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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a slant view showing an embodiment of the
present invention. E base, 4 ... knob for mixing operation. −99−
Detailed Description of the Invention In an 8 millimeter movie apparatus (in recent years, a
magnetic strip was provided at the edge of the film, and in this east groove, as before
photographing, image before blueing, after recording on narishi virgin etc. Naked talk style has
been developed and already in practical use. · ゥ · 3 "‥) 2 · γ 厖 The biggest point of this kind
simultaneous recording system is the microphone installation groove which does not pick up the
operation sound of the photographing device when recording before the shooting within the
shooting angle of view # It is necessary to do. Even in after-recording, it is also necessary to
consider installing a microphone that inserts narration etc. while projecting, and that picks up
the operating sound of the projector. As a simplest method for this purpose, it is to install a
microphone at a position away from a noise source such as an operating sound. By the way, since
this kind of 8 mm movie is used as a garden movie device, it is often done by one person's
operation even when shooting and after recording etc. Therefore, after recording, if the projector
operation and microphone Operation and t must be performed at the same time, so that it is
extremely difficult to install a microphone at the ninth position away from the projector. Rash,,,,
'),' 4. , ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In detail, 'lk' is used so that the recording operation can be
performed. The illustrated embodiment will be described below. Fig. MFi The present invention is
a slope view showing an embodiment of a microphone outfit, exemplifying a table stand
microphone which supports a microphone main body 1 with a short column, and which is rigidly
attached to the base portion 3 of all horseshoe shapes. And the group 1! In F 3, a round mixing
device such as a sound on sound system which records lily of the input from the microphone 1
before adding it before the arrival at the shooting site is built in. Reference numeral 4 denotes an
operation knob for mixing. In addition to the mixing device described above, it is also possible to
arrange the preamp horizontal structure and operation switch of the projector itself or the like
on this base part 1,? -Ty '> x ___ 5 Configuration from table 6 ___ ___ 1 ___ ___ 1 ___ ___ 1 ___
___ 1 ___ ___ 1 ___ ___ 1 ___ ___ 0 After-recording operation tF - When doing, microphones are
placed in the light position sufficiently away from the projector to the extent that they do not
pick up the projector's operating sound in both the standup and the studio, and the afterrecording of many screens In the operation in this case, under the setting of the projector and the
microphone, the operator first starts the projection operation of the projector, and then the
operation knob 4 etc on the stand base at the microphone installation To set the horizontal
mounting amount of the projector in the operating state and perform the after recording
operation by the microphone IK , In the recording operation in this case, the operator is an
operation while monitoring with an earphone or the like, and proper after-recording operation
can be performed by appropriately operating the knob 4 or the like.
When this is the end of the after-recording operation, you first operate the knob of the stand
base 1 (4) 1 part to make a sound recording quantity in stop form 11, the operator moves to the
projector side Stop the operation, etc. As with Jin, according to the present invention, the
projector and the microphone can be installed at a distance. Therefore, it is possible to perform
very effective vowel operation without picking up the operating sound of the projector at the
time of microphone operation. Since various vowel operations can be performed on the
microphone installation side at the microphone installation side, it is possible to perform the
operation at the time of the Kirishin and at the start and stop of the Kirishin at the microphone
setting position away from the projector, so that the single operation It is most effective for
performing after-recording operation and the like. 4, m 1 llio BRIEF DESCRIPTION Drawing is a
slant view showing an embodiment of the present invention 01 --- i it - 7 ON main body (5) ':,, -) 2
... strut 3 ... Base 4 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · for knobs for manipulating utility model
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