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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an exploded perspective view showing a part
of a conventional speaker device in a cutaway manner, and FIGS. 2 and 3 are each a cutaway part
of the speaker device of the present invention 1 is a frame, 3 is an opening edge, 4 is a recess, 5
is a panel, 6 is a cylindrical wall, and 7 is a protrusion, respectively.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a loudspeaker
device, a loudspeaker device having features of the mounting structure of the loudspeaker
device. The loudspeaker device of the speaker's 7 rpm panel V is used frequently for car stereos
etc., and its specific example is also shown in 1 figure. 2 (1) shows the diaphragm (21 supporting
frame, 14) ... outside the opening edge (3) of the frame (1). il - the recess of 4 pleasantly formed
J'l 2, (51 is the front wall spring at the opening of 11, (7) ... is the inner wall of the panel (5)
These four concave convex portions IJl these concavo-convex portions 141 i 7 B - defeated, the
panel (5) is the frame) - two fitting. However, in the sixth case [In the case of installing it in a
speaker device car or the like, the protrusion portion 71 of the panel 51 (spring portion I 5 in the
position of engagement of 411 (411) of the frame (1) Must be rotated and aligned, and in
addition to considering the direction of attachment of the spring sy 151 in advance, the speaker
fire must be accommodated, and there was a problem in workability - two problems. Especially
when mounting a square panel on a speaker, position shift is conspicuous, so sharp work is
needed и C. The present invention has been made for the purpose of eliminating the
aforementioned drawbacks. An embodiment of the speaker device of the present invention is
referred to as liJ! 2 Fig. In the figure, (1) is a frame supporting the vibration right + 21, (3) is the
opening edge of the frame 11), + 41141 иии is the outside of the opening edge (3) 3 (5) is a
circular front panel which covers the end of the opening of the frame 11), + 61) Oka fM wall of
the abdominal panel 15), l '71 ... Is within 5Wt6i of the falling day [[Fll two (II! For example, four
protrusions protruding at one mountain interval, etc. The shape of this convex portion (7) ... is
the same as the shape of the frame Lu iu 1 14114 i ... It is uniform 1x hemispherical shape
engaged in Gran, this frame mountain 11 + 13 ET 6 recess 141 + 4 L ,, + 7) The number needs to
be 11 times several times the number of panel noses H + r + - и. In the above case, since the
convex portion 17)... Is 1 ll'l ', concave portions 141141... Are formed such as integral multiples
of 241 J 28,. "C" The protrusions (71 ... ... of the panel (5) respectively correspond to the arbitrary
of the recesses 14 + 141 ... of the frame (1), respectively, by swallowing the screen panel (5) This
panel (5) is engaged two-dimensionally in the frame 111 section.
On the other hand, the fitting angle of the two speakers of the panel (1) to the panel (1) at the
same time is arbitrarily arbitrary, but if the angular variation is not suitable for design 6, apply
the Ic 11 rolling force to the panel (1) Rotating up to angle 1:
2, its purpose can be achieved. 4
Another embodiment of the present invention is shown in FIG. In the present embodiment, the
opening image of the frame (1) (31) is the same as that of the porridge 2, There are two features
of the recessed state (4i 141 иии). That is, when the panel (5) is singing at the regular angle to the
frame 11.1
2, the spring AJ (5; A large number of concave portions t 41141 иии are
continuously formed only in the vicinity of the position of the opening edge (3) of the frame
mount where the convex portion (7) projecting on the inner surface of ffi Wil + is matched. In the
case of this embodiment, since the panel (5) is a hexagonal shape and the convex portion 1707 H
71 is 31 itself, the above-described continuous concave portions 141 + 41... Are separated into
three sections is there. The speaker of the present invention is a speaker of which the outside
edges of the opening edge of the frame (- continuous formation of two or more concave portions
(? 2, the inner surface of the cylindrical wall of the face panel attached to this speaker 4 - Since
the appropriate number of convex portions are formed, the convex portion of this panel can
engage with any concave portion of the frame. Therefore, the front panel can be fitted at an
arbitrary angle with the frame C: simple , so when installing this speaker device with two cars
etc. C 5 Installation of the faked yusuba main body Regardless of the corners, Can be mounted at
an angle of. The above effect can be achieved by attaching the speaker device to the work (two
non-electric C 2 beneficial).
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