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Oct, 7, 1952
c. c. GRANGER’
Filed. liay 27, 1949
_ Charles 6‘. Granger
WM 19%;,
Patented Oct. 7, 1952
Charles.‘ C...
I» ‘i
‘ _ i‘ ‘
Application May-‘27,1949pSei-ial No. 95,747
2 Claims. (ct-158.4491)
This invention relates to certain new ‘and use
ful improvements in oil burners and has refer
once, more particularly stated, to. one‘which is
admirably well designedand: suited forremcient
performance when. used inia. tobacco .dryingand
curing barn, as a general rule, in combination
with necessary stack and ?ue means: and several
other hurnersofj'the same construction. 1 '
Figure 3 is .a. vertical sectional view‘ on ‘the
line 3-3 ‘of Figure 1 locking in the direction of
the arrows.
The burner proper‘is denoted by the. numeral
'5. and this supportsth‘e name spreader 6i and said
parts '5‘ and. 6, when assembled, are jacketedwith
in the con?nes of the triple-part housing. ‘
The ‘burner’ 5 is a one-piece‘ casting and is
characterized by an oil ring which takes the form
turally, ‘functionally and otherwise improve‘ up-‘ .10 of a channel whose inner‘wall is denoted‘ ‘at l
on drying and curing. burners which have" been
and outer wall at 8. Projecting‘horlzontally and
devised by others for the same purposes byrpro
radiating from the outer wall and in. a planewith
viding a novel construction, which, even ‘though
thebottom of the channel‘is‘ a circular ?ange 9
relatively small in size as burners go, is. actually
having a marginal upstanding‘lip i0“ de?ning an
a. heavy duty‘ appliance in that it draws inmoise
. oil over?ow and drainage trough. ‘The support
tened air from moist tobacco and, as a result, de
ing feet or legs ‘are denoted by the numeral H.
velops a good ?ame with resultant eiTec-tive heat
The oil deliverypipe or ‘line (‘which attaches to
ing and rapid tobacco drying. l i
an oil drum) ‘is denoted at V2 and the drainage
Another object of the. invention is to provide
pipe or line I3. and the ?rstipipe I2 connects with
a structure which is susceptible of‘ ready and eco
.‘the oil ring and the Second pipe [3 with.‘ the oil
nomical manufacture and‘ sale and is such in
over?ow trough as brought out in Figure 3. Pipe
overall construction that‘it makes for more ex
‘ l3 attaches, at its opposite end, with an oil‘sump
pedient assembling and installation and,‘ there
(not shown). The conical air, de?ector dis of
after, provides for the making of ready‘ repairs
a basal diameter about equal to the diameter of
the air ?ow. passage ll of the oil ring and the
More speci?cally, novelty has to do with. the
‘base of said cone is spaced above the upper edge
speci?c construction of the burner unitv on ‘the
of the wall 1 by‘ way oi lugs l5 which telescope
one hand and they complemental housing on the
into the ring de?ned by the ?ange ‘I and also
other hand, said unitv being‘ singly and collectively
serve to frictionally hold the cone in place “and
‘at the same time provide the air circulating
In carrying ‘out my aims I provide a one-piece
space as illustrated in Figure 3.
‘5 Y. 5
casting with supporting legs‘, a channel forming
The housing is of three-part construction an
an oil ring and ‘an outstanding ?ange ‘with an
characterized by a base or annulus‘ I6 ‘whichsis of
outer marginal lip providing an oil over?ow and
the approximate diameter shown in Figured and
drainage trough.
which surrounds and is spaced from the lip iii.
Then, too, novelty is predicated upon a simple 35 The upper edge portion of the base or annulus I6
readily attachable and detachable cone with
is rabbeted to provide a ledge l1 and this serves
adapting lugs which cone functions as an efficient
to seat, the outer marginal edge or peripherytoi‘
A primary’ object: of the. invention is to-struc
and replacements.
?ame spreader,
the annular air inlet collarv or plate [81‘ The
What is more, novelty has to do with a triple 40 air inlet holes in the plate are ‘denoted by the
part housing characterized by an annular base
numeral 19. The inner peripheral edge‘ipor
which sits on the ?oor and which supports an
tion of the plate has an upstanding endless ‘shoul
attachable air intake plate which latter part, in
turn, serves to support a“ irusto-conical‘hood
"der‘or bead 20 de?ning‘a ledge 2| which ‘seats
the ‘base of the truncated cone, or‘ hood 22. The
which constitutes an e?ective flue insert or ?t 45 cone or hood 22 constitutes'a ?ue vadaptenor
‘ “
coupling which, in practice, telescopes into 'a
Other objects and advantages will become more
downturned end of one branch of a
readily apparent from the following description
?ue assembly (not here shown‘). It will be noted
and the accompanying illustrative drawings.
that the inner peripheral edge of the plate 'IB
In the drawings:
50 is spaced outwardly from the outer channel wall
Figure 1 is a perspective view of a. tobacco
8 to provide a further passageway for incoming
air. The arrows indicate approximately how the
moistened air enters and circulates and thus it
Figure 2 is a perspective view of the oil burner
will be understood that since the base It is im
per se.
