar 33, towards the 60 around drum 19.
right in Fig. 4, while upon rotation of spindle 49
It will be understood that, when a ?sh strikes
anticlockwise no such engagement of pin 44 and
the bait, or is being played on the line, the reel
hook 31 will occur, rod 35 being withdrawn from
will almost invariably be in position for rewind
engagement "with pin 44 by the action of spring
ing. For this reason, and in order to prevent
35. By this means, the drum is displaced away 65 breakage of the line, the drum of the reel, even
from the ?yer and the pick-up prior to casting.
though of the non-rotary casting type, must
Inside the casing, between bearings 25 and 26,
Longitudinally coiled in casing 24, and pressing
(through the intervening drum-braking system
be able to revolve in order to feed line out of
the pick-up during such times as the ?sh makes
to be later described) against collar 33, is a
spring 45. This spring tends to hold the drum 70 sudden, strong attempts to attain freedom.
For this purpose, any suitable friction-braking
in an outward position closest to ?yer 22 where
mechanism which prevents the drum from ro
the outer ?ange of collar 33 is pressed against
tating except under a predetermined stress may
a projecting stop 46 on sleeve 34 of bearing 25.
provided in the reel.
Hence spring 45 is compressed when the drum
and collar are drawn inwardly by pin 44.
A suitable brake is shown in Fig. 3. In this
case, a friction washer 52 is provided between
means rotatable in one direction for imparting
the ?anges of collar 33 and is pressed against
relative axial motion to at least one of the drums
plate 32 of the drum holder by means of a pad
and rings thereby to displace them to mutually
53, this latter being forced through a slot in
remote positions and in the other direction to
the inner collar ?ange by a spring 54. The other 5 return
them to a position wherein the ring
end of spring 54 abuts against a bolt 55 which
encircles the drum and for rotating the ring in
is threaded through a cup 56 against the other
drum-encircling position thereby to wind in
side of which latter the spring 45 exerts pres
the line.
sure. Extending into casing 24 from cup 56,
4. In a ?shing reel including a drum arranged
the shank of bolt 55 ?ts non-rotatably and slide 10
to hold a line, a reel casing, a shaft rotatably
ably into the hollow shank of a bolt 51, and this
and axially slideably journalled in said casing,
latter has a knurled head 58 disposed outside the
drum being concentric with said shaft and
casing whereby adjustment may be e?eoted of
mounted in non rotatable, axially-slideable rela
the combined force with which springs 45 and
tionship on said ‘casing in position for delivery
54 press against the members associated with 15 of
line, and a ?yer keyed to said shaft having
the drum holder. By this means, the stress at
a line pick-up ring thereon adjacent the line
which plate 32 will begin to slip, and thus allow
delivering side of the drum: a crank having a
drum I9 to rotate, is rendered adjustable to
spindle rotatably journalled in said casing per
any desired predetermined value.
By means of the projecting ring 3| of drum 20 pendicular to said shaft, means connecting said
spindle with said shaft comprising a wheel keyed
holder 30, such slipping or rotating of the drum
to the spindle having a protruding pin thereon,
may be arrested at will by ?rmly placing a
a strap slideable with the shaft having a slot
?nger on this ring.
therein perpendicular to the latter, said pin
The reel may also be provided with suitable
sealing members such as 59, slideably disposed 25 slideably engageable in said slot whereby rota
tion of the wheel causes reciprocating axial mo
between the drum and ?yer. These would
tion of the shaft, a gear keyed to said shaft, and a
prevent dust, moisture, etc., from entering the
crown gear on said spindle rotatable therewith in
reel casing.
one direction only and engageable with the worm
In order to render disassembly of the reel a
gear to rotate the latter, a spring in said casing
30 arranged to urge said drum towards said ?yer,
connected by a frame, or a suitably slotted and
and means arranged to connect the spindle with
notched sleeve, and then secured to casing 24
the drum comprising a wheel keyed to the spindle
by means of a single bolt 60. Moreover, the
having a projection thereon, a rod pivoted to the
housing 24 might be provided with an access
drum having a hooked extremity engageable with
plate or cover 6| securable in closed position by
said projection and a bent portion therein,
means of the single, knurled-headed, screw 62.
whereby rotation of the spindle in one direction
Such means render it easy for a ?sherman to
causes said projection to engage the hooked ex
have access to the reel mechanism in order to
of said rod and displace the drum away
clean, oil and carry out repairs of the latter.
from the ?yer, said displacement of the drum
What I claim is:
1. In a ?shing reel including a drum arranged 40 being limited by the abutment of the bent por
tion of said rod with the spindle to prevent
to hold a line and mounted for free delivery of
rotation of the crank and to lock the
the line therefrom substantially axially of the
parts of the reel in position for delivery of line,
drum, the drum being held against rotation
whereby rotation of the crank in one direction
during delivery of the line, and a line pick-up
causes axial displacement of the pick-up and
ring arranged to encircle the drum, the provision
drum to mutually-remote positions and in the
of single means rotatable in one direction for
other direction causes axial displacement and
axially displacing the ring to a position remote
rotation of the pick-up and axial displacement
from the drum and in the other direction to
the drum to positions where the former en
return the ring to a position encircling the drum
circles the latter and rotates therearound to
and for rotating the ring to wind in the line in
rewind line thereon.
drum-encircling position.
simple operation, bearings 25 and 26 might be
2. In a ?shing reel including a drum arranged
to hold a line and mounted for free delivery of
the line therefrom substantially axially of the
drum, the drum being held against rotation 65 The following references are of record in the
during delivery of the line, and a line pick-up - ?le of this patent:
ring arranged to encircle the drum, the pro
vision of single means rotatable in one direction
for axially displacing the drum to a position
23, 1943
remote from the ring and in the other direction
Lowe ____________ __ Mar. 14, 1944
to return the drum to a position encircled by
the ring and for rotating the ring to wind in
the line in drum-encircling position.
3. In a ?shing reel including a drum arranged
to hold a line and mounted for free ‘delivery of 65
the line substantially axially of the drum, the
drum being held against rotation during delivery
of the line, and a line pick-up ring arranged
to encircle the drum, the provision of single
of 1907
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Great Britain ____ __ Mar.
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