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Aug. 12, 1952
D. J, M„_,_ER
Filed July l0, 1947
Aug. 12, 1952
Filed July 10, 194'?
¿7ans/a’ JIM/Zei
Patented Aug. 12, 1952
.lìunald J. Miller, Los Angeles, Calif., assigner, by
mesne assignments, to The B. F. Goodrich Com
pany, Akron, Ohio, a corporation of _New York
Application July 10, 1947, Serial N0. 760,155
d Claims. (Cl. ‘I6-456)
This Ainvention relates to a doll or similar ar
ticle and a method of making same and is par
ticularly concerned with a doll having surface
portions simulating the feel of human skin and
an inner rubber shell is deposited, the shell and
the latex tank being shown in section;
Fig. 3 is a view in elevation of the inner shell
on the form after the shell is dried and dusted
a preferred method of making same.
with soapstone;
The objects of this invention include providing
an article having a construction whereby portions
of the surface simulate the feel of skin, and pro
viding a simple method for making such an
article.; and particularly providing a doll of pleas
ing »appearance and durable construction in
which at least the body and limb portions have
surfaces simulating the feel of human skin.
Other objects'will be >apparent from the descrip
tion which follows.
Dolls and similar varticles are conventionally
made of life-like appearance fromthe standpoint
of both shape and coloring. Such dolls are nor
mally made from many materials including ilex
Fig. 4 is a view in elevation and partly in sec
tion of the treated inner shell being coated'with
Fig. 5 is a view in elevation of the immersion
of the inner shell, mounted on the form, yin rub
ber latex whereby a thin nonadhering outer skin
of rubber is deposited over the tack-free inner
shell, the outer skin and the latexv tank ‘being
shown in section;
Fig. 6 is a fragmentary perspective view of the
body portion of the doll after vulcanization.;
Fig. 7 is a section taken on ’line 'l-'I of Fig. `6;`
Fig. 8 is a fragmentary perspective view'of a
ñnished doll embodying this invention, part
ible material such as vulcanized rubber or in
thereof being broken away and in section for
iiexible material such as papier-mâché, which
may be molded into a life-like ñgure of the de
sired color. Itis desirable, however, to make the
article in a manner whereby the article feels life
-li-ke, the illusion being created by providing a
surface simulating the feel of skin.
I have discovered that a construction compris
clarity of illustration; and
ing an inner portion normally having the shape
The form may be of any suitable impervious ma
terial such as glass, aluminum, thermoset resin‘or
of the doll and a thin flexible outer portion over
Fig. 9 is a fragmentary view in section of an
alternative construction embodying this inven
In the preferred method of makingk a doll em
bodying this invention, a form It is provided hav
ing the shape of the body and legs of the doll.
lying and ,conforming `to the contour of the inner 30 similar material, but preferably comprises either
portion but separate _from and 'free to move rela
porcelain or stainless steel. Form I0 is first
coated with a coagulant for latex preferably >by
tive tothe inner portion will >provide a doll hav
dipping the form in a solution of coagulant in a
ing a >surface texture or feel which is extremely
suitable solvent as shown in Fig. 1. Form >HJ :is
.The doll or similar article embodying this in 35 removed from the coagulant bath and the ad.
herent coagulant ñlm is preferably dried, either
vention-preferably comprises .a hollow inner shell
partially or completely, before proceeding
of a vulcanized rubber, the shell being stuffed
with va suitable filler material, and an outer layer
The coagulant composition employed in prac
of a vulcanized rubber Vpositioned over the inner
shell `and lying contiguous thereto over sub 40 tising this invention may include any of the well
known coagulants for latex, as for example wa
stantially the extent of the inner shell but ad
hered to the inner shell in but .a few widely spaced
ter-soluble acids or polyvalent Vmetal salts dis
local zones.
solved in a suitable solvent. A saturated solution
of calcium nitrate in acetone is particularly
The method of making'a doll constituting a
preferred embodiment of vthis invention is best 45 suitable.
illustrated by reference to the accompanying
The coagulant-coated form is then dipped into
an aqueous dispersion of a vulcanizable rubbery
material as shown in Fig. 2. The form ID is im
mersed in the latex for a time sufficient to de
Of the drawings:
Fig. 1 is a view in eleva-tion of a suitably shaped
form immersed in a coagulant solution as the 50 posit an inner shell Il of vulcanizablecoagulant
ñrst step in making a doll by the preferred meth
preferably 0.025”--'Q.040” thick uniformly over
od, the coagulant-containing tank being shown in
form lil.
The particular latex employed is largely a
Fig. 2 is va View in elevation of the` coagulant
matter of choice. For example, theïlatices which
coated form immersed in rubber :latex whereby 55 may be used include natural rubber’latices or any
suitable vulcanizable synthetic rubber latices in
cluding latices of such materials as chloroprene
or isoprene polymers; copolymers of butadiene
and similar materials with styrene or acrylonitrile
or similar copolymerizable monomers; and other
rubbery materials. It is only necessary that the
material be deposited in a uniform impervious
layer conforming closely to the shape of the form
In an alternative construction as shown in Fig.
9, inner shell 2l is of suflicient thickness to main
tain its shape without the use of filler material
and a relatively thin outer layer 22 is deposited
thereover as described above after shell 2| has
been surface treated.
