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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an exploded perspective view showing an
embodiment of a buckle plate fixing device of a speaker box according to the present invention,
and FIG. 2 is a sectional view. Description of main figure number 1 иииии Cabinet, 2 и и и и и bar E и
screw hole, 6 и и и и screw. Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 1 51
Detailed Description of the Invention Baffle plate mounting rivet tK of the inventive company
speaker box Fixed baffle wishes with only one baffle plate attachment device to 1%, and baffle
plate Cl 1 ll attachment, disengagement Which is easy to understand. Although speaker boxes are
generally used on the floor, they are 4 channels 7 teleo c 1! With 2 walls loud speaker boxes are
getting more. Conventional Wall Hanging Type Speaker Box has a wall hanging corporate hole on
the back 11i board, and it is hit by a wall and it is hooked at the ninth nail KI [l arrangement (~
The hanger is used by inserting the hole, Fi It is sometimes to secure a place to hang the speaker
box by embedding the bolt in the wall at the time of building, simply to insert the hole into the
bolt which does not have the hole *** for the wall hook of the speaker box It is unstable merely
to do, there is a danger that the speaker box falls from the wall due to vibration. Therefore, in
such a case, it is necessary to remove the baffle plate of the speaker box and to fix the speaker
box to the bolt which is embedded in the wall KNi by the suicide from within the speaker box, but
in the conventional speaker box, the baffle The plate adhered to the cabinet because there was an
idea that it was not removed too much], and at least four wooden screws were used to fix the
baffle plate to the cabinet. Therefore, when removing the 5 baffle plates and taking off the 1
baffle board, all the wooden screws must be attached and removed, the work is very troublesome,
and if you remove the losing attachment many times, Had a drawback that the hole of the cabinet
which the wooden screw abuts becomes a foolhole and the wooden screw disappears. The
present invention was made in consideration of the above points, and it is intended to fix the
Pununo full board with only one screw, thereby facilitating attachment and detachment of the
present invention will be described with reference to the accompanying drawings. Fig. 1 shows
the decomposition oblique night view of the baffle plate mounting rack of the SUBICA Longstock
that is superior to the present invention. In Fig. 1, (1) is the cabinet ring% (tj baffle plate, (3
companies Vinetta 1) 4) Back Iii Board O is an attachment arm horizontally attached to the 1 LImouth end from inside the cabinet from the center of burial, with lI & 8 baffle plate (2) at the tip
of the general penetration hole 4) and a screw hole (5) are provided. Also, (6 companies Screw
threaded 4 with screw hole (5) 1 through the through hole (4).
It has a baffle II (a, its central part KIiI hole (4) and has a speaker bored hole (7). This speaker
mounting hole (7) is appropriately installed according to the number of speakers. A cabinet (1)
OII surface opening opening end baffle Ij (2) is fitted with a surrounding frame (8), and when
screwed in the center of the baffle plate (2), the baffle plate So that the periphery thereof is
brought into close contact with the cabinet (1) with a uniform force. ???? Is made by
machining a sheet metal with good workability such as iron 1 INO by three U-shaped HIiK, and
its tip is brought into contact with the baffle plate (Oa surface) and the one screw hole (Is) . 1
Attachment arm (3) should not be installed in the center of back plate O # t of cabinet (1) so as
not to apply unbending force to baffle plate (2) k. When assembling, first fix the back INK
mounting arm (3) of the cabinet F) (1), install the baffle plate (2) K speaker (9) Attach the baffle
& (2) to the cabinet (1) M (0) 0 screw hole (S) and baffle plate (O) through hole (4) are scattered,
and afterwards screws (6) K secures the master baffle plate (2) do it. Cabinets) (1) A state in
which the K baffle plate 5 (2) is fixed is shown in the sectional view of FIG. When attaching this
speaker box to the wall, first remove the screw (6) and remove the screw (6) and remove the
baffle (cabinets to the bolt (not shown) where wall Kqa was seen) (1) The baffle 'Jf (2)' is fitted
again, and the baffle @ (2) K is screwed by the screw (6) K. The baffle ' Good - -0 и, as described
above 6 ______________________________________ As for the baffle plate fixing device of 81 - "5"
7 j according to the present invention, it is necessary to have a novola dispersing arm made of
sheet metal etc. K , It is possible to fix the baffle plate with only one screw and the wall hook in
the house having the special Kj lift bolt provides the fixing device of the baffle plate effective for
fixing the mold speaker.
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