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Dec. 24, 1968
Filed April 26, 1967
United States Patent 0
Paul Kobler, 81 Fenimore St., Lynbrook, N.Y. 11563
Filed Apr. 26, 1967, Ser. No. 633,990
1 Claim. (Cl. 30-342)
Patented Dec. 24, 1968
various speci?c shapes ‘and types, it being particularly
effective and advantageous in a razor of the character
shown in the drawings, which comprises in FIG. 1 a main
body portion 1, having shaving heads 2, 3 and 4 remov
ably mounted thereon in a manner common in such
razors. A bottom plate 5 may be attached to the body
portion 1 of the shearheads. Within the outer stationary
shearhead member or shaving heads 2, 3 and 4 is a mov
A dry shaver having a plurality of shearheads of differ
ent con?guration, one with a straight cutting surface, the
middle head having a curved cutting surface and the third
shearhead also with a curved cutting surface and a more
acute curvature than the middle head.
The present invention relates to achieving a different
skin stretching effect by a combination of lengthwise dif
ferently shaped shearheads.
Such shearheads comprise a hollow outer member and
an inner cutter member located within said outer mem
ber and movable relative ‘thereto. More particularly this
a'ble cutter, not shown in the drawings.
We also see in FIG. 1 that shearheads 2, 3 and 4 are
differently shaped on top. The cutting surfaces are either
roof shaped, the roof shape in different pitches, or round
as seen on head 4. The roof shaped cutting surfaces have
crosswise cutting bars with slots between them and the
15 head 4 has instead of cutting ‘bars a series of small open
ing with cutting edges. When the shaver is moved with
head 4 advancing, the skin glides ?rst over the cutting
openings of a straight cutting surface. Then the skin is
lifted a little higher up by the following head 3-. After
head 3 the skin is still lifted higher up by the following
head 2. The skin is entirely differently stretched when it
goes ?rst over a straight and afterwards over 1a curved
cutting surface. The fundamental idea is, that from a
straight line into a curved line the effect on the pores of
invention relates to a plurality of shearheads attached to
an electric or mechanical shaver, the cutting surface of 25 the skin ‘will be new and, also increased or decreased ac
at least two of said shearheads, adjoining each other,
being lengthwise of different shape. One of said shear
heads may have a straight cutting surface on a horizontal
plane while the adjoining head may have, also lengthwise
cording to the height of the roof shaped, curved heads.
The shearhead with a greater radius in its curvature pro
viding a smaller arc than the are formed by the radius
of the curvature of the next adjacent lengthwise curved
like the ?rst head, a curved cutting surface. A third shear 30 shearhead.
head, [between the two just mentioned heads may have a
This effect, an entirely unexpected result, will be de
lengthwise curvature of a greater radius. As well known
scribed later.
in the art, it is desirable that the skin is stretched while
In FIG. 2 the side view of the heads 2, 3 and 4 show
the cutting surfaces of the heads out the stubble. It is
even better the straight cutting line of head 4, that is the
well known that the Kobler shaverheads are lengthwise 35 straight top line, lengthwise, of head ‘4 and the differently
curved. The radius of said curvature is about 3% inches.
lengthwise curved top lines of heads 2 and 3. By just
If the ?rst shearhead on the shaver has that lengthwise
looking at FIG. 2 we can imagine how the skin is stretched
curvature the next adjoining head is curved in a bigger
from head 4 to head 3 ‘and again differently from head 3
radius with the result that that head is not quite as high
to head 2.
as the ?rst shearhead. The third head on the shaver, 40
The main body portion 1 of the shaver in FIG. 2 has a
adjoining that head with the smaller curvature shows in
little different shape from the body portion 1 seen in
stead of a curved horizontal straight cutting surf-ace.
FIG. 1. However this is irrelevant to the invention.
