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5 Attachment "J ';! 'Classification [1 49-0 °;' 544 ('■ Japan Patent Office 0 Published Japanese
Patent Application No. 51-601.30 Publication date 51st. (1976) 1.19 ■ Japanese Patent
Application No. 49-734 = 4 Within the Office Agency Number 15, D 3 specification 1, Name of
the invention
II 'i 11 method of speaker box material
3, Detailed explanation of the invention The speaker is an O auxiliary device for efficiently
spreading the acoustic energy of the speaker in its front direction, and the simplest form is as
baffled as " The purpose of shutting off the feed back battering of energy on the back is 4. The
lux-like configuration was made by deforming the board-board of a wide board into a cold body.
In addition, the requirement of the speaker box is that there is no attenuation loss due to
absorption, resonance, etc. · It is necessary to reach a uniform scale of the balance over the entire
sound range. -1 Conventionally, wooden materials are most commonly used as materials for
speaker boxes, but the first of the above requirements, that is, K that ideally conducts sound
insulation against loss is enormous due to the acoustic nature of the material Since it becomes a
shadow, it is necessary to take a formal consideration such as labyrinth, for example. Also, in
order to satisfy the second condition, it is necessary to consider **, density, rigidity, etc. of the
material of the speaker box · The present invention is applicable to the above requirements,
especially J second condition By providing a novel material, it is possible to move the resonance
frequency of the material out of the range that does not impair the practical use, and also it is
busy to make the speaker box material II which can be formed into a simple form
morphologically Things EndPage: 1 · Compared to rigid wooden boards (also known as wooden
boards) that are used as conventional O speaker poacs, various plastic materials generally have a
large specific gravity (engineering,! I to L, Sii degree), including bubbles 11 in one plate # * Ll * e
is an excellent material in view of denseness, smoothness of the surface, etc., although it is an
excellent material, but Kosu is high There is regret Nine plastics are such species a <Therefore,
the physical properties are diverse, so long as they are suitable for each use 5, conventionally,
reinforcing agents such as fibers are used if necessary, or Add chemicals and physical properties
to monomers by adding additives to the monomers. However, these methods are costly, because
reinforcing agents, additives, and the like are expensive or costly to process, Ki! ならなかった。
From this point of view, the present invention provides a homogeneous plate-shaped paternal
molded article having excellent acoustic properties as a material for a speaker box, at low cost by
adding plastics as a main material, Kii low-weight extender, at least as a speaker box material For
this purpose, we do not specify the type of plastic material, but at least it is low in friction), so it
is low. Plastic is selected as a linking agent and the set Ill is formed on a rigid plate integral with
the extender.
(For example FVOJ resin) As a bulking agent, one kind of weighing agent such as waste, dream,
charcoal calcium * etc. in Al I-, or some combination depending on the type of plastic (each filler
is powder Mix in such a way that it distributes homogeneously throughout the entire tissue.
However, it is applied to a sand of 61 g 5 mesh process degree, and 9 nodules are adopted. The
powdered material obtained by mixing the plastic material and the weight ratio of the extender at
a weight ratio of 60: 40 by a conventionally well-known technique, for example, by heating and
pressurizing the thermomembranous one, cooling and hardening it, forming it into a plate shape
Process as a speaker's kettles, and some - a wax hot tIII positive carved cargo with simple
shadow! Catechi to shape it into a smooth speaker book. Since there is no generation of gas λ in
the heating and flowing process of the preliminary-car box material beat - plastics X tick, it does
not contain air bubbles, it integrates with the metering agent and the fluid runs at the thick
corner i Without table rI! It is smooth - one more -! Since nonplastic substance is mixed as an
agent, there is no thermal deformation due to the extender and there is no dimensional distortion
such as sink mark, distortion, etc. after molding. - Because it is an extender refining waste etc, it
is possible to greatly reduce the cost, in addition to the material cost) Down and forming process
and reduction of deformation after forming, the speaker box meat It is possible to increase the
thickness, 1 it will kill the acoustic effect and the texture due to it killing ◎ (that is, the weight of
the speaker box material increases by increasing the wall thickness, together with the sound I! It
is possible to prevent the above second condition and to satisfy the second condition.)
Furthermore, as a secondary effect 1, it can contribute% '- to resource saving and pollution
prevention by utilizing refining waste. Patent applicant Molya Shin Kinzaku Corrugated Register
Bulldo 7 Kyoshi End Page: 2
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