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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side view of a conventional head shell, FIG. 2
is a bottom view thereof, FIG. 3 is a side view of a pickup car} IJ, FIG. 5 is a side elevational view
thereof, and FIG. 6 is a side view of a cartridge most suitable for this. 1 ... Hesodiciel main body, 2
... cartridge, A10 ... ... ridges. FIG. 1 FIG. 2 - FIG. 7 - U.S. Publication No. 50-92703 (2) FIG. 3 FIG. 5 FIG. 6 - 8 -
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE DEVELOPMENT This invention is based on the idea that when
picking up a pickup cart 11 (hereinafter simply referred to as a cartridge) on the head shell, the
center line of the cartridge does not deviate from the center line of the head shell , So as to make
it easy to match each other so as to prevent occurrence of a tracking error. The conventional
head shell of this kind of pickup has (111 1 12 '- 11 ffl and jy 2, the lower surface 1' of Henton
EL body 1 is a plane of peace and this Henton main body 1 is shown in FIG. 3 As a means for
attaching the cartridge 2, the two elongated holes 3 provided in the Henton EL main body 1 are
made to coincide with the two holes 4 provided in the cartinon 2, and the screw is inserted
through the long hole 3 and tightened by tightening 16 I was doing it. However, in this case,
since the lower 1 'of Hesodon El book # -1 is a flat plane, it is loosely related to the seven-seat
upper surface 2' of cart 11 Tuji 2 to be joined thereto, and furthermore, , Since the elongated
hole 3 and the hole 4 are large entrances of the screw diameter, surely coincide the longitudinal
center line of the Henton EL body 1 with the same center line of the cartridge? It becomes
difficult, and there is a defect that causes tracking error. The present invention is intended to
eliminate such conventional drawbacks, and will be described below with reference to examples
shown in FIGS. (2) ° C Initial, contradictory 1 to 3 In the figure, 5 is a hook, 6 is a terminal
receiver on the pickup arm side, a terminal to be connected, 7 is a cartridge terminal, and 8 is a
needle In the figure of Fig. 4, the parts of the tooth and the part of the city and the city are shown
with the same reference numerals. Figures 14 and 15 are an example of a helen ell of this
inventive pickup, and on the lower surface of the head shell main body 1, that is, the surface in
contact with the upper surface 2 of the cartridge 2, there are provided in the longitudinal
direction of the Heno Tung EL main body 1 Convex portions 9 having a poor force perpendicular
to the center line A - A 'are formed. In the upward direction 2 'of the cart linoa 2 shown in total 6,
a portion 1 o is formed in a convex portion parallel to the concave-convex ridge portion 9 on the
upper side in a proper position, and this convex portion 10 is formed in the cartridge 2 And the
lower surface of the Henon throat main body 1 are joined to each other, thereby engaging with
the concavo-convex ridge portion 9 formed on the lower surface of the head shell main body 1.
By the engagement of the cartridge 2i-'j thus joined, the center lines of the cartridges 2 are
paired (3) with respect to the center line A - A 'so that they are not intersected with each other,
so that it is easy You can match the freeze at the center of the buckwheat, then tighten as before
with a screw and a nut 1 claw.
In addition, if the long hole 3 provided in the head 7 main body 1, fastening can be fixed, the
front and rear position of the cartridge 2 can be measured, and it is necessary to adjust and
adjust so as to match the parting I made things. Furthermore, in the embodiment of this figure,
the concavo-convex ridge portion 9 perpendicular to the center line A - A 'is formed on the lower
surface of the head shell main body 1, but in place of this, the concave and convex ridge portion
9 is formed parallel to the center line A - A' The concave-convex portion may be formed. In this
case, the convex portion 10 toward the cartridge 2 may also be formed in parallel therewith. In
the case where the commercially available cartridge (8) having a flat top is mounted on
Hesothonel of the present invention in general, the above-mentioned meshing effect can not be
obtained, but the uneven streaks on the underside of the head shell body 1 9, it is possible to fix
the position of the cartridge 2 when tightening screws and nuts (4) after confirming the
agreement of the center lines. In this invention, as described above, by forming the concavoconvex portion on the bottom surface of the Hennodosherno, when attaching the cart 11thunnon
to this surface can be identified, it is possible to prevent slippage at the joining surface, so that
the clamping 11 There is a feature that it prevents the occurrence of Tranno Knag error at the
time of record playback because the cart 1 is fixed and fixed at fixed time f, julle, · the line does
not support it.
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