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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a sectional side view of an embodiment of a
speaker mounting device according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is a top view of the device,
and FIG. 3 is a sectional view taken along line AA ' . 1 ... mounting board, 2 ... sound emitting hole,
3 ... boss, 4 ... elastic piece, 5 ..... lip, 6 и и и и Speaker, 7 и и и и и frame, 8 и и и и и и и pressing-downs, 9 и и и
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEMS The present invention relates to a speaker
mounting apparatus for use in a radio receiver and other audio equipment, and aims to provide
an excellent speaker mounting apparatus with a simple configuration. Generally speaking, when
attaching a speaker, it is common to form a plurality of bosses on the mounting board, press the
outer circumference of the yoke of the speaker with the L-shaped attachment attached to these
bosses, and fix it by Z . However, in the case of the '-' 4, Near ', и и и 2 и 2 и и и и, it requires a lot of
fixtures and hiss to attach the speaker, and its installation as a whole is very troublesome There
is a problem. Meanwhile, a plurality of ribs are integrally formed in a mounting grave hole, and
the ribs are melted to attach a speaker. In this type of speaker, however, there is dimensional
variation in the speaker and the rib itself, so that the attachment It is difficult to make it difficult,
and there is a possibility that rattling will occur, which is not much preferable. The present
invention is to eliminate the above-mentioned conventional drawbacks, and to provide a speaker
attachment device which can absorb the variations uniformly with a simple structure, can easily
remove the attachment, and can be reliably mounted . DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED
EMBODIMENTS Hereinafter, a speaker mounting apparatus according to the present invention
will be described with reference to the drawings of one embodiment. In the figure, reference
numeral 1 designates a mounting board such as a synthetic resin tree / yarn and a cabinet, 2 a
sound output hole formed in the mounting board 1, 3.4 a position opposite to each other
sandwiching the sound output hole 2 Formed boss and U - shaped resilient piece, 5 is a groove
sandwiching the elastic piece 4, a locking rib formed close to the numeric sound hole 2, 6 a
speaker, 7 a A frame of the speaker 6, 8 is an L-shaped presser clamped and fastened to the
hosel 3 by a screw 9. In the above-described embodiment, the speaker 6 is disposed to face the
sound output hole 2, and the frame 7 of the speaker 6 is externally closed by a presser 8
attached to the boss 3 and a U-shaped elastic piece 4 by pushing and fixing. Therefore, the
speaker 6 is firmly attached by the presser 8 and the elastic piece 4, and the dimensional
variation of the speaker 6, the boss 3, etc.? Since the dU-shaped elastic seat 4 is sufficiently
elastic, it is sufficiently absorbed by the elastic force of the elastic piece 4 with respect to that,
and deterioration of the mounting state hardly occurs due to dimensional variations. That is,
according to the above embodiment, since the elastic force in the direction of the arrow acts on
the elastic piece 4 at all times, the speaker 6 is constantly pressed toward the boss 3, and the
attachment device depends on the position of the boss 3 It becomes Q, J which is correctly
When attaching and detaching the speaker 6, 4.7 can easily be carried out by pressing the elastic
piece against its elastic force in a direction opposite to the arrow. As apparent from the above
embodiment, the present invention is characterized in that a boss and a U-shaped elastic piece
are integrally formed on a mounting substrate, respectively, and the frame of the speaker is
pressed by the pressing member attached to these bosses and the elastic piece Since the yoke of
the loudspeaker is pressed by using the U-shaped resilient piece, it is not necessary to use many
holding members and screws, so that the structure as a whole Can be simplified, and attachment
of the speaker is remarkably facilitated. According to this proposal, since U-shaped elastic piece
is used, dimensional variation can be sufficiently absorbed by the elastic force of this elastic
piece, and the speaker is always fixed in a precise position surely It has many advantages as it
can not be done.
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