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491030 Date of the Showa period Date of the Patent Office Inventor's name i Speaker cabinet
inventor (three others) Patent applicant II Place of departure II Marunouchi-chome, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo 5 - 1 b 49 - 124424 [Phase] Japan Patent Office Published date 51 - 513210 Publication
date 51. (1976) 5.6 ? Patent application 4 '? - / 24-4.24 [Phase] filing date of application (197))
3 cold examination request unclaimed (all 6 pages) Office reference number 646; 555 '101553 detailed Cao speaker name cabinet metal plate With mineral powder or fragments on the inner
surface of the molded cabinet? ??? Speaker gear vignette consisting of a mixture of quality
synthetic resin and soft synthetic resin.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker cabinet.
FIG. 1 is a diagonal tiger diagram in which a part of a conventional speaker cabinet 1 is cut away.
The constituent material of the conventional speaker cabinet 1 was chiefly wooden board or
particle board. Although it is a small number, glass chic and metal cabinet are used. Since the
internal loss is small for either wood, plastic or metallic materials, the sharpness of resonance (Q
is high, so that when the speaker cabinet is assembled, the entire cabinet 1 vibrates at the
appended frequency, A box sound and a plate vibration phenomenon occur in which a part of the
cabinet 1 shoots. In order to prevent this box sound and plate vibration - elephant,
countermeasures such as increasing the plate thickness and providing the beam 2 etc. have been
made 6, but this raises cost and deteriorates workability It is difficult to suppress box oscillation
and plate vibration phenomenon. In addition, FIG. 2 shows a spur gear surface 9 of another
conventional speaker cabinet. This speaker cabineno) li-i, + nail, aluminum, FRPS iron etc. make a
core 15, and around it there is cut an artificial marble 14 mixed with rock powder and
thermosetting synthetic resin . The rock powder is fine grains of limestone of particle size 0.1 и 2
and the thermosetting synthetic resin uses unsaturated poly, Z ster resin containing curing
accelerator. The compounding ratio of the thermosetting resin is 10 to 50 ? of the total weight.
The speaker gear vignette made in this way is made of a hard material as a whole and can not
positively absorb the vibrating rig and can not perfectly suppress the plate vibration by itself, We
had to increase the plate thickness and forcibly press down the plate vibration. As a result, there
is a disadvantage that the weight increases more than necessary, and the price increases
accordingly. EndPage: 1 The object of the present invention is to provide a method and apparatus
which can solve the above-described disadvantages of the prior art without any problems. It is to
provide a loudspeaker cabinet with good performance (and a design freedom with fIi). A feature
of the present invention is that a soft synthetic resin such as a soft epoxy resin or an unsaturated
polyester resin is applied to the inner surface of a cabinet molded from a metal such as iron or
aluminum, and rock, metal, glass A mixture of a mineral powder such as mineral powder or fine
powder of fragments and fragments such as fragments and a rigid interposed knife such as a
hard epoxy resin or an unsaturated polyester resin is applied and the vibration which a is added
to i in the soft synthetic resin layer And attenuate the metal it's remains in the mixed pJ layer of
the chain / mineral and synthetic resin, so that it suppresses the box ringing phenomenon of the
speaker cabinet and the sheet waving phenomenon.
