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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing a state in which
grooves are formed in a plate body, and FIG. 2 is a perspective view showing a state in which a
box body is formed by bending the plate body. 1 · · · · flexible film cassette T · · · · V-shaped
groove. E 1 Figure 53 -
plurality of r-shaped grooves reaching the sheet are provided on the opposite sheet surface side
of a plate body laminated with a flexible film or sheet, and the V-shaped groove is used to form a
box body Such as a loudspeaker box or the like, to improve the cabinet. Many cabinets utilizing
the so-called V-cut method as described above are provided, but cutting processing of the Vshaped groove provided on the opposite sheet side of the plates -1 - 4 EJ -, 28021 - 02 body is
highly advanced Accuracy is required. In other words, if the depth of the V-shaped groove is
shallower than a predetermined value, inconvenience such as bending is impossible at this Vshaped groove portion or no bent portion is formed at a right angle or inconvenience Will occur.
Also, if the incision of the V-shaped groove is deeper than a predetermined value even if it is
slight, cutting to the above-mentioned film sheet [, 1, since each side plate constituting the box
body separates and causes defect such as 2 gauge is there. Therefore, in the case of a cutter with
a V-shaped groove, the dimension between the placing table on which the plate body is placed
and the cutting teeth which make one revolution is exclusively adjusted to 100 milli-mm or less)
accuracy. Therefore, if there is somewhat "warpage", "twist", etc. in the board itself, there is a
disadvantage that it cuts a part of the 7 · 1 RUM sheet due to existence of this "warpage", "twist"
etc. There are very many defects of this kind from the past. The present invention takes into
consideration such a disadvantage of occurrence of a disaster, and will be explained based on the
figure below. -2 - AO - Re On ') 1-1' 19 That is, FIG. 1 shows a single plate obtained by laminating
(flexible film c) (7) on its - F side . In the - side line of this plate body i, 2), a blood border first)
and a groove having a depth of about half to one third of the plate thickness (→ is formed in
parallel with this blood border C) are formed. Thereafter, the V-shaped groove (5) (! 5) is
provided from the opposite side of the curved side of the seat, but the grooves (due to the
presence of the cuts, V-shaped grooves (勺 (when applying the clams themselves, even if the
board itself has vc "warpage" It is possible to substantially eliminate accidents such as cutting the
film sheet by the cutter. Fig. 2 is a can picture diagram showing a state in which the abovementioned V-shaped groove (勺 (ω is bent inward, a weak lily box body is formed). Although not
shown in Fig. 2, the baffle and the rear lid to which the speaker is attached are attached to the
casing front and fti in the state shown in Fig. 2, and the speaker box is formed.
Since this invention is considered as described above, even if the board itself does not cause
some "warpage" or "pinched" etc. '- 11 q - 9 Qn' tv - na good, It is expected to have a practical
effect that IE can be raised far more. Note that the handwriting groove (4) is not necessarily
provided in a direction perpendicular to the 1 'groove (5) as shown in the drawing, and even if it
is provided in parallel in the same direction, a similar practical effect can be expected.
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