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How to Process a Proposal - CESA 1

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Event/Workshop Procedures These steps assume that the Event Planner's Services are used. If the Event Planner's services are not used, it is recommended that the departmental assistant use the following as a guideline for process steps.
A.Planning the Workshop (done by Event/Workshop Facilitator)
1. Facilitator completes the Event/Workshop Planning form. (These are located in Event Planner's cube, in the Kitchen, and on the Website in the Agency Access section.)
2. Facilitator submits the Event/Workshop Planning form to the Administrative Assistant for review. Administrative Assistant discusses with Facilitator/approves and forwards to Event Planner.
B.Complete Preparation Tasks (done by Event Planner)
1. Event Planner schedules a time to meet with the Facilitator and discuss the details. Event Planner confirms if it is a grant-funded event. Event Planner reviews the budget to confirm that it is correct and contains all of the necessary details.
2. Using the Course Number sheet located in the O Drive under the Workshops Folder, the Event Planner will assign the event a course number and a session number, i.e. PRD112-B1. All existing courses shall keep the same course number for every occurrence. The session number will change for each session for each year.
3. Event Planner selects a project number and adds it to the Event/Workshop Planning form, on the first page and on the budget page.
a. For events/workshops that charge a fee to participants, select a project number from the list in the Project Number Binder. If one does not exist, create one using the department number as the first number (Center starts with 55, Special Education starts with 33. For 2008 - 2009, follow the project number with the letter "b.")
b. If the event/workshop is completely grant funded, use the grant number for the project number. 4. If requested, Event Planner enters workshop/event information into CourseWhere. Event Planner has it double-checked by Facilitator to confirm accuracy.
5. Reserve the room and equipment needed using the calendars.
a. In the Department Calendar, schedule the event and describe it using marketing language, as this will be visible to our external clients with a link to CourseWhere if applicable.
b. In the Facilities Calendar, reserve the room, which also reserves all equipment located in the room. Reserve the room for the entire time that it will be used, including approximately an hour before and after the event, for set up and clean up. In the reservation, indicate the actual start and stop time of the event, as the receptionist will need this when she creates the event signs that hang around the Agency. In the reservation, also include the number of people who are expected to attend the event. c. If needed, use the Resource Calendar to reserve additional needed resources that are not already in the room.
6. Create a folder, using a partition folder. Attach Workshop Checklist to inside cover. Inside cover:Checklist
1st section: Workshop registrations; Master Participation List
Middle section: Handouts (which need to be photocopied for program participants)
Evaluations forms (to be copied)
Presenter info: Presenter AV needs, thank you letters, etc.
Workshop planning forms
Presenter info/contracts.
Copy of flyer/brochure
3rd section:Financial information, such as PO and invoice copies, copies of presenter contract, expenses, budget, refunds.
7. Forward budget and vendor information to Lynn Oldenburg. Lynn then enters in MUNIS and creates account numbers. Lynn returns the budget sheet to the Event Planner.
D.Prepare and Distribute Brochure or Flyer (done by Communications Specialist, Laura Vitale and by Event Planner)
1. Forward the completed Production Request Form to Laura Vitale for a brochure or flyer to be created. Please make sure to have the Course number AND project number added to the brochure.
Laura will send to the Facilitator to approve the final copy before proceeding. Laura will then send the brochure or flyer to the Event Planner for distribution.
2. After the publication is approved, prepare an e-campaign to send out to the group(s) indicated on the Event Planning Form. Be sure to include a link to CourseWhere and attach the flyer or brochure, as requested by the Facilitator.
E.Prepare for External Presenter (If needed) (done by Event Planner)
1. Complete the Independent Contractor Action Form and forward to Director for approval.
2. After Director's approval, forward the form to Beth Helmueller-Perkins for processing. Beth will contact the presenter and send out a contract.
3. Make any necessary hotel or travel arrangements (if necessary). (Typically this will be done by Event Planner, but could also be done by the Facilitator or his/her Administrative Assistant. Discuss this with the Facilitator.)
