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UK NATIONAL PARKS - VOLUNTEER AWARDS Our National Park Volunteers give their time, energy, skills and enthusiasm to help us conserve and enhance the Nation's 15 greatest assets and safeguard them for future generations to experience and enjoy. From maintaining well used footpaths to managing habitats - from Volunteer Rangers who act as our 'eyes and ears' to Gallery Volunteers who man and promote our exhibition centres - our Volunteers contribute a huge amount to protecting and promoting these special places we all love. The UK Association of National Park Authorities (UK ANPA) are looking to recognize and reward the transformative action made by our dedicated NP Volunteers through our UK National Parks Volunteer Awards. The main aims of the Awards can be summarised as:
* To recognise projects, groups or individuals which/who have made either an exceptional contribution to the protection, restoration or conservation of a UK National Park or have promoted better environmental awareness and understanding of it;
* To actively promote others to follow examples of good environmental practices by highlighting what can be achieved;
* To increase public awareness and understanding of the valuable contribution our volunteers make and the significant benefits of environmental and community projects; * To increase positive publicity about the environment in the media.
We will be awarding 'outstanding contribution / achievement' in the following four categories:
* Individual (over 25s) * Young person (25 & under)
* Group * Project Help us find our National Park heroes and give them the recognition they deserve!
The UK National Parks Volunteer Awards are generously supported by: AWARD CATEGORIES / ELIGIBILITY Outstanding contribution / achievement will be recognised in the following 4 categories:
Category Eligibility IndividualThis category awards 'outstanding contribution' by an individual who has given time and commitment to the NPA, over and above what is normally expected of volunteers. We welcome nominations about volunteers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, regardless of their length of service.Young PersonThis category awards 'outstanding contribution' by a young person of 25 years or under who has given time and commitment to the NPA, over and above what is normally expected of volunteers. We welcome nominations about young volunteers of all abilities and backgrounds, regardless of their length of service.GroupThis award is for a group or organisation, large or small (minimum three people) who can demonstrate that their work has had a significant positive impact on the National Park. ProjectThis award is in recognition of an outstanding project which has made a significant contribution to National Park Purposes. The project should have been funded or supported in some way by the National Park Authority.
Common Criteria
- The work or activity must take place within the boundaries of a UK National Park
- Nominations/entries may be made by the volunteer, group or project themselves; NPA Staff/Officers; National Park residents; professional or voluntary bodies. - All nominations should be able to demonstrate the impact of their contribution and prove they have excelled in pursuing National Park purposes
- Eligible projects may contribute to landscape, ecological, archaeological or cultural conservation, or to the enjoyment and understanding of the National Park, or which meet the needs of the local community through sustainable developments. Examples of inspirational development could include: * high quality restoration /maintenance of walls, hedgebanks, gateways and other landscape features adjacent to roads or public rights of way; * provision of public access opportunity, or facility, particularly where meeting objectives of access for all; * semi-natural vegetation or broadleaved woodland management with public access; * contribution to the welfare of animals or the conservation of wildlife; * archaeological site conservation; rehabilitation of a building in the public eye;
* the design of a new building in the public eye; * enhancement of any site the public eye; * interpretative provision or stimulative work in facilitating the enjoyment and understanding of UK NPs by others.
* Promoting understanding of the National Park though clubs, events or shows.
* Bring about benefit to the local community through their volunteering using the National Park in some way to improve the social and/or economic wellbeing of an area.
Judges Panel To help us choose our National Park heroes we've selected a panel of judges with a wide knowledge of the environment sector and who are passionate about the work our Volunteers do. Shortlisting
A shortlist - of up to 5 nominations in each category - will be drawn up by the All Parks Volunteer Co-ordinators Professional Group at their October 2014 Meeting. Choosing the Winners
The judge's panel will consider the 5 shortlisted entries in their respective categories and select one final winner per category.
All category winners will receive a signed certificate. In addition the winners in each respective category will also be awarded the following: Individual winner - Merrell Kit Young winner - Merrell Kit
Winning Group - £1k Bursary Winning Project - £1k Bursary Key dates
Nominations window - You have from Friday 11 July 2014 until midnight Monday 22 September 2014 to submit your nominations. Shortlisting will take place on 8/10 October 2014 at the Volunteer Co-ordinators Professional Group Meeting in the Lake District NPA. Judging panel to make a decision by mid November 2014. Winners announced late November 2014 (exact date to be confirmed) FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
Who can be nominated? We are looking for potential winners of all ages, abilities and backgrounds - you just need to be an active volunteer in one of our 15 UK National Parks (Brecon Beacons; Broads; Cairngorms; Dartmoor; Exmoor; Lake District; Loch Lomond and the Trossachs; New Forest; Northumberland; North York Moors; Peak District; Pembrokeshire Coast; Snowdonia; South Downs; Yorkshire Dales). Does the nominee have to be a registered National Park Volunteer? No. You can be a volunteer with another organization / charity - you just need to demonstrate your work / project is helping achieve the aims of the National Park and is within NP boundaries. Can I nominate myself or a group I am working with? Yes - but only in one category. Can I nominate more than one person or group? Yes but you need to do this on a separate nomination form for each person or group.
