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Patent Literature 1 Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 51-497177 No. 1, Title of the
Invention Acoustic Reproducing Device in a Car Interior A side panel constituting an interior side
wall of an automobile and a ceiling connected to the upper end of the side panel A sound
reproducing device in an automobile interior having a speaker attached to the side panel at a
position at a boundary portion with a material.
2, claims
3. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention
relates to an acoustic reproduction device provided in a room of an automobile. In the acoustic
reproduction device of a car, the installation position of the speaker needs to be selected so as to
obtain an optimum acoustic effect and at the same time not get in the way when getting on and
off. Also, safety must be considered in case of accident. From this point of view, in the past, there
were sometimes even sacrificing the acoustic effects, even on the doors on both sides, even on
the shelf in front of the rear window, and sometimes even under the seat. And despite the fact
that the ceiling part is convenient both acoustically and safely, there is no way to attach a
speaker to this part in ordinary commercial vehicles. This is because the ceiling is generally
composed of a soft material such as synthetic leather, so there was a problem in that the speaker
was firmly held. According to the present invention, by disposing the speaker at the boundary
portion between the side panel and the ceiling member constituting the side wall in the
automobile interior, it is possible to realize acoustic regeneration satisfying both of the above- It
An embodiment of the present invention will be specifically described with reference to the
drawings. FIG. 1 shows a mounted state of a speaker 1 forming a part of a sound device 414 "+
raw device in a car room. The speaker 1 comprises a side panel 2 constituting an interior side
wall of a J-car, a ceiling surface It is located at the boundary part between the synthetic leather
constituting the cinnito material 3. In FIG. 1, the corners of the ceiling surface forming the
rectangular shape (FR, FL, FF, RR. RL, RB, etc.), the position of the speaker l is the same as the
position of the loudspeaker 1 in the middle of the corner part adjacent to (1, 2, 3, May be
selected. The number of t speakers 1 is arbitrarily selected as required, but at least the same
number as the number of channels of the sound reproducing apparatus is required, preferably in
the case of 2 channels, in the case of 4 channels , The speaker 1 is arranged at each of the four
corners. 2, the speaker 1 includes, for example, a speaker unit 13 attached to the baffle plate 11
with a bolt 12, a mounting member 15 attached with the unit 131c bolt 14, and an attachment
member 15 attached to the opening of the baffle plate 11 And a grill 16 having a sound path
hole formed therein. A part of the mounting member 15 extends in a direction parallel to the
opening face of the unit 13 and a holding portion 15 a projecting into the rear face of the side
panel 2 is formed at the extended end thereof. Operates so as to hold the holding member 15 at
a predetermined position with respect to the side panel 2 by pinching the side-panel 2f with the
bent portion 15b [screwed-in pole) 15c, whereby the unit 13 And the baffle plate 11 are also
held in a predetermined position.
As described above, according to the present invention, the speaker 1 is disposed at the
boundary between the side panel 2 and the sheet material 3 and is fixed to the side panel 2.
Therefore, it is possible to firmly hold the Spiega 1 in a predetermined position, and the attaching
work is also easy. Also, since the side panel 2 and the sheet material 3 are placed on a plane
intersecting at an angle close to a right angle, the boundary portion between the side panel 2 and
the sheet material 3 is generally dead-sabe-7, and a speaker is iff Even getting in a riding posture
or getting on and off is never an obstacle. Placing the loudspeaker 1 in the two faced prongs of
mutually intersecting faces helps to reinforce the low frequency range of the reproduced sound
radiated from the speaker 1 and is advantageous in obtaining good acoustic characteristics
4, BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing a speaker
arrangement state in one dormitory example of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a longitudinal
sectional view showing the same speaker. FIG. 3 shows a speaker mounting portion in a
passenger car, wherein a is a plan view and b is a @ plane view. An example of a speaker
mounting part was drawn with a dotted line. 1 ... speaker, 2 ... side panel, 3 ... sheet material, 11 ...
baffle plate, 12 · i · bolt, 13 · · · speaker unit, 14φ · · bolt, 15 ... mounting Member, 15a ...
engaging portion, 15b ... bent portion, 15c ... bolt, 16 ... grill, FR. FL, · · · Front speaker mounting
position, MR, ML · · · Speaker mounting position in the middle, RR, RL · · · Rear speaker mounting
position. EndPage: 2 Figure 2 Figure 3 (&) 6, 8 others, applicant, agent other than those
mentioned above Address Yokohama Address Father's Address Address Meguro 1 - chome 4
Meguro - ku, Tokyo - (50 + 1 pioneer Co., Ltd. - Name Full name Mr. Yoshizo Ishizuka (3)
Representative address Tokyo sfr Residence Nishi-Shinjuku - Chome 9 No. 12 - Taisho Building
Building (4th floor) EndPage: 3 Procedure amendment (voluntary) 1. Display of the case Showa
49th patent application No. 124055i2, Name 2 of the invention, name of the invention In the
automobile interior sound reproduction device 3, correction person 4, agent 6, insert the number
of inventions to be increased by the correction. ") Insert", RB "after" RL "on page 5, line 10 of the
same page. @) Correct 3rd figure 1 of the drawing as shown in the attached sheet.
EndPage: 4
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