Below is an explanation of the speaker cabinet which becomes unreasonable j according to the
embodiment shown in the figure [to explain. FIG. 3 shows an embodiment of the loudspeaker key
Y and the net of the invention, l is a cabinet main body which is molded into a box shape from V
? such as iron, aluminum etc. such as iron and aluminum, n nubress, welding etc. . / I 'niji and
soft synthetic resin is applied to the entire surface inward in a predetermined 1 thickness to form
a soft layer 6, and on this soft layer 6, a powder or fine particle of a mineral such as limestone,
metal, glass, A hard layer 5 is formed by applying a mixture of fragments such as fragments and
rigid synthetic one pair fat and 'lc. A bass speaker 3 and a treble speaker 4 are mounted on the
front surface of the cabinet l. The back plate 10 has a soft ? 6 and a hard layer 5 formed on the
metal plate 9, a packing 12 such as rubber attached to the periphery thereof, The screw 11 is
inserted into the screw hole 13 provided in the cabinet l and is attached to the cabinet 1. ? Since
such a speaker cabinet is formed by bending the metal plate 9i, its shape is made freer than the
lumber so that the speaker 3, For example, it can be made in a spherical shape Kanaya easy to
disturb the phase of sound waves radiated from 4. And the soft layer 6 applied inside
compensates the vibration of the metal plate 9 by shear deformation by sharp deformation to
reduce the sharpness Qt of the resonance of the cabinet 1 and shake the vibration TIJJ due to the
resonance of the cabinet 1, Prevent ringing. The hard layer 5 also gives the cabinet lvc a suitable
quality ik and binds to the soft layer 6 - to assist shear deformation of the soft layer 6 and reduce
the vibration of the cabinet l 2. Such a speaker cabinet 1 can be obtained as follows. Mixture 1
Modified epoxy resin - и и и e и и и @ loog Methyl ethyl keto / peroxide 55% Dimethyl phthalate bath
ииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии IcO Cobalt naphthenate 6 styrene IJ '/ ei, ? I - и 0, 5001 Kuni 4 as well 2
Softly incompatible oleo polyester resin и и и 1200 g Methyl ethyl ketone peroxide 55% dimethyl
phthalate solution - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - и и и Fist и 6CC mixed snout 3 rigid unsaturated polyester resin и 1 и и и 1380 g Methyl ethyl
ketone peroxide 55% dimethyl phthalate solution e ╣ I a * m 13,800 cobalt naphthenate 6%
styrene solution @ - 600 limestone / a particle size 0.07 - 0.3 mmae @ e 1 B 60 g limestone fine
grain size 0.1 To и [email protected]!
I-limestone fine grain size 0.6 to 1.2 e ... e 1380 g As the modified epoxy resin in the above
mixture, for example, Riboxy R-, 802 DA of Showa Highpolymer Co., Ltd. is used. As the soft
unsaturated polyester resin, for example, RIGOLAC 70F manufactured by Showa Highpolymer
Co., Ltd. is used. The rigid unsaturated polyester resin is a usual rigid unsaturated polyester resin,
for example, a product Evorak О L manufactured by Nippon Shokubai Kagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd.)
13 Po и Spring и 1080 g and Evo 2 AT-100 и и и 300 g are mixed and used . Then add 0.500 of a
6% styrene solution of cobalt 7-tartrate to 100 g of modified epoxy resin and mix thoroughly.
Then add methyl ethyl keto / peroxide 65% dimethyl talate solution 1 c Ot - and thoroughly mix
to obtain a mixture 1. Loudspeaker cabinet of 30 cm in width, 54 cm long and 25 cm in depth,
made of metal such as iron, aluminum, copper, etc. is molded, the inner surface of the speaker
cabinet is rusted by sand blasting etc, then washed with trichlorethylene and degreased . Then,
the mixture + 11i1 is applied to the entire inner surface of this metal plate 9 with a brush, and it
is cured at End Page: 2 room temperature. Next, weighing 7 jLace of a cobalt naphthenate 6
tistylene solution with soft unsaturated polyester resin 120 + Jg and thoroughly mixing, then
adding 1200 ft of a 55% dimethyl phthalate solution of methyl ethyl ketone peroxide and
sufficiently mixing to obtain a mixture 2. Then, the mixture 1 is allowed to stand at an elevated
temperature for about 30 minutes after coating, and when the mixture 1 gells, a mixture of $ 2 is
poured onto this mixture so as to be between the thicknesses of 62 and cured at room
temperature. Combine 4620 g of 3 captive limestone fine granules with different diameters and
mix them uniformly with different grains. Also add 600 of 6% styrene solution of cobalt
naphthenate to 1380 g of rigid unsaturated polyester resin and thoroughly mix. Then add methyl
ethyl keto / peroxide 55 tin dimethyl phthalate solution to 13. + 3 CIC / 71 C - Mix for about 3
minutes to get mixed '# 3. When the mixture 2 gelled, the mixture 3 is poured onto the mixture 2
so as to have a thickness of 3 m per thickness, and is made to undergo secondary reaction at
room temperature. 'C It is cured again for 2 hours in q atmosphere at 50 ░ C. 1 mother of
quality m 5 / ? ? JD board consisting of Sukikakahi;, 1 is obtained. In the example vc above, the
mixture J is a combination of the metal plate 9 and the mixture 2? !
