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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a first embodiment of the
present invention, FIG. 1 is a perspective view, FIG. 2 is a front view, FIG. 3 is a sectional front
view, and FIG. FIG. 1 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · bottom side of
the protrusion, ... speaker's sound producing part, 19 ... base surface. -51-7 ψ '
[Detailed explanation of the idea] lis letter t designation mushroom speaker attachment pillow m
layer new design registration scope of paragraph ■ middle pillow! * Unlike the mineral sponge
pillow, it is integrated with this in the central part of the pile body with umbrella elasticity TIc!
l! In order to put out both * ffi living by that tL. Former W ** Iwamiyuki Inui set up a through
hole that penetrates through as opposed to the side where it falls aside, and the conference is
held with the speaker on the outside side of the penetrating hole Pillow with speaker that makes
Tatami mat. & @ @ E details @ km @ this though mat concerning a pillow with a speaker, I lost in
order to the house etc etc in order of pillow, I sit in a vehicle O seat I ranked IIK order with a
pillow Kli Australia 1 In posture, moreover, hitting others, I listen to the radio etc just by myself!
IIK is convenient when you use SUBY body - attached pillow. Only hK1 Traditional O Speaker
Shinbokura Frame Mainly speakers inside the pillow 11, or V installed on the outside 11, the
pillow K11lltt) Speakers are earlier than the ear 1) When you are in a relatively far position Even
Kfi, the speaker is even in the pillow itself, speakers and ears [) IIK The darkness becomes too
much, so the roar that emanates from the speaker diffuses to the outside 11 and escapes - Ka <\
If you talk to Hakkai 41, etc., it is difficult to take low tILll - and you can lower the conference
results, and you can enjoy the ceremonial light 11! It is not cloudy to be able to do, and the t
from the speaker is leaked to the outside, causing trouble to others. 11 Speakers are integrated
with rigid # potatoes because they are hydrocyanic acid 1, so if the speakers are Eurpo K [II
capsule, the feeling is bad and it seems to match the unnatural feeling. This idea ___ ___ ___ ___
___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ 0 Exit Exit Tokorozuki part, Nitera Togashi Toki - inner XK diagonally
over the point where the gang is blown outward Kl Haruka Sufu penetrating hole geometry, Zo
outside the through hole - mouth w @ Speaker 114t b in such a way that it diffuses to the blue
zone outside 11 which threatens from the speaker, in order to escape the hole, to directly escape
the liaison directly to the ear lI and hence direct responsibility from the speaker [11 <thing It is
O, and in a brief bass, etc., I picked up a batch, and I was able to kick the KS lock, even if Qi Qin
Qi was -1. Blue emanating from the speakers is out of the way IKK leaves it, so it is also
worthwhile to have fun with other people, 11 friends, hard speakers such as ears etc. [11 passing
: So soft feeling pleasurable, good touch, good feeling, 16F :, speakers outside I!
Because it is a rice pass at 0, it is intended for trying to lift and tie a loudspeaker drop - like a
pillow so that the speaker O attachment / detachment or sJkma, holding inspection and so on are
deprived & & 1, , According to the example showing the present invention l 1 m 1 K, 1111
W $ IW * 1 lN 1111 '-). 1.1 - YOU (; welded to a medium middle shape, sideways Kwl veneer 1
large barb to press in air, El, l pillow book 1 body, ζ o pillow main body central III Upper 114 t
earlier K11 l I am sorry, lower -5 a yen Reproductive O'1! IIKIlilltL? Ah! In
addition, the above warfare body V central wounded elegance JIt) The truth and stuff to the both
sides + the truth to protrude + i't A - it - rat punishment, - the truth - tin w 60 inside - Above ■ 4
and mineral loose umbrella - by 1 curve with skewer Fuhi · IImEm! One coat, elegance, on tll
Tiger tin S within 7 ears! Seven pairs? ! 11Wk (m - 1 m is brought into contact with the top 1 - 4
on the center part of the pile body *** position of the ears) as one bite Iku Ikeda eM - IIK Mutsui
penetrating penetrating hole 穆 tL * 111 威 し, ら れ っ て Both Hole 1! Inside 1114 by Mine IL
Wall 11 & Disconnected. On one side, above ■ Corruption hole 1! M41 - Iku Oka Margin from
Terrace Treehouse During tkh! Sift the outer peripheral edge of the mounting body 15 of the
gate @ II R - declare and Zen in the mounting body 1 S! Press the part tV ★ Insert the collar 17
of the speaker with IRII and insert the speaker 160 - capital 1 through the through hole 1
towards Yorin in the poult state with the collar 11 as the mounting body 11 and the MI 111 & · - E Menu meets station. Constitute 1 so that the pillow with the poultry speaker turns to the Olayer status. In order to press the moisture from the top of the pipe, the center of the pile body 1
- Yichai σ Takuma Tsuru 6 together, the number of the Fukuhon dialect, the pressure of the
deck 圧 pressed into a friend □ glossy pulp 2 For that reason, when you do @ 4 KllI · on the
center part of the pile body 1o, it is suppressed by the load in the central iris 4 ■ Tsushima way
downward, along with the lower 50 arcs IHml 1m center w $! ws1vKllI! L ,, so that
both sides escape cluttered outwardly so that as you can see in 411, the upper part w4 of the
central part resiliently moves downward to the lower side and moves, L, * '1lllA part 4 is IK inner
Move to. Corruption hole 1'10 g! Il mouth of the parents 'inner side Cao' s side, ear and feeling 1!
