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[1][(4)__Full Text.......]
Discovered items are automatically translated into English so that you
can easily identify them.<br/><br/>If you would like to see them in
the original text, please use this button to switch between the two
options . Discoveries: ([2]Submit) English
Click to view (and print) basic analytics showing the makeup of
discovered items in this publication. [help.png]
[3][_] (0/ 0)
You can use the refine box to refine the discovered items in the
sections below.<br/>Simply type what you are looking for, any items
that do not match will be temporarily hidden. [4]____________________
Export to file:
Export Document and discoveries to Excel
Export Document and discoveries to PDF
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Number FR2516755A1
? ?
Display vertical position markers.<br/><br/>This option will display
the relative positions of currently selected key terms within the full
document length.<br/><br/>You can then click the markers to jump to
general locations within the document, or to specific discoveries if
you know whereabouts in the document they occur. [7][_]
Open a preview window.<br/><br/>This window will provide a preview of
any discovery (or vertical marker) when you mouse over
it.<br/><br/>The preview window is draggable so you may place it
wherever you like on the page. [8][_]
Discovery Preview
(Mouse over discovery items)
[textmine.svg] textmine Discovery
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TextMine: Publication Composition
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1. Welcome to TextMine.
The TextMine service has been carefully designed to help you
investigate, understand, assess and make discoveries within patent
publications, quickly, easily and efficiently.
This tour will quickly guide you through the main features.
Please use the "Next" button in each case to move to the next step
of the tour (or you can use [Esc] to quit early if you don't want
to finish the tour).
2. The main menu (on the left) contains features that will help you
delve into the patent and better understand the publication.
The main feature being the list of found items (seperated into
colour coded categories).
3. Click the Minesoft logo at any time to reset TextMine to it's
initial (start) state.
4. You can select which part of the document you'd like to view by
using the pull down menu here.
You can select "Full Text" to view the entire document.
5. For non-latin languages, (in most cases) full text translations
are available, you can toggle them on and off here.
You can also toggle the inline discovery translations between
English and their original language.
6. The pie chart icon will open a basic statistical breakdown of the
7. The sort icon allows you to sort the listed categories based on
the number of instances found.
Click to toggle between ascending and descending.
8. You can use the refine box to refine the discovered items in the
sections below.
Simply type what you are looking for, any items that do not match
will be temporarily hidden.
9. The publication has been analysed and we have identified items
within it that fit into these categories.
The specific items found are listed within the category headings.
Click the section header to open that section and view all the
identitfied items in that section.
If you click the checkbox all items in that section will be
highlighted in the publication (to the right).
The best thing to do is to experiment by opening the sections and
selecting and unselecting checkboxes.
10. The main output window contains the publication full text (or part
thereof if selected).
11. The Tools section contains tools to help you navigate the
"discovered" (highlighted) items of interest.
The arrows and counter let you move through the highlighted items
in order.
12. Other tools include a "Preview" option [ [preview.png] ] and the
ability to mark the relative locations of highlighted items by
using the "Marker" option [ [marker.png] ].
Try these out to best understand how they work, and to discover if
they are of use to you.
13. Items selected from the menu on the left will be highlighted in
the main publication section (here in the middle of the screen).
Click them for further information and insights (including
chemical structure diagrams where available).
14. Please experiment with TextMine - you cannot make any permanent
changes or break anything and once your session is closed (you've
log out) all your activity is destroyed.
Please contact Minesoft Customer Support if you have any questions
or queries at: [email protected]
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