- It is just a matter of disorder, you can just paint the whole thVc of the metal plate 9 thinly. It is a
measure of the plate vibration frequency / l & nature of the speaker cabinet made up of ladder
particle boards by law. In Fig. 4, the dotted line shows the vibration of the speaker cabinet
composed of 18 Party boards Plif! /, A characteristic, and the solid line is the plate vibration
frequency characteristic of the speaker cabinet l according to the invention. The used speaker
unit, network, sound absorbing shrine are 11 ? -, input is IW / H. From 41th Speaker cabinet 1
of J is le + - speaker cabinet using le + - stomach perdict board: (In comparison, the peak
decreases by 13 d 3 - 20 dB and the plate vibration decreases. Also, the speaker cabinet and the
speaker can be obtained like an arrow. 1 mixture 4 soft epoxy resin a fist s ** aes ++ * ++ 756 g
aliphatic diamine based curing agent (for example, A - Ajinomoto Co., Ltd. E - BOME B - 001) и и ee
* @ 420 g Mixture 5 Hard epoxy resin composition Product 5SK-5) - @@ e @@ # m 114800 g
Aliphatic diamine curing agent (for example Eastern Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. product toe
amine 1 (A) ea ** ae humiliation * 480 g As a soft epoxy resin of the above mixed W 4 Is a hard
epoxy resin (for example, Shell Chemical Co., Ltd. product epico) 82834fi! Og and 336 g soft
Vapor V resin (for example, product DER manufactured by Dow Chemical Co., 32) are mixed to
obtain softness. Then, 620 g of a curing agent (for example, Epomate BOOI) is added to these two
kinds of epoxy resins t, and then they are well mixed to obtain a mixture 4. As S-type epoxy resin
composition with mixing of $ 5, use as hardener epoxy resin filler material powder of kryptic
inorganic material kA combined, use, for example, Eastern Kasei Co., Ltd. - Shinko company
product 5SK-5i. To 4,800 g of the hard epoxy resin composition, a curing agent (for example,
Toamine IlIA) t-480 g is added and well mixed to obtain a mixture 5. Make a box of 54 cm in
length, 30 cm in width and 25 cm in width in a thick 3 x, 6 mm iron plate, rust off with sand
blasting etc. Then degrease it with trichlorethylene. Then, uniformly apply the inner VC mixture
number of this box to two thicknesses, and harden it at room temperature. Next, the mixture 5 'is
coated on the mixture 4 so as to have a thickness of 3 mm, and the mixture is allowed to stand at
room temperature overnight to be cured.
And the speaker cabinet in which the intermediate layer is made of three layers of laminate of
gold plating and hard synthetic resin layer containing minerals on both sides of the layer with
soft combining effort is obtained. Further, the speaker cabinet 1 according to the invention can
be further obtained as follows: Mixture 6 Soft epoxy resin и written ииииии 180 g aliphatic diamine
type curing agent 334 gEndPage: 3 Mixed & thing 7 Hard Ejo? / Tree IJr1 composition part # -II
* m ++ am 3420 g aliphatic diamine type curing agent eee ***** 342 g As the above-mentioned
mixed material mixed substance epoxy resin, for example, LK-rhOQ (R) t- . For example, as a
hardening agent which is on the 7 'side, for example, Liaoning Shaozhu Scissors Company
product LK-40u (alJ is used. Further, the hard epoxy resin composition of the mixture 7 is a
mixture of powders of a hard epoxy resin t zinnica type inorganic snout, for example, -5 for
Eastern Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. 88. As a curing agent for this, for example, Tohmachi fiA
manufactured by Takashi Kasei Kasei Corporation is used. Add softener epoxy resin 71 JOgvc
curing agent 334 g, add 6 <C #, 0 set 54 C 111 to obtain association mixture 6, weft 30 cm.
