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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a sectional view showing one embodiment of
the present invention, FIG. 2 is a partial cutaway perspective view on the same side, and FIG. 3 is
a sectional view showing another embodiment . 1 ... tape recorder, 3 ... microphone body, 4 ...
attaching fixture. FIG. 1 55 - U.S. 5 l - 490 20 (2) FIG. 2 56 -
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM This invention relates to a microphone mounting
device incorporated in a tape recorder. Recently, a tape recorder with built-in microphone has
been developed ★, but the disadvantage of the built-in microphone is that the vibration of the
motor and rotation drive system is noise as noise II and various improvements Although it was
added, collapse was not satisfactory either. - / - The idea of
this idea O @ is to provide a
microphone attachment device which can make a sound collecting action which can be
completely barked down by vibration etc. by a simple constitution. Hereinafter, this inventive
idea ___ ___ is described with reference to the drawings. In the tape recorder main body / of the
sound collecting portion, the microphone main body J is supported and fixed by a mounting tool
IK made of an elastic member such as rubber. The fitting hole is formed in a tubular shape with
rubber, and the tubular body is composed of the inner cylindrical body S and the outer
cylindrical body 6, and it is strange, and to the outer cylindrical body 6 is attached to the tape
recorder main body 1 A pair of attachment parts &, tb is provided at one end IkIlc. From the
other end edge of the outer cylindrical body 6, an inner cylindrical body S is integrally formed so
as to be folded inwardly, and this cylindrical body! # 'It is made of different shape. The inner
cylindrical body S has a diameter smaller than that of the connecting tube Sm having a large
diameter and is formed in a tapered shape such that the diameter becomes smaller as going to
the end of 1 Hk! hとからなっている。 - Ko - Kellf in the supporting tube sb of the mounting tool
q formed in this manner is inserted and fixed to the appropriate position of the cylindrical
microphone main body 3, and then the mounting part 1, the microphone Support and fix the
main body 3. In the embodiment shown in FIG. 3, wavy portions 4a and 4b are provided on the
outer cylinder 6 of the mounting tool q, and a part thereof absorbs the vibration sound. The
fixture (iv C mounted) of each of the above-mentioned embodiments. When attaching the
microphone body 3 to the tape recorder body /, a foamed urethano plate droplet with a through
hole 9 a bored at the center is arranged for synchronization of the sound collecting part. By
attaching the built-in microphone in this manner, the vibrations generated by the motor etc.
within the Q 7 recorder main body are absorbed by the microphone attachment, so there is a
possibility of recording vibration sound as noise from the microphone main body It is possible to
do very good recording without it. That is, the shooting absorbs the vibration of the connecting
tube portion of the inner cylindrical body supporting the microphone main body and the outer
cylindrical body, and the mechanical 3-vibration is almost transmitted to the tube which
substantially supports the microphone main body There is no vibration noise and no chastity.
Also, even if there is a gap between the microphone main body and the connecting tube, the
supporting tube and the outer cylindrical body, it is possible to elongate the piercing path and it
is easy to absorb the vibration.
- Since the supporting cylinder of the inner cylindrical body is an elastic member and is formed in
a tapered shape, the microphone main body is strongly supported, and there is no possibility of
withdrawing even if using water capital. Before the built-in microphone main body does not enter
unnecessary sounds such as good sickness, noise, etc., it is attached to a fixture which is made of
rubber or the like and has a flexible tubular elastic structure, but on the microphone sound
collecting surface A hole is drilled in the front and 9 foamed urethane is arranged, so better table
brass sound can be produced. It should be noted that this invention is not aimed at the above
embodiment, but as a material of the fixture, it is to be formed by using a layer elastic member
such as neoprene / etc, changing four tanks including a round shape May also have substantially
the same effect and effect. As described in detail above, the present invention has an extremely
simple construction and there is no possibility of collecting mechanical noises, and a tape
recorder capable of performing a good bell sound . Brief Description of Beaks - Picture FIG. 1 is a
cross sectional view showing one embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 1 is a partially
cutaway perspective view of 1 11 example, and FIG. 3 is a drawing view showing another
embodiment . l · · · · · · · · · tape recorder 3 · · · microphone body · · · · fixture utility model
registration applicant Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. S - 1st: 'J1. 仝, · '36. . Nothing, 2, · 9 '766 b color ·
raw 5 b 207 °! 0 · 7 d · 1 · □) □ (, 1 · 111 i 11 3 Fig. 7
6. ) 6, 6 and 41: j - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --------------------------------------
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