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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are longitudinal sectional views
showing the mounting state of a conventional ceiling-embedded speaker, respectively, and FIG. 3
is a longitudinal cross-sectional view of the tubular frame of the ceiling- FIG. 4 is a perspective
view of a decorative panel, and FIG. 5 is a longitudinal sectional view showing a state in which
the speaker of the present invention is attached to the ceiling portion. E slit, 13 · · · · fixing
bracket, 16 · · · · decorative panel, E · spring. Child 1 Gender 2 Country = 89 - Utility Model
5074330 (2) Hand 3 Graphic Figure - 90
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE DEVELOPMENT A heart related to a ceiling embedded speaker
in the present invention. In general, it is necessary to establish an emergency broadcasting
facility in buildings more than the size of two from the orchids such as the Fire Service Law, and
the embedded ceiling speaker which embeds the speaker for the purpose in the ceiling is
adopted. (1) There are two conventional mounting methods for ceiling-embedded speakers: a
method of screwing directly to the ceiling material, and a method of installing the speaker box in
the ceiling in advance and then attaching the decorative panel . That is, FIG. 1 shows a ceilingembedded type loudspeaker according to the above-described conventional first method, in
which a suitable number of nine speaker holes 2 t - of the ceiling material tensioned on the
ceiling / is drilled, and the speaker 3 Attaching decorative panel 4t'lj abutted, make-up panel on
its cosmetic panel tara ceiling material l! By screws. However, recently many cases using rock
blood sound absorbing materials as the ceiling material, in order to directly screw the makeup
bags to the ceiling material /, it is necessary to cast the reinforcing material 6 on the ceiling
material, and this work is troublesome In addition, it is a disadvantage that it goes out toward the
face of the cosmetic screw j or the decorative paneler and is not so preferable on the appearance.
FIG. 1 shows a ceiling-embedded type speaker according to the second mounting method, in
which a speaker box 3 having a speaker 3 therein is inserted into a clasp 7 which is identified as
a t 'identified to a channel (not shown) for fixing the ceiling material / Take all the bis - etc! (Λ),
fix it at the above speaker box /, and set it on the underside of the ceiling material / ceiling, drill
a hole 2 tl in the ceiling material / at the position right under the speaker box, and then drill in
the decorative plateada In the locking spring 9 'provided, the speaker box? However, in such a
method, in the case of drilling a speaker hole, when sufficiently speaker box foaming is
performed, it is necessary to attach the decorative panel 'If to the lower surface of the speaker
box t by being hooked on the spring hole provided in the IC It is necessary to measure the
dimensions of the speaker / (lk, there is a disadvantage that the work must be distributed before
and after the ceiling material construction work in order to install it. Moreover, in general the
ceiling gold-placing company and the speaker installing company are not the same - there are
drawbacks such as there is considerable difficulty in finding the position Itch of the speaker box
from within the ceiling stretched over the surface. BRIEF SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION In view
of the above, it is an object of the present invention to provide a ceiling penetrating speaker
which is installed with little effort for speaker mounting and has good appearance and finish. (3)
33 Hereinafter, an embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference to FIGS.
3 to 3.
In FIG. 3, reference numeral 10 denotes a cylindrical frame body, and a 7-range ioh is integrally
formed on the outer periphery of the lower end open portion of the cylindrical frame io. A
plurality of fixing metal insertion holes / l are provided on the side wall of the cylindrical frame
10, and slit noses extending downwardly over a suitable length from the fixing metal insertion
holes // are formed. The fixing bracket 13 has a cross-sectional shape, and a male screw 1 ←
knurled in the vertical piece / 3 & is passed through the slit saw to protrude into the cylindrical
frame 10, and a fixed piece nut / 3 f The above externally threaded! By screwing in to the
participation, the fixed aligning tool / 3f vertical position - node is freely configurable and
allowed to shift (see Fig. 1). - Ten thousand, the lower open end of the upper tubular garnish 10
A speakerphone is mounted on the upper surface of the decorative panel 14, and furthermore on
both side portions of the speaker 7. (4t) (4x-0, 11 '-21 + 2-11 pulling 19 (1)) for engaging the
receiving tool / provided on the side wall of the tubular frame lυ so that the decorative panel tb
is engaged with the cylindrical frame io Are provided. In order to attach the speaker as described
above to the ceiling portion, the following process is performed. That is, after the channel for
fixing the ceiling material is stretched, wiring for the speaker is performed and the ceiling
material 1 is formed in the hole. There, a hole 2 for the plow-shaped frame body IO is drilled in
the position of the ceiling at the position where the pave-like frame body IO is made, Frame IO'z
Insert inside ceiling. Next, protrude from the solid 5il 18 collar insertion hole / 1 formed in the
tubular frame io to the inside of the ceiling back (the outer part of the tubular frame) 3g, fix the
male thread attached to the fixture 13 l Slide the inside of the rise slit / core to pinch the ceiling
material / with the flange of the tubular frame / (Ja and the fixing bracket 13), identify with the
next state nut / 3 t - tighten, tubular frame 10 Yr ceiling Stir to material l. Thereafter, by
appropriately connecting the wires, the spring / q provided on the decorative panel 14 is
engaged with the receiving tool / g of the tubular frame 10, whereby the decorative panel / 4 f is
placed on the open end S of the cylindrical frame Hio It is to install as if to lie. In the above
embodiment, the spring catcher for mounting the decorative panel is provided on the side wall of
the cylindrical frame (the whole of the designation of Riei is%, the spring fixing hole is formed on
the upper face of the cylindrical frame, A spring, which is a latching member, may be hooked on
the fixing hole, and the eleventh and ninth cylindrical frame may be a square cylinder instead of
a cylindrical one. Firstly, the speaker may be fixed to the tubular frame so as to reduce the weight
of the decorative panel.
Since it was structured as described above in the inconvenience plan, there is no necessity for the
VISION HISTORY DAIKEN 9 V to be attached to the cosmetic panel, and its appearance can be
smart. Moreover, since there is no need to attach the speaker box beforehand behind the ceiling
as before, attachment of the speaker can be changed to the position mt - it can change to the
permission within the range permitted by the wiring on the back of the ceiling, the ceiling v You
can affix the class grade I [VLNIL 9 according to the 90,000 crests. しかも。 From the scalp to
the ceiling material to the hard foot of the tubular frame thickness, I can continuously dress the
work from attaching the decorative panel IGLv. It's one that you can do with it's creative taste!
We will perform such as playing.
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