Make a 25 cm box made of Aoyuki with iron sheet of thickness 1, rust off with sandblasting etc,
then rinse it with trichlorethylene to degrease. Apply the mixture 6 uniformly to the inside of this
box so as to have a thickness of 2 ++ m and leave it for 3 hours with iJooC to harden it. Next 41J!
11342 g of curing agent is added to 3420 g of the quality poxi resin 1 composition and mixed
well to obtain a mixture). Then, it is coated on this mixture-mix '+ tJ 6 so as to have a thickness of
3 ?m. Next, let it stand at room temperature for a whole day and then harden it, and then at 100
░ C! For 1 hour to completely cure. A speaker cabinet 1 consisting of three layers of laminated
plates of voided voided intermediate layer made of soft epoxy resin and hard epoxy resin layer
having one metal layer on both sides of the intermediate layer and mineral on the other Obtained
O In addition, examples of the aliphatic diamine type curing agent to be used for the mixture 4, 5,
6, 7 in the above-mentioned column include diethylenetriamine, triethylenetetramine, Naminoethylpyrazine and the like. The speaker cabinet according to the present invention is gold!
It is composed of a 311 laminated board consisting of a bow, a soft synthetic resin and a hard
synthetic resin containing g material, it can actively suppress board calming.
And as the speaker cabinet which becomes unimpaired has less than half the thickness of the
wooden cabinet compared with the wooden cabinet, the content volume increases 1 type size,
vertical 54 CI 11, side 30 cm 5 Aoyuki 25 cm 3 ft 18 s + s The internal volume when made with
the Particleboard is about '27 .6 Q, - Speaker cabinet of the power tree inventor a Since its
thickness is the maximum fraud, the internal volume is about 5
51, the difference in internal
volume from the previous II particle board cabinet is about 81, respectively. The influence of the
difference of 1 on the sound quality of the low frequency range is great, and there is a feature
that a full bass is appealing. Regarding the appearance shape as well, in the case of a
conventional wooden cabinet, adopting a curve such as a round shape or a rounded shape 74 is
not easy from the viewpoint of technical difficulties in manufacturing and price, but the speaker
cabinet of the present invention has Since the metal plate is used, it is possible to easily make the
appearance design adopting the curve.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partially cutaway perspective view of a
conventional speaker cabinet, FIG. 2 is a sectional view of a conventional speaker cabinet, and
FIG. 11S is a cutaway part of the speaker cabinet according to the present invention IA 4 diagram
- is a plate transmission frequency characteristic diagram of a conventional speaker cabinet and a
speaker cabinet according to the present invention. l is a speaker cabinet, 2 is an item, 3 is a bass
speaker, 5 is a hard layer, 6 soft layers, 9 is a metal plate, 14 is an artificial marble, and 15 is a
core. Attorney 's Attorney' s book 1) Profit ',,' 2) H EndPage: 4 First Division 1 Episode XIE () lane)
Catalog of Supplementary Documents (1) Specification 1 (2) Drawings 1 3) Power of attorney (4)
11, l "l'M duplicate 1 Inventor, patent applicant or agent other than the above Inventor Nakazato
Norio Name Norito Norio Patent applicant's address Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 1 6 Name of
Address (4-B President Fumiyuki Co., Ltd. Representative Village 1) Tsutomu EndPage: 5 Address
Change Notification Showa to Year / Month 3nd Day Director General of the Patent Office Hideo
Saito / Display of the case Japanese Patent Application No. 474-724 ' Issue и (Referee number in
Showa era) 3 Name of invention 3 Name of invention Svy 2! 7 Yayabinen 8 8 Relationship with
the case of the case Patents Applicant Old address Yurakucho / Chi ji Chiyoda ku Tokyo office
New address ? 1 ? ? Yurakucho / Cho IO No. Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo / EndPage: ?
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