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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing a state in which a
front panel is detached from a speaker box, FIG. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view of the device in
FIG. 1, FIG. 3 is a front view of a speaker FIG. 4 is a longitudinal sectional view showing a
mounting state in a case where the fitting positions of the front plate and the speaker box are
shifted from each other. E.Fitting portion e Notched portion, 5 ... Shabuto insertion hole, 6 ...
shaft, 6a ... head of the shaft, t ', t "... ... gap, 7 ... · Speaker box baffle plate, 10 · · · · · · · · fitted part.
The first dispute 71 No. 1 49-93230 (2) Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4 Figure - 72 -
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM Console Jt drafts skin in a speaker box, especially
for dustproof and design purposes sticking saran etc on # 1 face and tying the front panel of the
front Front panel mounting value lid A Conventionally, in the speaker kitchen, attach Naran etc.
to the # plate from the dustproof and design aims, and for the f 1 - ° C, but the front plate is the
speaker box U) The baffle plate 5 2 As a method to settle F5, there are Daripo, the method of 5
ditching of the unevenness of the dugbo hole temples, the direction of the lucky person or the
ten thousand ti fitted by the Velcro. However, in the method of fitting the concave and convex
daubo of Da Ho Dobo Cement 6 2, singing υ] the dimensional accuracy is considerably
expensive, and on processing, the father is very happy and the 1 varnish beaker hokku is wooden
In humidity and fly degree dedicated exterior air accompanied by hairdressing biniasis, its
singing dimension is not constant, so you can keep keeping mating condition overtime at all
times, Maintaining the theory is also one. In addition, the above V) mounting method (two dubbo
(song title) v, + 1 I 514 and pair of hole (recess) +! Not only can not correct the mounting
mismatch caused by the dimensional 71k of 5 spaces, but also TIT Tadashi υ] sled, twist etc. (2
Damon · 03th place 1 and Dubbo Xυ) 9 Shield 6; Hair hair has occurred, and it is impossible to
rectify this even if it does not have a beef cattle on its geometrical fracture. The dimensional
relationship (II, 7) of the IIl ball outside the 2 - further - 2, SUHI - KARCHOX and the front plate
which is attached to it has a tapered portion (convex portion) and a dowel hole Since it is
determined only by the machining precision of the concave), it is impossible to make racing
adjustment. Ten thousand, Magic box 1 Temple installation method 6 Two o'clock C is also
upwards selfish! Meteorological hardening of iU 's temple and anti - 1), incompatible state lies
involving torsion crust 2, inconvenience? The range of absorption was small, and it was
controversial to lose design icy and outdoor. This υ] plan 4 is considered to be the above point,
and celebrate the majority of the idea of
this idea with respect to two areas A and B. FIG. Fig. 3
and Fig. 4 show how this invention (:: such bow · i & attaching bee dL / J - popping example) will
press 11 - 糎 Honjin, but for this 1.2 fans Ill fun Safran and T signature - like Saran 2 is a
sweater, and on the inside V @ 4 - it is buried three or more Onimenat 7't'c winter. 4 is a singing
section engraved at the affiliated Minato of Bum 4, j, white, the destination ship temple of this
funny part 4 (2 is a tapered riot 4 a gourd!
In the middle 6 2 of this cutout bottom is formed with the insertion hole 5 for y gibutsu gods 6.6
is a predecessor Mackerel f! 66a, and the other portion is provided with a threaded portion 6b
and a flange 6C is formed in the middle dog portion by a nominal C 2, between the shaft 6 and
the inner wall of the S through hole 5: Lash 1: In the same way, the insertion hole 5 is formed so
as to be slightly wider than the external teeth of the shaft 6 so as to have a clearance above the
relisher 10 (: the chain member 6a of the shaft 6 and the internal bond of the cutout portion 415
of the fitting portion 4 Darkness i also set some darkness - II 4J, sitting out the screw part 6b of
this shaft 6 and front IC! The wound board ice sheet main body ll: The embedded onyed nut 3 are
corresponded to each other, and they are two headed over the 8M plate main body via -60 of the
fitting part 4 basket shaft 6. 7 indicates the number of baffles of the speaker indication, and the
number of baffles of the number of baffles of 7 in the Sakanishi Sakanishi
2 is a ceremonial
number brazed to stop the seal I board book)] Concave notch corresponding to mating -4 11 IJ 8,
each of which IJI] w @ body ≦ Nearlastics etc.
2 IJ formed the four parts 9 formed by forming
the provisional part 10 by forming the temporary part 10, the part * in the wood screw 11 It is
closing down on the baffle machine 7. 4 The configuration C of this invention is as described
above, but next C 2 This idea i! How to install the pupil 6 In two explanations, the notch 4 b is
provided at the tip g 6 and the shaft salary 11 at the center of the top 4 b thereof! A shaft 6
supporting the singing part 4 is inserted through the singing part 4 of the elastic body provided
with the i hole 5, and a screw l 1 Sab of the V-yoke is screwed into four onyx nuts 3 provided on
the front plate 1 and fitted Mating part 4 with two front cover 15, then concave fitted part 10 +
two 1 W elaborate 6 two fitted with baffle plate 7 g so that this fitting part 4 can accommodate
this late 7 t2. (2) According to this invention 6 2, the mating part which was distinguished from
the front plate main body into the notched part K of the speaker box baffle plate corresponding
to it is connected with the m mating part # 1 honey [ It is not only that it can be attached, it is not
only possible to attach it, but also a ba-sofl board : ___ ST brief 6 ___ 1 ___ ___ 0: ___ ___ 0:
___ ___ ___ 0 , And feeling between this fitting part and the shaft that supports this extension! ! 1
+% Young ten IkI + Izumo is set up in ZQ], the customs book 14 + - the singing part g which was
carefully chosen and the baffle plate glue finish of the speaker HOX! H and 5 - Dimensional θ of
the picture clothing; more than necessary - Accuracy is unnecessary - 2 It is possible to attach
and detach it without failing to absorb the error.
Deng 4 Figure i. What is missing is the one that surprised the return of 111 plato book! The case
where the fitting position of a + 4 and the split joint part 10 formed on the pub full board 7 of
the speaker box deviates from the biological cause
2 or in this case the shaft 6 Insertion hole
of Kin & 1 14. Shaft U) IIJ1 part 6a and notch part 4b of the mating part each have a black
number 2, each of which is indefinite L +, i sound, so that it can hold its animal fusion meltdown
corruptly. Also, even if the warpage, twisting of the front plate etc., twisting 4) l 2 therefore
happens to be one day Ile 4, it absorbs the same as above and it is fresh for the kite. In 1 school v
5 al. Sara ζ 2, liJ & ___ b ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 0 Ski, publishing humiliation) - Jeju Ax l
liveness, - Joint part and Shaft Darkness 6 Were two for 1? Ml ___ 4 ___ 4 (If you can correct two
things, q + =, 1, Iu Temporarily speaker box υ) Powerful handling Gfl removed ___ 6 ___
Tethering - Temple where the view is not damaged, -6 + G] inventive; z Exert excellent effects.
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