The body and limb portions of the doll may be
made as a single unitary article or may be made
separately and assembled later as desired, The
an elastic coagulum layer. The latex may, of li) method is also applicable to the manufacture of
articles other than dolls of human shape. Aní
course, also include the commonly employed vul
mal dolls may be made in a similar manner; and
canizing agents and accelerators therefor, soft
if desired, simulated fur may be secured to the
eners, fillers, reinforcing materials, color pig
outer skin in any of the usual well known ways.
ments, etc., in accordance with known latex com
Articles embodying this invention are prefer
pounding technique.
ably formed by deposition of latex as set forth in
Form Iû with its deposited inner shell II is
detail. The inner and outer layers may, however,
removed from the latex and dried either in air or
be made separately and the outer layer` then po
in an oven. The surface of shell I I is then treat
sitioned over the inner layer in contiguous rela
ed to bring the surface into a non-tacky condi
tion except in a few local zones such as the arm 20 tion. The inner layer may be molded and then
used as a deposition form for the outer layer or
sockets I2, I2 and the neck portion I3 (Fig. 2).
other similar methods of obtaining a laminated
The surface treatment preferably comprises dust
ing the surface with a powdery non-tacky water
structure may be used.
Any nlm-forming resilient materialmaybe used
insoluble covering material such as soapstone,
talc, mica or similar material Which is relatively 25 in practising this invention so that in addition to
inert, or alternatively treating the surface with
the vulcanizable rubbers already enumerated
such materials as plasticized polyvinyl chloride,
chlorine to bring it into a tack-free condition.
During the surface treatment the arm sockets
polyvinylidene chloride or similar materials may
I2, I2 and the neck portion I3 may be covered by
also be used.
protective patches I4, I 4 which are thereafter 30
An article made in accordance with this in
removed. Similar protection may be provided for
vention has surface portions simulating the feel
of human skin. A doll embodying this invention
other local zones if desired.
The treated shell I I on form I0 is then coated
is durable and of pleasing appearance. The doll
with coagulant as previously described and as
or similar article is readily made by a few simple
and preferably forming a resilient or desirably
shown in Fig. 4. The coated article is dipped into 35 steps.
the latex bath again as shown in Fig. 5 and main
tained in the bath until a relatively thin outer
layer I5 of the order of 0.015”--0.020” thick is
deposited uniformly over the inner shell I I. The
The invention has been described in consider
able detail with reference to a preferred embodi
ment and the method for making same but it will
be understood that variations and modifications
form I0 and its deposited coagulum layers II 40 may be effected Within the spirit and scope of
and I5 are removed from the latex and the co
the invention as defined in the appended claims.
agulum is washed and dried. The thickness of
I claim:
the outer layer may be varied somewhat depend
1. A doll member the surface of which simu
ing upon the material of which it is formed but
lates the feel of human skin, said member com
is preferably substantially of the thickness de
prising a resilient inner portion normally having
the shape of said member, a layer 0f lubricant at
The dried inner and outer layers II and I5
substantially the entire outer face of said inner
are then vulcanized on the form in the usual
portion, and a thin flexible outer portion com
manner. If desired, the neck portion I3 may be
prising impervious rubber-like material overlying
rolled back to form a bead I6 before vulcaniza
substantially the entire outer face of said inner
tion. During vulcanization, outer layer I5 fuses
portion contiguous thereto and movable with re
to inner shell I I only in those local zones of shell
spect to said inner portion, said outer portion
I I which were untreated, as for example, the arm
being secured to said inner portion only at iso
sockets I2, I2. Over the remainder of the extent
lated local zones.
of inner shell I I, the outer layer I5 remains non
2. A doll, the surface of which simulates the
adherent and free to move relative to inner shell
feel of human skin, said doll comprising a head
Il. The vulcanization causes outer layer I5 to
member and a resilient body member, said body
permanently retain its close ñtting condition over
member comprising a resilient inner portion
shell II.
normally having the shape of said member, a
The vulcanized article is then stripped from 60 layer of lubricant at substantially the entire outer
the form I0 and is stuffed with a suitable filler
face of said inner portion, and an outer portion
material I'I such as textile fibers, rags, or similar
substantially completely overlying and contigu
yielding materials. Arms I8, I8 made in a
ous to said inner portion and movable with re
similar manner are provided and attached to the
spect thereto over substantially the extent there
body by any suitable means. A head I9 is pro 65 of, said outer portion comprising a relatively thin
vided and is attached to the body portion by any
flexible element comprising impervious rubber
of the well known means of attachment. In the
like material and being adhered to said inner por
tion only in widely spaced local zones.
3. A doll member, the surface of which simu
lates the feel of human skin, said member com
prising a thin resilient hollow inner portion
preferred embodiment, head I9 is preferably of
papier-mâché or similar inñexible material such
as plaster, clay, etc., and is provided with an an
nular groove 20 which engages rolled bead I6 of
the neck portion I3. If desired, the head may be
made of a vulcanzed rubber as set forth herein
above or may comprise a single shell of vul
canized rubber.
normally having the shape of said member, ñller
material filling said inner portion, a layer of lu
bricant at substantially the entire outer face of
75 said inner portion, and an outer portion' posi
tíoned over substantially the entire extent of and
contiguous to said inner portion and movable
with respect thereto over substantially the extent
thereof, said outer portion comprising a relatively
over substantially the extent thereof, said outer
layer being adhered to said inner shell only in
widely spaced local zones.
thin flexible member comprising a continuous
layer of vulcanized rubber, said outer portion
being secured to said inner portion only in Widely
The following references are of record in the
file of this patent:
spaced local zones.
4. A doll having surface areas thereof simulat
ing the feel of human skin, said doll comprising
joined resilient body and limb portions and a
relatively inflexible head attached to said body
portion, each said body and limb portion compris
ing a thin-walled hollow inner shell of a vul
canized rubber normally having the shape of said
portion, a layer of lubricant at substantially the
entire outer face of said shell, a yielding ñller ma
terial ñlling the interior of said hollow inner
shell, and a relatively thin outer layer of a vul
canized rubber substantially completely overlying
said inner shell and movable with respect thereto
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