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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1 and 2 show a conventional apparatus, wherein
FIG. 1 is a side sectional view, the mouth is a rear view, and FIG. 2 is an exploded perspective
view. 3 to 8 show an embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 3 is a perspective view of the
speaker box, FIG. 4 is a side sectional view of the baffle plate, and FIG. 5 is a side sectional view
of the saran net , FIG. 6 is an enlarged side sectional view in a state where the saran net is
attached to the baffle plate, and FIGS. 7 and 8 are perspective views of the male hook. 2 · · · baffle
board, 3 · · · saranetsu), 5.6 · · · hook. Level 153 α 42/91 - U.S. Pat. No. 5,180,807 (2) FIG. 3
Figure 4 Figure 5 Figure 6 Figure 1 Figure 8 Figure 92 -
with saran net attachment is fitted 2 Utility model registration request category 1 Speaker box
baffle board 2 and this board with - # f 4 I saran net 3 fk, 3, and this pipe and the parallele plate
20 peripheral portion Krt '', f - h # r detachably engage a number of hooks are provided and the
speaker Equipment ◎ & Details of the idea TIIA 1 kWi, M OVER Conventionally, with this type of
klib attach the speaker 13 from the si 1 face as shown in Figure 2, or I / 1 ti Figure 1 Attach it
from the rear so that it fits to the back like 0 or 0, so that the tension is decided according to 0 or
0 and Soby 1 - f tension of the saran net 3 when attaching from the back of the baffle plate 2 As I
will explain in the 1st cause, net pipe baffle board 2 from the front of the table to the J11 plane
Kakuni Il + bent glue and its vertical extension r Strike the straple 16 while preventing lateral
yarn displacement and slack in the center of the net I stretched it. Also, in case of attaching
speaker 13 from sI - of baffle board 2, f fence, FIG. 2 r accepts ra sala / net 3 freed f layer than r
use dedicated holding frame 14 ¥ r 1 In the same way as shown in the figure, a friend Z 0 further
K In this case it was done by b attachment / detachment σ% to / from the baffle plate 2 of the
frame 0 by the magic fastener 15 0 However, these healthy devices The following disadvantages
There is 7 t. That is, it is very dangerous to hold the saran net 3 with one hand, wait for the
straper in one of the plus one +, so it is very dangerous and moreover the net Kd is always
tensioned with one hand and its hand is easy to pinch, and 72 Baffle plate and d separately
attached to the net in the book to be shown 忰 141) The acid value ^ # r & ___________ to be the
heart wall. This invention a trying to reduce these drawbacks, the following figure shows 1 * 1
mK + 21 b "rr of this invention ◎ The same symbols indicate the same or 8 parts. 1 speaker box,
2 front barrel f * rebuffle board, 3 3 Sarah 7 nets), 4 rj baffle plate ilNlN edge struck, a plurality
of T-shaped holes composed of penetration 41 and deep hole 42 , 5 companies Female hook of
the synthetic resin layer determined between the agitating holes 41 Fliid, a synthetic resin male
hook detachably fitted to this female hook with 6, this f'Lrt saran net 30 rim r6 mount Heatfusing ha lumping steel or head sewing machine 7 and female hook 5 fixedly connected to
sewing machine etc., head 8 to be engaged with both female hooks 5 and these pipe connecting
bent [9] and baffle The crow's hooks to be held with the female hooks provided in the mold 4 are
more r Board parts than the boat 1 t Lft!
PK, AWt part 9 in rod shape K, furthermore ff crushed M "lr spherical shape # r formed, and also
positioned on the shellfish that plots the four corners b male hook 6 a 77 ridge part in salt form%
Insert MgQ into flat-shaped unemployment, and insert an alOri female η · clinch 5 + 31 and
male hook 6, which is formed into a cylindrical shape, between them. For example, from urethane
foam to 1 It is a cuff puff material, which prevents the male hook 6 from resonating when the
speaker is driven. 11111 Within the row of female hooks 5 [f close to and in parallel with # r
with a tension frame attached to the baffle M 2, in the engaged state of the female hook 5 and
the Keihoku 8, It is a book for adding interstitial r tension to the net 3, so that it is on the front of
the baffle plate and it has no rectangular shape with four corners missing ◎ Note that this
tensioning frame is embroidered on the back of the baffle plate 2 5, it is unnecessary because it
can be applied to the rochinet of the baffle plate Jing force pipe 012 baffle 1 i 2 er installation ft
speaker 13 installation is the opening for use 0 Note that each hook 5 6 6 with 6 b The position
σ can be reversed (and it can be alternated) 0 As this invention has a hook to hold hooks around
the baffle & 2 and the saran net 3 <2, as described above, the saran net 3 Waffles +41 4 that can
be done Fu detachable # 'i value rice as expected freely against the plate 2 Laron, the abovementioned conventional drawbacks Ke full #r removal can b this for a is 0 Sachi r your ff to this
invention! Sarannets U, which itself can fold up in the city "Isf" in advance, the nets of the design
of the teaching pendant) 1 If you prepare it, there is an advantage that you can easily get in
touch with the user's preference 04 , Brief explanation of the plan Fig. 1 and Fig. 2 I 'i
decomposition in the conventional * I & I book, therefore 1 - H) 匈 匈 # rIII figure, (b) Figures 3
to 8 show an example m of this invention, in which a diagram is shown in a perspective view of a
speaker box in FIG. 73, a shredding of a baffle plate in FIG. 4, in FIG. 5 Shall cut ImI figure of
Sarannets, enlargement of hints attached o-6-sara sonnets to baffle boards III # r plane view, off
view Figure 8 is a perspective view of a bad U stock hook. 2−・・・・・バッフル&、3・・・
・・・サランネット、5 6・・・・・ホック。 Practical # r 岑 f 鰍 Applicant Pioneer
Corporation 15) Figure 1 (a) (b) / 6003 · 1, · · · 2. . / 2 Figure 2/3) / practical silk and bamboo 4
bales pulley Pepeyeoni T balance weigher L Figure 3 Figure 64 Figure 5 Figure 445SS ,, ', / Jvi.
(Q「、’1、″。 ・−“X@++r’、。 t24 ° 6 Figure 7 Figure S Figure 2 · B ρe 4 / J
Sl? 3 j 5; 34277 \ 5, II <· ≧ ·, \ utility spring r, 1; entry high tide ■ Paiore share price A group i
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