Such a combination of heads on a shaver stretches the
FIG. 3 shows the top line of a straight cutting surface
skin in a new and unexpected different way.
of a head 7, in a position where it has moved over an
Other objects and advantages of this invention will be 45 enlarged pore 8. 9 is the stubble in the middle of the en
come apparent from the description now to follow of the
larged pore. The skin pore is designed much enlarged to
preferred embodiment thereof, in which reference will be
show better the effect of this invention.
had to the accompanying drawings, in which:
FIG. 4 shows the top line 10 of a curved cutting surface
FIG. 1 is a front view, showing the different shapes of
of a shearhead 11, in a position where it has moved over
the shearheads and also the different construction of their
an enlarged skin pore, 12. Here too the skin pore is de
cutting surfaces.
signed much enlarged to show better the effect of this
FIG, 2 is a view taken at an angle between a top and
side view of said shearheads, showing the shape of the
FIG. 5 shows an enlarged skin pore 13 with stubble 14
top lines of said heads.
in its middle and the stretched part 15 of the skin pore, by
FIG. 3 shows a straight line cutting surface of a shear
moving with the shearhead 4 back and forth over the
head when such a head has passed over a skin pore dur
ing the shaving process.
In FIG. 6 we see two differently shaped heads a and
FIG. 4 shows a lengthwise curved cutting surface of a
b which refer to the shapes of the heads seen in FIG. 7.
shearhead when such a head has passed over a skin pore
during the shaving process.
FIG. 5 shows the shape of a skin pore, stretched by
moving a shearhead over it, back and forth.
Speaking of differently shaped shearheads, it would be
60 of course in the spirit of the same invention if one of the
heads with a straight top cutting surface would have that
cutting surface entirely ?at and provided with cutting
FIG. 6 shows two differently shaped shearheads, one
bars or openings for cutting the stubble, or a combination
marked a the other marked b.
of different cutting openings on the shearhead.
FIG. 7 is a front assembly of a shaver with lengthwise 65
FIG. 8 shows two differently shaped shearheads ar
differently shaped heads and different constructions of
their different cutting surfaces.
ranged in a V shape on the top plate 5 of a shaverbody 1.
Entirely new is the present invention where a combina
FIG. 8 is a top view of a shaver head assembly with two
tion of straight line shearheads with their straight cutting
differently shaped shearheads with different cutting sur
surfaces is placed next to a lengthwise curved shearhead
faces, heads attached in V shape.
70 with a curved cutting surface. The unexpected result with
The invention may be applied to or incorporated in
razors electrically, spring, battery or hand driven, of
such a combination of shearheads on the shaver is an
entirely new stretching effect on the skin. It is again
changed if another lengthwise curved shearhead with a
pores keeps them very ?exible wherewith the hardening
bigger radius in its curvature, is following the straightline
of the skin surface is greatly prevented. Because in a hard
top surface of the skin the cutting surface of the shear
shearhead with a straight cutting surface.
In operation of this invention we have to consider the
effect of above mentioned combination of heads on the
pores of the human skin.
head cannot penetrate nearer the roots of the stubble and
a close shave is almost impossible, unless the whole cut
ting surface is pressed much harder into the skin, which
gradually makes the skin a calloused skin. And it may
with the time get as hard as a rock. We observe the etfect
of a calloused skin on our feet when through hard rub
For this purpose let us look at FIG. 3. We know that
each stubble has a tiny opening around it in the skin, which
opening is ?lled with “sebum” that is the name of the
oil which is put there by nature. For better understanding 10 bing of the shoes callouses develop. This shows the im
portance of the present invention.
these skin pores have been greatly enlarged in FIGS. 3, 4
and 5. In their size they are by far too big compared with
We see in FIG. 2 that the middle of the top line of each
shearhead changes its height from 17 to 18 and from
the heads indicated by numbers 7 and 11 in FIGS. 3 and 4
18 to 19 for the third shearhead. It is obvious that when
In the shaving operation the stretching of these pores,
the middle head 3 in FIG. 2 has less curvature than head
2 in FIG. 2 the stretching of the skin pores is more gradual
FIG. 3 number 8, FIG. 4 number 12 and FIG. 5 number
13, is most important in order that the cutting means of
and more agreeable in sensation.
