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【Detailed Description of the Invention】 Specifications ■ Name of the invention Front Crill
Mounting Apparatus 2, Utility Model Climbing Ili & Zhao Zi Cabinet opened last time and front
011 of the Jin cabinet In front of the cabinet In the inner garden, A front grill which is added to a
frame provided on the front face of the buckle plate; and a front grill which is provided at a
position corresponding to each of at least upper and lower fi portions of a face of the front grill
facing the baffle plate Horizontal mountain "rather than protruding toward the IIIT direction of
the pamphlet", and each of the elastic plates provided with the curves 8 fl and (2) - y 8 is added
to the frame body, r'j * Before wisdom 1. An annular female impregnant each attached to a
curved central portion of a surface facing the baffle plate and having an opening at a portion
facing the pamphlet plate formed of an elastic body; Itl: opposite to the opening It is attached to
the front of the buckle board, each of which was added to the pace) 11 parts are formed sharply
and open to part · h and the thickness of the front female And the male locking with the locking
piece which is larger than the opening of the opening provided in the form retainer X on its
honest point, and declare @ Keio Takumi Kaizuchi's securing piece # Against the 1i41 sexual
power of the female locking tool! Insert it in the single part of the locking tool of W arrangement
# 1, lock the day end of the opening at the beach of the front wrapping piece, and repulsion by
locking completion 恢 V @ @ i I elastic plate By giving force 3 at all times, inside IJ marks puntil
ile kmaE 2 baffle board is attached to the front of the baffle board, the rail attachment is made to
be something pointing at the front clip equipment sealed iron stand. 8.4 Together track of living ·
This idea relates to the front grille attachment device which improved the attachment device of
the front grill which is generally freely removable: I11 side of the bubble ship of sui-jJ & ml.
Traditionally, this front grille plate attachment fliri, circle [Before the baffle walking with the i'lK
speaker installed], stop the front grill and install this front grill from the # side and place it on the
baffle plate with screws etc. Or make a brushed na f (A + a Velcro staple) for a pamphlet and
front grill A! I arrived, and these hydropower t - crimped so that it was done as a mouse.
However, in the former case where 70 nodrils are brought to the baffle plate by mounting screws
etc., when placing or grinding the front grill during roux adjustment or maintenance, it takes +
time to attach and detach the front grill, .
In addition, when assembling the speaker device 2, if the screw insertion holes of the baffle wig
and the front grille are shifted by a small amount 1 - 1, it becomes difficult for the screw to be
screwed, so positioning precision of the screw insertion hole is inevitable In addition, in order to
form a Fronod Grill on the front of the baffle clothes 9, it requires attention of the axis, and
productivity is bad. Also, as with a bait, if the front crill is punctured by brushed tape with
brushed tape, installation and removal works become easy, but on the other hand, installation 9!
1 # is excessive, fixation of the front grill becomes nonsense, floor 7 toggle falls during 1 M
infeed, or so-called pyroclastic environment such as sound pressure generated by the skimmer or
the like occurs, it is not favorable. This invention was made in view of the above-mentioned S,
and for that purpose, C is easy to install and grind fly grills for baffle boards and easily and
easily, with only one slope providing strong robustness We are going to offer Front Grill Take-up
11 & Kinkans. Below - For an example of this invention, see the drawing (-). ① 1 Fig. (A) (bl and 2
(a) (In bl, 1 is the cabinet, before it (2) the bite company 2 is formed. This mouth @ 2 is closed by
the baffle plate 3, 9, this baffle @ 3 CDF 'Nk is destroyed and a single piece 4 is installed. - 5, 10
are front grilles arranged on the front face of the baffle plate 3, such as a wooden grid or saranshaped front grill. この70ノドグリル5は、キャビネット1のl! It is worn in a horizontally
curved manner so as to protrude forward of the buckle plate 30 to a bite of a frame body 6
formed so as to be able to mingle in the outer tide of the tide gradually. In other words, for
example, Lion 6th formed on the inside of the frame (left and right) for both sides. 6 Hb from the
# 1 LIa, 6 bIk] fit both ends (H stone) of the front grill 5 having a wide width & wide flat plate
shape into the front blade of the buckle plate 3 - curvature I am doing. Then, rs plate (for
example, C (for example, C (5 cm)) is formed so as to form a curvature corresponding to the
curvature of the front grill 5 at the upper and lower ends of the m 'facing the baffle plate 3 of the
upper & "7m + 7o" of an ant that gives a spring effect instead of a t-shirt, respectively, each of
which is a city body 6G with screws and the like. Thus, the mounting of the front grille 5 which
has been bx = bx is detachably attached to the concave portion of the buckle plate 3 by the
following attaching device.
