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How to reach AVC from any place

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  System Integration
  How to reach AVC from any place
AVC Hamburg
Audio Video Communication Service GmbH
Jenfelder Allee 80 /
Eingang Wöschenhof 2
22045 Hamburg
Tel.: 040 – 853999-0
Fax: 040 – 853999-99
Mail: [email protected]
Do you require special developments for your
own demands? Or the adaptation ot new developments to your excellent sytem? We are accustomed to create also nearly impossible solutions.
Our speciality is the development of minute
series. AVC has gained a good name already for
videotechnical reorganisation in aviation (Airbus,
Boeing), Audio technical special developments
for the German centre for aeronautics, or the
installtion of complete communication working
spaces for the German air traffic control are
further examples of AVC�s ability to fulfil individual
customer wishes.
AVC Berlin
Audio Video Communication Service GmbH
Am Studio 20d
12489 Berlin
Tel.: 030 – 6781788-0
Fax: 030 – 6781788-99
Mail: [email protected]
AVC Hannover
Audio Video Communication Service GmbH
Vahrenwalder StraГџe 221a
30165 Hannover
Tel.: 0511 – 676997-0
Fax: 0511 – 676997-99
Mail: [email protected]
AVC MГјnchen
Audio Video Communication Service GmbH
Mittenheimer Str. 62
85764 OberschleiГџheim
Tel.: 089 – 3750896-0
Fax: 089 – 3750896-99
Mail: [email protected]
  Broadcast Service
Professional service management, maintenance contracts and preventive servcing offer you technical security for every day.
The AVC Broadcast
Service guarantees
you that specialista execute regular
maintenance, modification and repairs
of your products in
close coordination
with the original manufacturer of your equipment.The consequence: your
system is kept continuously technically up-to-date,
and small problems are eliminated as soon as they
occur. Excellent technical instruments are available
for effective tracing of faults.
  System Service
AVC is your ideal partner no matter whether complete
TV and radio
studios shall
be started,
or inspection
and approval,
expert opinion
given, modification or
repairs at entire
systems. Our
individually created service concepts for quality control
in the area of TV and radio enable you to react flexibly on
the demands of the market.
According to agreement, short
and long periods of using our
employees are possible. We are
closely cooperating with leading
broadcast manufacturers and
regard ourselves as partner
and middler between industry
and customers. The Broadcast
System Service of AVC is, therefore, the best choice in the
medial industy.
  IT Service
Your are looking for reliable support for your IT
department? AVC is a competent parter and offers
complete service
packages regarding
all IT questions. Our
portfolio comprises,
besides an English
speaking hotline,
24x7 availability,
service on the spot,
hardware and software installations as well as
administrative jobs of any kind.
  Industry Service
As manufacturer or distributor you concentrate on sales;
we offer the maintenance of
your products and prolongate thus the usability of your
equipment. As partner of the
media industry we offer security of a good image through
perfect guarantee service. We
justify thus continuously the
confidence of reknown suppliers like Sony, Panasonic, Sachtler, Clear-Com or Apple
in our work. Just for Sony we execute at present approx.
18,000 repairs of notebooks per year.
Our Target:
one hundred percent customer satisfaction - through own
repair guarantees and our online service that enables you
to verify the actual repair status any time
Qualified training is important to us. Therefore, we
have been closely cooperating with the trade guild
for radio and TV techniques.On our premises we
offer general training of IT electronic engineers. A
well functioning cooperation with NDR and Lufthansa is a basis for the training of qualified recruits.
Apart from that we offer trainings in English, and we
hand on our expertise and know-how in the name
of renown manufacturers to our customers.
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