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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a system diagram of an air conditioner of the
present invention, and FIG. 2 is a graph showing cooling and temperature removal characteristics
of one embodiment according to the present invention. 1 ... ... Compressor, 2 ... Evaporation type
E ... Outdoor fan, 11 ... ... water tray, 12 ... Pump, 15, 18 ... ... First and second valves, 16 ... burner,
E · place. Kishi / Sun-113 - Actual Opening 49-66245 (2) Left 2 Correction No. 11 11111 冫
Parla / 8's Obama V Vice 114
The present invention relates to an air conditioner, and more particularly to a nine-hour air
conditioner in which an air conditioner having an evaporation type condenser and a hot water
type heater are combined to form an integrated structure. 1) Generally, the refrigerator and the
heater are separate devices. In order to perform complete heating and cooling, two pieces of
equipment are necessary, which inevitably raises the price and there are problems such as
requiring a lot of installation place. From such a point, a so-called heat pump type air conditioner
also used for cooling and heating by one unit has been developed. However, in this heat pump
type empty fill H side, + 1 lumping time draws heat from the atmosphere and releases the heat to
the room Rounding, not enough heating in the coldest period, cold air at dehumidification,
temperature Since there was a drawback of a wharf where the wind can not be adjusted
continuously, what eliminated these drawbacks, that is, has an evaporative condenser? We
combine @ Saitama with a gas or kerosene companion hot water heater to enable perfect air
conditioning and dehumidification, and we are developing and proposing a 9-inch i1m machine.
However, because such air is used to replenish water mainly used for hot water heating machines
with water replenishment evening etc. Nine o'clock is not understood from this tank and it is
impossible to fulfill the full function of the air, and it has a serious influence on the air
conditioner, and this water supply tank is appropriately Very maintenance is troublesome
because it has to be replaced, and there are disadvantages of the town where miniaturization can
not be achieved because there is a water supply tank. The present invention has been made in
consideration of the above-mentioned drawbacks. Cooling with sufficient cooling and heating
capacity by 1 piece of equipment. It is aimed to provide an air conditioner which can be heated
and dehumidified, easy to maintain and small. An embodiment of the present invention will be
described below with reference to FIG. 1. Reference numeral 1 denotes a refrigerant compressor,
and the refrigerant compressed in the compressor 1 is condensed in the condenser 2. Is sent to
the evaporator 4 via the capillary tube 3, and further circulates to the compressor 1. Condenser
2Fi Water evaporation type condenser, in which a coiled ferrite tube 6 is disposed in the outer
tube 5, a sprayer 7 is provided immediately above the coiled tube 6, An exhaust pipe 8 is fixedly
mounted on the top of the outer cylinder 5 ', and an outdoor fan 10 driven by a motor 9 is
disposed in the exhaust pipe 8. On the other hand, a water receiving tray 11 is installed below
the outer cylinder 5, and a suction pipe 13 of a pump 12 is connected to the water receiving tray
The discharge pipe 14 of the pump 12 comprises a bifurcated branch conduit, one of which is
connected to the nebulizer 7 via a first valve 15 and the other of which is connected to a burner
16 And is connected to one end of the hot water pipe 171 L of the water heater 17 heated by the
second valve 18. The water heater 17 is provided adjacent to the outer cylinder 5 of the
condenser 2, and its exhaust port # 17 btel is opened in the upper space in the outer cylinder 5.
It should be noted that 19 is a solenoid valve provided in a supply conduit for combustion gas or
the like. A radiator 21 is provided adjacent to the evaporator 4 on the downstream side of the air
flow resulting from the addition of the indoor fan. That heat dissipation! i! 21 is connected to
the other end of the hot water pipe 17a of the water heater 17 via a conduit n and further
connected to the radiator 21. The return pipe 23 is opened with the water · 4) Has been done.
Also on the water receiving tray 11. A nine automatic supply device 25 connected via a water
pipe is provided. For example, a well-known pole tap type can be used as the automatic supply
device stripe, and water is automatically supplied so that the water level in the water receiving
tray 11 becomes constant. Then, the evaporator 4. Radiator 21. Interior fan 2 f). And the
automatic replenishment device 5 with the indoor side device 12. Indoor and outdoor partitions
26 are provided so that air and heat are not exchanged with each other between 1iii persons and
other indoor and outdoor side devices are provided so that the airtight As shown in FIG. First, in
cooling operation, the second valve 18 is closed and the first valve 15 is opened to drive
pumping. Therefore, the water pumped up from the water receiving tray 11 by the pump 12 is
sent to the sprayer 7 via the second valve 15, and sprayed onto the coil 6 for the refrigerant.
