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How To Edit Your Record On www.highlandsnj.comHighlands Business Partnership invites you to get on board with the information super-highway and promote your business/organization events absolutely free. Simply follow the instructions below. This opportunity comes to you from Highlands Business Partnership through the Highlands website A searchable, proprietary database of all Highlands businesses and organizations is available online for your customers, members and new investors. The database reflects over 100 businesses and organizations.
1. SEARCH MEMBERS LOG IN Search for your listing by clicking from the Members Log In on the top right side of the web site home page. Use the search tip suggestion to locate your listing. If no listing appears after your have scrolled completely down the page list, use the "next step" link that is provided at the bottom of the search results page. Follow those instructions to complete your listing. 2. FOUND YOUR BUSINESS/ORGANIZATION LISTING If you have not authorized your record the following text will appear: No Administrator's Name on file for "NAME OF BUSINESS/ORGANIZATION."
To get your password call:
Carla Cefalo-Braswell Highlands Business Partnership
You can change your password as often as you want.
Click here for online form and instructions
If your business/organization is currently listed you may edit the information by following the instructions below. Click "Administrator" to access your business/organization data. When you access your business/organization a screen will appear with "blue tabs" text boxes containing different categories of information about your record in the database. See sample screen Record For: Highlands Business Partnership.
5. From this screen you can change and update your general information, or pick any of the blue tabs of text boxes to add your business/organization information. You can list information about your business/organization for the following categories:
6. "Blue Tab" Text Box Categories You can change it to secure your listing Basic Business/Organization(s) basic contact information, name, address, phone, fax, web, and e-mail and general info. Business/Organization(s) field or specialty, i.e. accounting, sales, restaurant, etc.Business/Organization(s) type of service - dealer, retail, wholesale, non-profit, etc.Staff Business/Organization(s) Board of Directors, employees, sales staff, volunteers, council, committee, etcBusiness/Organization(s) can use this promotional tool to promote sales, events, store/business promotions, etc. Be creative it is a free tool to market your resources to the community, region and web community!Business/Organization(s) can list their meetings, events, promotions. All listings are automatically deleted after the date has passed to keep the list current. You need to add new listings but do not need to delete to keep your information currentBusiness/Organization(s) can list job openings on the web.7. Click on the "blue tab" categories you want to add information and complete the text boxes. Always click the "Update Record" button when you are finished editing your selection. Follow the "edit", "delete", "add", and "close" options to complete the tasks to update your business/organization record. You can "Log Out" and "Access Log In" by clicking on the navigational menu. You can visit the "Administrator" section as many times as you need to update your information. You can edit or change your information anytime from your own computer. All you need is access to the Internet and search
What do you get?
Through Highlands Business Partnership you get Free E-Coupons, Job Posting Listings, Events/Promotions that you can cross market through your business/organization network. Keyport Business Alliance promotes on all our print advertising, promotions and media purchases. Get this free added marketing value for your business or organization. Include the website on your cash receipts, flyers and promotional materials and get the extra value.
Free Web Link to your business/organization web site.
If you have a web site, be sure to add your URL (web address) into the text box. This will automatically give you a free link to your business/organization website. If you do not have a website, this is a great way to gain a web presence without the cost of creating your own site. 
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