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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows a conventional tabletop microphone
stand, FIG. 2 shows the microphone stand of the present invention, and FIG. 3 shows the housed
state. A, r mounting bracket, L, 8 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · -83U.S. Publication No. 50-49434 (2) FIG. 2 FIG. 3 FIG.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM The present invention relates to a desk-top
microphone stand, aimed at providing a desk-top microphone stand which is simple in structure
and inexpensive. Figure 1 shows a conventional tabletop microphone stand, (1) is a flexible
holder, (2) is a spade (1) tundish fixture, and the holder fil means the shaft (3) It is mounted
freely. (4) is fixed to the stand fixing bracket (2) by screws provided on the pole on the pole with
a ball. (D) Three legs (6) are screwed into the side by the leg mounting bracket. Also attached to
the pole (4) k by the screw which has the leg attached to the upper part of the leg attachment
gold odor). When attaching a microphone to the holder (1), it is possible to make the direction of
the legs (6) symmetrical with respect to the microphone, so that the leg mounting bracket (6) and
the oh - sono (4) Paddocks (7 ') are interposed in the coupling, and attachment by screws of both
are versatile in angle. (8) indicates rubber feet. In this structure, since the fixation between the Ml
ball (4) and the leg attachment JLt 51 and the fixation of the leg (6) and the leg attachment
fitting (i) are both by the screw mechanism, Resulting in high cost. The 1 w ball (4) is expensive
in the material and processing of the gum which is produced by machining the metal O round
bar). (2) is a stand fixing bracket, (3) is a shaft, (4) is a pipe formed by drawing a pipe or drawing
(2), (4) Three through-holes (5) are provided in the lower side wall at the bottom. (6) is a leg to
be inserted with the through hole (5) K, and a rubber foot (8) is provided at the tip. (7) has a disk
part (9) in the lower part and is coupled with the stand fixing metal part (2) on the upper end?
The threaded portion has a threaded portion. Upon use, the bottom of the ball (4) and the
roasting shaft (7) are screwed into the fixing bracket (2) K and the leg (6) is inserted into the
through hole of the bottom side wall of the ball (4) ), Engage the disk part (9) K of the shaft (7),
tighten the screw part of the shaft (7) with the fixed gold At21K, and make it possible to fix the
leg (6) to the ball (4) The angle between the pole (4) and the leg (6) is determined by the
thickness of the leg (6) and on the lower side wall of the ball (4) depending on the size of the
ninth hole and the rattling by the K. In the present invention, as in the case of a purple ball, a leg
(6) is inserted into a through hole provided in the lower part of the pole (4), and the shaft
(constituted so as to be fixed from the disk portion (9) K of force) (4) can be manufactured at low
cost since the pipe is formed by drawing in advance.
-) Since the insertion hole of the leg on the lower side surface of the pole is merely a through
hole, processing is easy. (3) (c) From the stand fixing bracket (2) and the shaft (7) lot # T, you can
turn oiku a phone to any position k against the leg (6) K from K. ) When not in use or when
carrying it, you can store the leg (6) inside the holder (4) like the 3 @ lK + T, which is convenient
for carrying and storing. Has the effect
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