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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows a central longitudinal cross-sectional view,
and FIGS. 2A and 2B are perspective views showing shields, respectively. 1 · · · · · · · · · Speaker P's
@ 8 J mouth, F. FIG. 1 FIG. 2 FIG.
to an electronic organ or the like, and a method of modulating a sound wave radiated from a
speaker to thereby obtain a special acoustic effect such as a tremolo vocational vibrato effect or
the like, sound reproduction It relates to improvement of the apparatus. The following seven
examples will be explained based on the figure. Figure 1 shows the whole of the playback device
as a partial sectional view, showing (1) a Fi speaker and the speaker with its speaker at the
opening (3) of the baffle (2) (1) The shooting surface is mounted so that it has a single heart (4'l
is the first shield which will immerse the front radiating surface of the speaker (1). As shown in
FIG. 2 (13), this first dressing is partially opened in a cylindrical shape with a gauge, and is driven
by a motor (6) mounted on the lower surface thereof every second Rotate a few ~ through!
[i! It is rotated with the mother 's consolation Liao I is cleared. In the figure, (7) (71 (8)
shows a frame body for holding the above-mentioned first shielding body (φ and the motor (6)
at a predetermined position). The father, in the figure (urge indicates the second clearance
covering the backward discharge V face of the note speaker (1), as shown in FIG. 2 (A), a part It is
designed to be rotated with fast birds of honor to dozens of reciprocals every 10 seconds with an
opening (formed in a truncated conical shape with 1 and attached to the bottom of the motor (1))
There. It also shows a frame body for holding the (12) <14> (73) company's crushed body (9)
and the motor (1)) at a predetermined position. Thus, by introducing a voice current to the note
speaker (1), the first moat body (chrysanthemum and the second discrete body (when rotating by
the motor (6 NJ c, respectively, first and twentieth ) Along the circumferential direction of the
respective apertures (5) and (10) of the shield (4 (9+), giving the Doppler effect to the sound
waves from the speaker (1). Therefore, the listener can hear this as a tremolo or vibrato effect. By
changing the rotation speed of the first and second trackers respectively, a waviness due to the
relative speed occurs, which the listener can take as a more complicated modulation effect it can.
By making the directions of rotation of the father and the both mutually opposite, it is possible to
bring about further different modulation effects. It is to be noted that the above is an example of
the present invention and is not limited to the above-described special embodiment. For example,
the shapes of the first and second monoclusters are not limited to special ones as shown in the
figure, but also the design of the number of openings provided in the father and the refinement
and its size An arbitrary value can be selected above.
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