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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS The drawings show one embodiment of the present
invention, wherein FIG. 1 is a partially broken view and FIG. 2 is a transverse plan view. 1 horn
outer tube, 2 horn intermediate tube, 3 horn inner tube, 4 support body, 9 magnet, 14
diaphragm, 16 equalizer, 17 ... protruding part, 19 ... nut storage recessed part, 20 ... nut, 21 ...
mounting part 5 shell, 26 ... bolt. Fig. 1 - 69 Ichika 51 - 32524 (2) Figure 2 - 70 -
【Detailed Description of the Invention】 2 IWwal Akinori Lll coming name Horn Speaker Station
fitted with brackets Support Crown 2% New dormitory fonts - 宸 range Horns Inside the horn to
support 11 etc in the horn Dog nuts are installed at the symmetrical end of the forked corkscrew
which is internally fitted and supported, and both ends of the mounting bracket are externally
one horn. Also, one horn is connected with each of the nuts. Speaker's bracket support structure
9 3, the idea's a-bomb dorm is concerned with improvement of m1tt support caps of the horn
loudspeaker, once at the attachment part of the mounting bracket to the horn outer casing
Together with low production cost of production cost t1 ③. ホーンスピーカはj! +1 It is
configured so that it can be accommodated in the place where it is required by the installation
metal fittings mined in the horn outer cylinder of knowledge, and conventionally, when pivoting
the mounting bracket of the Jin to the horn outer cylinder, installation * RI4vc toothed washer
between the end and horn outer cylinder [intervening and horn - I outside 1i1 vcII contact pole) l
Hinge and join and pivot, or ho - bow 11a2 outer collar with station NA extensions And a method
such as frying with a bolt via a washer τ is adopted. But in the former case, out of Bolt rebels
Horn! I need to have a gi degree equivalent to that of the ninth threadedly engaged with I. It is
necessary to have f11 in the whole thickness of that part of the horn outer cylinder, and in the
latter case, f: Because we had to battle the insects separately, there was a disadvantage inviting
llallk of production cost. This Ji Ji ri is gained as a merit to erase the conventional problem and
its waiting is supposed to support the horn inwards and so on to support all the support inside
the horn A dog nut was set up in Raizu - do of the city, with the station attached * A - 4 part t 1
horn outward extrusion - from the bolt screwed to each Nut and 1 m joined. (1) In the figure, (k)
is outside horn - 1 + 21 (l horn middle plane direction, (j) is horn inward direction). (4) is a
support, IIIFI dogs on the horn Jim (phrase, with a middle fighting station in the vicinity of the
square (with phrases - with dogs, 4 in horn horn (6) is ho -) Rainwater is added to the part a (5)
on the bar 1 a 3, and the horn intermediate cylinder (phantom and the support (4) is
waterproofed by the protrusion (screw (7) fitted in - Through the backing L 87 k outside horn 11
(υ tied up constantly. (It is mounted on the 3 - fa key race 4 with 91 ri magnets, and this yoke
collar - is fixed to the 't II blood of the support (4) via the yoke outer plate I.
Magnet (yoke middle plate worn in front of season IIJ # 'i' q q support 1 Jat - via yoke outside fl l
J) and is arranged in a 10 shape. (Solstice) is a diaphragm, presser packs 1 Javc than support
(season and yoke outer plate (b) seven! -, which is pressed and supported by the support (4) -,
and is aligned at the center '# - of the equalizer (6) μ support (4) arranged at a predetermined
interval in the l li -. Protrusions 0 (b) are formed symmetrically at the last-left and right end
portions of the support body (4), and each of these projections (b) - is a bolt hole mar of a side
force I river, what each protrusion From section (b) (b), internal press K [[[n concave four recess
concave ends formed n, this concave (6) - to a bolt hole AA against nut 4] It is strict and fitted
within one company VC. Jlμ restraint fitting, it is completed in 0 shape, "JMl 4 each bolt hole - is
formed largely in each of the four gloves, and in each of these bolt hole sakaki), one end of the
revenue J4 Bordeaux - is inserted in the toothed waste shear and the conditioned table
sandwiched between the spring washers f - and both of these Bordeauxes are formed in the bolt
holes - and protrusions (ii) formed on the horn outside lit υ The bolt hole is threaded into the
nut vA by penetrating it. According to the book's chestnut Shochugei with the above-mentioned
configuration, it is possible that the support (probably 1f in the horn in season! iLa), Magnet (Ij)
etc. 1, then t horn outside - (inside of lJ, signing in the vicinity of it, wrinkling, then III support)
sudden support (4 ) To the protruding gL 6 J · of the horn ((phantom &), the horn intermediate
cylinder (2) and the support (4) are screwed out of the horn 11 (l KW! to do. When support V4)
etc is fixed like horn outside 1 horse (1), then 1! ! (5)) Ql 1 In both holds fitted, outside the horn
111 (υ external yoke from the station outside meeting J4 four bottle holes - prayers, outside the
horn li (Phantom bolt hole 4 - 1 protrusion - one The bolt holes Ja A of each bolt # - to the station
God, 4 k1 II J to the respective nuts (4 kilometers to the end) Embroidered with the dove built
with four doves 5 drilling, this clamping itself, the mounting bracket (2 ) Is supported by the
support (4) via each bolt (2), and Ill! Of the horn outside 111 (1)! l! It is a setting that is held
in the darkness of the end of the mounting bracket - and the protrusion of the support (4), so
that it is clamped in the darkness of the support body (4), so according to the existing algae of
the horn out of the horn II Even without strength it can withstand use enough 1 1 11 1 t.
In addition, it is also possible to insert the lJJri into the support (4) beforehand, it is also the OJ
ratio, in that case you can double the 1cri protrusion (4) by one Nantou. As stated in detail in the
examples above (according to the present invention, according to the present invention, a
support which is supported inside the horn outwardly inwards to support ii1 etc. inside the horn
is used, Each nut t - is provided, so that each horn is outwardly oriented with poles B - aligned to
each of these NANDs so as to support the subsidy Ar, so the horn outward is 111 in the
mounting bracket and the nut Since it is sandwiched and the mounting hardware is supported by
direct sentence memorials, it is not necessary for the value US rice horn outward payment
salutation, and since it does not use the altar bodily throat, There are advantages such as
obtaining 1-1 seed 6. 4 Example of key figure of drawing Figure 1 shows an example of g in the
present invention, Fig. 1 shows a plan of one fracture 1, and Fig. 2 shows a flat cross-section. (1) · · horn outer hook, (2) - · horn middle cylinder, (3) · horn inner tube · (4) ° support fee, (9) ·
magnet, (dike) · diamond , A · Equalizer, @ - · Protruding part, (6) - Nut storage 4 parts, - · Nut, - ·
Stationary metal fitting, ·) · Bolt. Practical New Year II 鰍 Out of Whom Dainichi Kasei Industry
Ritsukan 2 1 / · '- Satan' s Sushi "! "191 □ □ 40 I to the faction: · · · · ·; z ', - 1 :: ~ □ ---- cape, -, Yumo-111 ++ '+ 1'. Takita 's - 2) Bebepe N,' I 'l,' '"Rz]]] 1 g J: ·) -
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