It approaches. In doing so, the plaster which is drawn from the foam of the speaker 16 does not
spread out or escape outside, and it has no through hole 1! It was transmitted directly to the ears,
heard the blue from the speaker 16 to the guyrettat (h #), further clayed the acoustic effect and
listened reliably even in the bass and enjoyed 1 Blue Qin etc. Let 's do it!
Eating, drinking from the speaker -16 Snow is all through hole 1! It travels to the ears 9 and it is
less likely to get out of the mK, so there is nothing to put on another party. Moreover, the hard
speaker 16 is installed outside the protrusion I 14, and this speaker 14 m ear! (51) (It is soft in
the gI @ we for ears 9 etc etc, so it is good touch, good KI 1111 "e * h, 1! ihK。 The speaker
16 is a vote company hti on the outside 11, ζax healing -1allio arriving 11! In celebration 4, c *,
maintaining 9 points of inspection Yajiji etc also played the gloomy bites for - All and OII, and in
Nanning, Ning example, the pile body 1 was constituted by air pillow, but sponge Pillow i can not
bear concern Of course Ihh. 4 ■ Explanation of the simplicity of the picture 5asi # i This is one
indication of the marriage of this thought, l11all is open lane! ■ ■ is a positive ■■, $ 3 ■
Hiroshi Tsuyoshi I% w4mtt Traversing the usage layer is positive - Ryuto · 1 ----- a body, 1 -----Aku, I- ----- Mirror main body 1 ------ Central Ikumasa 1, ----- under the general body -14 ---------------------------------- 7 ---- --- 1! Eki __L @ ------ * -), 1 ----- ear, to ------- @, 1 s ---- 91! ffiwcI outside W, 12
---- X through hole, m - - one device, 14 ---- p 4 s, t - - - - m trunk body% 14 -, ---- speaker · 17, - --Speakers O Kuro Ilbo, 鴇 --- 1 of 1 ___ SAFETERS ___ ___ 0 −−−−−4■。 IIJll New Covered
Brass mwx Human Star Electro Electric Striking Stock Association Wardener Ruzo Attorney New
Bowl Yusuke Muscle $ 141 "] 127 Wholesale Figure 467 B 611 l, J 4 Town 2 itlzn and B 77 No
δ θ" 4 Cuff 6 Tails 3, Out 1 star electric appliances manufacturing 5 corporation 572> n <μml till u t s / t, / - clan 3 Figure 7 / j 17 / J. 713 "l δ 71 δ 6 /, 4 J 5 'clan, <Uj Jl 慮 720 (7) for
2 t / Z / 76 __ / Tano J f) t and 20 long a) \ 1 Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. l 狂 ffl ネ ネ C C ↓
I - kPo L M O 考 m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m 斬 斬 斬 斬 斬 斬 斬 斬 斬 斬 l l l l l l l l l
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tw Kita-ku stick-Mg 2J Cao turtle plum lin? To 〒 s3 · electricity 104 (! 12) 0117 name valve ■
± (2947) autumn - 41 m 1
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