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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of a speaker cabinet
according to the present invention, FIGS. 1 and 2 are perspective views showing an embodiment,
and FIG. 3 is a sectional view of an adjuster. E tension line, 4 и и и и reinforcing tree, 5 и и и и и
adjuster. Figure 1 - 83 - Utility Model 51-5434 (2) Figure 2 Figure 3 Brain One
?Detailed Description of the Invention? This is the speaker cabinet [It is a part a ? In the
speaker cabinet IIk When gold and wax are made of ice, it is a gayfriend ganhae rainfall. There
will be a shakedown or a temporary storm is heard, the sound is distorted 9. Speaker with Ki 1 -?
Bugs are very ants that it stops specific Ij 114 f vibration even if we use fairly thick material
because it is wide. Therefore, in the past, it was six or more, the enclosure wall of the cabinet was
made brick with a square material on the back lid, and it strengthened it, thereby preventing the
vibration hold. But in this way the production is [! I was hunting for the disadvantage that the
cost was still 9, and the electricity capacity of the cabinet was large. The main body is made by
tortoise in the point O. The purpose of the seventh object is to create a low cost for the work and
the aircraft and to create a cost duty and also to display the hawk of the cabinet In order to
provide a heater cabinet, I will explain it together with the example S - tentative aspect of the
present invention to Hisashi Hisashi. 11 "is a jabinet and its upper and lower plates - one metal
fitting + 21121 is mounted VJ ? Four is the hoisting metal fitting + 21121 The piano soldered in
the corridor in the corridor The wire or hard Pull-fire, etc. of virgin rubber, + 41 is
supplementary trees interposed at the threshold of the pamphlet plate of the cabinet mountain
and the back plate (solstice), notch cut at the tip - Is inserted. Therefore, if you insert in 131 t tearing large part of tension Iwao in the state evil standing in Kunigami Scripture I 41, if you lie
down side of Shenzhen Strong Book + 41, the Praise Fiber (3) becomes muscular self. Therefore,
the occurrence of the imitation is prevented by the fishing border 1.11 at the top and bottom of
the cabinet mountain. Also, occurrence of i work is prevented by the reinforcing book 10
between the baffle plate mouth and the back plate (spot). The unreinforced reinforcement 14 is
placed on the baffle plate ? and the back plate d 41 by an adhesive agent. In addition, 4o of the
implementor of Figure 2 is installed on the upper and lower panels of the cabinet field, the pallet
boards ua1am1 ?, and the E right board - four pays out 4121 (2) иииии, Metal fitting +21121
ииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии And in this practice column VC, let's see the tension of the la - by ai 1
clasp (5) as in Fig. 5. That is, for example, a small hole (taa) is sprouted in the back plate 114, a
bolt Qt matchmaker who inserted a rubber-like and a washer in this small hole (s 4 d), and a nut
having 11 (s 4 a) on the screw thread . In this ? (54a), I am dissatisfied with IJI, and Bordeaux
klJA moves to Nattoul, which allows you to adjust the prayers of prayer - prayers.
I heard that these 4 (all of Ya 's ice 1 dJkhlj can be stopped in the above example of elegance for
eleven husband' s neighborhood appointment committee 15 - made in Mushiya - 4 - This is an
example - Of course it is acceptable to put it on the beak. In addition, in the - cabinet + 11
(stretched to the D line in the harsh line, but it also stretches between two or more sides by
tensioning it). As described above, since the present invention is fished by at least 21 lugars of a
1 * ft cabinet such as a wire, hard rubber, etc., and fishing is carried out by using a reinforcing
book or an adjusting tool, it is possible to prevent the km of the cabinet well It has effects such as
reduction of cost due to reduction of working machines, which is caused by tensile - slackening,
which is caused by -.
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