4. Contact the External Presenter to confirm AV/Handout needs. Follow up as necessary
E.Process Registrations (done by Event Planner)
1.Registrations are received by mail, phone, fax, e-mail, or on-line. * Mail: Original registration forms and a copy of the check are put in Denise Tuggle's mailbox. (Denise makes a copy, records the check, and routes the checks and registration copies to Angela Moe. Denise will also put a copy of the registration form with a copy of the check in the Event Planner's mailbox for the file.)
* Fax (usually only POs): Will be put in Event Planner's mailbox (make sure not to duplicate if an original is also mailed).
* Phone: Enter participant directly into CourseWhere. (Paperwork may follow).
* E-mail: Print copy of email for file (usually paperwork follows)
* On-line: Check the Registration List/Attendance List periodically for these.
2. Enter registrations into CourseWhere if not entered on line by the participant. (See On-Line Registration Procedures.) 3.Keep the Facilitator updated on registration numbers. Send additional e-campaign messages for events that have low registrations.
4. Carefully monitor all registrations, making sure not to duplicate any phone, fax, or e-mail registrations. Periodically reconcile Registration List/Attendance List with the registrations in the file.
5. Occasionally an original check is received with the registration - give check to Denise for processing - never keep in file.
6. Registrations are often received without payment. This is generally ok, especially in the case of school districts, as they can be billed after the workshop. For Substitute Teacher Training, payment is required to confirm registration, as these participants pay privately. Participants can pay the registration fee the morning of the workshop. (See special procedures for Substitute Teacher Training workshops.)
7. Process any refunds necessary-use Refund Form. Attach copy of registration, cancellation notice, and copy of check if available and give to Department Director for signature. Make a copy of the refund and keep it in the file. When signed, forward to John Heup for approval. Refund checks are cut on the 15th and last day of each month. F.Final Preparation for Workshop - Two Weeks Prior (done by Event Planner)
1. Confirm details of the workshop with the workshop Facilitator. 2. With the workshop Facilitator, determine if cancellation is necessary. If facilitator believes that a cancellation is necessary, he or she must make this request in writing, which could be in the form of an email to you. If a cancellation is needed, contact the registrants, cancel room and equipment by removing them from the facility and resource calendars, and remove the event from the Department Calendar. Be sure to cancel in CourseWhere.
3. Send Final Details letter to presenter, if necessary, which includes travel and lodging arrangements, number of participants registered, etc. Prepare for Facilitator signature. (saved at O:\Workshops\External Presenters) 4. Prepare participant materials. Remind the Facilitator to provide the course materials for reproduction. You will need at least 10 days of lead time to prepare for the workshop. Make one copy for each participant, plus 5 extra. The Evaluation Form is provided by the Event Planner to include with other materials. It is saved at O:\Workshops\Evaluations.
5. Create purchase orders for food and materials, if needed. Be sure that the PO number is put on all receipts from vendors (food, books, facility if needed, presenter if needed, etc.).
6. If a Certificate of Insurance is required for an off-site location, request one from Fiscal.
7. Contact caterer and give date and estimate amount of participants. If the workshop is fully funded, use the project number for making the POs.
8. Confirm equipment needs with the Facilitator and/or External Presenter. Is everything that the Facilitator expected to have reserved? If not, reserve needed equipment. Is everything needed that was reserved? If not, unreserve unused equipment. Is anything new needed? If so, reserve it. G. Final Preparation for Workshop - The Day Before (done by the Event Planner)
1. Set up and test the equipment, including the technology. This is very important. It is better to uncover any possible problems to get help troubleshooting rather than the morning of the workshop. Also test the PowerPoint port on computer, if necessary. 2. Set up room. Make sure there are enough plates, napkins, coffee cups, creamers, etc. Do as much of the refreshment setup as possible. 3. Prepare signs, print nametags, and print check in list. Arrange nametags, check-in list, participant folders, receipt book, etc. at registration table. 4. Use room set up form found at the reception desk for Noel to arrange tables. 5. Go to Sam's Club for breakfast and/or snack items. Combine trips for multiple workshops, if possible. 6. Make a copy of the receipt and attach it to the Purchase Order. Attach the original receipt to the other copy of the Purchase Order and give the original to Angela.
