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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a sectional view of a back road horn, FIG. 2 is a
sectional view of an acoustic tube, FIG. 3 is a sectional view of a folded acoustic tube, and FIG. 4
is a cross sectional view of an acoustic tube FIG. 5 is a cross-sectional view of the speaker box
according to the present invention, FIG. 6 is a cutaway view of the speaker box of the
embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 5 is a frequency characteristic diagram of the
speaker box of the embodiment of the present invention. 52 is a partition plate, 53 is an acoustic
tube, and 54 is a through hole. ___ ___ 51 - 5233 (2) 4 l + 41714 ___ ___ 0 1, to vrt 1, / /
snow \ \ 111 \ l! \ 41 / 1,1, JJ +, vX 111 ___ 1 l ___ 1 _ T? Z ■ 1002005001000 Dimensions 7
Figure 2ooo Knowledge (1) 10000-90-
to a speaker box of the type which performs reproduction enhancement of low range by using an
acoustic tube and suppresses the adverse influence of high order resonance of the resonance
tube and has a flat frequency characteristic and characteristic To the structure of a loudspeaker
box that got a powerful low-pass playback. The structure of a speaker box that enhances the low
frequency range playing ability of a conventional speaker is Hanokrodo Ho ~ 7, or an acoustic
tube is used. As shown in Fig. 1, attaching the bass horn 2 to the back of the speaker - 1,
applying sufficient acoustic load, and using the back - load hoe from the back of the speaker 1
propagating through the horn 2 Does the phase of the generated sound waves be reversed, it is
radiated with the same phase as the sound wave from the front of the speaker 1, it is interfered
with the sound wave of the same phase to enhance the bass reproduction, or the shape of the
bass horn is extremely large It has the drawbacks. Also, as shown in FIG. 2, acoustic tube is used
in which a sound tube having a cross-sectional area or uniformity is mounted on the rear surface
of a speaker 21. - the acoustic tube is the remaining length of the wavelength of the required low
frequency limit frequency) Since it resonates again and exerts a low frequency boosting effect, it
is relatively easy to lower the low frequency limit frequency by increasing the length of the
acoustic tube , By making the pipe bent structure, it can be made relatively small to the one using
backload horn. However, the acoustic tube does not have a low-pass limit frequency but
resonates due to a harmonic wave that is an integral multiple of it, and it has a drawback that it
interferes with the direct radiation sound radiated from the front direction of the speaker to
degrade the frequency characteristic in the mid range It was. 3, in order to prevent this, as shown
in FIG. 3, an acoustic chamber 33 is provided between the speaker 31 and the acoustic tube 32
so as to have an acoustic capacity, to block propagation to the mid-high sound or the acoustic
tube 32, Structure to Prevent Higher Order Resonance There are 11 cases where acoustic tube
42 is filled with sound absorbing material 43 to brush sharp resonance as shown in 1 or 4.
However, in the former, it is too large to provide the acoustic chamber 33 (It is difficult or
impossible to completely cut off the mid-to-high sounds, so I do not expect much effect. In
addition, since the latter suppresses the action as an acoustic tube, it has a shortcoming such that
the effect of enhancing the low frequency range also decreases. The present invention solves the
disadvantages of a conventional speaker box using acoustic tube E. Referring to FIG. 5 in detail,
the acoustic tube 53 is formed by bending the inside of the box to which the speaker 51 is
attached by the partition plate 52, and a trapping hole 54 is drilled in the partition plate 52.
In such a case, an acoustic tube having a length L 1 and an acoustic tube having a long length 4
formed short-circuited by the through hole 54 are formed in the box. Thus, since the acoustic
tubes of the lengths Ll and L2 each have their own fundamental resonance and high order
resonance frequency, the conventional example (steep high-order resonance is caused, the
resonance frequency is dispersed, the higher order The level of resonance decreases and the
harmful - - · · · · uneven singleton appearing on the frequency characteristic decreases. FIG. 6
shows an embodiment of the present invention, in which a speaker box having a speaker
mounting hole 61 is divided into a triangular pillar-shaped partition formed by the side plates 62
a, 62 b and the 1 · K slope 62 Q, the upper end being opened and the lower end being
hermetically sealed An inner acoustic tube 63 having the same cross-sectional area
communicated by the plate 62 and an outer acoustic tube 64 connected to the bent lower
portion or the opening face 65 are formed. Further, a through hole 66i1 is formed above the side
plate 62H, a lower blade 66b is formed on the side plate 62H, and a through hole 66b 'is formed
at the same height as the side plate 66b at 66b below the side plate 62H to form 660 below the
side acoustic pipe 64 and the inside acoustic pipe Short circuit. Therefore, the sound waves
generated from the back of the speaker are the acoustic path leading to the inner acoustic pipe
63 - the partition plate 62 upper open low outer sound 5 - sound pipe 64 - the opening surface
65 and the inner acoustic pipe volume 63 - the through hole 66 a - the outer acoustic A sound
path that leads to the pipe 64 - the opening surface 65, the inner acoustic pipe 63 - the through
hole 66 b, 66 b '- the outer acoustic pipe 64 - the sound path leading to the opening surface 65
and the inner acoustic pipe 63 - the through hole 66 </ b> C - the outer acoustic And a sound
path that reaches the pipe 64 - the opening surface 65, propagates and is radiated into the
atmosphere from the opening surface. Each sound path has different fundamental resonance
frequency and higher order resonance frequency since they have different inherent lengths. \ N)
The speaker box of the above structure 'does not exhibit a unimodal resonance state in terms of
frequency characteristics, and it collects small small unimodal resonance in each sound path, and
resonance state with little unevenness as a whole . Therefore, the frequency characteristic is
remarkably improved as compared with the speaker box having the conventional structure, and
flat characteristics can be obtained. 7 shows a frequency characteristic of the case 6 in which one
through hole 66a, 66b, 66b ', 66c is drilled, 71 a hole having a hole This is the frequency
characteristic when not doing. As apparent from the figure, the large dip point seen at 72 or 71
is significantly reduced, and the frequency characteristic as a whole is markedly flattened
compared to 72. -1 According to the speaker box of the present invention as described above, the
effect of reinforcing the low frequency limit frequency due to the lowest resonance is the same as
in the conventional example, and the unevenness of the middle to high frequency range is
4 By using eagle or bamboo material, by inserting bamboo material together, it is possible to
insert frequency, middle frequency, high frequency range, several characteristics without
changing the bass boosting effect. Good, - C 61, 710 □. It is possible to provide a loudspeaker
box that can be played back with a small volume and a powerful bass reproduction by
miniaturizing it because it is unnecessary.
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