In order to avoid a too sudden change of the shape of
the shearheads may penetrate deeper into the skin and cut
the skin, there should be a shearhead with less curvature
the stubble closer to its root.
between the head with a straight top line and the last
We see in FIGURES 3, 4 and 5 that the opening around
head with the highest curvature on the top line of the
a stubble, 8, 12 and 13 changes its shape when the top
line of a shearhead cutting surface goes over it. Because
cutting surface.
when shaving, the shearhead is pressed lightly into the
The shape of the skin pores are changed with the
straight head into forward and backwards directions and
with the same motion of the shaver also by the adjoining
curved shearhead into additional sideways directions. The
skin. When the shearhead is moved towards c indicated
by an arrow next to FIG. 3, the round opening 8 changes
its shape into an elongated opening 16 and with the re
verse motion of the shaver head towards d the round
result is therefore with each motion of the shaver a
opening 8 changes its shape 8 into an elongated opening
breathing motion of the skin pores, expanding the pores
17. The changing of the round opening into an elongated
with one motion of the shaver ?rst in one direction, that
opening is the result of all motions with shearheads with a 30 is forward, and then sideways on both sides, by the other
straight top line on the cutting surface.
This stretching of the elongated openings however has
Having thus described the invention, what I ‘desire to
the disadvantage that the sides of the opening go together
claim is:
in the middle, as seen in FIG. 5. And with further stretch
1. A dry shaver having a plurality of shearheads, one
ing the sides go so far together that they hold the beard
of said shearheads having a lengthwise horizontal cutting
stubble with the stretched sides, like in a vise. This pre
surface and the other shearheads having lengthwise curved
vents the cutting surface of the shearheads to penetrate
cutting surfaces, the lengthwise curved shearhead adjacent
nearer to the roots of the stubble.
the shearhead with the horizontal cutting surface, having
The shearhead indicated in FIG. 4 by a body
11 and a top line of the cutting surface indicated with
10, the stretching of the middle opening 12 also occurs
an increased greater radius in its curvature providing a
smaller arc than the arc for-med by the radius of the curva
sideways. This sideways stretching is caused by the length
each cutting surface being at a different level relative to
wise curvature of the shearhead. The stretching of the
middle opening 12 in FIG. 4 is therefore from e to f and
also from g to It. And this simultaneous sideways stretch
ing from g to It does not permit the sides of the openings
to go so much together that they can hold the stubble like
in a vise. Therefore the cutting surface of‘ the shearhead
each other, whereby the skin is lifted gradually and
ture of the next adjacent lengthwise curved shearhead,
stretched in two directions from the shearhead with the
horizontal cutting surface to the last shearhead with the
acute lengthwise arc curvature, with each motion of the
shaver over the skin, each shearhead is provided with a
cooperating reciprocating inner cutter.
can penetrate and cut the stubble nearer to the root. The
end result is a closer shave.
References Cited
Now We come to the unexpected result in the present
invention. If We compare FIG. 3 and FIG. 4 We see that
the stretching of the inner openings 8 and 12 have changed
their shape. Therefore if at least one of the shearheads
mounted on a shaver has a straight top line on its cutting
surface and the adjoining head has a curved top line on its
cutting surface, the stretching of the skin pores changes
from one design seen in FIG. 3 into the other design seen
in FIG. 4, with each motion of the shaver over the skin
of the face, be this a forward or a backward motion of
the whole shaver.
Kobler et a1 _______ __ 30-43.92
Bailey ___________ __ 30-4392
2/ 1953
Berg __________ __ 30*4392 X
Kobler et a1. ______ __ 30—34.2
Kleinman ______ __ 30-4392 X
Lussier ________ __ 30--43.92 X
Kobler et al. ______ __ 30-431
MYRON C. KRUSE, Primary Examiner.
In other words when the shaver is in motion over the
skin the skin pores change constantly their shapes, as if
they would be breathing. This unusual activity of the skin
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