Ichigo, it is not, # elasticity distribution plate 7a. (1, 1) curvy middle Daifuku (C, circle female
repair tool 8a, 8b that unfolds the opening at the part facing the number 3 of pamphlets will be
installed in the same city) . As shown in FIG. 8 (i) tb), for example, the female form 11 / stops Hh,
8 b are formed in a circular shape, and the minus 11 such as -71 < And the base 12 is engraved
at the site where the mouth part 1 and the leopard 10 "are engraved II L 4, and the penetration
hole 12 a for attachment is provided in the center part of the ship of the base 12 of Jin. In
addition, it is tapered so that the top opening [[1 elephant eleven bidet tin] female retainer 9 a, 9
b engaging piece 14 is smoothly inserted. Incidentally, for this female locking tool Sa, jib peak,
for example, 94 FJ: synthetic resin having force r! It is integrally molded by il P body. The female
retainers 8g and 8b formed in this way are fixed to the elastic plates 7a and 7b by screws or the
like from the through holes J2m and the opening no is confronted with the baffle plate J There.
Next, the buckle & 3 top shelling shadow fastener 8 &. 8 b, the crown locker soldiers 9 a, 9 b are
installed in the same city. Jen's female locking tool 9 m. 9 b are installed in the lending piece 14
gold & city where the tip is formed sharply at the base 13 m, 13 b and the south of the 9 IlIMK
opening 9 J 4 a as shown in FIG. 4 (a) (b + (cj) The float t of the locking piece 14 is set so as to be
larger than the opening width W of the opening 11 provided in the female locking means 8a, 8b,
and it is set to 5 °. 13 Sudden. 13bK are through holes for installation 15a. It is stored as 1.5b.
The female fastener 9 m + 9 b is molded integrally with a hard resin or the like, for example.
Male shape retainer formed in this way! im, 9b installed vertically to the baffle plate 3 with
screws etc. from the through holes 15 & 15b provided in the sledbees J3 *, IJb respectively - the
tip of the tip t-1 quarter of the 4 Stopper 8a. 8 b C moat "part of the OL that is facing the tunnel,
buff A __ S ___ ___ ___ ___ 1 ___ 1 ___ 1 ___ 1 ___ 1 ___ 1 ___ b ___ 0 toward the front of the
baffle plate 3 and fully toggle 5, 6 cabinet - l! Autumn is included in the outer periphery of the
noodle, and it is evidently indicated by the arrow 1 = Lla against the elastic force of the elastic
plate 7 m, b; corresponding to the front grille 5 and the corresponding curvature center portion t
- axle plate 7 m + 7 b Extrude in the direction and extrude.
At this time - since the front grill 5 is made of wood and has elastic force t, V: so - it will press
against its elastic force. When extruded in this way, the tip of the locking piece 14 of the female
locking tool 9a, 9b attached to the baffle plate 3 is brought into contact with the female locking
member 8a attached to the floor / door 1 / L 5ll 1lK , 8 bV)% against the sexual force, and then
the opening end of the It opening 11 is brought in by the restoring force of the female locking jig
Jim, & b, the locking piece 14080s 14aK . When this suppressing operation is stopped at the
time of this fitting, 511 in the direction indicated by the arrow mt + in the ward! 7, 71) and the
restoring force of the front grill 5 are generated, and the opening end of the opening 1 is
interrupted by the opening 14 mK of the locking piece 14 by the returning force. In this way, the
repulsive force by the home plate 7a, 7b6 is always set to 4, and by the repulsive force of the
elastic & 7a, 7b, the upper middle part of the baffle plate 3 is supported and the both ends of the
key · bi · tno t & stone) In front of the brief, the front 7 rill 5 is securely attached to the pnili of
the baffle board 3. / ++ Q Next Noso ~ Pamphlet & 3 to 70 To remove the Nodogurir 5 from the
area, up and down the top and bottom of the casing 9 frame 6 of the Fronod Grill 5 1 stretch past
the front of the cabinet 1 (arrow 7 b) . In this way, since the koji form body pressure Sa + δb is
being stimulated by the 5III body, it is opened in the mouth part nono, 1 g & or upward tensile
force opened to the direction of arrow l: 11 cT It disengages from the bite f & 14 & of the stop
piece 14, and the lock is released. Therefore, it is possible to remove Fronod Grill 5 from Fnllj [+
on Baffle Board J. It is possible to easily fix the installation by pushing 707 toggle 50 front l to
the fake IJ or if # 707 Toge ril 5 ground J # 1 @, you can fix it to the - 7 i Fronodo In case of
detachment, it is possible to easily detach the upper and lower crushed bodies 6 of the front
front rail 5 from the grinding force of the cabinet 1 easily by disliking it. Once installed, the
installation and extinguishing power of the bolt / billet b) It is easier to work and easier than
before. In addition, since the elastic force of the elastic plates 7 m, 7 b and the elastic forces of
the female locking nuts 8 a, 8 b are used for the OU, the mounting can be carried out in a fWIK
fashion as a snap action in a detaching operation. In addition, since it is in the 8 point supported
and fixed state by the rebounding valves of the% pillar plates 7a, 7b, it becomes five times larger
as well. Therefore, as the front grill 5 is fixed or stable, there is no such thing as a brilliant desk
ρ · caused by sound generation, while the crill 5 is desolvated during one gold inclusion.