55 perforate the air is drawn in by way of the plate
barn-type oil burner constructed in accordance
with my inventive ideas.
openings IS! on a plane approximately even with
the upper open top of the oil ring. Consequent
tegral with, underlying and depending from said
ter of the ?ue adapter 22, an oil ring (7 and 8)
?ange, an air de?ector cone, the base of the lat
ter being of a diameter slightly greater than the
aforementioned air space and having basal lugs
of an outside diameter less than the diameter of
the base of the ?ue adapter 22 and a trough form
ing ?ange 9 of an outside diameter greater than
the diameter of the adapter 22 and of considera
with the inner wall of said channel, and sepa
rate knockdown housing means for said burner
embodying a truncated conical ?ue adapter lined
ly, we have a conical de?ector at the axial cen
telescoping and ?ttingv frictionally in contact
up with theburner, said ?ue adapter being of
bly less diameter than the outside diameter of
the plate I 8. Thus, the parts are precision made 10. a basal diameter larger than said channel and
less than the diameter of said ?ange, support
for correct mechanical coaction with one an—
means spaced radially from and surrounding
other when assembled as shown in the drawings,
said oil ring and trough, said means being of
particularly Figure 3. As previously stated, sev
a height which terminates on a plane with the
eral of these burners are used in ordinary sized
upper open end of said channel, and a ?at plate
tobacco barns and they collectively take in the
between said support means and ?ue adapter,
moistened air from the correspondingly moist
said plate being disposed in a plane with the
tobacco and insure the development of a high
upper open top of said channel.
sweeping ?ame, the production of e?icient heat
2. In a portable tobacco barn oil burner or" the
and rapid drying and consequent curing of the
class shown and described, an oil burner embody
suspended tobacco. There are many and varied
ing a' one-piece‘ casting, the latter including an
styles and types of tobacco curing burners and
annular ‘channel forming an open-top oil ring,
for this reason I ?nd it unnecessary to dwell upon
said channel having inner and outer vertical
how these burners function to bring about effec~
walls, a-circular horizontal ?ange integral with
‘tive tobacco curing results. I am concerned
and radiating from the outer wall of said Chan
primarily with the structural details and their
nel and having an upstanding marginal lip and
relationship and my claims are presented ac
de?ning an oil over?ow and draining trough,
supporting legs attached to and depending from
When installing, be sure to level burner in or—
said ?ange,~an-inverted air de?ector cone, the
der to maintain a balanced ?ame ‘around same.
This can best be done by turning oil control ‘» latter having-basal lugs telescoping and ?tting
frictionally in contact with the upper edge por
valve on until oil ?lls burner plate, then adjust
tion of the inner wall of said channel, the base
until oil is level in plate.
of said cone being spaced above said upper edge,
When lighting the burner, be sure that safe
a ?at annular plate disposed in a horizontal plane
ty cut~off valve is open and properly connected
to cable and fuse link. Open the oil control
valve and wait until oil can be seen in burner
approximatelyeven with the plane of the upper
open side of said channel and overlying said
plate. Turn control valve back to low ?re, satu
ratea small piece of paper in oil and drop it
under burner. Allow about ten minutes for the
trough in vertically spaced parallelism and having
its outer marginal edge projecting beyond the
corresponding marginal edge of said trough and‘
burner to warm up before turning control valve‘ 40 being provided with air circulating holes, means
to a, higher heat stage. . Never light the burner
while it is hot, let it cool until the bare hand can
be held on burner.
supporting the outer peripheral edge of said plate
in the stated plane, the inner peripheral edge
of said plate being in spaced concentric relation
To raise the heat properly open oil control
valves gradually allowing two or three hours for
heat to reach the desired stage, each time tem
perature can be raised in either side of barn by
in respect to the outer Wall of said channel and
the upper surface of said inner edge being pro
vided with an upstanding circular rib spaced
raising controls separately.
and coacting with the latter in de?ning a ledge,
and’a truncated conical ?ue adapter having its
Changes in shape, size, materials and rear- '
rangement of details and parts may be resorted
to in actual practice, so long as they'do not de
part from the spirit of the invention or the scope
of the appended claims, as is well understood.
Having described the invention, What is claimed
as new is:
radially outward from said inner peripheral edge
broad basal end resting on said ledge and held
in place on the latter by way of the encircling
upstanding rib, said adapter surrounding said
de?ector cone in spaced concentric relationship
and having its truncated end extending to a posi
tion well above the apex of said cone.
1. In a portable tobacco barn oil burner of the
class described, a unitary burner casting em
bodying an annular channel circumscribing and
forming an endless oil ring, the inner wall of
The following references are of record in the
said channel de?ning an unobstructed circular air 60 file of this patent: '
circulating space, said channel having means
whereby a fuel oil delivery pipe may be attached
‘ Name
to the bottom of said channel, a circular horizon
McGahan _______ __ Sept. 26, 1893
tal imperforate ?ange integral with and on a
plane with said bottom and radiating from the
outer wall of the channel and having an up
Newcomer et al. ____ Sept. 10, 1912
standing outer marginal lip combining with said
. Marion ___________ __ Sept. 2, 1930
?ange in de?ning a relatively shallow oil over
, Keating et al. ____,__ July 12, 1938
?ow and draining trough, supporting legs in
Miceli ___________ __ June 16, 1942
974,795‘ ,
Hudson _________ __ Nov. 8, 1910
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