Can NPA Staff / Officers make a nomination? Yes NPA Staff / Officers can nominate any volunteer in any category. What information should I include in the nomination? We need to know what makes the individual or group stand out from the rest. What makes them worthy of the award. Should I include any visual material? We welcome a small amount of visual material, in electronic format (though please note filesize of attachments should total no more than 3MB). When will the shortlist / winners be announced? Nominations close at midnight on Monday 22 September 2014 and shortlisting will take place 8-10 October. We will be in touch with the shortlisted individuals or groups as soon as possible after that. The judging panel will decide upon final winners late November. Final winners will be announced by the end of November. Is there any upper or lower age limit for any category? Individual Category - lower age limit of 26 - there is no upper age limit in this category.
Young Person Category - nominees in this category must be 25 years of age or under. Nb. If you are nominating anyone under 16 you'll need to ensure their parent or guardian is aware you are doing so and seek their consent. Project or Group category. There is no upper or lower age limit in either of these categories. Will all individuals involved in the shortlisted nominations have to take part in publicity? Not necessarily, although it is nice to have you as part of the story and for everyone to know why you nominated that person or group. But if you'd prefer not to we will only focus on the shortlisted person/group. Do the shortlisted entries receive anything? Unfortunately only the overall winners in each category will receive prizes. However all the shortlisted nominations will be profiled on the UK National Parks website and will no doubt gain recognition through other publicity. TERMS AND CONDITIONS
1. To be nominated you have to be an active volunteer working within any of our UK National Parks: Brecon Beacons; Broads; Cairngorms; Dartmoor; Exmoor; Lake District; Loch Lomond and the Trossachs; New Forest; Northumberland; North York Moors; Peak District; Pembrokeshire Coast; Snowdonia; South Downs; Yorkshire Dales. 2. Nominations should be made via email to [email protected] (or postal format submitted to UK ANPA's office marked UK National Parks Volunteer Award Scheme, UK ANPA, 126 Bute Street, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff, CF10 5LE). 3. You can nominate more than one person/group but each nomination must be done on a separate nomination form.
4. All entries must be completed on the official awards nomination form.
5. The awards will be launched on 11 July 2014 and the closing date for receipt of nominations is midnight Monday 22 September 2014. 6. There are four Awards, one for each of the following categories: Individual; Young Person; Group; and Project.
7. The winning individual and young person will receive a choice of footwear from our brand partner Merrell; the winning group and the winning project will each receive a bursary of £1k to facilitate future volunteering activity. All award winners will also receive a certificate. There is no cash or alternative award available, in whole or in part, and the award will be awarded directly to the winning nominees. 8. First stage nominations will be selected by the All Parks Volunteer Co-ordinators Professional Group. Second stage nominations will be viewed by a selected panel of judges appointed by UK ANPA. There will be at least one independent representative/judge sitting on each panel in each stage of the nominations process. 9. The representatives' and judges' decisions are final. No correspondence will be entered into. 10. Up to 5 nominations will be shortlisted in each category. The judging panel will select the ultimate winner for each category. Details of the nominations will be available on the website.
11. Those shortlisted may be asked for additional material if necessary to meet the judges' criteria. The winners will also be encouraged to make a short video film about their work to be used on the UK ANPA website. Copyright on all video material will be held by UK ANPA.
12. The nominated individuals or groups, or those nominating them may be required to participate in publicity work, including promotion in the media and through online and print formats produced by UK ANPA By entering the awards you agree and provide consent to take part in such publicity with no further recompense.
13. Entry in the awards signifies acceptance of these terms and conditions. 14. UK ANPA reserve the right to withhold, change or cancel the awards in the event of non-compliance with these rules. UK ANPA also reserve the right at their discretion to amend the rules / terms and conditions at any time. Should this happen a notice will be displayed on these webpages.
15. No responsibility is accepted by UK ANPA for entries lost, delayed, misdirected, incomplete or which cannot be entered for any technical or other reason. Proof of delivery of entry is not proof of receipt.
16. UK ANPA may change its advertised panel of expert judges in the event of circumstances outside of its control. 17. The award winners will be announced in late November 2014 through general communications channels including the UK National Parks website and wider media. An exact date will be published nearer the time
18. As part of the awards process nominators will supply UK ANPA with contact details of their nominee, and this information will be used to contact them regarding a) additional information and b) to inform them that they are an award winner
19. Any personal information, including, without limitation, your names, address, telephone number and/or email address will be used i) in connection with the awards ii) as set out in these terms and conditions. Personal data will not be disclosed to any third party, except to publicise the awards and for the purpose of fulfilling the award where applicable.
Promoters: UK Association of National Park Authorities (UK ANPA); 126 Bute Street, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff, CF10 5LE
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