In the above-described embodiment, the frame 6 is inserted into the # end gang acupuncture of
the cheek nut 1 or is not limited thereto ([for example, as shown in FIG. 6 Touch the outside
edges of one end of the cabinet 1 7 v K 9 a ', so that the crushed body 6 is fitted in the same
movement of the outer grand stone that this protruded shape is good. 0 In addition, although the
female crown engagement δ 1, 8 b was formed in the inner annular shape in the scroll lenght 1,
even if it is formed in the form of a quadrangular or one hexagonal root like IHI cloth Difference
in action and effect = to be sacrificed. In practice I may be provided on the upper and lower sides
of the front grill 6 on the scaleable plates 7 h, 7 (+ and the bordering device It, or only in the
upper and lower middle 10) F I: 17 Toge ril 5 size vcj should be provided. σ et al. Also, 1 unit "In
the implementation day 1, I grab the front grille of Yuzushige Yuko shape i !? 8, but it is not
limited to this, even if it is made of VJ hardware, table & kita grease table or rain table (using a
front grill such as plan non-Soto etc. with a duck well · cabinet, front 6 I explained about
polymerization which was bent, but it is acceptable to use this as a plus + plate nylon i "rill.
Furthermore, this invention has no one T 'that is limited to the front runner 1, and this 2! Of
course it is possible to implement the prize form all the more so as not to be able to keep abstract
of ease. As described in detail above, according to this ij village, it is easy and easy to rack up the
front crill against the baffle board and only outside the moat, and the tiger lights can be
increased in robustness, and a very practical 70 knotgryl attachment device Can be provided. 4,
Brief explanation of the drawing Fig. 1 (at (bl and the second section (ai (bJ respectively show
examples of one of the eight proposals # 1 example, Figure 1 ta + is a scooper from which the
front crill was removed (A) is a front view of the equipment, (1) A (A) arrow of the (a) arrow 1 th
+ bad, Akira 2 (a) is a back view of Fro 7 Tokuril, (b) (B- Fig. 8, ta + (bl is a figure locking in the
same m examples, (alHIll * figure, (b) n (CJ 'of aJ) [1 figure, 4th district (a ba) tel indicates the
rounded shape retaining at the same ←), (al is a plan view, (b) D - D 'arrow view of (a) Fig., (Cln
(aj's E-E, 'arrow diagram - Figure 5 Company Companies Issue 1 C Could you install Furo 7
Tokuril on the pamphlet? Fig. 7 shows the case where tvmh is 10,000 tokens, and Fig. 6 shows 1
lTliI 1 in the horizontal direction showing another example of this idea.
21 Fist - Cabinet, 2 ... Aperture, 3 · preference - baffle &, · · · speaker, 5 fists · · · Fronod Grill, 6 · ·
frame, 7 m, 7 b · · · elastic, 8 m, 8b · · · female shape retainer, ya, 9beeIImkh stop, 1111 · e of
female retainer [1 system, 13a, lJb- · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 14 Locking piece of the
retainer, 14a ... ... of the retaining piece - [1 part. It! Applicant proxy 9 part Gunma Suzue
Takehiko 8, 1 '1: · (a) a] 4 A F 3 t - 40 - A A' b (b) 19 b) 3 · - 2 4 '' i 'As 4 o' 15 -I :, 'Nee yourself.
⑤ 5: Company -; - J Rainbow Figure 2 (a) 8 a 7 a 5 1 m = - 8 B 'b 8 b (b) □ 7 b (7 a) 8 b (&) No:
"4 __ ___ 4 ___ ___ 0 Third 3t] 3 °) (b) C-. □ Ten · · ·. Two fangs 4I, (a) 1, 9a (9b) 'T, crying out Big boobs, · 13 a 13 b D - 3 °. . a + 41% 1 t = two fly 3,22 - Shiko 6 Ijb (+ 3 a) + 5 a + 5 b) 1 μ 4
14 39 c ,,,, □ +, L: 扛 725840315 ++, S. 5 \\ · Non one degree '1 · 1, a 1 ° voice 」J) Ll. Shuffle
// LO ,,,, 55,, 1, (A (-, IIc 'do it? - 龜 龜 D - A ゞ 'Warm paradigm' __ ___ 0 ___ 0: q) <6 'Jan, Ω ° /
\ scene - ". y 2 cD Tsuyoshi 5, inventory of attached documents (1) power of attorney (2)
statement of one (3) drawing (1) duplicate of the request duplicate 1, 6, 1 iii, Utility model
registration entry σ ノ, or representative agent (11ili East IA Minato-ku and Nishikubo Sakura
cho 2, No. 17 Mori Building 1 (5743) Attorney 1 Tamamoto Takeo Address Yoshiya (6694)
rational 1 Komiya and - 1 Address Location Name (6881) Attorney 1 Jun Tsuboi
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