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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a sectional view of a conventional speaker
system, and FIGS. 2 and 3 are a perspective view and a sectional view of a speaker system
according to an embodiment of the present invention, respectively. 10E и Grid, 13
ииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии High frequency sound speaker, 14 иииии Middle sound speaker, 15 ииииииииии Bass
speaker, 16 и и и и и и и и и Baffle plate, 17 и ... partition plate, 18 ... sound absorbing material, 19 ...
Helmholtz resonator. 11 Shinichi 83 Sutame 49-55034 (2) - ? ?
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE DEVELOPMENT 1 Name of the invention: Speaker system 2
Utility model Bulletin billing scope - Bass board in which the bass speaker is mounted in a
speaker system having a bass speaker and a medium and high frequency speaker - While
installing tkN mouth and placing the mid-treble speaker in the wrinkle-mouth face, install a small
amount of sound absorber such as sound absorbing material or Bermholtz resonator inside the
cabinet, As much as possible to reduce the sound pressure as much as possible to the sound
waves going out of the cabinet through the mouth - vt - speaker system to make it mattress. . , ?,
the present invention relates to a speaker system which opened the front face of a cabinet.
Although the current speaker system is mostly a sealed type and a bass reflex type, in the case of
these speaker systems, acoustic energy in the inside of the yabinet can not be sufficiently
reduced, so a pressure of Il is applied to the diaphragm 9 & Increasing sound quality
deterioration Fi can not be eliminated. The stuffiness of the air in the 9 cabinets increases fo
<severely low resonance frequency), and the bass reproduction limit moves to a high frequency.
On the other hand, open the rear of the cabinet to lower the sound pressure inside the cabinet,
and open the rear (2) of the cabinet (1) as shown in Fig. 1, and open the cabinet (1) Helmholtz
resonance 1! A loudspeaker system is also known in which (1) is installed so as to absorb sound
so as to minimize the sound coming out from the back of the cabinet as much as possible.
However, in these rear open-ended speaker systems, the back of the cabinet is on 111 v! Not a
fool that can not be attached so as to make contact with i> but the electricity of the loudspeaker
system had a disadvantage that the sound quality varied depending on the state of position, that
is, the distance to the cabinet (1), the distance to the cabinet (1) or the material of the wall . The
present invention is focused on the issue of consolidation and it is made fL%, the first objective is
to set the thicker mouth on the parachlor plate surface to which the bass speaker is attached
sand before 111 Hkml ), To lower the sound pressure inside the cabinet and to provide a
loudspeaker system in which the installation is regenerated with a certain sound quality
irrespective of the location. x The second object of the present invention is to provide a
loudspeaker system which can be designed by designing the whole by arranging and fixing the
mid-treble speaker in the above-mentioned opening surface. # 12.8 One embodiment of the
present invention will be described with reference to the drawings. No 2 The cabinet shown in
the figure (и The front of the и is largely released in the upper half of it and it is built in the
opening a ? on the lattice side, , A small speaker for medium sound is installed.
In addition, the company bass speaker (c) is attached to the baffle board Korea on the 1111 face
and the lower half of the cabinet guru. On the other hand, as shown in Fig. 8, a partition plate
turtle that separates the expanded sound portion and the mid / high sound portion is installed in
the center of the inside of the cabinet, and the sound path from the back of the bass speaker to
the opening surface 0 And is formed. And the sound path is filled with a single sound material a8
such as glass cool, 7 elt and the like, and in the upper part inside the cabinet is a Helmholtz
resonator a field which is a resonance type sound absorbing material. The acoustic pressure
inside the cabinet is always kept low, the sound wave radiated from the back of the bass speaker
aS is absorbed by the sound absorbing material l sand in the sound path, further attenuated by
the Helmholtz resonator a, The mouth surface ? force] The sound wave which radiates is
extremely little force. The sound wave emitted from inside the cabinet has little influence on the
sound wave radiated from the front of the speaker and the listener can always hear the playback
sound under the best conditions as explained above. As explained above, the speaker system of
the present invention It can achieve the above-mentioned fine object well), which is a practical
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