Therefore, when the compressor 1 is driven, the refrigerant is compressed to be a hightemperature and high-pressure gas, 15) the condenser 2, cooled and condensed by the latent
heat of water O sparged from the atomizer 7 while passing through the coil 6 . Further, it enters
the evaporator 4 via the cavity 2 R / 3, where it evaporates while cooling the in-vehicle air sent
by the indoor fan 20 and is sent to the pressure multiplier 1 again. On the other hand, the water
heated and evaporated by the refrigerant in the evaporative condensing roll 2 is 1 i! And is
discharged into the outside air through the exhaust pipe 8 together with a small amount of air
sucked from the lower end portion of the outer cylinder 5 by the outer fan / 10. In addition, it is
led to the water receiving tray 5 by the drain love company and the drain hose which do not
draw by the dehumidifying action of the evaporator.
During this time, only the amount of water vaporized by 7 water is automatically replenished
from the water supply pipe δ, the automatic water supply device δ, thus cooled, the 9th air is
sent to the room by the present inner Confusan fan 20, Cool enough. Next, at the time of heating,
the duct, the compressor 1 is not operated, the first valve 15 is closed, the second valve 18 is
opened, and the i1 water supplier 17 is operated. That is, the solenoid valve 19 is opened and the
combustion gas or lamp I'lB @ is supplied to the burner 16 to be combusted (6), and the water
sent from the water receiving tray U via the valve 18 of the wA 2 is heated . しハ・して。 The
heated hot water is sent to the radiator 21 via a conduction 1122 t -, and is sent by the indoor
fan 20 v C to heat the indoor air to heat the room. Then, the hot water exchanged with indoor air
passes through the return pipe 23 and returns to the water receiving tray 111 c 9. And is again
sent to the water heater by the pump 12. Also, at the time of dehumidification, the second valve
18 is turned at the same time as the aforementioned cooling operation is performed. , The
operation of the water heater 17 is stopped in this case. したがって。 The water pumped up
from the water receiving tray 11 by the pump 12 is supplied to the radiator 21 through the
second valve 18 and the water heater 17. In this case, σ hot water is supplied to the water
receiver 11 with water heated or dropped by the refrigerant condensed in the evaporative type
condenser 2, so that the evaporator 4 And the dehumidified indoor air is heated up to the enemy
by the radiator 21 to an enemy temperature and is blown out into the room, so that only the
deep humidification action is performed. (7) According to the experiment, the temperature to be
blown out into the room is about 24 ° C. when the second valve 18 is fully opened at the room
temperature of 21 ° C. When the valve 18 is fully closed, that is, when the cooling operation is
performed, the blowing temperature Was about 13 ° C. (See FIG. 2) Consequently, the indoor
blown air temperature can eventually be changed between 1.2 C and 24 '0 by adjustment of the
second valve 18. In the present invention, the configuration is as described above. 1 @ 0 Cooling,
heating and dehumidification can be performed by the air conditioner, and at the time of heating.
Since indoor air is heated with warm water heated by a water heater, it is possible to adequately
heat up at any seizure period, and furthermore, as described above, at the time of
dehumidification, opening of the valve to the water heater is performed Adjusting and adjusting
K according to K makes it possible to adjust the room blowing temperature, so adjustment of hot
air dehumidification and dehumidification of cold air can be very easily performed by opening
WILK of one valve.
Also two in the present invention, evaporator, radiator,! ii Within the fan, supply / re-use, and the
water pan as the indoor unit (8) unit, there is a partition wall between the other units and so just
insert pipes only through the partition wall It is possible to completely compromise the
interruption of air and heat between the two and it is possible to improve the efficiency of
cooling and heating and it is unnecessary to provide a water replenishing tank as in the past,
Please. Instead of this tank, water is supplied from the water supply via the automatic water
supply device to the water receiving tray, so that it is easy to maintain the town has the effect of
the town.
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