H.Workshop Check-In Procedures (done by Receptionist, and when necessary Event Planner)
1. Get nametags and check-in list.
2. Have participants sign in on check-in list as they arrive. Hand out nametags and participant folders.
3. Add any walk-in participants to the bottom of list. Make sure to ask for the name of the school for billing purposes if they do not pay. If they say the school sent in their registration, try to determine if paid by check or PO, in order to track it. Handwrite a nametag. They must also sign the form to verify attendance.
4. Give any original checks received at check-in to Denise for processing.
5. Be prepared to answer questions regarding rest room location, etc.
6. For those requesting a receipt, let them know they will be prepared and placed on table after check-in is completed.
I. Day of the Workshop (done by the Event Planner) (Facilitators should be at the workshop site at least 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the workshop.)
1. Complete set up of the room, if not able to do the day before.
2. Double check to make sure that everything is taken care of. Speak with Facilitator to make sure that he or she has everything needed. Watch participants as they arrive to see if anything is missing.
3. Set up lunch. Inform the presenter when lunch has arrived. Wait until all participants have gone through the food line once. Direct traffic; make sure that they have what they need.
J.Workshop Follow-Up Procedures (Done by the Event Planner)
1.Straighten and clean the room and the kitchen, including refilling baskets with sugar, tea bags, etc, cleaning and returning coffee pots to meeting room, putting away food at the end of the day, and doing any dishes.
2. Update and reprint Coursewhere registration information. Make sure that participant check in list is put into the folder
3. Pay any expenses: honorarium, travel and meal expenses, catering bills, etc. When paying the honorarium, give Angela a copy of the Presenter Agreement. Review invoice for accuracy, write "Ok to Pay," your initials, and date on the invoices and forward to Director for review and approval. Following approval from the Department Director, forward all expenses to Angela for processing.
4. Within 10 days of workshop completion, prepare billing. Request revenue report from Lynn and compare to registration list. Complete MUNIS billing form and attach original purchase orders (make copy of PO's for file). Give to Lynn for processing. 5. Process any refunds necessary- use Refund Form. Attach copy of registration, cancellation notice, and copy of check if available and give to Department Director for signature. Make a copy of the refund and keep it in the file. When signed, forward to John Heup for approval. Refund checks are cut on the 15th and last day of each month.
6. Gather evaluations, compile evaluation information, and report results to facilitator.
K. Closing Workshops / Events - Use When is a For Fee Event, even if it is partially grant funded. (Done by Event Planner within 60 days of the workshop/event)
1. Request MUNIS Revenue and Expenditure reports from Lynn (use Project number when requesting).
2. Once reports are received, first check off all of the paid customers from the Revenue report. If a customer paid but their name is not on the report, you will need to provide accounts receivable a copy of that customer's check so that they can find out where the payment was applied to. They will then transfer that amount to the proper account. The Revenue report amount total should match the actual number of registrants on the budget/actual sheet.
3. Complete the Journal Entry form for transfers and internal costs. Give it to Lynn, and ask that she run the final Revenue and Expenditure report.
4. Open up the Budget that was created for this workshop. In the actual column, add all of the amounts from the Expenditure report in the corresponding cells and the actual total from the Revenue report. The coordinator's fee, fiscal fee, and transfer for facilities will need to be added. 5. Route folder, with the final revenue and expenditure report and final budget to the Department Director for review and approval.
6. Final closure is complete when Accounts Payable has paid all bills.
7. Write "Closed" in the corner of folder, organize folder and file in completed workshops drawer. Last updated on: 9/16/20145:30 PMPage 5 of 5
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