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How to Apply Natural Brow Eyebrow Wigs - NaturaLash

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Thank you for purchasing the Natural Brow Eyebrow Wigs! We appreciate your business!
How to Apply Natural Brow Eyebrow Wigs
(Read the instructions; handle with care, and practice!)
1. Thoroughly clean the forehead eyebrow area with a non-oily cleanser. Wipe the area with lint free cotton or tissue and plain isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol and allow the skin to dry. (Do not use cotton or anything that will leave fibers on the skin.)
2. Carefully remove the eyebrow wig from the backing. This may require blunt tweezers (sharp tweezers may damage the wig). If there is any adhesive residue on the back of the eyebrow wig, remove it with the tweezers or your fingers. Save the card for storage and re-ordering information.
3. Hold the wig with the tweezers on the top center portion and place over the brow area on your forehead to determine where it will look best. You can make tiny marks with an eyebrow or eyeliner pencil at one or both ends to remember where to apply it. For optimal placement, be sure to stand a few feet back from the mirror for an "overall" view of your face.
4. Place the wig facing down (so that the hairless backing is up) on a clean, dry, lint free surface and carefully hold in place with a little pressure from the tip of the tweezers. 5. Squeeze a tiny line of the Natural Brow eyebrow adhesive along the length of the wig backing. Use the tip of the adhesive tube, the tweezers end, or a toothpick to distribute the adhesive in a zigzag shape along the backing. Allow about 15-30 seconds for the adhesive to "set" and become tacky.
6. Carefully pick up the eyebrow wig with the tweezers (at the top and center) and position the wig over the brow bone. If the pencil is used to mark guidelines, line up the wig with the marks and apply. Smooth the wig firmly but gently from the nose outward in the direction of the hairs. If the adhesive seeps out, remove the excess adhesive quickly; if you wait too long and try to remove the excess glue, it may pull off the wig.
7. If necessary, quickly make adjustments in the positioning of the wig because the adhesive sets fairly fast. 8. To reposition or remove at the end of the day, simply grasp the inner (nose) corner with the tweezers and slowly pull off. Carefully remove the glue from the backing by pulling or rolling it off. The glue is very stretchy and should come off in one piece. If the glue is not dry, allow it to dry before attempting to remove it. Apply fresh glue if you are repositioning the wig.
9. The wigs can be cleaned with moist cotton swabs. Use water only - do not use cleansers or any alcohol or chemical based products. Stroke in the direction of the hairs to clean and shape the wigs. Store the Wigs flat on the card, ready for the next application.
10. Remove any adhesive residue from the forehead and cleanse the area as usual. 11. People with extremely oily skin may need to reapply the wigs during the day if they loosen due to skin oils. Try not to rub or scratch the brow area as the friction may loosen or remove them.
12. Handled with care, Natural Brow Wigs are reusable and can last for many weeks. To re-order visit or call: 1-800-644-1297 ext. 4
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